Topic: Booji Boys - ST LP Out 10th Feb

stream it now, out 10th FEB, first 100 on Purple Vinyl
Killer scuzzed up, raw, fucked up punk rock n' roll from Nova Scotia.
Members of Negative Rage/ Science Project/ Alienation/ Science Project

S.B.F. - ST 7" out Friday 13th Jan (members of Socialites/ Race Car), Liquids - Hot Liqs LP REPRESS, out the same day too

Re: Booji Boys - ST LP Out 10th Feb

Booji Boys - ST LP
Pre-Order is up today for the amazing debut LP from Booji Boys

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and featuring members of Fragment, Grump, Negative Rage, Science Project, Alienation, etc....

From the first time I heard this band I fell in love. Stupidly catchy hooks and melodies offset with the best warbled/ distorted vocals. It's the best. If you want reference points, think kinda Coneheads/ Liquids but totally mixed with some pop, with of course a little DEVO.
It's raw, undistilled, fucked up punk rock 'n roll, there's an urgency that drags you in, ain't no stopping Booji Boys.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER, RELEASE DATE IS FRIDAY 10TH FEB (records should actually ship before then)

Comes with instant download
First 100 on Purple Vinyl

Buy The LP HERE … -pre-order

Listen to the LP HERE

Still HOT! S.B.F. - ST 7", Generacion Suicida - Sombras LP, The Cowboys - ST LP and Color TV - Demo 7". DON'T SLEEP ON THESE!
Liquids - Hot Liqs LP has sold out from here but there should be copies at all the best distros.

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