Topic: selling shirts & stuff!

for a friend and some of mine which i never wear. if you realllllllllllly want a pic ask..

5€/€ worldwide for 1 up to 12 shirts

The jerseys are OG 90's, offical Bulls shirts, printed with the Chamionship tag and all in quasi perfect condition

JORDAN 23 size XL (red letters on black with stripes) 20€
JORDAN 23 size L (same design as above) 20€
RODMAN 91 size XL (black on red) 20€
RUSSELL 19 size XL (green on black) 20€

+ free shirt if you buy one or more of the jersey-> og 90's BULLS green shirt in used cond size M

bandshirts (When nothing is mentioned they look ok but still second hand)

AC/DC (official AC/DC brand, exc cond, size S) -> killer band pic on front (see [] » ) 7€
BEATLES (exc cond, official Beatles brand) let it be design S 6€
BLACK HEART PROCESSION (faded) , design of album 3 - size M 6€
BAD RELIGION (used cond) XL 4€
BAD RELIGION other shirt crossed cross logo (used cond) XL 4€
CONVERGE (used cond)- typical bannon design on black XL 6€
COLLISEUM (exc cond) XL (black) 4€
CRO MAGS - baby sized shirt - design: logo) 10€
the DARKEST HOUR (exc cond) - sick evil goat design, on black size S 10€
D.R.I (used cond) - longsleeve size - logo + other design on grey L 10€
FRODUS (used cond, silve on black, size M) - size M - has skyline and a part of the lyrics of 6/99 6€
IGNITE - (exc cond) size s (black) 5€
JESU - XL (black) 6€
LAGWAGON - (used cond, XL, green) - putting music in its place design 4€
METALLICA (exc cond, black) M 6€
MONO - (exc cond) XL (black) 7
RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS (XL, black) - deep in your steeve tour 2003 local crew 5e
RED SPARROWES (used cond, XL, black) 4€
RISE AGAINST - (used cond, xl, black) 4€
TORCHE - waves design, sleeves cut off XL (black) 5€
TUBERS - owl design (S, brown) 6€
ULVER (ex cond M black) 6€
the WHITE STRIPES - monkey design (used cond; from late nineties) size L (red) 6€

movie shirts
CLOCKWORK ORANGE (exc cond) size L (orange) 7€
ET (faded) size M (blue) 7€
GREMLINS (exc condition) size M (black on grey) 7€

random crap
white pollo with black lines (unused) by brand Jules 5€
idk vintage nature magazine stuff (size M) 5€
idk some deathwish band i guess size XL see pic in link [] » (free with any order)

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR (exc cond)- darkthrone rip off, size M 15€

DRI (great cond )-> 7€

for the lolz
FALL OUT BOY - size S (exc condition) -> free with any order