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March - here we come with lots of amazing new records. We just received the HÄRDA UT 12“ on adagio830 (furios noisy fast hardcore from sweden), the Tape version of the WET THE ROPE LP.

for the mailorder tons of new releases and restocks arrived (Fugazi and other Discord restocks) Aseethe LP restock from Thrill Jockey, the amazing STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE - 1982 4 Piece Demo 7“ re issue, BLANCK MASS -  World Eater LP, GERRY & THE HOLOGRAMS - s/t LP re issue, GLOAM - Hex Of Nine Heads 2LP and other Gilead restocks (mizmor etc), Y PANTS re issues on Water Wing / Mississippi and other Mississippi and Sahel restocks. Dead Moon restocks (also Shirts are back in stock), Liliput / Kleenex restock, (also a few liliput shirts), PRIESTS - Nothing Feels Natural LP, new PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Lp restock, UNITED BIBLE STUDIES - spoicke LP, UNITED BIBLE STUDIES - rosary bleeds LP and tons more.

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then vendetta started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

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BLEACH EVERYTHING / THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA - Heavy Metal Suicide 7“ (magic bullet - "Heavy Metal Suicide" pairs together The Infamous Gehenna and Bleach Everything, two intensely physical bands composed completely of dyed-in-the-wool, DIY punk lifers. Hailing from Reno, NV, and San Francisco, The Infamous Gehenna has been nihilistically terrifying audiences for the greater part of two decades. Now scattered between Virginia and California, Bleach Everything turns in their third release (and second split) to date, this one fully embracing the tried and true philosophy of "short, fast and loud," with each song hovering around the minute flat mark. 7" includes digital download.) 6.00

FULL OF HELL / NAILS - Split 7“ (closed casket -  Coming together out of a mutual respect, Nails and Full Of Hell musically encapsulate both an internal and external war on this split 7" release. Compiled with some of their more abrasive and angriest material to date, original artwork from Prevailing Darkness Designs completes the visual representation of this release. Now available again on vinyl. 7" includes digital download.) 7.00

KILLER BEES - buzz'n the town 7“ (windian - DC punkers the Killer Bees, 7" originally issued in 1979 on Limp Records, featuring 2 classics. Packaged the exact same way it was released over 30 years ago.) 7.00

STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE - 1982 4 Piece Demo 7“ (night school - 1982 4-Piece Demo” is the first official, fully-licensed and unreleased material to be released under the name Strawberry Switchblade in 30 years. Since disbanding amid major record label acrimony and personal differences in 1986, the already-cult band have since grown in stature and legend. Trailblazers in many ways, the band’s mythology justifiably centers around the charismatic duo of Jill Bryson and Rose McDowall, but that isn’t a complete picture. Bryson and McDowall’s growing friendship, having met some years earlier on the punk scene, became a creative partnership: Bryson’s art school background and McDowall’s history in avant-punk group The Poets meant Strawberry Switchblade was a band pitted against many established norms. The band’s very first incarnation, an all-female 4 piece, recorded one demo at Glasgow’s Hellfire Club and played a handful of gigs. Friends Janice Goodlett and Carole McGowan completed the line up on bass and drums respectively. Strawberry Switchblade would eventually pair down to a duo and go on to chart success but it’s in these raw, passionate recordings that the songwriting and vocal elements were being hammered out and explored in real time. Remastered and restored by Sean Pennycook from the original cassette, with artwork based on a single photographic contact sheet (the only visual evidence of the band in this form) and with a booklet of photographs and new text.) 9.00

SVART KATT - rosta sönder 7“ (Rundgång Rekords + Ptrash Records splitrelease! Swedish punkrock for fans of Hurula, Ebba Grön, Vånna Inget!) 6.00

TRUE VISION - Against The Grain 7“ (pain killer - Riding high on the New Wave Of British Hardcore, True Vision delivers their debut EP, featuring five tracks of straight edge hardcore with an incredible burst of energy and speed whilst keeping it catchy and memorable. This record showcases what skillful hardcore songwriting is all about, channeling the original spirit that made this sub-genre of hardcore punk so great: Side By Side, Youth Of Today, et al. Features members of Violent Reaction, Shrapnel, Arms Race and The Flex. Limited edition of 660 copies.) 7.00

UPSIDE - Nati Per Soffrire 7“ (no good - Furious hardcore-punk from Modena, Italy. Official reissue, originally self-released in 1983. Incl. original artwork and insert sheet.) 7.00

WOLF WHISTLE - The Present Disturbance 7“ (triple b - New Bedford, MA's Wolf Whistle refuses to pollute the ears of 'tweens with modern, silly-billy hardcore. Taking cues from Crossed Out, "The Present Disturbance" trims the fat off of their bizarro style of fast punk and brings us 10 tracks of "powerful" and "violent" rock music. Recorded live on a four-track cassette in a basement, a proper offering to any psycho outsider. Limited edition of 500 copies.) 6.00


ACID WASH -  Big Heavy World LP (wyrd war - Fans of Quartz, Dark Star, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Acid and of course the soaring dual harmonies of early Judas Priest rejoice! Recorded on the same analog .) 18.0

ALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The War LP (Nashville alternative psych-rockers All Them Witches have built their own sound over each release since their first in 2012, and they’re really setting themselves apart on their brand new full-length, Sleeping Through the War.  All Them Witches’ changing sound is something they say happens naturally, their music growing with the band as they grow as people. Recorded on a tighter timetable due to touring constraints, Sleeping Through the War is an enjoyable listen. Comes as regular edition or deluxe DLP with 7 demo tracks. ) 20.00

ALL THEM WITCHES - Sleeping Through The War LP (ltd DLP version with 7 unreleased demo songs) 35.00

AXIS - s/t LP(good fight - Axis And Seraph The Light is a collaboration between Orlando, FL's Axis and Memphis, TN's Seraph The Light - the two bands teamed up earlier in 2016 to write and record as one eight-man supergroup. Produced by Jon Nunez of Torche and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full Of Hell), the collab sees the unit pound out an almighty-heavy sound inspired by Neurosis, Isis, Cult Of Luna, Chelsea Wolfe and more. Limited edition of 300 copies.) 15.00

BCUC - our truth LP (Following their first releases, a tribute to the Zimbabwean songstress Chiwoniso ("Zvichapera”), a reissue of some South African library music from the early 80’s (« Music from Africa Vol.1 & 2 « – 2015) and a collabo between the Mbira master Jacob Mafuleni & the French electro-funk producer Gary Gritness (« Atuka Mondhoro » -2016), the French record label is proud to announce another “off the beaten tracks” project with the 1st LP of the South African band ) 18.00

BLANCK MASS -  World Eater LP (sacred bones - Limited black-and-red marble vinyl. As humans, we are aware of our inner beast and should therefore be able to control it. We understand our hard-wired primal urges and why they exist in an evolutional sense. We understand the relationship between mind and body. Highly evolved and intelligent, we should be able to recognize these genetic hangovers and control them as a means to act positively and move forward as a compassionate species. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Recent global events have proven this. The human race is consuming itself. ) 20.00

BLEACHED - Can You Deal? LP (Lim. Ed.) (dead ocean - I create music and art because I need to. To express, to bond, to reconcile, and to connect. And to use my voice. To have it received with such a generic labeling as "girl band" and consistently referenced as "female fronted" is insulting and reductive. The title track to this EP, "Can You Deal?" is about this experience. Last year we released a deeply personal full length album titled Welcome The Worms. It was a record about being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It was a record about getting spun out on drugs and alcohol. It was a record about totally losing myself in order to find myself. It was also our most ambitious body of work yet, with guitar work and guitar sounds and production we had only dreamed of until then. And yet to this day I am still fielding interview questions that have more to do with my gender than with the art I am creating. Somehow the conversation usually derails into some variation of the following question: "What is it like to be a girl in a rock band?". And the ensuing story will define us based on our sex. Why is gender pointed out in nearly all coverage of our band? Labeling me as a woman in a band just puts me in a box, and doesn’t allow everything else I am to be seen and heard. It's 2017, Can You Deal with women playing rock and roll yet?
-Jennifer Clavin) 15.00

COHOL - rigen LP (Pure black metal has been stagnated for years. Over the last five or more years, the standouts in the genre have incorporated sounds and styles from a variety of musical influences, from Deafheaven’s additions of shoegaze to Kvelertak’s black and roll style. This transformation was been controversial for many fans, with many reverting to a purist viewpoint. However, bands that fall into “pure” black metal, for lack of a better term, have either become boring or gimmicky. A joke of their former selves.) 15.00

CONCEALED BLADE - s/t LP (beach i - All the way from the city of champions, Concealed Blade follows up their massive 2015 demo with 13 more tracks of the pummeling hardcore punk that those aligned with the Braddock Hit Factory have been churning out for many moons now; keeping the emphasis on quality over commonplace, riffs over a complete lack of riff, and really just hardcore over horse shit. This 12" platter is evidence that the Blade still ain't for the weak and is just as precise and cutting in the execution of their songs as they've ever been.) 16.00

CRANIAL - Dark Towers / Bright Lights LP (moments - First album by post-metal heavyweight CRANIAL. After their EP 'Dead Ends' the band finally releases an album. Heavy Postmetal, Sludge and Doom! LP version comes in a heavy gatefold cover with a golden pantone print! ) 12.00

DAHKMA - Suna Kulto LP (halo of flies - Dakhma's second full length takes their hideous black metal inspired punk sound to new heights, with 2 epic tracks. Overwhelming and punishing with torn throat filth vocals and good doses of atmosphere.) 12.00

DUSTBREEDERS - The Missing Bar LP (Since 1988, DUSTBREEDERS extract music from the chaos of guitars and/or mange-disques, redefining the notion of esthetism and creation. They are back with a new studio full-length, joined by their japanese sister Junko on vocals on few tracks, opening a missing bar to crush our souls. For Fans of: The Dead C, Hijokaidan, Derek Bailey) 16.00

EXPRESS YO YO DIETING - Undone Harmony Following LP (type - ndone Harmony Following” is the latest offering from Oregon’s Pat Maher, a noise veteran whose career has taken him in a variety of different directions, from the pitch-black drone of his work as Indignant Senility to the fractured house of Diamond Catalogue. This time he reprises the Yo-Yo Dieting project (last seen on 2010’s exemplary “Bubblethug”) to once again plumb the depths of screwed and chopped rap, diving into haunted crevices and dissolving his collection of tapes and battered CDs and emerging with a truly confounding full-length.) 17.00

THE FEELIES - In Between LP (New Jersey indie-rock pioneers The Feelies are celebrating their 40th anniversary with the release of “In Between”, their first album of all new material in over 6 years. While working the post Velvet Underground moves they're so famous for, In Between brings interesting new ideas into the mix. The twin-guitar attack of songwriters and founders Glenn Mercer and Bill Million is still at the core of the group’s infectious sound, paired with the driving rhythmic team of drummer Stan Demeski and percussionist Dave Weckerman, with Brenda Sauter’s bass guitar proving a rock solid foundation.) 19.00

FOR PETE'S SAKE - In Faith And Loyalty LP (For Pete's Sake is the latest in a long line of powerful Norwegian straight edge bands, with members having been in bands like Insurance Risk, Damage Control, Onward and Sportswear, now putting their own spin on the classic late-'80s Revelation sound. Limited edition of 500 copies.) 15.00

GERRY & THE HOLOGRAMS - s/t LP (cache - Well–documented as one of Frank Zappa’s favourite ever groups and instantly recognisable as the BLUEprint of 80’s Mancunian electro pop, the inflated alter–egos of Gerry & The Holograms (and their unrivalled brand of conceptual sarcastic synth pop) successfully remodelled, ridiculed and redefined plugged–in punk before hitting the self–destruct button and burying the evidence under a pile of hand–mutilated microgrooves for over 35 wet summers.) 20.00

GIVE - Electric Flower Cult 12“ (loooking out - GIVE's "Electric Flower Cult" 12"ep was recorded during the same sessions that bore the fruit of their last two releases: "Sonic Bloom" EP (Revelation Records) and the self-released "Electric Flower Circus" album. "Electric Flower Cult" delivers four as yet unheard songs into the GIVE repertoire as well as a newly mastered version of the song "Electric Flower Cult," each serving as part of an aggregate reminder of the snaking complexity and cathartic highs that GIVE has made their stock in trade for eight years running. The "Electric Flower Cult" 12"ep hereby signals the end of GIVE's "Electric Flower" cycle, but it undoubtedly reminds the listener of all the things that made it special.) 15.00

GLORY s/t- LP (triple b - Positive energy expressed through harsh reality: this is where Glory takes a stand. Blazing through nine minutes of uncompromised power and uniting anthems, each track exemplifies the perfectly refined tradition of hardcore music. While reinforcing foundations built by legendary bands such as Straight Ahead, Unit Pride and Crippled Youth, this record is not simply another knock-off.) 16.00

GLOAM - Hex Of Nine Heads 2LP (gilead - Gloam are a band that we here at Gilead Media have had our ear and eye on since the release of their 2012 demo, which was quite an impressive initial offering. They’ve only become more captivating as a band since then, and when their 2015 debut full length Hex of Nine Heads came along as a cassette release on Caligari Records (limited to 175 copies) its force was undeniable. This is an album that simply requires the vinyl treatment, and we're very pleased to be the ones to help with that. The combination of black metal atmosphere and exceedingly creative musicianship on Hex… yields an hour of some of the most compelling black metal we’ve come across in years. The song writing potential that was hinted at on Gloam’s 2012 demo and 2014 cassette, Vanquished (Eternal Warfare), is now fully realized and pushed to the precipice.) 25.00

HÄRDA UT - same 12"  (adagio830 - ltd to 300 copies on black vinyl HÄRDA UT is a fourpiece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in late 2015. HÄRDA UT play a scathing and vicious style of female fronted noise damaged hardcore/punk.  Musically, HÄRDA UT can be loosely compared to bands such as Wart Hog, Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Spirit, and other-like minded bands. This 12" is the follow up to their 3song demo from 2016. 8 songs of venomous and unhinged hardcore/punk.  ) 12.00

KLAUS LEGAL - mechty shizofrenika LP (213 - KLAUS LEGAL creates sounds from light and organizes them into an untypical musical journey, engraved on this fourth LP of the « Synesthetic Alchemy » serie curated by 213 Records and dedicated to free music and improvisation. Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert. ) 16.00

MARDUK - nightwing LP (osmose - Re-issue, 350g cover, 400 white vinyl. Taken from the original sound recording.) 15.00

MARDUK - heaven shall burn... when we are gathered LP (Re-issue, 350g gatefold cover, 400 white vinyl. Taken from the original sound recording. ) 15.00

MIZMOR - Yodh DLP (gilead - Here we have the final announcement for our batch of summer albums, and one that I am quite pleased to be a part of, the release of the second full-length album from Portland, OR based one-man blackened-doom band, Mizmor. Although there have been a number of EPs and split releases over the last four years, Mizmor has not released a full-length record since its self-titled first album in 2012. A.L.N. (the sole member of Mizmor) and Gilead Media are excited to announce this new installment entitled Yodh. An epic conceptual exploration, Yodh finds the project at its most focused state. Over the course of the 60+ minute, five-track album Mizmor takes the listener to a place entirely new for the band. The album is an impassioned struggle with the nature of survival – why humankind continually chooses life each day in the face of adversity, pain, depression, and suffering. Yodh is also elevated in its display of Mizmor’s most fully realized sonic experience. The album was recorded by A.L.N. himself, meticulously mixed by Sonny DiPerri, and mastered by Adam Gonsalves. This creative team pushes the sonic limits further than any previous Mizmor material in order to present a finished audio product suitable for such demanding themes. The result is simply brutal, harrowing and overwhelming blackened doom that surges with pure energy. This album will be presented as a gatefold 2LP by Gilead Media, and as a self-released cassette edition. Both formats will feature packaging graced with four incredible works by painter Zdzisław Beksiński, licensed and scanned directly from the paintings themselves in Poland. A download code will be included with the albums.) 27.00

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - Concrescence Of The Sophia LP  (he ever-bereaved Australians in Mournful Congregation hath seen fit to wake once more and bequeath to thee, feeble mortal, two new effigies of chiseled white marble doom upon which, souls torn asunder, the passed are reverently consecrated. Herein find Mournful Congregation advancing their unrivaled and painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring, majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell. Intended to an extent as an “in-between” release while the funeral directors sculpt their next full-length eulogy, Concrescence of the Sophia opens with its more-than-20-minute title track, where “the weight of all waters, and the mass of all stars” exacts a heavy toll in the timeless pursuit of mystical knowledge.) 15.00

NICOLE DOLLANGANGER - ode to dawn wiener LP (run for a cove r- Nicole Dollanganger has been quietly crafting her own world since 2012. Over a number of self-released albums recorded mostly in her own bedroom and bathroom, her signature style of gothic folk is inspired by countless influences, none more than the archetype of the love song. Dollanganger’s signature lyricism is front-and-center - usually accompanied by barely more than a few lonesome chords, narratives are idyllic, yet haunting - dream-like, yet startlingly real. ) 18.00

NIGHTWATCHERS- Good Kids Obey 12“ (p.trash - Limited editon one-sided vinyl-pressing, with 7 songs on A-side, and a pretty cool silkscreened picture on the B-side. New band from Toulouse/France, energetic and melodic, soundwise in between Pop-Punk and Garage-Rock, with a RAMONES-like touch…) 12.00

PALACE OF WORMS / ECFERUS - split LP (crown and - Having both been in the spotlight in the past year due to their unique, fantastic works, bringing both Ecferus and Palace of Worms together is, in theory, a modern black metal dream. Luckily for us, the listeners, both bands prove said theory in practice, ushering in the new year with some of their most unusual, powerful material to date.) 14.00

PAST - Czarno/Biala LP (p.trash - First full album by this Post-Punk band from Warsaw/Poland. 12 songs with a strong Cold resp. New Wave appeal, in the same vein as their fellow countrymen SIEKIERA, but with a female singer.) 12.00

PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS - Prey LP (detahwish - "Prey" is the long-awaited new album from Planes Mistaken For Stars. Produced and engineered by Sanford Parker (Wovenhand, Leviathan, Yob), "Prey" is a beautifully haunting return to form. For fans of Against Me!, Hot Water Music and Touche Amore. Vinyl version includes digital download.) 16.00

PRIESTS - Nothing Feels Natural LP (sister - Nothing Feels Natural is the first full-length by Washington, D.C.'s PRIESTS. Recorded in the fall of 2016, the record is the culmination of two years' writing, touring, tweaking, and refining. Throughout that time the band has carved out an existence on its own terms,performing mostly all-ages shows booked via a network of like-minded artists both within and outside punk communities. The album represents a major step forward for Priests. It's the bands most stylistically diverse set of songs to date, expanding on their lo-fi post-punk bona-fides with ideas drawn from pop, R&B, and industrial noise. Thematically, Nothing can be understood as a series of vignettes—nine stories that crystallize into a bigger picture about the economics of human relationships, the invisibility of feminized labor, and the dual purpose of art for both the group and the individual. The album will be the first full-length LP released on Sister Polygon Records, the label that Priests founded and operate.) 17.00

REPROACHER - nature's bastard LP (It snows in Wyoming in May. While the rest of the country enjoys the birth of spring and the start of warmer weather Wyoming sits under the gloom of cold and snow. It makes perfect sense that Reproacher creates gloom and despair with "Nature's Bastard", their newest full length. The darkness breed angular noise and ferocious d-beat hardcore mixed with hoarse screams of annihilation. From the first proper track "Celestial Blackout" the band shreds through with their d-beat meets noise rock brand of musical annihilation. "Poisonous Miasmas" continues this style while "Garrote" starts with distorted bass and almost industrial drum patterns before the band brings it back to their trademark downbeat dissonant nihilistic rage. The title track "Nature's Bastard" definitely opens the band up to something different yet still wholly their own.) 14.00

ROB MAZUREK & EMMET KELLY - Alien Flower Sutra LP (international anthem - An emotive collection of future folk ballads framed by an animate palette of electronic treatments.) 21.00

ROUILLE - À la fin sera l'écrit LP (À la fin sera l'ècrit is the second full-lenght from the Maño-French connection, Rouille. For this ocation the band has decided to leave the responsability to register their new songs to Txap (LISABO), who also makes a featuring on the record, at Bonbarenea studios, reason why the quality of the sound has improved significatly. Rouille on this record continues where their left it with their previous album, a great and intimate mixed between Screamo and Post-Rock, where the comparison to the previous' band members like AMANDA WOODWARD or INTERLUDE are unavoidable, but which certain level of maduration with respect to their previous projects which will leave you with a really good taste in your mouth.) 12.00

RYAN ADAMS - prisoner LP (blue note - Prisoner is the 16th studio album from the former member of alt-country outfit Whiskeytown and the follow-up to 2015's 1989. To have this many albums under his belt, Ryan Adams has obviously been through many changes. It is reflected in the evolution of his sound - from surprising deviations into metal or punk, or those Taylor Swift covers from the aforementioned 1989. Here Adams deals with isolation, healing, and self-reflection from his 2016 divorce to Mandy Moore over 12 tracks of raw, emotive, genuine rock and roll.) 25.00

SACRED PAWS - strike a match LP (rock action - Sacred Paws, the new band name of members of former noise pop group, Golden Grrls, is a pairing of Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers. “Strike a Match”, the pair’s debut as Sacred Paws, will be released through Glasgow’s Rock Action Records. If you are a fan or Sleater Kinney or The Raincoats you are sure to like this collection of jangly indie pop tracks, released on heavyweight vinyl ) 18.00

SENIOR FELLOWS - The Christened Remains of an Evolutionary Catastrophe LP (dead tank - The third LP from Tulsa's SENIOR FELLOWS. A politically charged bundle of thorns. Their brand of drudgery eschews the bluesy riffing of Eyehategod and the theatrical tones of traditional doom like Candlemass. Instead, it’s a sound not entirely alone, but close. Sonic cousins of Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Thou, Primitive Man - the album is a snail-paced web of razors, scouring the dogmatic debris from a millennium of human progress and enlightenment. Featuring ex-members of Brother Inferior, Kill The Client, etc.) 13.00

SERPENT NOIR - SANGUIS XI MLP(Occultistic, dark, mysterious Greek black metal entity, awakened by the power of the Draconian Current . A must have for all true collectors of devil's musick!) 13.00

UNITED BIBLE STUDIES - spoicke LP (Originally recorded for the 2009 VPRO festival in Amsterdam, Spoicke is best described within the Holy Minimalist genre, arcane, psychedelic and haunting with subtle electronic soundscapes, Spoicke dwells in the sacred and in the eerie, forging a place in mystical dimensions of sound. For fans of Erik Satie, Dirty Three, Arvo Part, Dead can Dance. Vinyl release in solid white vinyl, with engraved silkscreen artwork & limited to 199 hand-numbered copies) 20.00

UNITED BIBLE STUDIES - rosary bleeds LP (very spiritual path, every religion, every devotional practice being equal. This is just the tip of the slow floating menacing iceberg that is UBS's sonic output in this world. Sometimes evoked in the realm of free-folk and ambient psych, UBS has a far more subtle and encompassing reach with a clear appeal to fans of Current 93, Radiohead, 1973's Wicker man and the occult in general. Simultaneously haunting and charming, Rosary Bleeds is offered here for the first time on vinyl, as a limited high quality release. 277 hand-numbered copies on transparent purple vinyl. Glossy cover & innersleeve with printed lyrics, all of which stowed in a Japanese high-gloss protective sleeve with adhesive seal and large translucent promotional sticker.) 20.00

Y PANTS - beat it down LP (water wing - After the success of their debut EP, post-punk art rockers Y PANTS performed regularly in NYC and other East Coast venues. In 1981 they toured Europe for six weeks and upon return went into the studio to record their only LP, Beat It Down, released in 1982 on Neutral Records (Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca et al). The album extends the band’s signature pared down rollicking minimalism. The 10 songs are varied, using surprising and inventive instrumentation. The music is at once filled with a sense of longing and a fierce ironic rebellion. With exuberant precision they brandish their “toy” instruments and plaintive vocals in emotive expressions of female resistance.) 17.00

Y PANTS - same LP(water wing - "Y PANTS was a three-woman New York band: BARBARA ESS, ViRGiNIA (VERGE) PIERSOL and GAIL VACHONS, all visual artists. They played in clubs, galleries and performance spaces between 1979 and 1982. They were “as idiosyncratic, edgy, minimal, wry and literate as post-punk no wave got. Furthermore, the fact that these were three ferocious and formidable females was not to be overlooked.”—Wolfgang Staehle,  Gail found a toy piano on the street and started jamming with Barbara on the ukulele. When they were invited to play a few weeks later at TR3 (the short-lived but influential downtown NY music club), they electrified their instruments and recruited the neophyte drummer Verge for percussion on a children’s drum set. Their first gig met with an unexpected wildly enthusiastic reception. The instrumentation was then rounded out with Barbara’s bass (former bands Daily Life and The Static), an African thumb drum, and a Casio keyboard for Gail. Verge’s initial Mickey Mouse toy kit soon fell apart and she cobbled together a modest trap set. They gained a following and soon recorded a four song EP produced by Glenn Branca for 99 Records. They often shared the stage with label mates the Bush Tetras, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Branca and other NYC “downtown” bands. This release includes their four-song debut EP and two songs never before available on vinyl: Magnetic Attraction (previously released on Tellus Audio Cassette), and the mysterious Kung Fu. In a NY Times review, John Rockwell wrote”…what really makes Y Pants a success is the actual sound of the instrumentals—raw and driving yet exotic and imaginative in terms of timbre and minimalist structure.”) 17.00


ANCST - Furnace CD (vendetta - "After "Moloch", their first album hit the scene last year, ANCST has toured relentlessly. Besides putting out a few more of their dark ambient releases, the Berlin based blackened crust collective has gone quieter at the end of 2016 to write new material for a row of releases to be put out in 2017. the first in line will be this EP entitled "Furnace" which see's the band heading out into much more melodic territories while still featuring the aggression of former releases. "Furnace" delivers 5 new songs of bastard sound black metal / hardcore crossover that takes no prisoners."  (yehonala tapes)  "Furnace" was released on CD by Vendetta Records and Yehonala Tapes. CD version includes the songs from the split with Ast. ) 10.00


ANDRE FOISY performs with THISQUIETARMY - n Frankfurt, Germany  TAPE (broken - Performed by André Foisy and Eric Quach on 4/16/2014 at the Institut Für Neue Medien in Frankfurt, Germany.  Recorded by Guenter. Mixed by Eric Quach. 100 copies on clear purple shells.) 7.00

CARA NEIR / VENOWL - split TAPE (Dallas-based punk duo Cara Neir and Chicago doom-influenced Venowlhave paired up for a limited edition split cassette. This release continues the momentum both bands have been gathering. Cara Neir offers its melodic crust-meets-punk against Venowl's harsh doom. Limited to 100 copies on gray shell cassettes.) 7.00

COUP SAUVAGE AND THE SNIPS - Heirs to Nothing TAPE (sister polygon - The debut album by Washington, D.C.'s Coup Sauvage & the Snips. Released by Sister Polygon Records in 2017. Coup Sauvage & the Snips aren't trying to make you dance (honestly they didn't even see you there), but you won't be able to help it. Inspired by 60’s Motown, 70’s European variety shows, 80’s Solid Gold dancers, and 90’s warehouse parties, Coup Sauvage and the Snips recall an era when artists gave you a true performance. DJ Maegan Sauvage, keyboardist Jason Sauvage and bassist Elizabeth Sauvage lay down four-on-the-floor beats, vintage synths, and killer bass lines. Meanwhile Kristina Sauvage and the Snips - Crystal Sauvage and Rain Sauvage - unleash a savage blow of girl group harmonies, choreographed moves, and radical fierceness.) 7.00

EL MAHDY JR - Die Before You Die TAPE (boomarm - We are thrilled to present this 40 minute mixtape from Algerian producer, El Mahdy Jr. This mixtape acts as a detailed behind the scenes look at the sounds which inspired the sonic landscape of the artist’s newest album, “Time To Sell The Golden Teeth” due out in early 2017 on Boomarm Nation.  Featuring a hypnotic blend of devotional sounds, field recordings, and traditional Algerian Chaabi, stitched together with the very first unveiling of several of the tracks from his forthcoming album. If you are a fan of the previous works of El Mahdy Jr. this will not disappoint - this mixtape breathes with a peace and honest fidelity much needed in these times of turmoil, uncertainty, and amplitude. ) 8.00

THE KEY - holding space TAPE (calm tapes - For our inaugural release we present Holding Space, 7 tracks of spacious introspection, and melodic warmth by anonymous Pacific Northwest producer, The Key. Claiming to hail from the rainforest of northwestern Oregon, The Key draws from a damp and foliage rich environment to create a unique sound world that blends distortion, analog hiss, and blissfully wide open digital spaces with a keen sense of patience, timing and melody. A perfect start to our CALM TAPES mission, placing the emphasis on a deep listening experience, over artistic narrative and identity.) 7.00

VERHEERER - archar TAPE ("VERHEERER, a mysterious, clandestine Black Metal project from Flensburg (Germany). Consequently it's not much to discover about it. Therefore I am uncertain if it's a one man project, a band or whatever galactic demon. Frankly, who gives a fuck? Important is “Archar” is high quality Black Metal entertainment. Very diversified in a sense of combining fast, uncompromising and raw Black Metal with a bitter cold atmospheric state of trance. Grim and brutal riffs are skillfully embedded in gloomy melodic passages. Everything highlighted by a great sound, which is a very pleasant balance between professional recording and keeping the nasty stench of those rituals. What I certainly like most about it, is the space which is granted every instrument allowing you to enjoy each little event clearly. The sound and the created atmosphere reminds me of MGLA's “With Hearts Towards None” album, which I admire a lot. And not just the sound also the use of samples and the different variants of his singing style is building bridges to bands like MGLA or PLAGA. Anyhow it's not a cheap copy, not close. “Archar” has its own unique sound effect. I'd say with “Archar” you have a very enjoyable Black Metal record. And as so often this year, dont forget: this is just the first torch burning. Be prepared for the blazing pyres!" voices from the dark side) 6.00

WET THE ROPE - the sum of our scars TAPE (adagio830 - TAPE VERSION - ltd to 100 copies Wet The Rope is a hardcore band consisting of members of Pitchfork, Amber Inn, Sinker, Exhale and many others. It's members have been actively making music for almost 30 years. "The Sum of Our Scars" is their debut album, and while you can hear the influences of the members' previous bands, the anger of this LP may catch you by surprise. This album deals with the consequences of sexual abuse and predatory behavior. It is meant as both a personal and a political statement. 12 tracks of intense emotional pissed political hardcore!!!) 6.00


HOWIE ABRAMS & JAMES LATHOS - finding joseph I LP (The first authorized biography of Bad Brains singer, H.R. An oral history compiled by Howie Abrams and James Lathos, the book features interviews with Ian MacKaye, Questlove, as well as members of Sublime and the Deftones, and many more.) 25.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

friends - a stormy friday in berlin and lots of new thingies arrived on our shores. Vendetta repressed the ANAGNORISIS DLP and we also expect the ULTHA repress and the new WOE LP any day now. Adagio830 brought us the killer HÄRDA UT LP (after an already killer demo).

Besides that new mailorder stuff arrived from End Hits (Open City LP, AYS LP), SILVIA - silvia LP re issue, CARETAKER - Everywhere At The End Of Time LP repress, THE NECKS - Unfold DLP, DIN A TESTBILD 3 and 4 LP re issues, new Sleaford Mods Lp and much more

And then some events for you.

then vendetta started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also




Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


AYS - Worlds Unknown LP (end hits - AYS creates a crushing journey through gritty and doom-influenced HC. The band's 'Worlds Unknown' is an impressive testimony of how beneficial it can be to leave the comfort zone of Western living behind. AYS establishes this on a foundation of sullen modern HC in the spirit of bands like Rise & Fall, Trapped Under Ice or Cold World.) 14.00

BABY GALAXY - mighty night LP (Intense drumming, bended guitars, harmonic bass and poppy vocals create an energetic, unique blend of indie rock. The nostalgic ghosts of 80s noise rock and 90s alternative rock can be heard shimmering through, yet Baby Galaxy succeed to create a unique, modern sound. Lyrically, the band mostly deals with personal issues in a creative and slightly absurd way. Their debut album "Might Night" was tracked in their hometown Maastricht and mixed and mastered at the Atomic Garden in San Francisco by Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Deafheaven, Loma Prieta).) 13.00

BRÖTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK / MANGELSDORFF - COUSCOUSS DE LA MAURESQUE LP (trost - Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone Fred Van Hove - piano Han Bennink - drums, voice Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone Recorded during the Free Music Market, August 27/28th, 1971 in Berlin produced by Peter Coverdesign by Peter Brötzmann initially released on FMP in 1971 Onetime pressing of 500) 25.00

BRÖTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK / MANGELSDORFF - ELEMENTS LP (tost - Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone Fred Van Hove - piano Han Bennink - drums, voice Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone Recorded during the Free Music Market, August 27/28th, 1971 in Berlin produced by Peter Coverdesign by Peter Brötzmann initially released on FMP in 1971 Onetime pressing of 500) 25.00

BRÖTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK / MANGELSDORFF - THE END  LP (tost - Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone Fred Van Hove - piano Han Bennink - drums, voice Albert Mangelsdorff - trombone Design by Peter Brötzmann Recorded during the Free Music Market August 27/28, 1971 in Berlin. Initially released on FMP as FMP 0050, in 1971.) 25.00

CARETAKER - Everywhere At The End Of Time LP (First in a series of Six albums by The Caretaker to be released over the next 3 years, slowly cataloguing the stages of early onset dementia. Each album will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration, progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness... Embarking on the Caretaker’s final journey with his first release in four years, Everywhere At The End of Time sets off with the familiar vernacular of abraded shellac 78s and their ghostly waltzes to emulate the entropic effect of a mind becoming detached from everyone else’s sense of reality and coming to terms with their own, altered, and ever more elusive sense of ontology.  The series aims to enlighten our understanding of dementia by breaking it down into a series of stages that provide a haunting guide to its progression, deterioration and disintegration and the way that people experience it according to a range of impending factors. In other words, Everywhere At The End of Time probes some of the most important questions about modern music’s place in a world that’s increasingly haunted or even choked by the tightening noose of feedback loops of influence; perceptibly questioning the value of old memories as opposed to the creation of new ones, and, likewise the fidelity of those musical memories which remain, and whether we can properly recollect them from the mire of our faulty memory banks without the luxury of choice As the first in the series, and despite its typically frayed loop construction, this volume is the most lucid, as subsequent instalments will continue to move into faded obscurity and material erosion. We’ve only ingested this first volume so far, so we cannot predict whether the ensuing journey and results will be lush, tortuous or, perhaps more likely, an ambiguous weaving and unpicking of the two and all interstices between. We encourage you to join The Caretaker on this, his final journey thru the endless haunted ballrooms and mazy corridors of his wasting mind…) 25.00

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 3 LP (Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their partecipation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981. 'Programm 3' is their third album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins with help of Ziggy Schöning, it was released on Klaus Schulze's record label Innovative Communication in 1983. ) 18.00

DIN A TESTBILD - Programm 4 LP (Early pioneers of the German New Wave music scene, Din A Testbild were formed in 1978 by Mark Eins and Gudrun Gut (former member of Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Malaria!). Din A Testbild played a significant role in defining the avant-garde music of Berlin. Legendary is their partecipation at the “Festival Genialer Dilletanten" in 1981. 'Programm 4' is their fourth album. Mixed and auto-produced by Mark Eins near the Wall in West/Berlin in 1983, the album was rejected at the time by Innovative Communication, considered too much “synth/punk/techno”, while the new label managers were looking more into new age stuff. In fact Schulze eventually sold the label in 1983, which started to release a plethora of acts loosely grouped around the NAM genre.) 18.00

DOROTHY ASHBY - soft winds: the swinging harp of LP (doxy - Dorothy Ashby may not be the first jazz harpist (Caspar Reardon) or the first female jazz harpist (Adele Girard), but her good feeling for time and ability to construct melodic, guitar-like lines, mark her as the most accomplished modern jazz harpist (...) Accompanying her was another Detroit girl, Terry Pollard. Terry's main instrument is the piano and she is one of the best in the country, bar none. She is also a pretty fair country vibraharpist and in this set, Miss Pollard plays vibes exclusively. With them is still another Detroiter, Herman Wright, who like Miss Pollard has worked with Terry Gibbs and Yusef Lateef, and who also served as Miss Ashby's regular bassist(...) Completing the quartet is Jimmy Cobb, drummer for the Miles Davis group. During the proceedings, Cobb travels between brushes and sticks without upsetting the equilibrium of this essentially quiet set. There is a wide range of material presented here, from blues like Benny Goodman's title number, Soft Winds, and Miss Ashby's With Strings Attached, to movie themes such as Laura, Wild Is the Wind and The Guns of Navarone. Then there are works by such superior writers of standards as Kurt Weill (My Ship); Gershwin (The Man I Love and Love Is Here to Stay) (orig.liner notes)) 19.00

FUNERAL WHORE - phantasm LP (FUNERAL WHORE hails from The Netherlands and is back with their 2nd album "phantasm". A brutal old school death metal masterpiece you don´t see often: a tribute to "phantasm", a horror movie from the 80ies. Eleven tracks of brutal, shredding death metal, a nightmare from the abyss of all evil! Limited vinyl edition of 500 copies (300 black / 200 clear purple). ) 14.00

HÄRDA UT - same 12"  (adagio830 - ltd to 300 copies on black vinyl HÄRDA UT is a fourpiece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in late 2015. HÄRDA UT play a scathing and vicious style of female fronted noise damaged hardcore/punk.  Musically, HÄRDA UT can be loosely compared to bands such as Wart Hog, Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Spirit, and other-like minded bands. This 12" is the follow up to their 3song demo from 2016. 8 songs of venomous and unhinged hardcore/punk.  ) 12.00

GABRIELA COHEN - Full Closure and No Details LP (captured tracks - Talking about Gabriella Cohen requires a new adjective: when she tells you about a guitar tone she likes, an organ sound she’s looking for, or the opening bars of The Velvet Underground’s ‘I Found a Reason’, she might tell you these things sound ‘pink’. She’s not describing a synesthetic or aesthetic connection with the colour — instead, it’s an adjective she’s coined, all her own. Luckily, after a spin through Cohen’s debut album Full Closure and No Details, we’ll all know what ‘pink’ sounds like: it sounds like this. It sounds like heartbreak and reckless abandon, like quiet reflection and raucous teamwork. Cohen’s first solo full-length is the product of ten days and two microphones. Co-produced alongside close friend, bandmate, and engineer Kate ‘Babyshakes’ Dillon, the record is the result of what Cohen describes as the “ceremony” of reflecting on a relationship. The album’s raw, personal side could be traced back to its place of birth at Dillon’s parents’ place in the country, or to the Brisbane streets the songs were composed in. The songs are soaked in the kind of aching nostalgia that is tinged with equal measures of sadness and triumph. On “I Don’t Feel So Alive”, Cohen warns: “This could be the last time we get together”, and on one hand it’s melancholy, but it’s in the spirit of endings that are also beginnings. After finishing the record, Cohen and Dillon hit the road down Australia’s East Coast, from Brisbane to Melbourne, a truck full of instruments and gear following in their wake.) 22.00

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY - III: Trauma DLP (art of - Released in 2014, Harakiri for the Sky's Aokigahara reaped widespread critical acclaim for its startling synthesis of skyscraping post-rock textures and emotive black metal fury. Breathtaking and torturous in equal measures, the highwater mark that Aokigahara set has somehow been eclipsed by III: Trauma. Immediately, the album kicks off with an 11-minute epic titled "Calling the Rain," and indeed do Harakiri for the Sky summon forces both natural and supernatural. As the record winds through seven more equally scintillating epics, III: Trauma swells and swirls, crests and crushes, effortlessly dancing between genres with nary an ounce of self-consciousness. Not for nothing is the album titled Trauma: the emotional landscapes the band travail scrape both the direst depths and fleetingly blissful extremes of the human psyche.) 20.00

KATAKLYSM - the prophecy ( stigmata of the immacultae ) LP (Kataklysm are arguably Canada's most popular and well known death metal band. In 2000 they unleashed a deadly weapon called "The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate)". This album contains some killer death metal, plenty of riffs to fuck you up and demolish your core, and a few solos thrown in for good measure. "The prophecy" has a great production to top it off. With album number four Kataklysm created a monster that critics called one of the most devastating release in extreme music in years. The record comes in a 350gr gatefold cover (with a few layout changes) and black anti-static inner sleeve. Limited to 566 copies) 14.00

KATAKLYSM - sorcery LP (Kataklysm - sorcery, a fucking Death Metal monster. The record comes in a 350gr gatefold cover (with a few layout changes) and black anti-static inner sleeve. Limited to 566 copies) 14.00

LIMP BLITZKRIEG - Wypierdalać LP (A new band from Warsaw with (ex-)member of THE FIGHT, BAGNA, DRIP OF LIES, THE STUBS - playing straightfoward Hardcore/Punk/D-Beat with a clear radical, antifascist and feminist message.) 11.00

NADIA REID - Preservation LP Self-discovery doesn’t come easy. It’s usually a rite of passage to get burned before the wounds can heal and often takes a new perspective to truly understand yourself. 18 months and 10,000kms travelled since many needles first dropped on her debut LP Listen To Formation Look For The Signs, it’s safe to say with new album Preservation, Nadia Reid now knows herself extremely well. Rather than growth in its most typical sense of any artist finding their way in the world, Preservation marks a natural passing of time – what you pick up along the way is a bonus. “Making music feels like a very natural expression for me – to record songs and mark time a little. Just like a painter needs to paint pictures.” Sometimes those home comforts can be found a little closer than you might think. "Reid is a remarkably talent, assured, clever and confident singer-songwriter ... a devastating youthful wisdom that gives her songs a feeling of lasting profundity." The Guardian) 19.00

THE NECKS - Unfold DLP (editions megs - Ideologic Organ presents the brand-new recordings from The Necks, the legendary Australian trio who excel in bypassing musical cliche whilst exploring and extending the practices embedded within improvisation, jazz, post rock, ambient, minimal, and textural, ‘sound based’ music. The latest document from this long-running ensemble, Unfold, presents itself as a double LP, with four side-length tracks. A deliberate absence of numbered sides hands a substantial swatch of participation over to the listener, allowing her to navigate his own path through the soundscape at hand. The shorter length of the vinyl format, far from being a constraint upon the members of the ensemble, instead offers them a more compact horizon to contemplate, wherein the distance travelled is recalibrated to more immediate and dynamic textural concerns. The immediacy of Rise confirms this new path, as the mournful tones of Lloyd Swanton’s bass swirl around Chris Abrahams’ crystalline piano motif, with Tony Buck’s percussion steering proceedings into enlightening free-jazz territories. Blue Mountain cuts a swathe through the sonic undergrowth, with soul organ, rattling percussion, whistles, and loping sound-waves all vying for the foreground. Overheard retains a sublime melancholic aura as the percussion and keyboards simultaneously embrace and fall apart, whilst Timepiece skips along as a gentle gesture of further possibilities. Exactly how The Necks conjure their particular magic - as deceptively simple as it seems - whilst always moving forward, is anyone’s guess, but Unfold proves yet again that rules and schools are to be broken and re-formed into patterns and frameworks unlike those we know.) 26.00

OPEN CITY - s/t LP (end hit s- "I know you’d like if we just sat silent / and never challenged your ideas," asserts Rachel Rubino in the opening moments of Open City, the eponymous debut by the Philadelphia four-piece, over a blast of hardcore dissonance. “So here's how we feel, here’s what we want, here’s what we need: to be heard!” Open City is a project embedded with histories — people, places, sounds, scenes. Bringing together collective decades of experience in East Coast punk and DIY communities, specifically ones known for prying open the melodic sides of punk rock, hardcore and post-punk, the project is: singer and lyricist Rachel Rubino (Bridge And Tunnel, Worriers), bassist Andy Nelson (Paint It Black, Ceremony, Dark Blue), guitarist Dan Yemin (Paint It Black, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Armalite), and drummer Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists).  “Hell Hath No Fury” is the album’s opening track, an apt point of entry to Open City’s ten tracks of dynamic post-hardcore and Rubino’s wide-ranging vocals, which fluctuate from shouts and screams, to melodic hooks and the occasional deadpan. “I've personally never felt like I fit into the binary of what a woman should be or do,” Rubino says, reflecting on the song. “I feel a strong desire to disconnect gender from talents and actions. I constantly want to find new ways of challenging myself, and through that to challenge the stale ideas others have placed on us. I refuse to do so in silence. I believe in the individual’s right to govern themselves based on what they feel is right and true to their vision of a positive reality.”  A shared ideology is central to Open City. The project grew out of a mutual desire for a band that rehearsed continuously, coupled with an urgent need for something faster and more aggressive than some of its members had done before. Yemin, Nelson and Wilson spent a year carving out the band’s sonic framework, searching for a singer who spoke their common musical language, one inspired by 90s basements and commitment to DIY as an ongoing process. By the time they found Rubino, they’d already linked up with Will Yip at Studio 4 to record the instrumental tracks for the record, fueled by eagerness, frustration, and utter necessity. The result is an album that moves seamlessly, full of thoughtfulness and careful rage. These are songs about sleepless nights, the reality of endings, about feeling stuck, honing on a purpose; about fighting, and then not fighting. “There's an inherent anger at the systems of oppression and abuse that constantly diminish and destroy the efforts of folks who are fighting for a better world,” Rubio says. “There's a deep disappointment for a lack of support and care from individuals in my life and in my community who I expected more from. There's a heavy dose of self-analysis, in a range from self care to self-loathing. Finding hope in strange places. Mourning loss along a timeline you cannot control. Trying to understand it. Admitting that I can't. It exists in that tense place where frustration is fighting apathy.” - Liz Pelly) 14.00

OSTRACA / FLESHBORN - split LP ( col. vinyl ) (i corrupt - Faces of the Moving Year showcases two of the heaviest bands in the goddamn world.  Richmond’s bleak screamo phenom Ostraca creates a maddening scene of gloom and doom as dynamic and heavy as human ears can handle. Denton’s Flesh Born contributes five brand new songs chock full of huge riffs, double bass and shredding vocals to makes this potentially the wildest split the universe currently has to offer.) 12.00

SILVIA - silvia LP (dark entries - Silvia is the name of a Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW "New German Wave”) project created Tommi Stumpff and Silvia Nemanic. The pair met in Düsseldorf in the late 1970s and started dating when Tommi was the singer of punk band Der KFC. Silvia was absolutely inexperienced in musical things, she said, “I’ve played the recorder.” Tommi rented Klangwerkstatt studio for a few days in January 1982 to record his an album with his bandmate Ferdinand Mackenthun aka Käpt’n Nuss of Der KFC, but finished earlier than expected. With one extra day that was already paid for, they quickly wrote some more songs and recorded them. All they needed was a singer, so they asked Silvia.  Simply titled “Silvia”, the record was released in mid-1982 on cult label Schallmauer Records, which had released many German punk, NDW, and New Wave records in the 80’s. Tommi and Käpt’n Nuss played all instruments and wrote the lyrics. Since Silvia had a very deep voice, Tommi slightly pitched up her vocals to sound higher on the recordings. The album displays Tommi’s transition from punk rock to cold electronics, EBM and eventually Techno. Tommi’s instrument set up was a Sequential Circuits Pro One and Moog Prodigy controlled by a Fricke sequencer and a Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer. Silvia urges the listener to save themselves and says “No miracle will happen You die tomorrow, young and guilty” evoking the urban Zeitgeist of the Cold War. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Housed in the original jacket featuring a full color of Silvia on the front with hand drawn magenta type. Each copy includes a replica insert of the original lyrics sheet in German and a postcard featuring a black and white photo of Tommi and Silvia. Sadly Silvia passed away in 2003 and this reissue is dedicated to her.) 22.00

SIMON GOOF - hue LP (hiddenseer - On his project HUE, British multi-instrumentalist Simon Goff explores the musical space between minimal music and drones, music performance and installation. After being a member of Leeds (UK) based cult-pop band Hope and Social for 6 years, known for their inclusive brand of music making, Goff is now further exploring how to involve spectators and other performers in his creative process. Relocating to Berlin in 2015, the home of experimental electronic music, Goff is a regular collaborator with the likes of Andrea Belfi (Constellation, Miasmah), Aidan Baker (Alien8, Brokenspine) and Pete Simonelli (Enablers). His interest lies in challenging his up-bringing as a classical violinist and deepening his understanding of the sounds that have surrounded him for over 20 years, engaging with electronics to enhance his ability to include other people in the music creation process, for him the most important and enjoyable part of being a musician. Created with visual artist Sebastian Kite (Royal British Society of Sculptors) and choreographer Lisanne Goodhue (Sebastian Matthias, Tanz platform 2012, 2014), HUE is a work that challenges the traditional notions of dance performance, concert music and visual art exhibition. Using colour as a bridge between their practices, the artists designed an experience that allows people to choose their own method, pace and duration of reception. HUE focuses on the spaces between mediums, encouraging sensitive observation through repetition and change. The sound is created through a series of motion sensors positioned throughout the space that trigger samples and musical devices engaging participants in the sonic creation. Taking inspiration from Terry Riley and his contemporaries, the musical performance follows a modular score allowing an improvisatory approach to interacting with the musical proposition created by participants movement. The result is a soundscape, shifting through ambiences that engulf the listener, propelling them on a journey through colour.) 18.00

SLEAFORD MODS - English Tapas LP (rough trade - ‘English Tapas’ was recorded at Steve Mackey’s (Pulp) West Heath Garage studios in London. Jason Williamson discusses ‘English Tapas’: "Andrew walked into some random pub and saw "English Tapas" scrawled on the menu board. Underneath this beautiful coupling of words were it's components, half a scotch egg, cup of chips, pickle and a mini pork pie" It says everything about this fucking place. It's comedy, it’s make do, it's ignorant and above all, it's shit" ) 19.00


KAMPFAR - trolldomssanger (5x cassette tape box + patch) (Limited edition of 300 boxes with Kampfar´s first five records (Mellom Skogkledde Aaser, Fra Underverdenen, Kvass, Heimgang, Mare) on cassette tape and a woven patch with the "Ravenheart" design. With 3 Bonus tracks!  A masterpiece of Norwegian Black Metal Art! A true classic! KAMPFAR is one of the most brilliant bands in the whole black metal genre. They perform straightforward raging mystical black metal. KAMPFAR has a magical feel but the music strikes right at the heart of black metal which I see as an embodiment of nihilism. ) 34.00

ROCK - You Fit Into Me Like a Hook TAPE (New Punkband from Warsaw. You Fit Into Me Like a Hook, their debut EP is short and sweet hardcore punk. Check them out.) 6.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

ok - friday is here and we got another newsletter for you. The new WOE - Hope Attrition LP / CD / TAPE just arrived on vendetta. Then lots of new mailorder stuff like the new CHERRY GLAZERR LP, FEATURES - X-Features LP re issue, new FANGE LP, PINBACK - some off cell voices LP re issue, YUNG - Falter LP etc etc.

we are also happy to announce the CITY OF CATERPILLAR european tour. And also the PUFF PIECES tour in May and the WET THE ROPE tour in July. there is still a few holes - get in touch if u can help.

And then some events for you.

then vendetta started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also







Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


SLAVE HANDS - s/t 7“ (Slave Hands from Finland have been active for a while. Playing hateful downtuned Sludge / Crust.) 5.00

SMERTEGRÆNSENS TOLDERE - s/t 7“ (mastermind - Angry old men playing hc punk. 7 tracks 7 minutes. Feat. members of blabla and the blablablas…) 6.00

USELESS EATERS - Mr. Oscillations 7“(Seth and Useless Eaters have been ripping the shit out of terse Telecaster-sharp riffs and Devo indebted angular rhythms since dude was 18 years old. A young protege of Jay Reatard, Seth’s home-fried concoctions are sharp, corrosive mini-masterpieces that make you want to flick cigarettes and push strangers) 6.00


SLAVE HANDS / CICUTOXIN - split 10“ (This 10" split recently arrived from Ramekuukkeli-Levyt in Finland, having only been out for a few weeks. It features sludge/hardcore/noise by Cicutoxin and Slave Hands, who're both from Finland as well. ) 11.00


ÆRKENBRAND - Barabtalo's Dream LP (So, like any normal human would, I had to google this shit - the closest I can come to figuring this out is that Barabtalo is/was a Nabokov scholar who did some work regarding the dreams of said guy. Sounds like as good a jumping off point as any, wheen combined wiith the Blinko-esque art and collage on the sleeve, provides a suitable back drop for Erkenbrand's theatrical jam-psych epic here. Supposedly these Danes are a two-piece, but I have to think there's a lot more than a duo performing this. Somehwere inbetween free-noise and maybe some pagan-neo-folk things (I like the term chamber-punk here) is heavy stuff, mostly doomy instrumentalism with some ominous vocals (and a possible Lord of the Rings reference), heavily echoed, lots of percussive elements, some tape manipulation, plenty of strings (mandolin, guitar, violin), very brooding and menacing, and honestly a real pleasure to listen to. I'm not the freakiest guy out there, but the mystical BS or whatever juju they're working here won me over. An impressive and massive piece of work. Scum stats: 150 copies only.(RK)) 20.00

ANGKOR WRACK - Built To Kill LP (New LP from the Midgaard brothers aka Angkor Wrack! for their second Lp on Mastermind records. The brothers team up with the bestial vokillist Klaus (Love Potion, Forza Albino etc) for a blasphemous and nihilist mix of scuzzy industrial and crude post-apocalyptic punk! It's war in the wastelands, as sick robot guitars from outer space, ritualistic drums and maniac screaming stumble across the nuclear desert. recorded on a low-tech 8 track cassette in Mayhem, Copenhagen.) 15.00

ARS VENEFICIUM - The Reign Of The Infernal King LP (This is the first full length release from Belgian black metal aggressors Ars Veneficium and is arguably one of the most satisfyingly segmented slabs of black metal set before the great unwashed this year. Ars Veneficium seemingly set out to create a hothouse of hatred with this album in which all goodness is crushed.) 14.00

ARS VENEFICIUM / AZAGHAL - The Will, The Power, The Goat LP ("The Will, The Power, The Goat" is a Black Metal alliance between Ars Veneficium from Belgium and Azaghal from Finland. Ltd to 200 copies on black vinyl.) 14.00

BOAR - Veneficae LP ("Boar was founded in 2009 in Oulu, Finland. After several splits and EP tapes, the band shared stages throughout Scandinavia with dozens of bands such as Conan, Weedeater & Dark Buddha Rising to name just a few. In 2014, the band entered their "Stoner Katakombs of Doom" to compose, record and mix their first full-length album, "Veneficae", to be released in May 2015 via Lost Pilgrims Records, Mikrofoni and Rämekuukkeli. Boar bends genres and structures to present its hazy, psychedelic vision over the course of six tracks stretching from Doom and Stoner rock to Classic rock and even Harsh noise.  For fans of Electric Wizard fucking Kyuss all night long!“) 13.00

CHERRY GLAZERR - Haxel Princess LP (hardly art - limited edition translucent red vinyl. Society would deem a prodigious girl can't be in a progressive rock band while also being in complete control of its creative vision, business plan and social messaging. Society is wrong. Clementine Creevy, a 19 year old teen Queen, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. Back in 2014, much-loved Cali imprint Burger Records released Cherry Glazerr's intoxicating debut Haxel Princess. The New York Times called "Grilled Cheese" one of their Top Songs of 2014 alongside heavy hitters such as BeyonceI?, Taylor Swift and Future. The band toured across the country and abroad, between Clementine's acting responsibilities on the award-winning show Transparent, and gained fans everywhere with their wild lives shows. On their upcoming sophomore album, Apocalipstick, the band worked with "rock'n'roll wizard" Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, The Shins, The Strokes) and Carlos de la Garza (Bleached, M83, Tegan and Sara). With their help and the band's newfound self-discipline and motivation, Cherry Glazerr has evolved into a wildly complex, hugely guitar heavy, and unapologetically loud machine.) 18.00

DEADWOOD - Picturin A Sense Of Loss DLP (DEADWOOD was founded in 2004 by Chris (drums), Marc (bass) and Daniel (guitar). The initially strong orientation on oldschool black metal has been extended over the following years more and more by genre foreign elements. After the entry of Flo (guitar and vocals) in autumn 2008, followed single appearances with Endstille, Shining, Koldbrann, sarcoma and Besatt. In this occupation in 2009 a demo was published, which is now sold out. In spring 2010 Johannes (vocals) joined the band. In august 2012, there was a line-up change on guitar, Marcel now assumes the role of another guitarist. 2014 appears the first album "Picturing A Sense Of Loss" as a DIY CD release. In 2016 they joined to the SELL YOUR SOUL RECORDS family and their debut album will get a new outfit and will be released as a double LP. The musical style of Deadwood has leveled off somewhere between black metal and atmospheric parts, aggressiveness and dreamy soundscapes. Lyrically Deadwood move now away from all clichés of the scene and trying to get the music justice by emotional depth.) 22.00

FANGE - Pourrissoir LP (A mere few months after the release of their debut album "Purge", french degenerate sludge quartet FANGE maintains their devouring fire with these six new tracks. With strong visual and lyrical ties to its predecessor, "Pourrissoir" marks the closing of a chapter for the band, while standing both as their most punishing work and as a step outside their comfort zone. ) 12.00

FEATURES - X-Features LP (The Features, perhaps more than anybody, were the band that provided the stylistic delineation between punk and post-punk in the Auckland, New Zealand scene. The band formed in late 1979, led by Jed Town (guitar) and James Pinker (drums). Both were members of The Superettes with Paul Kean (later The Bats), and when Kean left to join Toy Love they pulled in Karel Van Bergen (vocals, ex-Primmers), and Chris Orange (bass, ex-Terrorways) to complete the line-up. Drawing from the likes of Public Image Ltd, Wire, the emerging New York no-wave movement and Town's passion for late period Beatles, the Features offered a far more experimental and jagged sound than most of their peers and were instantly popular, drawing strong crowds at the assorted hall gigs that were increasingly regular weekend events in the city. Their first release was the single 'City Scenes' on the new Propeller label, which reached number No.32 in the New Zealand charts in June 1980. The label was created by Simon Grigg especially for the band, who then entered Harlequin Studios, where they recorded eight tracks for a proposed album. Despite their brief lifespan and handful of releases, Features are repeatedly named as a primary influence by many acts that followed them, breaking down, as they did, the barriers that had been constructed by the first and second waves of New Zealand punk. - Audioculture “The Features changed everything for me…..I found myself obsessed with this four piece, a band who, at the tail end of the increasingly conservative Auckland punk scene, were perhaps the only one that offered up a viable musical path beyond the deadend that punk had become so quickly.” – Simon Grigg) 17.00

HANGMAN'S CHAIR / GREENMACHINE - split LP (Those Frenchies from HANGMAN'S CHAIR return in order to team up with Japanese stoner veterans GREENMACHINE for a split LP. The HANGMAN'S CHAIR presents two fresh songs with heavy guitar parts and melodic vocals, while GREENMACHINE offers one long track divided in multiple parts.) 12.00

INFUSE HUDDLE - s/t LP (This might be one of the weirdest rock bands to come out of Denmark. With a mix of underplayed postpunk, grunge and everything that is kitsch the three guys manage to create really groovy and not just fun but good rock music. Vocalist and guitar player Alexander Fnug Olsen is a part of Girl Seeker too.) 15.00

JACASZEK - kwiaty LP (ghostly international - Ltd edition purple suspension vinyl (purple + transparent); 800 copies worldwide! Jacaszek is an absolute master of melancholy: the Polish composer who's spun dramatic shades of darkness and light into gold for more than a decade now, from the trickle-down electronics of Treny and artful gloom of Glimmer to the vapor-trailed verses of their looming spiritual cousin KWIATY. KWIATY - which was inspired by An English anthology of metaphysical poetry from the 17th century - is the most vocal-driven material Jacaszek's ever written, melding his stormy melodies with a breakout performance by Hania Malarowska (of the Warsaw-based rock band Hanimal) and the robust supporting roles of Joasia Sobow- iec-Jamiol and Natalia Grzebala, with lyrics adapted from poems from Virgil and Robert Herrick.) 20.00

LOS RETARDOS - Fresh Trash LP (master,ind - The last release by the Danish Punk band from Copenhagen. They gathered quite a following in Denmark before they called it quits. Features members from Gorilla Angreb & Incontrollados.) 15.00

OPEN CITY - s/t LP ("I know you’d like if we just sat silent / and never challenged your ideas," asserts Rachel Rubino in the opening moments of Open City, the eponymous debut by the Philadelphia four-piece, over a blast of hardcore dissonance. “So here's how we feel, here’s what we want, here’s what we need: to be heard!” Open City is a project embedded with histories — people, places, sounds, scenes. Bringing together collective decades of experience in East Coast punk and DIY communities, specifically ones known for prying open the melodic sides of punk rock, hardcore and post-punk, the project is: singer and lyricist Rachel Rubino (Bridge And Tunnel, Worriers), bassist Andy Nelson (Paint It Black, Ceremony, Dark Blue), guitarist Dan Yemin (Paint It Black, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Armalite), and drummer Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). ) 14.00

PINBACK - some off cell voices LP (temporary - Two legendary PINBACK EPs compiled, remastered, and released on vinyl for the first time ever! Remastered for vinyl from original recordings! In the early days of Pinback, they were known mostly as two lauded musicians who spent their spare time away from their primary projects (Three Mile Pilot, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable) to hone their home recording skills while experimenting with ideas, tones, and instrumentation that didn't quite fit into those primary projects. Pinback hadn't yet become their day job; it hadn't yet become a well-oiled 5-piece touring machine; and it had no idea where it was going to go. In retrospect, that earnest curiosity is what makes those early Pinback recordings so resonant and so unique, and what separated them from every indie rock band of this century. Every bit as powerful and expressive as their first two albums, the 1999 EP, Some Voices, and the 2003 EP, Offcell, famously bucked the perception of EPs as outtakes and toss-offs.) 22.00

PORTER RAY - watercolour DLP (sub pop - Watercolor is the long-awaited label debut from Seattle's Porter Ray. Porter is a Seattle based MC who caught the attention of Shabazz Palaces' Ishmael Butler, who signed him to the label in 2014. Watercolor is a snapshot of Porter's life and the lives of his friends growing up in Seattle. The album captures a specific time period, before things began rapidly changing around their neighborhoods, and it delves into the experiences that shaped Porter, the situations he and his friends survived, and how they overcame the adversity they faced. Porter's influences - including hip-hop classics like Nas's Illmatic, Common's Be, and Mos Def & Talib Kweli's ...Are Black Star - shine through in both the beats and production, and his deeply personal lyrics. Porter was born and raised in and around Seattle's Central District/Capitol Hill/Columbia City/Beacon Hill neighborhoods. He wrote short stories and poetry before he began writing rhymes in middle school and early high school, and started recording music towards the end of high school.) 25.00

SEKHMET - Spiritual Eclipse LP (Spiritual Eclipse is a Black Metal storm by Sekhmet from Czech Republic. Killer!) 14.00

ÜBERKROPPLING - Godt Jul LP (Danish freak-out weird garage punk. What's going on here???) 15.00

WOE - Hope Attrition LP (endetta - "Some albums waste no time letting you know that you’re in a welcomed, comfortable place, that your need for top quality metal will be satiated. Some albums know that all you want are riffs, maybe even a barrage of riffs. You are only looking for a good-ol’ time filled with head banging, foot stomping, and the possible, but most likely, occurrence of air guitar/drum playing. Hope Attrition sets your mind at ease within the first few seconds of opening track, ‘Unending Call Of Woe’. This is going to be an album that you will enjoy, Hell, possibly even love. There is something exceptionally special about this album. While it is immediately angry and violent sounding, there is this nagging feeling of, dare I say, hope. They just sound like they’re having too much fun playing these songs. Even though some of the songs are titled, ‘The Ones We Lost’ and ‘Abject in Defeat’, and the album starts off with the screaming of, “This is a failure”. I am inclined to believe otherwise. Most of the songs fall in between the five to ten minute range, excluding a beautiful acoustic interlude. Yet, there are so many twists and turns in each song that they fly by. In some instances you can hear Krallice, in others Dissection. But, permeating the entire album is a seething, pumping, undying pulse.  The foundation is black metal, the post-y tendencies have infiltrated only slightly, and there is death. The guitars are searing in their exactitude yet unfurl with such beauty. The drumming is tight, impressive, and a perfect driving compliment to the force of the melodies. The vocals growl and shriek, giving a perfect balance of styles. Lead riffs pepper the driving force of the songs adding extra melodic focus and interest. The solos are also what give way to a sense of optimistic release, they are very well written and somehow perfectly compliment the songs without sounding out of place. This leads me to believe that there is much more than depression, horror, and destruction behind the motives to these songs. At the start of this new year of musical deluge, only Thunderwar’s Black Storm has kept me coming back as much as this album. A true gem in the world of American black metal and ANOTHER ripe, red tomato in the garden of this Brooklyn band’s discography." - echoes and dust ) 14.00

YUNG - Falter LP (Yung is fronted by 20-year old Mikkel Holm Silkjær (guitar, vocals) and hails from the North of Aarhus, second largest city in and, locals would say, current punk rock capital of Denmark. In Yung, Mikkel has teamed up with friends and Snaredrum members Frederik Nybo Veile (previously in Emenkaya) on drums and Tobias Guldborg Tarp (previously in The Conquering Light of Flora and Fauna) on bass.) 15.00


OPEN CITY - s/t TAPE ("I know you’d like if we just sat silent / and never challenged your ideas," asserts Rachel Rubino in the opening moments of Open City, the eponymous debut by the Philadelphia four-piece, over a blast of hardcore dissonance. “So here's how we feel, here’s what we want, here’s what we need: to be heard!” Open City is a project embedded with histories — people, places, sounds, scenes. Bringing together collective decades of experience in East Coast punk and DIY communities, specifically ones known for prying open the melodic sides of punk rock, hardcore and post-punk, the project is: singer and lyricist Rachel Rubino (Bridge And Tunnel, Worriers), bassist Andy Nelson (Paint It Black, Ceremony, Dark Blue), guitarist Dan Yemin (Paint It Black, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Armalite), and drummer Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). ) 6.00

WOE - Hope Attrition TAPE (vendetta - tape version of the new Woe LP) 7.00


SKYGGE - Antiqua Ignis CD (Last year this Norwegian one-man (Skyggemester) band Skygge released a second and last (?) full length album called "Antiqua Ignis" (means something like Ancient Flame).) 10.00

WOE - Hope Attrition CD (vendetta - tape version of the new Woe LP) 10.0

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

sunshine. so maybe keep it short and simple. lots of overwhelming records arrived like the new Ash Borer DLP, New sahel and mississippi stuff, new total punk 7“s, the new CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response LP on deranged along with other deranged titles, new Power Trip & Darkest Hour LP on southern lord along with some restocks (sleep etc), the MEMORIAM - for the fallen LP (ex bolt thrower), new Real Estate LP, Julie Byrne Lp restock, PALLBEARER - Heartless DLP, new PLANNING FOR BURIAL LP on flenser, Hand Habits restocks and other woodsists restocks, new Bardo Pond LP, new Pontiac LP and soooo much more.

Also the BOSTON STRANGLER - demo LP, new MOUNT EERIE LP, Priests restock, new CLOAK & DAGGER LP and many more are on its way … but so far. happy browsing.

And then some events for you. vendetta also started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also

24.04. EX-CULT







BLACK ABBA - lost dog 7“ (Total Punk returns to New Orleans yet again for a brand new single by BLACK ABBA. Easily one of my favorite bands of the last Fuck Off and following a killer debut single on Goner Records, putting out a Black Abba single was a no brainer. Blabba returns with two synth driven punk jams about lost dogs and the dreaded band manager. Discordant guitar noise, cheapo synth sounds, street tough girl gang vocals, and 100% Total Punk! Edition of 500.) 7.00

THE DOGS - Slash Your Face 7“ (last laugh - THE DOGS came raging out of the legendary Motor City rock scene of the late '60’s and early ’70s, which spawned such musical touchstones as the Stooges, MC5, Amboy Dukes, Up, and other lesser known but equally ferocious proto-punk acts, The Dogs packed all the feral energy and cultural angst of that era into their live shows and an enduring set of recordings. The famous 3-song Slash Your Face EP hit the indie scene in 1978 culled from the historic live shows at the famous Mabuahy Gardens in San Francisco. This EP has been the fave of bootleggers and fans for 40 years. The band is still together and delivering the hard edged angst ridden Detroit Rock with their vibrant political attitudes and hi energy riffs.) 10.00

LIFE STINKS - Hanging From The Ceiling 7“ (total punk - San Francisco's LIFE STINKS are back with their third single on Total Punk, and as the title implies their sunny disposition is still in tact. Life Stinks delivers two more tracks of their lurching misanthropic punk with CHUD channeling his inner Dez on the B side. Recorded in New Orleans, just a few days after playing the final Total Punk Total Fuck Off, with Total Punk alumni GARY WRONG at the helm, turning knobs and lending guitar on the A side, this one is truly 100% TOTAL PUNK! 500 copies pressed with hand stamped red inked covers.) 7.00

MRS. MAGICIAN - You'll Fall In Love 7“ ("It's been a pretty good year for Mrs. Magician. Back in May, the San Diego indie band put out Bermuda, a record full of trippy and spacey rock music, exploring both psychedelia and the great history of surf rock. Today, they're premiering new single 'You'll Fall in Love.' It's a compact track, packing together a lot of atmosphere, hopefulness and happiness into rapid-fire riffs. Optimistic sentiments ('Someday I'll fall in love') quickly sour ('Turn on the television so I can numb my skull') while the guitars kick into overdrive. The band's pop sensibilities are undeniable, imbuing insanely catchy riffs with subtler elements and instrumentation. Exactly what a single should do.“—Clrvynt) 8.00

NAG - False Anxiety 7“(Total Punl - Atlanta is quickly becoming the southern capital of punk and one of it's busiest ambassadors would be BRANNON GREENE (PREDATOR, GHB, ACID FREAKS, FRANTIC, BEAT BEAT BEAT... the list goes on). NAG (pronounced Nog) is his newest project and expounds even further on the anxious energy of his previous outlet Predator. Choppy, angular guitars complemented by a truly killer rhythm section. Dark punk at it's finest. "False Anxiety" is the follow up to their killer 7 song demo from last year and is one of the most interesting original punk singles I've heard in some time. A band not to be missed live and look out for a full length on Total Punk later this year. 100% TOTAL PUNK! 500 copies pressed with hand stamped red inked covers.) 7.00

TIMMY'S ORGANISM - Lick Up Your Town 7“ (total punk While the rest of humanity vacated the primordial ooze from which we came, Timmy Vulgar has been more than content to grunt, spit, and make bubbles in the stuff. Previously of such legendary Detroit rock acts as Epileptix, Clone Defects, and Human Eye, Timmy’s Organism has been his vehicle of choice for the last five years or so. Flanked by the powerhouse rhythm section of Blake Hill and Jeff “The Giant” Fournier, Timmy’s Organism makes mutant thug rock that’s equal part caveman discovering fire and alien invasion. 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500.) 7.00

TY SEGALL - Sentimental Goblin EP 7“ (suicde - First press on half blue / half yellow vinyl!
It’s tough to keep up with garage rock’s wunderkind Ty Segall. Between his steady release schedule of LPs, raucous side projects like Fuzz and GØGGS, and collaborations with fellow songwriters Mikal Cronin and Tim Presley, it’s as if a season can’t pass without Segall dropping a new record. And that’s not even taking his cassettes, splits, and EPs into consideration. Fortunately, Segall’s bottomless well of creativity, production savvy, and boundless fascination with the various niches of the rock world makes every new release an occasion to celebrate. Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to offer the latest entry in Ty’s impressive canon with the Sentimental Goblin 7”. ) 12.00

ZIG ZAGS - Ripping Death 7“ (famous class - Look out! Los Angeles punk cretins ZIG ZAGS are back on wax. In true Zig Zags fashion, we've got all bases here covered. On the A-side, “Ripping Death” explores the horrors of everyday life in a war torn world. Blasting at 'Kill ‘em All' speed, this track doesn't let up until your nails are stuck in the desk and your boss sends you home out of pity. On the flip, “Riddle of Steel” extols the virtues of the John Milius classic “Conan The Barbarian." This one moves at a Medieval gallop, and features the first ever appearance on any ZZ recordings of the ancient instrument, "the lute". Hold tight cause the songs have gotten faster, meaner, leaner and angrier—a reflection of our societal whole barreling toward a stinging sun, that burns hot with anger and defeat…) 10.00


PELT / MIKE & CARA GANGLOFF WITH MATT PEYTON - split 10“ (mie - A label and tour exclusive split 10" from Pelt and Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton. The 10" sees Pelts first new release since Effigy on MIE back in 2012, a long time ago. And Mike & Cara Gangloff in a much more stripped back version of their American Popular songbook form accompanied by Matt Peyton.) 18.00


ANNA MAKIRERE - Tiare Avatea LP (mississippi - The lone recordings of teenaged vocalist ANNA MAKIRERE of Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Sung in close harmony in Māori Kuki Airan, Tiare Avatea pairs Makirere’s casual yet masterful vocalizations with virtuoso accompanists. Somewhere between slack-key and flat-picked, the brilliant guitar work is seasoned tastefully with sunburned effects. Translating literally to “Afternoon Flower,” this radiant collection of originals and traditionals was issued regionally on cassette in 1981. It remains a unique look into Cook Islands sound and style.) 17.00

ARBOURETUM - Song Of The Rose LP (thrill jockey - Arbouretum has been called “the best of the millennial classic rock bands, a guitar-fuzzed powerhouse.” The band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Dave Heumann, effortlessly weaves its melodies and guitar solos with often hypnotic rhythms of bassist Corey Allender and drummer Brian Carey around the deliberate keyboard of Matthew Pierce to lift the vocals. The results are a full sounds delivered with a striking sense of intimacy. Throughout their time together, the Baltimore-based band have been praised for their ability to weave elaborate vocal lines, and guitar solos that often unravel into extended improvisation, but never with as much finesse as on Song of the Rose. In less practiced hands, these ideas could easily fall into contrivance, but on Song of the Rose, Arbouretum use these elements to perfect their craft of storytelling in song, both lyrically and sonically.)18.00

THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW - Susan Sleepwalking LP (dark entries - The Arms of Someone New formed in 1983 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois as the brainchild Mel Eberle and Steve Jones. Steve managed and helped record Mel’s band The First Things; while in the studio to demo some of Mel’s songs, they started collaborating. The idea for the Arms of Someone New was to combine Mel’s and Steve’s several varied interests in the Beatles, psychedelia, blues, new wave and post-punk to create a sound in which the listener would be enveloped, immersed. They drew inspiration from Joy Division, Young Marble Giants, Nico and Pink Floyd. ) 18.00

ASH BORER - The Irrepassable Gate DLP (prfound - Over the last several years West Coast band Ash Borer have been recognized as one of the most prominent and active bands in the U.S. black metal scene. Following their critically praised second album Cold Of Ages from 2012, The Irrepassable Gate is produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Marissa Nadler, Wolves In The Throne Room), and is their most dynamic and sprawling album to date. With Dunn at the engineering helm, enhancing the wall-of-sound harshness and their signature expansive time-stretching tracks, the band delivers their most grandiose work. The Irrepassable Gate has an all-encompassing atmosphere complete with the raw, abrasive, and primal aura that defines Ash Borer.) 32.00

BARDO POND - Under The Pines LP (fire - So complex and substance-affected was their evolution, Bardo Pond have been creating their dreamy riffs for 26 years alongside a myriad of side projects and their prolific Record Store Day releases. Returning with a career defining album, ‘Under The Pines’ sees them delve into the subconscious with their transcending cosmic post-rock.) 25.00

BERANEK - Sound Of Danger LP (dark entries - Espen Beranek Holm is a Norwegian musician and comedian, born in 1960 he began his music career as a clarinetist. Beranek was inspired by early synthesizer bands Kraftwerk and The Residents, leading him to create his own experimental music. His debut single “Dra te’ hælvete” was released in 1981 and immediately banned by national TV/radio channel NRK due to explicit lyrics. This gave the young artist tons of publicity, helping the single spend almost 6 months on the national charts.) 18.00

THE CAIRO GANG - Untouchable LP (god - The spiny tingle of excitement, the building anticipation of ritual! Chord progressions in the key of the heart! THE CAIRO GANG's music is a refreshing dip in the pools of classic youth-pop, with songs of star-crossed breakthroughs and guitars cross-talking with a bejeweled ennui and a sly sting that appeals to a higher order. Is it something in our head or maybe in the skies above? Yet, the stars aren’t going to save us, they’re destined to glitter dispassionately as we go down again—and rise up again. The untouchable stands outside, removed by necessity from the castes of our world. This remove makes him the most reliable narrator in tracking the way of things between people. Throughout Untouchable, EMMETT KELLY is such a narrator, made bemused and dizzy by the sights swirling around him, the fraying sense of connection and people’s need so keen to be self-aware that we write our own autobiographies before we should ever be called to witness, publish our diary pages and call them entertainment. As these instincts develops into interrelationships, contradictions abound for our singer. Dwelling in the head while noticing things—or waiting to notice things—and lyrical to the bitter-sweet end, The Cairo Gang serve up sweet-and-sorrow reveries of Untouchable, a breathtaking series of entanglements and attempts to break free, a trace of dolor wafting through their dancing riff-works.) 23.00

CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response LP (deranegd - Writhing, sneering, tight-cornered: "Machine Response," the only acceptable follow up to the blistering and landmark "Attempted Suicide." Nearly 10 years of beating around the bush, casually playing around the world and drip-releasing music along the way, Career Suicide is backed by their best lineup ever, ready to break back through themselves with this new full-length. "Machine Response" veers in and out of pure speed, bursts of melody and chunky tempo shifts, indenting the long-standing influence of early-'80s USHC, late-'70s punk and a peppering of '60s swagger, with their own clearly developed style. Dallas Good (Sadies, Andre Williams, John Doe, Half Japanese, Elevator and a million more) presents a magnificently essential second guitar and lead presence; a screaming contribution by great friend and longtime supporter of the band, Souichi Hisatake, (Forward, GISM, Insane Youth, Gudon, etc.) to crack up your brain; artwork in collaboration with Ryan Tong of S.H.I.T. and Toronto's life-giving Faith/Void; and a thundering recording, once again helmed by the decorated and limitless in his pursuit of smooth hearing loss, Jon Drew, provide the most damaging clarity Career Suicide has been able to capture to date.) 16.00

CENTURY PALM - meet you LP (deranged - Century Palm is Paul Lawton (Ketamines), Andrew Payne (Zebrassieres), Penny Clark (Tough Age) and Jesse Locke (Dirty Beaches). This debut album was recorded by the band in Toronto, mixed in Vancouver by Jay Arner and mastered in Australia by Mikey Young. Meet You is ten songs about getting to know another layer of yourself — even when you think you know yourself – and about subtle tones of despair, plus the things you aren’t encouraged to express on an everyday basis. Century Palm crib shamelessly from Wire, Neu!, and Eno-era Roxy Music, modern Australian bands like Total Control, and failed experiments from earlier, abandoned projects. There are many instances of droning synths ruining perfectly nice pop songs.) 16.00

COMET GAIN - City Fallen Leaves DLP (m lady - COMET GAIN are one of the most beloved bands in all of the western world. Over dozens of releases, they've painted a consummate picture of life in modern southeast Britain. They sit at the nexus of punk, post-punk, mods, rockers, romantics, aesthetes, bohemians, hedonists, philosophers... I'll stop there. But their albums are highly prized. M'lady's is incredibly excited to be reissuing two of their best: Realistes from 2002, and their double album opus City Fallen Leaves from 2005. The latter is making its first ever appearance on vinyl, after being CD-only for over a decade. We're reproducing the albums exactly as originally issued, and with the full participation of the group. If you need an autumn or winter soundtrack, look no further, truly.) 29.00

DARKEST HOUR - Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora LP (southenr lord -  A bastard child born of the mid-'90s punk/metal/hardcore movement, Washington, DC's Darkest Hour combines the passion, energy and soul of punk/hardcore with the style, speed, vengeance and fury of melodic speed/thrash/death metal. Darkest Hour has helped define the entire New Wave Of American Metal sound as one of the pioneers of modern metalcore, a sound that gave the metal and hardcore/punk world the revitalization it surely needed. This style blended the raw, hardcore punk of the '80s with the Scandinavian death metal of the '90s and forged a sound that would later become the template for modern metal. Since their inception 21 years ago, Darkest Hour has released eight studio full-lengths (via 11 different record labels), appeared in major motion pictures and US television shows, video games and have toured the world extensively covering six of the seven continents.) 17.00

DREAMDECAY - yu LP (iron lung - Combining the English you and Spanish tú, YÚ symbolizes the experience of being stuck between two cultures, struggling to find a sense of legitimacy. It navigates this space and the tension of being pulled in opposite directions—the binary of life: past / future, optimism / pessimism, acceptance / denial, confusion / clarity. YÚ orbits two realities seeking a new point of view."—Dreamdecay. Seattle's finest band had us waiting a long time for this dirge pop masterpiece. We won't go into too much flower with the description, just know that this is honest music from the heart. A perfectly crafted trip. And seriously, "IAN" might be the best song of the decade. Damn. Edition of 800 copies housed in dual finish full-color heavy duty gatefold jackets with art by J. GALLEGO.) 18.00

GAILES - Seventeen Words LP (badabing - While they’ve released records on their own, and even collaborated in the past (Orcas), Rafael Anton Irisarri and Benoit Pioulard have never made music quite like they do with Gailes. This is a pure winter doldrums soundtrack, when the stillness after a snowstorm ends elongates into deep contemplation. It’s not surprising that Seventeen Words was conceived, composed and recorded as the duo weathered a brutal winter squall, the remains of which can be viewed on the album’s artwork. This is bottomless music, minimal in sound yet majestic in presentation. Snow slows, time freezes. This is the world of Gailes, just a fragment of our own writ large for eternity.) 18.00

GRATEFUL DEAD - One From The Vault 3xLP (future days - BACK IN PRINT!!! For a legacy filled with legendary performances, the GRATEFUL DEAD Live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on August 13th 1975 stands out. The band only played 4 shows during that entire year—remarkable for a band that toured non-stop for decades—and at their August 13th show, they rolled multi-track tape (which allowed for the band decades later to properly mix the show). Because the Great American Music Hall holds less than 1,000 people (another unique thing about this show), it was an invitation only performance in which the band debuted their recent studio album Blues For Allah in a live setting. Although One From The Vault has been available on CD nearly continuously since 1991, the vinyl version was only available for less than a year (and in Europe only) in the early 1990s. This deluxe vinyl reissue marks the first time this legendary show has been available anywhere in over 20 years and the first time in America.) 65.00

HAND HABITS - Wildly Idle (humble Before The Void) LP  (woodists - “Singer, songwriter and guitarist from Upstate New York Meg Duffy, aka Hand Habits, has been putting in her time on the road and in the studio over the past two years with Pacific Northwest band Mega Bog, and the Kevin Morby Band, making an impression on everyone she comes across with her natural charisma and uncharted talent as a multiinstrumentalist. But let Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) be her open invitation to the world to step inside and take a much deeper look into who Duffy actually is.) 18.00

JANTAR - Panisperna LP (mie - Panisperna is the first practically available long player by Jantar, an outer-borough ensemble historically known for their creeping strain of easy listening most often heard in empty lots and abandoned diners. Chad Laird and Tianna Kennedy have grown an experimental cover crop since 2009, gently cultivating a soil rich in ambient leaf rot and organic artworld chemical compounds. With the addition of Kirsten Nordine, Jantar began to run it through with speculative roots and melodic worms, digesting the tails of lost Euro soundtracks, and ultimately finding in drummer Kelly Rudman the crystalline lattice necessary for vertical growth... And yes, now this broad field is very much in rotation. Panisperna shoots riffs, stalks and flowers right up out of the ground. From the waves still reverberating from Canterbury Gongs and Soft Machines, Jantar propels green, driving rock forms, and leafs out into repeating rows of complex time and growth patterns. For this first foray into rock music, Jantar has enlisted the assistance of Pigeons Clark Griffin and Wednesday Knudsen, who contribute synth and sax, respectively. Long time ally and champion Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band, Steve Gunn) recorded this music at the venerable Black Dirt Studios. - Rob Smith) 18.00

JENN GRANT - paradise LP (badabing - Jenn Grant’s Paradise opens into an expanded realm never before explored by the songwriter. Following Compostela’s 2015 Juno nominations of Triple A Album Of The Year and Songwriter Of The Year, this latest adds to Grant’s usual insight and intimacy a whole new dimension of wisdom. Songs unfold gradually, guided by her nuanced and soulful voice, mining a deepened honesty that touches upon balladry, R&B and electronic music along the way. If her previous album was a window into an artist’s psyche, this one is a front row seat for the symphonic beauty and pain of life from the sage perspective of someone who has lived through both extremes. With her poetry firmly intact and a powerful lyricism honed over a decade, Grant takes new chances and explores new approaches on Paradise. She upends her entire songwriting approach, investing two years of crafting and shaping.) 18.00

JOHN ANDREWS & THE YAWNS - Bad Posture LP (woodsists - Throughout years of traveling, John Andrews has documented his life with his home recordings. His first record, Bit By The Fang, found him living in the amish country of Lancaster, PA. On his latest record, Bad Posture, he waves farewell to Pennsylvania and greets the wooded hills of Barrington, NH. These songs were written slowly and quietly throughout the winter, usually late at night next to the wood stove. It was recorded in Andrews’ barn with the doors ajar, welcoming the springtime — inviting the outside noises in. You can hear the crickets chirping and the occasional truck driving by. The songs themselves lend their hand like slow backwoods Beatles demos covered in a thin blanket of tape hiss.) 18.00

KOSTAS BEZOS AND WHITE BIRDS - same LP (mississippi - The first-ever compilation of "Xabagies", the nearly forgotten Hawaiian-influenced music of 1930s Greece, focused on the compositions of KOSTAS BEZOS and his ensemble WHITE BIRDS. A world-class slide guitarist, political cartoonist, and sleepless Bohemian, Kostas Bezos created some of the most unique music of any era: surrealist guitar portraits blurring Athens and Honolulu, haunting tropical serenades, wild acoustic orchestras, and heartbreaking steel guitar duets. LP version includes a 28-page booklet with extensive notes by TONY KLEIN and DIMITRI KOURTIS, unpublished photographs, lyrics, obituaries, and a bonus CD containing 18 additional tracks. Mastered from original 78s by MICHAEL GRAVES. Co-released by Olvido Records, edition of 1,000.) 18.00

KREATOR - gods of violence DLP clear vinyl (nuclear blast - new KREATOR album) 25.00

LIEVEN MARTENS MOANA - Idylls LP + BOOK (Since Lieven Martens Moana's(Dolphins Into The Future) last lp, the massively overlooked "Music from the Guardhouse", our composer has moved from the islands of Okinawa to the Swampland of Mexico City to the Portuguese countryside, running his Private Press, and composing music for ensemble and commercials. This very pluralistic life-style and commitment has led us to his first full length record in three years: „Idylls". Presented as a 12 page book with an LP disc, the listener first hears concentrated and intentional sound-prose poems of the life of Robert Louis Stevenson as Martens attempts to "see through the eyes of RLS“.) 23.00

LIGHT OF THE MORNINGSTAR - Nocta LP (iron - Finally LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR's highly anticipated debut album, Nocta. Just last year, out of nowhere arrived Cemetery Glow: a three-song EP that indeed shined with a brilliance truly unique and poignant to behold, and which soon garnered widespread acclaim for such a bold vision from an otherwise brand-new entity. But alas, the slate is wiped clean and now arrives Nocta to take LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR into the hinterlands of the soul and the imagination.  LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is its own occultism, and Nocta is its first full entry into an increasingly grandiose grimoire.) 19.00

LUKA PRODUCTIONS - fasokan LP (sahel - New age music from West Africa. Lush and hypnotic dreamscapes combine traditional instrumentation with sweeping electronics, field recordings, and soothing affirmations. Bamako based composer LUKA PRODUCTIONS delves into avant-griot, transforming ancient music into the 21st century. The songs are meditative and sage, as voices guide the listener through ways of living, from the village life to the modern world. Inspired from early electronic music, library records, and new age, this is easily one of the most left field recordings to ever come out of Mali. In Bambara. Limited to 500) 20.00

LUC FERRARI - Hétérozygote / Petite symphonie... LP (editions ,ego - Composed between December 1963 and March 1964 In the field of biology Heterozygous (Hétérozygote) means: a plant whose heredity is mixed. It implies that this composition is an attempt to engineer a language located both on the musical and on the dramatic plane. You could call this music “Anecdotal Music” for if the organisation of events is purely musical, their choice suggests situations justified at two levels: the music and the anecdote. However, the anecdote is hardly formulated and is open to plural interpretations. The listener is then asked to imagine their own story by rejecting – if necessary – the one suggested by the author. More specifically, the author suggests an anecdotal complex, potentially bearing several meanings. The work preceded by an opening is made of eight scenes, separated (or not) by interludes. And if we wished to push the paradox further, we could say that the titles of the scenes are optional and the interludes are also scenes, etc. Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps (1973–1974), 25’09)  18.00

MEMORIAM - for the fallen LP  (nuclear blast - A ravaged wasteland with cryptic figures engaged in a procession foreshadows a grim sound. While typically one thinks of remembrance as a moment a silence, we have here quite the opposite from MEMORIAM. MEMORIAM is a branch of the BOLT THROWER family tree. The Death Metal stalwarts have come together to unleash a devastating fusillade of auditory destruction. This album wastes no time getting down to business as the beginning title track offers a brutally enticing riff. After a brief intro, the listener is immediately fed into the sonic battlefield that is pure Death Metal as “War Rages On” starts. The third track “Reduced to Zero” ticks away like a time bomb before bursting forth with a dense overflow of heaviness. The next song “Corrupted System” starts out grindingly fast, slowing only temporarily to lay down more crushing riffs, then picks up the pace and plows onward like a banzai charge of pure adrenaline. These songs set the pace and feel for the rest of the album. Several songs clock in at over six minutes long however they’re all ironclad masterworks of musical brutality. It’s an overpowering beat down that drags you through a journey of intensity right up until the last notes of the somber “Last Words.” This is the soundtrack to the grim reaper lowering his scythe on mankind’s reign. This is the first barbaric cry a simian savage roared as he moved in for the kill, echoing through the ages. This is Death. This is Metal.) 18.00

MEMORIAM - for the fallen LP (colored vinyl) 23.00

MIDNITE SNAXXX - Chew On This LP (pelican pow - MIDNITE SNAXXX's second LP has a bit more bite than their first, bringing the tough/fun ratio up to a solid 1:1. Effective hooks will have you chanting "oh yeah!" in line at the post office, bathroom, or whatever your favorite line-waiting situation. Too fun to be this punk! Neck brace not included.) 16.00

NEGATIVE ELEMENT - Shouts Of Rebellion 1982 - 1983 LP (alona - Classic Midwest punk from NEGATIVE ELEMENT. This release collects their previously unheard 1982 demo cassette (restored and remastered by J. YUENGER) as well as their 1983 punk masterpiece Yes, We Have No Bananas EP (from the original master tape). Includes previously unseen pictures of the group and liner notes by the band members. Negative Element was a punk band from suburban Willow Springs, Illinois. They were a young band who put on energetic live performances. They are most well known for the songs "Anti-PacMan" and "What Ever Happened To Elmer Fudd?" Their first show was August 15, 1982 at Exit with MDC, Six Feet Under and Rights of the Accused. The band broke up c.1984 after the STEPE brothers moved to Peoria, Illinois.) 16.00

NEON JUDGEMENT - Cockerill-sombre 12“ (dark entries - The Neon Judgement hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, Belgium and gave birth to the New Beat and EBM scenes worldwide with the release of their first two cassettes ‘Suffering’ (1981) and ‘TV Treated’ (1982). Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals) The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, and the Deutsche Neue Welle.  In 1983 they released the infamous 4-song ‘Cockerill-Sombre’ EP containing the dance-floor smash “The Fashion Party” on Anything But Records. Dirk Da Davo says, “First we recorded and mixed the drum parts and effects on 4-track, then we bounced this mix to 2 tracks again what left us with 2 more channels to use for vocals and additional instruments.” Veering between minimalistic industrial drones, odd new wave-ish synth pop and dance music, underlain by cold, mechanical rhythms. The band combine brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synthesizer stabs and repetitive drum machine beats both aggressive and danceable. ‘Cockerill-Sombre’ was recorded in a small basement room under the watchful eyes of Ludo Camerberlin from A Blaze Colour.  All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Housed in the original jacket featuring a black and white photo of the duo performing live. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11” square insert with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Dirk Da Davo.) 15.00

THE OMNIOUS CIRCLE - Appalling Ascension DLP (20 buck spin - With membership from the blinding light regions of Portugal, The Ominous Circle is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land. Appalling Ascension is their initiation into this upper physical world, undulating like a prophesied curse into the increasing chaos of modern “life.” While the reverent tropes of contemporary Death Metal will be recognizable to Circle adherents, the cauldron is mixed in myriad conjurations that stray from the safety where inferior forces are prone to linger. Moments of oppressive Death Doom, grinding blasts of mania, rancid melodies and mid-tempo dynamic necromancy on tracks like “From Endless Chasms” and “As The Worm Descends” canonize these odious psalms into timeless lore. The obsession of late by some to ignore songwriting in favor of cavernous ambient suffocating “evil” doesn’t play on Appalling Ascension—here instead, and most welcome, are crushing and barbarous Dark Death Metal songs to which initiates may devote themselves, as it enters into the pantheon of memorable debut recordings. And in the fashion of the most auspicious horror, this is only the beginning…) 26.00

PALLBEARER - Heartless DLP (prfound - US Press on Profound Lore! Pallbearer’s third album, Heartless, is an inspired collection of monumental rock music. The band offers a complex sonic architecture that weaves together the spacious exploratory elements of classic prog, the raw anthemics of 90’s alt-rock, and stretches of black-lit proto-metal. Lyrics about mortality, life, and love are set to sharp melodies and pristine three-part harmonies. Vocalist and guitarist Brett Campbell has always been a strong, assured singer, and on Heartless, his work’s especially stunning. This may in part be due to the immediacy of the lyrics. Written by Campbell and bassist/secondary vocalist Joseph D Rowland, the words have moved from the metaphysical to something more grounded. As the group explains: “Instead of staring into to the void—both above and within—Heartless concentrates its power on a grim reality. Our lives, our homes and our world are all plumbing the depths of utter darkness, as we seek to find any shred of hope we can." ) 29.00

PHILIP LEWIN - Am I Really Here All Alone? LP (tompkins square- A reissue of this 1975 private press LP originally released in an edition of 300 signed and numbered copies. Remastered from the original tapes. "Phil Lewin's homespun debut is a loner folk masterpiece; accidentally psychedelic, lit by heartbreak and timeless in its sadness and hope."—Jeff Conklin, WFMU.) 18.00

PLANNING FOR BURIAL - Below The House LP (flenser -In late 2014, Planning For Burial’s Thom Wasluck left the red house in New Jersey he’d called home for the last decade to return to his childhood bedroom in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Back in the house where he grew up, Wasluck found himself cut off from the familiarities of the previous decade as he put himself to work in the family trade. The monotony of routine quickly set in; work, home, and alcohol day after day became the norm. The childhood room that had given birth to his primordial four-track recordings was now a place of emptiness. These conditions set the stage for Planning For Burial’s third full-length, Below the House. In terms of genre, Planning For Burial is often simply characterized as “gloom,” which can be seen as a blend of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, 90s alt rock and drone, and this album offers nine sullen and frequently heavy songs that brim with nostalgia and suburban ennui. It is a return to form of sorts to his beloved first album, 2010’s Leaving — an introverted work characterized by its heavy dynamics and personal obsessions. Since the beginning, Planning For Burial has been a solo endeavor. Wasluck has been recording music himself and touring extensively as a one-man band, playing hundreds of shows in DIY spaces and nightclubs, where he has shared the stage with acts like Deafheaven, King Woman and Chelsea Wolfe. Both incredibly loud and intimate, Planning For Burial plays with an unrivaled passion and funereal grace that is equally at home in basements and large venues.) 18.00

PONTIAK - Dialectic of Ignorance LP (Whereas Pontiak’s 2014 album Innocence tore through rowdy riffs and melancholic balladry in a neat half hour, it’s immediately clear from the reverb-heavy trip of opener ‘Easy Does It’ that Dialectic of Ignorance is altogether a different beast. Euphorically defying spatial constraint, brothers Jennings, Vanand Lain Carney instead opt to guide each song along its own cosmic trajectory: confident in the outcome, but even more excited to enjoy the ride.) 18.00

POWER TRIP - Nightmare Logic LP (southern lord -  "Nightmare Logic" is the second crushing, soul mangling, neck bustin' album from Texas hardcore thrashers Power Trip, recorded by Arthur Rizk (Inquisition), mastered by Joel Grind (Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust) and features cover art by Paolo Girardi. Power Trip is a real band like no other. Their raw energy, musical proficiency, perfect song structure, rich tones, fierce riffs, persecution and collective attitude have seeded them as one of the most prolific underground staples in the US metal, punk and hardcore scenes. Power Trip has relentlessly toured the world for years with the likes of Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, Turnstile, Backtrack, Eyehategod, Bane, OFF! and more, and has performed with countless others, in addition to pummeling audiences at major festivals all over the USA, Europe and beyond.) 17.00

REAL ESTATE - in mind LP (domino - On In Mind, the fourth full-length record from Real Estate, the band fine-tunes the winsome songwriting and profound earnestness that made previous albums—2009’s Real Estate, 2011’s Days, and 2014’s Atlas—so beloved. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Cole M. Greif-Neill (Julia Holter, Beck), In Mind delivers the same kind of warmth and soft-focus narratives that one has come to expect from the band—pastoral guitars, elegantly deployed arrangements, a sort of mindful melancholy—but there is also a newly adventurous sonic edge to the proceedings. It offers a mild shifting of the gears, positing a band engaged in the push/pull of burgeoning adulthood. Reflecting a change in lineup, changes in geography, and a general desire to move forward without looking back, the record casts the band in a new light —one that replaces the wistful ennui of teenage suburbia with an equally complicated adult version.) 21.00

REPTILE RANCH - same LP (With this release all of Reptile Ranch’s work is available on a single LP for the first time. In addition to the bands released work this record also features two unreleased live tracks and two unreleased studio tracks (one of which is from the bands improvisational alter ego Reptile Cancer). Packaged in beautiful hand-stamped jackets with paste-on photographs and includes a 6-page insert of photos, flyers, artwork, journals and memos. One time pressing of 500 copies. In the early-to-mid 1970s the communities living in south central Wales’ Ebbw Valley felt a growing insecurity as the region’s coal mines began to close. Life without the mines was difficult to imagine, as they had been the lifeblood of the area for as long as most could remember. From great instability great art is often born—and such is the case when SPIKE, PHIL, JOHN and SIMON SMITH came together at a school nestled between two mines in Newbridge to form Reptile Ranch.  The trio dabbled with song writing for years before escaping the Valley for the city of Cardiff. Here the band found their stride with growing influence from the burgeoning UK DIY movement. After sending a letter to Scritti Polliti’s Carol Street address the boys received a package chalk full of information on how to release their own records. They wasted no time in forming their Z Block label, and releasing their brilliant debut Don’t Give the Lifeguard a Second Chance 7”. In a smallest of small world coincidences they ran into Scritti Polliti and NME journalist Ian Penman while leaving the pressing plant with their freshly pressed, blank labeled, double A-side singles. From this chance meeting their first review was written, their relationship with Scritti Polliti was furthered, and distribution help from Rough Trade was solidified.  ) 20.00

SOL - upheaval LP (Sól are an atmospheric metal band with black metal, doom, sludge and post-rock influences based out of Portland, OR. They have just finished their sophomore album “Upheaval”. Since the beginning of this project their focus, conceptually, has been about nature. Specifically they are relating to the ever-changing wilderness of our home that is the Pacific Northwest. With this counter-stone in place they also touch upon pagan folklore and spirituality (Norse, Anglo-saxon, and Native American), the tame-less wild, chaos of all the cosmos, loss, anti-fascism, and the ills of modern day society. The name is derived from the old Norse word for "sun" which is honoring the raw forces of nature. We chose the Norse variation of the word because of unforgiving weather in Scandinavia and the picture that that concept paints. To them the sun was fleeting hope. A very dim light in some of the most harsh climate. Ultimately this is what they are about, a reflection of overwhelming darkness and struggling light that shines through which exists in all of nature and the cosmos. When it comes to their influences we like to take bits our favorite sub-genres and mix it in with what we feel is our "sound". ) 12.00

SUN ARAW - The Saddle Of The Increate DLP (sun ar - Sun Araw totes one of his most surreal, daftest fancies with The Saddle Of The Increate, despatching the band’s first new recorded material on Sun Ark Records since the psychedelic excursion, Belomancie [2014]. With only a few trips made on Sean McCann’s Music For Public Ensemble and alongside Laraaji on Professional Sunflower and the S. Araw “Trio” XIII to quench our thirst in the meantime, this loosely strung and sprawling set renders Cameron Stallones and the gang at their most ir/reverent and dare we say, North American; delivering a subtly funny and playful suite that’s more Billy Crystal on magic beans than Alejandro Jodorowsky on mescaline, as far as desert trips go. ) 23.00

TOMUTONTTU - Kevätjuhla LP (alter - Finnish multimedia artist Jan Anderzén returns to Alter in characteristically singular style under his Tomutonttu guise. Kevätjuhla (translated as "Spring Celebration") is his second release for the label following a split 7" with Oneohtrix Point Never in 2010 (ALT02) and his first vinyl long player since 2011. Lately Jan has been busy within visual art, making mosaics, quilts and creating installation work for which the music of Kevätjuhla was initially composed. Inspired by the multitudes of mold and the microbial life, the installation Kevätjuhla was built as a listening station that sought a bond between sound, the earth and organic matter. Sound was sent to speakers through cables sprouting like stems from a pile of dirt with a single coleus growing on top. A graphic score of sticks, orange peel and party debris was hung next to the installation. The score is now visualised on the albums cover, rightly depicting the visual aesthetic of Tomutonttu. ) 18.00

ULVESANG - s/t LP (throne - Ulvesang is the collective effort of three individuals sharing an interest in melancholic, naturalistic, neofolk/darkfolk music. Our influences within the genre are important to us, but we strive to build our own unique take on a pre-established sound. We hope to build stories and atmosphere with our music.) 14.00

UV TV - Glass LP (deranged - Stuck somewhere in the middle of Florida is UV-TV. Rose Vastola, Ryan Hopewell and Ian Bernacett write melancholy pop songs with jagged, abrasive edges. Combining strong hooks with chainsaw guitars and blissful treble, comparisons to Black Tambourine, JAMC and The Shop Assistants fit best. It’s shoegaze stripped of its fat and fluff. After a well-received demo (High Fashion Industries) and seven-inch split with LA’s Shark Toys (Emotional Response) in 2015, Glass is the band’s first long-play record). The eleven burning cuts were self-recorded over two days in a retired Gainesville train station with a couple borrowed microphones and a Tascam 388. This is UV-TV. You should listen loud.) 18.00

VARGDÖD (Varg & Celldöd) - Brutal Disciplin LP (opal - Ultra bleak, minimal, ritual electronics. Debut releases from this new duo. From the fertile fauna of the Swedish scene comes Vargdöd, the official pairing of Jonas Rönnberg and Anders Karlsson, better known´as Varg and Celldöd. Across six long form tracks the duo exercise their keen instinct for expansive, gloomy atmospherics and techno subtleties with a spirit that naturally aligns with the overcast outlook of Opal Tapes.) 18.00

VASTUM - Carnal Law LP (20 buck sin - Vastum’s 2015 album, Hole Below, set a horrifying new precedent for punishing but cerebral US death metal that echoed throughout the underground. Carnal Law, the band’s formidable debut from 2011, is a testament to their mental and physical prowess, starting from the very beginning. Issued on vinyl by Deific Mourning / Contagion Releasing (CD on 20 Buck Spin) in a one-time limited version of 500 copies, this album disappeared and has since been unavailable on vinyl for five years, until now, with a fresh punishing re-master courtesy of Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege. Both the progressive and regressive elements that made Hole Below such a heralded monument of death metal were evident already here: tasteful, recognizable leads — not unlike the virtuosity one notes in mid-period Death or Carcass — appear throughout but never overwhelm the fetid odor of vice at the album’s core. Like the paramount albums of the genre, Carnal Law makes its point quickly and resolutely, with viciousness and intent.) 18.00

V/A - Agrim Agadez - Musique Guitare De La République Du Niger LP (sahel - Contemporary field recordings from the Sahelian empire of Niger. Focusing on guitar music throughout the country, from meditative starlight ballads, fuzzy Hendrix covers, rag tag wedding bands, to political minded folk guitarists. A beautiful encapsulation of the diversity of guitar as it exists today, documented over years of travels. Recorded live with a singe microphone, with backdrop of children's voices, crickets, and village ambience. A follow up to Laila Je T’Aime and Ishilan n-Tenere compilations. With 16-page full color liner notes.) 20.00

V/A - Sounds From The Archipelago Vol. 2 LP + CD (The selection in this second volume covers music from the vast island of Sumatra (West Indonesia), The Moluccas Islands and the island of Bali. In the first sample from Sumatra ( Gondang Mula Mula'), recorded near the awesome Lake Toba, we find a ceremonial overture played during weddings and special occasions. The band is comprised of four instruments: two 'Ketchapis' (sort of a two-string ukulele), one 'Serenar'(a wind instrument) and one simple metal spoon tapped against a glass bottle. The second track ( Andung Andung') is instead music conceived to put people in the right mood for working in the fields, or boating on Lake Toba. Some sort of predecessor, if you will, of the Ayo kerja' slogan and movement. The third track ( Hasa Hatan') is a coda to all ceremonies in the region, and carries a benediction.The track from Moluccas ( Menari Sawat') is a Muslim traditional dance from the area (menari), while sawat is the name of this type of music. The recording is taken in a small fishing village.We then move to Bali, where the first track ( Pubradaya') is a sitting dance performed by a local Gamelan Orchestra. The following four tracks ( Barong Dance - Preren/Omang/Castel and Sadewa') are all part of a suite of drums and gamelan music performed for the dance of a Barong, which is a mythical creature represented as half lion and half dog. Statues of barong are everywhere in Bali, typically near the gates or the entrance to palaces, temples ( pura') or important places and landmarks. The last two pieces are typical Cremation Music played on the Tower at the Cremation Ceremonies in Bali, extremely interesting and unique. In the first of the two samples we have two instruments while in the second we have four.) 25.00

V/A - Sounds From The Archipelago Vol. 1 LP + CD (The first volume gathers traditional music from different areas of the Indonesian archipelago, featuring music from Sulawesi, The Moluccas Islands (Spice Islands) and Central Java. In the first track from Sulawesi ( Gandrung Bulo'), the lead is taken by the percussion made of bamboo drums, later joined by two male voices in the second track. This is traditional entertainment music which is typically played at weddings, feasts and others special occasions. The last track is an instrumental one featuring the story-telling of an epic ballad. The singer is playing a traditional Indonesian instrument called Sinrili.The track from the Moluccas ( Tjakalele: War Dance') is a typical Warrior Dance, and it is recorded in the main city of Maluku Islands. The music from Bali is performed by a chorus of seventy-eight men sitting in circle around the actors, during the representation of the so-called Ketchak (Monkey) Dance, which is still a big attraction for travellers coming to Bali. The selection from Central Java is a traditional piece called Perdjuritan dance ( Perdjuritan'), which is some sort of a soldiers' dance. It is performed by a traditional Javanese orchestra (called Gamelan) which consists of drums, metal rattles and whistles. The last sample is recorded in the capital city of Jakarta and represents an example of the so called Sundanese music, typical of the western region of Java. Another example of traditional old entertainment music to be played during various festivities.) 25.00

WOLF EYES - Undertow LP (The veteran mutant noise unit mint their new Lower Floor label with the 100th Wolf Eyes album. Hurtling ever closer to their 20th anniversary as a band, albeit in various iterations, ‘The U$A’s longest-running homemade primitive electronic poetry & vibes trio,’ offer a semblance of hope 2017 will be alright after all with the arrival of their own label, Lower Floor Music.) 18.00


VENEFICIUM - demo 2015 TAPE (iron -  Debut demo containing vicious guttural depravity by way of New Zealand. Featuring members of Witchrist.) 6.00


V/A - The Hired Hands: A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne 2xCD (scissor - Compiled by Dylan Golden Aycock, Loren Connors, and Suzanne Langille, The Hired Hands is an homage to one of the greatest and most infamous guitarists alive, Bruce Langhorne. His music has influenced and touched a lot of lives over the years, either through his soundtrack work with Peter Fonda or his studio work in the 1960s as the go-to hired hand for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Odetta, and many others. Browsing his wikipedia page, one is informed of the volume of work he accomplished throughout the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Scissor Tail Editions was lucky enough to release Langhorne’s score to Peter Fonda’s 1971 anti-western The Hired Hand on vinyl in 2012. Artists were asked to cover or reinterpret a song of their choice from the soundtrack. No rules were made on whether the music should be derivative of a certain song — if the soundtrack inspired a mood, then the artist could use their intuition. Langhorne has come on hard times in recent years, having suffered a stroke that prevents him from playing the guitar. A large percentage of the profits for this tribute go to Langhorne and his family.) 17.00


ALEX SOLMAN - die welt ist ein Pudel BOOK (monkey town - We are happy to announce the illustrated book “Die Welt is eine Pudel”. It displays Alex Solman's stunning illustrations which have been the visual communication of the “Golden Pudel Club” since 2004. Musicians like Carsten “Erobique” Meyer, Sleaford Mods and Modeselektor praise what can only be described as the coffee table book to end all coffee table books.) 30.00

ALEX SOLMAN - Die Welt ist eine Pudel - Deluxe Version BOOK (The illustrated book “Die Welt is eine Pudel” displays Alex Solman's stunning illustrations which have been the visual communication of the “Golden Pudel Club” since 2004. Musicians like Carsten “Erobique” Meyer, Sleaford Mods and Modeselektor praise what can only be described as the coffee table book to end all coffee table books. The Deluxe Box version of the illustrated book comes in a elaborately designed box including seven high-quality silk screen prints. Six of them are printed on Fabriano Rosaspina, which is a white hand-made paper from the world's oldest paper manufactory based in Italy. The black silk screen print is on a black cotton paper from a french paper manufactory.) 49.90

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #406 MARCH 2017 MAG (S-21 from Philadelphia, Beton from Slovakia, New York's Palberta, Perth's Zerodent, Peluqueria Canina from Madrid, Austin hardcore punks Body Pressure, Second Combat from Malaysia, Finnish KBD rarities from the Kuoleman Tappaneet compilation, punk writer Jessie Lynn McMains, and photos from Infestational and This Is Austin Not That Great.) 5.00

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL - #407 APRIL 2017 MAG (Issue #407 of MRR features Brazil's Futuro, a tour report from Generacion Suicida, Poland's Ohyda, Barcelona's Ultra, Austin, TX's Crooked Bangs, Finland's Kovaa Rasvaa and Iceland's Roht, a Cleveland scene report, all the great reviews and columns, and much more.) 5.00

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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

good evening. its barely impossible to be in a bad mood with this springy weather and its even more amazeing to browsing through all those amazing new records we got in this week like the ling awaited new Pharmakon LP, NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - One More Time With Feeling 2DVD-Set, ALKERDEEL - de speenzalvinge DLP, GNOD - Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine LP, new KYO LP, new JULIA HOLTER DLP, lots of restocks by the Black heart Procession, Swans, Slint …

Also the BOSTON STRANGLER - demo LP, new MOUNT EERIE LP, Priests restock, new CLOAK & DAGGER LP and many more are on its way … but so far. happy browsing.

And then some events for you. vendetta also started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also

24.04. EX-CULT







BRIGITTE FONTAINE & MONSIEURDURAND - split 7“ (This is a limited 7“ single Brigitte Fontaine’s masterpiece "Lettre À Monsieur Le Chef De Gare De La Tour De Carol“, originally released on her legendary album "Comme À La Radio“ in 1969. Fontaine is NOT an artist from Perpignan/Catalonia, but this beautiful track about the station master of the train station Latour-de-Carol, 1200 meters high in the Pyrenees, is emblematic for this region in the South of France. Brigitte Fontaine, born June 24, 1939 in Morlaix in the Brittany region of France, is a singer of avant-garde music. During the course of her career she has employed numerous unusual musical styles by melding rock and roll, folk, jazz, electronica, spoken word poetry and world rhythms. She has collaborated with such celebrated musicians as Stereolab, Michel Colombier, Jean-Claude Vannier, Areski Belkacem, Gotan Project, Sonic Youth, Antoine Duhamel, Grace Jones, Noir Désir, Archie Shepp, Arno and The Art Ensemble of Chicago. She is also a novelist, writer, actress, playwright, and poetNothing is known about concrete music composer monsieuRdurand. Based in Perpignan, Durand presents two compositions and two surprises based on field recordings and found sounds.) 9.00


ALBERICH & LUSSURIA - Borgia LP (hosptial Following on from that hugely sought-after Green Graves issue by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Hospital Productions re-examine the longstanding intersection of Industrial and Ambient music on this exceptional collaboration between two of the label’s most interesting producers. Originally released in a private press run of handmade tapes, the collaboration was made in person with Alberich and Lussuria making use of digital synths in homage to that distinctly European scene of the mid 90’s that combined hardcore Industrial textures with Ambient pulses) 20.00

ALKERDEEL - de speenzalvinge DLP (First album proper from the heaviest band in Belgium. Three tracks that maintain the same brutal mixture of pulsing low-end ass assault and fast, almost d-beat rhythms, all held together by totally entrancing, riffs, unrelentingly repetitive and totally driving. The difference this time is the production: gone is the necro sound of "Luizig" and in is a more fluid, tight production. The sound may be different but the intent is the same, and the three (long!) tracks here are Alkerdeel's most prophetic statement yet. The best band of their kind going right now, essential listening. ) 20.00

BASIC HOUSE - I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me LP (alter - Starkly sonorous and unnervingly emotive new LP from the Opal Tapes kingpin, his first album proper in four years. Make sure to check the beautifully bleak panorama of Pyxis!… “The second album from Basic House takes a sober turn towards the thematic intersection of occult knowledge and globalised black operations, brokering a piercing anxiety throughout from the tension between the scale of the politics being invoked and the familiarity of the covert identity tactics to music cultures, subcultures, and the like. ) 18.00

THE BUTTERTONES - Gravedigging LP (innovative - The Buttertones’ Gravedigging is more a movie waiting to happen than an album—or a soundtrack just waiting to inspire a movie, with scene after scene of action, tension and release set to a sound that takes everything good and true about American music before the Beatles prettied it up (surf, sweet soul, the boss saxophone-overdrive garage of the Northwest wailers like the Sonics) and matches it to punk energy, post-punk precision and the kind of personality that blows the circuit-breakers at a backyard party. ) 22.00

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Strumming Music LP (This classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time since the 70s. Primed with a glass of cognac Charlemagne Palestine sits at the keyboard of a Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano. One foot firmly holds down the sustain pedal while both hands perform an insistent strum-like alternation on the keys. Soon Palestine and his Bösendorfer are enveloped in sound and bathed in a shimmering haze of multi-coloured overtones. For 45 minutes this rich pulsating music swells and intensifies, filling the air.) 22.00

DEAD TO A DYING WORLD - Live At Roadburn 2016 LP (The Texas band Dead to a Dying World's live album is a hybrid of doom, black metal, and crust punk, buttressed by baroque classical flourishes and focused on the state of the world and its rather grim prospects. Its six extended pieces commingle melodrama and momentum, horror and hope, pulling the listener along like a tight-wire suspense flick.) 18.00

DEATH - Human LP (relapse - DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its legendary fourth studio album Human (’91) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The album’s complex and progressive music and introspective lyrics marked a massive stylistic change away from the more primitive early material for the group, and Human went on to become one of the most influential metal records in the history of the genre. Now remixed under the watchful eye of longtime DEATH producer Jim Morris, Human 2011 represents the fully-realized version of this epic album.) 20.00

ELDER - Live At Roadburn 2013 LP (Already free to download from Bandcamp and on a gorgeously packaged LP+CD, this is both a must for existing fans and a good place to pick up the band’s sound from scratch for the as-yet un-initiated. WhereElder will go next, no-one really knows. One thing’s for sure, ‘Live At Roadburn 2013’ has superbly captured them at the peak of their root-stirring powers in the home of the mighty.) 18.00

ENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK - Inom Dig, Inom Mig LP (Ltd. to 150 copies, Silkscreen Sleeve. Swedish outsider anti-folk: Folk unit originated in the Swedish underground Enhet för Fri Musik - featuring members of Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Neutral, Makthaverskan, and Blod - continually re-inventing what music is about through free improvisation and lengthy folk meanderings.) 22.00

GNOD - Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine LP (As we embark on a new year more characterised by fear and uncertainty than hope and optimism, a chronic shortage of dissent can be detected in the artistic community amidst a harrowing socio-political climate. Yet the Salford-based collective Gnod have wasted little time in kicking against the doom and disquiet with everything at their disposal. “It seems like we are heading towards even more unsettling times in the near future than we are in at present.” reckons Chris Haslam of Gnod. “2016 is just the beginning of what I see as the establishment’s systematic destruction of liberalism and equality as a reaction to the general public’s loss of faith in their system” ) 27.00

GOLDFRAPP - Silver Eye LP (lim. Ed.) (Limited edition clear vinyl! Goldfrapp follow up 2013’s Top 5 album ‘Tales of Us’ with the deep, dark and electronic musical palette of ‘Silver Eye’, their brand new studio album, made, for the first time, with an eclectic collection of collaborators. John Congleton, Grammy-winning producer of St. Vincent, John Grant and Wild Beasts, electronic composer Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak and mix engineer David Wrench (The XX, Caribou, fka Twigs) have helped create an album of stomping underground electronica, sensual ethereal melodies and metal machine pop, that is undeniably Goldfrapp.  ) 25.00

HISATO HIGUCHI - Kietsuzukeru Echo LP (root straata - Kietsuzukeru Echo (which loosely translates to "Disappearing Echo") is Tokyo, Japan stalwart Hisato Higuchi's second offering for Root Strata - his first being an a cappella track for the Tsuki No Seika 7" series in 2011. After over two decades of releases on P.S.F. Records, Family Vineyard, Apollolaan Recordings, and a steady string on his own imprint Ghost Disc, Hisato's latest effort marks a stylistic, yet finely distilled, return to his earliest live sets from the mid-1990s - documented in the P.S.F. record Early Works (2012). Conjuring an incredibly intimate space with only guitar and voice, the home-recorded Kietsuzukeru Echo is illuminated from within. Eight songs of soliloquy and scene, eight songs that disappear. Includes download code.) 18.00

HKY - Omega LP (Here is the return of the most mysterious french post metal band with two new but last tracks for a one-sided LP. With heavier and louder influences (sludge and doom) and a new voice, these two tracks are more overwhelming with warmer tunes. Eight years after their first album release, this is a beautiful end for HKY. ) 12.00

JULIA HOLTER - In The Same Room DLP (domino - In The Same Room will launch Domino Documents, a new series of live recordings featuring artists from the label's roster. The idea is that each act records the LP at a world-class studio across one or two days—Holter, who was joined by her three bandmates Corey Fogel, Dina Maccabee and Devin Hoff, recorded In The Same Room at London's RAK Studios earlier this summer. Spanning 11 tracks, it features fresh renditions of material from her four albums, Tragedy, Ekstasis, Loud City Song and Have You In My Wilderness.) 23.00

KYO - I Musik LP (posh  Another icy Nordic beauty from one of Posh Isolation’s more broad-minded acts. “'I Musik' is the third piece from Kyo, a duet of Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin. With each release the pair make a shift in the project's aesthetic equilibrium, forcing a new constellation of resonances, handing us a new beauty.) 23.00

LUC FERRARI - Tinguely 1967 LP (sub rosa - Two tracks from a forthcoming 3CD box set entirely devoted to Luc Ferrari's film music - a landmark release for many reasons. Not only does it reveal a little-known chunk of his oeuvre as a composer for the screen (replete with several previously unavailable tracks), but it also sheds light on the ties between cinema and musique concrète, especially during the fruitful period that stretched from the 1960s to the 1980s.) 18.00

MATKORMANO - soundtrack LP (Original soundtrack to the movie Matkormano produced by 529 Dragons and directed by Julien Louvet & Fabien Rennet. Performed by Julien Louvet & Eric Duriez. ) 15.00

PHARMAKON - Contact LP (sacred bones - The release date of Contact marks the ten-year anniversary of Margaret Chardiet’s project, Pharmakon. While working on her newest release, she began to evaluate the project as a whole.Though the content of each record has been very different and specific, the pervading question, which has underlined them all, is what is means to be human. Her last album, Bestial Burden, focused on the disconnect between mind and body, looking at the human as an isolated consciousness stuck inside of a rotting vessel. For Contact, she wanted to look at the other side of the spectrum – the moments when our mind can come outside of and transcend our bodies.  ) 21.00

PHARMAKON - Contact LP - colored version 23.00

PHASE 101 - Durch Die Ohren Ins Gehirn LP + CD  (Recorded in 1982 / 84. Mastering by Kurt Dahlke (Pyrolator/Ata Tak), Cover by Moritz R. (Der Plan). Originally released on tape in 1982/83. ) 19.00

RYLEY WALKER & CHARLES RUMBACK - Cannots LP (Fellow denizens of Chicago, IL, Rumback (drums, organ) and Walker (acoustic and electric guitar, piano, bells) laid down Cannots during two short sessions, a month apart, overseen by Brian J. Sulpizio. Each player’s schedule was too hectic ahead of these sessions to allow any time to discuss the direction of the record, so what you hear was wholly improvised on the spot. The results maybe recall the legendary jams of Sandy Bull and Billy Higgins, perhaps the soundtrack work of Ry Cooder, or Neil Young circa Dead Man…whatever you hear there is an undeniably magical chemistry at play.) 20.00

SATAN - un deuil indien LP("Aptly self-labelled as "possessed punk", the sound of SATAN translates into a crude, glacial approach that nails both extreme punk and second-wave black metal vibes. Founded in 2009 in Grenoble, France, the band has since released several splits as well as one full-length, 2015's "L'Odeur Du Sang“. Mixed and mastered by Today Is The Day's mastermind Steve Austin, their punishing second album "Un Deuil Indien" (An Indian Mourning) is another departure from the band's previous works. While still going straight to the point - barely clocking at 17 minutes - with blizzard-like riffs and drumming, the pared-down production shows SATAN at its rawest form. A feeling reinforced by the vicious, more articulated vocal delivery, highlighting absinthe-fueled, surrealist proses. Corrosive yet surprisingly anthemic, minimalist yet deep in sound and meaning, "Un Deuil Indien" is a record built on contrasts behind its apparent frightening savagery.“) 13.00

THOSE WHO WALK AWAY - The Infected Mass LP (constellaltion - Those Who Walk Away is the project of Winnipeg-based composer Matthew Patton, which he describes as an "ever evolving working group of melodic constructivists." Patton is perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed (and Emmy Award-winning collaboration) Speaking In Tongues with the choreographer Paul Taylor, and has worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Guy Maddin and many others. He is also the curator of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival. The Infected Mass is the first of several works Patton intends to release as Those Who Walk Away. ) 25.00


NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - One More Time With Feeling 2DVD-Set (One More Time with Feeling is a 2016 British documentary film directed byAndrew Dominik. It documents the recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' sixteenth studio album, Skeleton Tree, in the aftermath of the death of Nick Cave's 15-year-old son Arthur. Visually unique, One More Time With Feeling is a stark, fragile and raw documentary. Shot in 3D, colour and black & white, the film probes the deeply personal circumstances surrounding the making of Skeleton Tree (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 16th studio album) and features interviews and live performances by the band in the studio, along with interjected voice-over commentary by Nick Cave. Originally conceived as a one-night-only global screening event to take place in 950 cinemas across 30 countries simultaneously on 8th September 2016, One More Time With Feeling extended its initial run over several days as cinemas sold out around the world. Due to overwhelming demand, this extraordinary film has returned to the big screen for its final run and is playing currently in cinemas worldwide.This 2 disc DVD edition includes 3 exclusive short films from Andrew Dominik.) 19.00

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Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

friends. another friday and a bunch of new records and restocks arrived this week like the new MUTTER LP, new OBSESSED LP, VRTRA LP and a bunch of other things.

Also the BOSTON STRANGLER - demo LP, new MOUNT EERIE LP, Priests restock, Youth Attack stuff, new CLOAK & DAGGER LP and many more are on its way … but so far. happy browsing.

And then some events for you. vendetta also started his pre sale for his upcoming vendetta fest (check his big cartel)

and then in April also

24.04. EX-CULT






Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


FEMME KRAWALL - Fun Im All 10“ (spastic fantastic -  Did somebody say riot grrl? Finally, after an intense year of touring, writing and generally fucking shit up, FEMME KRAWALL are back with a hot new piece of vinyl that basically does everything even better than before. They updated their formula of reverb-drenched garage riffs, abstract lyrics and their unique singing that made their previous records an instant all-time favourite. Managing to stay positive while at the same time being fucking pissed about stuff, they deliver 5 songs that will make you dance with a smile on your face and your fist in the air while shouting lyrics that actually matter without becoming the all too often political punk cliche. Its a blast to have this band back on Spastic Fantastic with this 10“ called „Fun im All“ (fun in space), that was recorded in spring 2016 by Luc of The Hit Fountain. Limited to 500, get yours now, they will be gone fast!…) 11.00


BASTARD NOISE / CSMD - split LP (This is really such a perfect match! Both bands deliver incredible psychedelic sounds. Both with their typical artistical trademarks just perfected and as pure as it can get.) 13.00

BUTRÖN - El Legado De La Barbarie LP (Raw and uncompromised crust / hardcore from Barcelona / Spain. Brutal!) 12.00

DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! - Silenciado LP (kink - First proper album after 2 7"s from Hardcore punk band Diagnosis? Bastard! based in Stockholm, Sweden. 12 crushing raw and fast D-Beat songs. Peeps from Victims and Nitad!) 12.00

FIRESIDE - Uomini D'onore LP (Fireside was a Swedish band whose sound is comparable to rougher-edged alternative rock (Fugazi, Rollins Band), yet they also have an experimental side, where they engage in long, moody instrumentals (Mogwai, Tortoise). UOMINI D'ONORE has some of both, conveyed with a wiry energy akin to fellow Swedes the Hives. ) 19.00

FUTURE ISLANDS - The Far Field LP (Remember that funny dancing man off the telly? Well he's back with with 1980s era backing band for another album of emotional synth pop. Recorded in Los Angeles with GRAMMY award-winning producer John Congleton at the legendary Sunset Sound (where everyone from The Beach Boys to Prince have laid down masterpieces), The Far Field’s twelve chest-pounding love songs and odes to the road brilliantly express the central themes the band have been exploring for the last decade: that there is power in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath – and be stronger for it.) 22.00

LUST FOR DEATH - Demons LP (New EP by Lust For Death. 5 tracks in 25 min. Crusty Hardcore / Punk with a Metal edge! Quality stuff from Lorraine, France.) 12.00

HANGMAN'S CHAIR / GREENMACHINE - split LP (back in stock - Those Frenchies from HANGMAN'S CHAIR return in order to team up with Japanese stoner veterans GREENMACHINE for a split LP. The HANGMAN'S CHAIR presents two fresh songs with heavy guitar parts and melodic vocals, while GREENMACHINE offers one long track divided in multiple parts.) 12.00

THE HYLE - s/t LP (gatefold jacket with embossed logo! 30 minutes of mesmerizing occult doom rock/metal !) 13.00

MORTUOUS - among the lost LP (They know how to make heavy Death Metal in California. And when they want a notch down on the heaviness, they go to Greg Wilkerson and his Earhammer Studios, which is a mecca for brutal and relentless heaviness. MORTUOUS is a quite new band, made up of some of the old boys of the scene. Colin Tarvin is handling the guitars, Col Jones is punishing the drums, Mike Beams is wrecking guitars and doing some growls, and since the recording of the release (I am in the middle of reviewing), bassist Clint Roach has joined the ranks, together with skinbasher Chad Gailey (NECROT, RUDE, ex - VASTUM), as Col Jones is on a hiatus. Since the recording of  "Demo 2012" (which this is a vinyl release of), growler Alex Tarwin-Tabler and four-stringer Nick Sunshine have both left he band. You might recognize Col Jones and Mike Beams from their days in EXHUMED and a few other well-known entities within Death Metal and Colin Tarvin from a few projects, that never got much further than the demos. Though now it seems like he has found the blueprints for madness and hammering Death Metal. As written, this is the vinyl version of MORTUOUS' "Demo 2012", but damn it sounds fresh. Heavy and crunching chainsaw guitars, put into an universe of controlled chaos, crushing basslines, thundering drumming and growls from deep deep below. A god mix of mid-paced to doomy parts, to blasting vorices, all set up intelligently and quite catchy. The songwriting is really great, and ensures that the listener is caught by the first riffing, and the intensity and energy, together with the shifts between crushing darkness and frantic madness, keeps the interest aflame. Quite classic heavy and crushing Death Metal done and performed really well and intense. If this doesn't catch on to you, well... Now the guys just need to up the ante, and get some new material recorded, so we can get some more great music to 'bang our heads to! Did I mention the cover artwork? I guess I didn't, though I should, as it is utterly amazing and fitting! ( voices from the darkside) 14.00

MOSS UPON THE SKULL - the scourge of ages LP (Moss Upon The Skull hails from Brussels and started out in 2010. Their death metal sounds progressive and weird, reminding at times of bands like Execration from Norway or Stargazer from Australia.  The 4 songs on The Scourge of Ages were recorded during 2 different recording sessions in 2014 and 2015. Damian Herring of Horrendous mixed and mastered these tracks at his Subterranean Watchtower Studios.) 14.00

MUTTER - Der Traum vom Anderssein LP (Als Max Müller kürzlich in einem Interview zu berichten wusste, dass das beliebteste Passwort der Deutschen „Hallo 123“ sei, und dass das auch ein guter Bandname wäre, meinte der Interviewer fassungslos: „Das Genie, das Mutter als Bandnamen erfand, findet Hallo 123 gelungen? Jetzt bin ich, ehrlich gesagt, ein bisschen enttäuscht." Und Max Müller, der Konflikte stets zu vermeiden sucht, fühlte sich sogleich bemüßigt ihn zu beruhigen: "Musst nicht enttäuscht sein, mein Freund, ursprünglich wollten wir uns Butter nennen, aber alle haben immer nur Mutter verstanden.“ Diese Schnurre der Beiläufigkeit fasst die Bedeutung der Band Mutter seit jeher in der Deutschen Musiklandschaft sehr gut zusammen, die Missverständnisse, die Erwartungen, ja, die Hoffnung als Heilsbringer, aber was, wenn Mutter sich weigert, diese Erwartungen zu erfüllen? Reicht es denn nicht, dass sie einfach DA ist? Wollt ihr denn, dass Mutter im Schlamm versinkt, wollt ihr, dass sie wie eine Schnittblume in der Vase der Zeit verdorrt? Fragt nicht, was Mutter für euch tun kann, fragt euch doch mal, was ihr für Mutter tun könnt. Was, wenn ihr eines Tages aufwacht, und Mutter gar nicht mehr existiert? Existiert ihr dann überhaupt noch? Vielleicht seid ihr ja gestorben, bevor ihr aufgewacht seid? Im Jenseits gibt’s keinen Anfang und kein Ende, keine Antworten, weil es keine Fragen gibt, Gott gibt die Nüsse, aber knacken müsst ihr sie selbst. Aber das gilt nur für uns hier unten, die wir heute Morgen aufgewacht sind, egal ob als Käfer oder mit einer Frage, die man nicht beantworten kann, auf den rissigen Lippen. Entlassen aus einem Traum vom Anderssein. Können wir anders sein? Besteht diese Möglichkeit? Ja, sie besteht, aber es ist nicht eine Möglichkeit, es sind viele, sie stehen genau vor uns, wie Soldaten, nur sehen wir sie nicht, wir sehen im Grunde genommen keine einzige, aber das müssen wir auch nicht, denn sie sehen UNS. So wie uns Mutter sieht, und uns statt Nüsse eine neue Platte gibt, sie heißt „Der Traum vom Anderssein“, und sie gibt uns, dir und mir, ALLES, und was geben wir dafür? Das Versprechen aufzuwachen, bevor es zu spät ist. - Tex Rubinowitz, Wien, 2017) 23.00

THE OBSESSED - Sacred LP (relapse - Doom godfathers THE OBSESSED return with Sacred, their first studio album in over 20 years. Led by legendary frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, etc.), THE OBSESSED originally formed in 1976 and released three seminal stoner / doom albums in the early 90's, including The Church Within which has been hailed as one of the important records in the genre's history. Now, after reforming in 2016, the band has returned with renewed energy and purpose, sounding heavier and more relevant than ever before. On Sacred, THE OBSESSED double down on enormous, heaving riffs and pummeling low-end across 12 tracks of eternal doom. Rounded out by Wino's lyrical honesty and iconic throaty vocals, Sacred is an album that further pushes THE OBSESSED into the annals of heavy metal history and that was well worth the two-plus decade wait. ) 25.00

RADARE - im argen LP (Repress with green cover! Capturing the spooky and beautiful themes of Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) and the introspection of Bohren & der Club of Gore, Radare return with their third release, Im Argen. Four years after their sophomore record, Hyrule, the instrumental quartet has left the vast landscapes of its predecessor and conceptually arrived at a scenery of impasses. Since then, the band has dedi cated themselves to quieter and more patient compositions — relying mostly on Rhodes piano, brushed drums, brass sections, and mellow tremolo guitar sounds.) 15.00

V/A - Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984 til 1989 LP (nspired by Punk and Post Punk, vibrant scenes dedicated to independent self-actualisation by means of sound circulated on self-distributed cassettes, in the 80s the cheapest and fastest medium, were developing not only in the FRG but also in the GDR (=DDR). The artefacts from that era tell of a stance of refusal in practice, and of the possibility to charge up on a high level, in spite of everything. "Magnetband" features 14 exciting experimental-electronic pieces from the GDR that originally have been released between 1984 and 1989 on cassettes only. ) 22.00

V/A - Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik Düsseldorf 1982 til 1989 LP (Düsseldorf in the early 1980s. Punk was finished, but its pathos still drifted desolately through pubs and shared flats. At the same time, Synthesizers had become increasingly affordable due to digital electronics, allowing more and more people to make music. This music pushed ahead slightly in order to dock onto the electronic sounds of the 1970s Krautrock scene – no one called it "cosmic music" back in those days. But most chose the detour via records by Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Eric Random, Human League or the more unfamiliar experimental sounds gathered on a somewhat morbid-looking compilation entitled "The Elephant Table Album". Cassette labels like Klar! 80 with their exciting yellow and black packaged tapes madie it easy to release them and shops like Heartbeat and Pure Freude served as an umbrella for the disparate strands of the electronic side of post punk. Almost all artists on this compilation could be seen frequently there. The cassette generation did not bother about crossing over to pop music. They were pioneers of a music which would later develop into Drone, Ambient or Hypnaogogic. ) 22.00

VRTRA - my bones hold a stillness LP (180gr black vinyl and super DIY packaging presentation for this crushing record. Inserts printed with metallic inks on black thick matte card stock, and jackets screen printed by hand by the band members them selves with metallic inks on semi-gloss black jackets "It’s nigh impossible to really nail down and describe this Sacramento-based five-piece’s sound. They’re not really Black Metal. Or Death Metal. Or Doom Metal. Or Blackened Doom-Metal Jalapeño-infused Tequila followed by whatever sub-genre tag that comes next. In essence, VRTRA are their own entity. A sonic abomination stitched together from a myriad of sounds and influences exhumed from the graveyard of Metal – brought to life and ushered into this decaying world with a delivery that is simply astounding. Even breathtaking. VRTRA have emerged from the horde that is the underground Metal scene and ushered in a staggeringly complex and well thought out first release, a feat that is extremely rare if not almost unheard of these days.) 14.00

WOLFBRIGADE - Damned LP (Euro Press) (la familia - Euro Press! Sweden's pioneers of melodic, metallic D-beat return with their first LP for Southern Lord, delivering 12 devastating anthems in 35 minutes complete with crunching guitars and the occasional burning spirit melodies thrown in.) 14.00


THE WIRE - #399 | MAY 2017 MAG (On the cover: Royal Trux: Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty’s harmolodic scuzz rock shock unit crawl back from the beyond after several years of solo action. By Tony Rettman. Plus Raphael Rogiński: The Warsaw based guitarist plies his inimitable trade across rock, jazz, folk and improv, from Jewish diasporic music to ingenious interpretations of John Coltrane. By Richard Johnson. The free music of Buenos Aires: The capital of Argentina is bristling with fresh approaches to improvisation and beyond. By Jason Weiss. Also in the issue: Midori Takada, Giant Swan, Wu Tiao Ren, Tony Conrad & Cory Arcangel, Global Ear: Durban, Invisible Jukebox: Strange U, The Inner Sleeve chosen by Electric Indigo, an Epiphany by Paul Major, plus the usual mass of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.) 8.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

friends. easter is coming up and maybe we also have some hidden jams for you. We def got some new exciting records like the new MILK MUSIC LP, new RADIO RAHEEM releases and restock, revelation restocks (sense field, judge etc), the amazing re issues on États-Unis (die tödliche doris and other amazing early electronic and musique concrete stuff), the new CFM LP and other In The Rad stuff, new MRR, new SNEAKS LP and restock of the previous one etc etc.

and the some events smile

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DAMAGED BUG / BLACK PUS - Lamc No, 17 7“ (famous class - The seventeenth edition in Famous Class’ LAMC split series featuring an unreleased A-side track from one of the label’s favorite band’s, backed with a B-side track from a lesser-known artist handpicked by the A-side group. The series gets its name from the epic Less Artists More Condos concerts that the late ARIEL PANERO threw in New York, showcasing amazing bands in some strange and unique venues. Ariel’s driving force was a desire to get the bands he believed in the recognition he felt they deserved. This series simply tries to honor that idea. Features DAMAGED BUG's "Rubber Lips," backed with BLACK PUS' "High Tide.“) 8.00

KAMALA AND THE KARNIVORES - Girl Band 7“ (1986 - Kamala And The Karnivores was a regular fixture in the San Francisco, CA, Bay Area punk community from 1987 until 1989, when they originally disbanded. The Kamala And The Karnivores "Girl Band," four-song 7" EP was originally released in 1989 on the iconic Lookout! Records - one of the first releases featuring a female band for the label. This re-mastered EP, released by 1986'd Music Industries in 2017, puts this eponymous recording back into circulation. 7" includes digital download of entire recording plus bonus track "29 Degrees.“) 8.00

PRIMAL RITE - Sensory Link To Pain 7“ (Formed from the ashes of the scene's best kept secret, Scalped, Primal Rite comes blazing out of the dirty club stages of the California Bay Area with a sound that takes influence from the powerful, metallic hardcore of the '90s as well as that era's most punishing crossover, thrash and death metal bands. Lyrically, Primal Rite doesn't settle for typical hardcore, stabbed-in-the-back cliches or meaningless metal morbidity, instead tackling important personal politics. Vocalist Lucy expounds on the subjects of mental illness, self-doubt, betrayal and perseverance with uncommon grace.) 6.00


ALLEN GINSBERG - Reads Kaddish - A 20th Century American Ecstasy Narrative Poem LP (Along with Howl, Kaddish stands as one of ALLEN GINSBURG's most illustrious creations. Always a follower of popular trends in music, Ginsberg had spent parts of 1958 digging into Ray Charles’ “I Got A Woman”—occasionally doing so while on morphine and methamphetamine. One evening, in this drug-induced state while cranking some Ray, Ginsberg began discussing his mother Naomi with his pal Zev Putterman. Putterman in turn, began reciting the traditional Hebrew “Kaddish” prayer for mourning the dead. Soon after, fueled by Dexedrine, LSD, and caffeine, Allen penned the majority of Kaddish. In early 1959, Kaddish received its debut performance at a poetry reading at Columbia University—in which Allen shared the bill with his lover Peter Orlovsky and fellow beat poet Gregory Corso. Over time, the manuscript was tweaked and adjusted until publication in April 1961 by City Lights. Then, in November 1964, with Orlovsky and Corso in tow, the trio performed several gigs at Harvard and Brandeis Universities, and it was at Brandeis where this recording was made. Released in 1966, Kaddish turned out to be the only record in Atlantic’s spoken-word Verbum series; but if label head Jerry Wexler changed his mind about the imprint, he remained a big fan of the work, later telling Los Angeles historian Harvey Kubernik that Kaddish had stirred “the Yiddish currents in my own blood” and inspired “joy and anguish…the exaltation that great poetry will bring on.” Indeed, Kaddish is an intensely personal and moving work, capturing the complex relationship between Ginsberg, his mother, and his faith, and concluding with a heartrending description of her death. Real Gone Music is very proud to present the first-ever vinyl reissue of this landmark performance, in its original gatefold packaging with an added inner sleeve featuring new liner notes by PAT THOMAS and memorabilia provided by the Allen Ginsberg estate…over an hour of one of the towering figures in American poetry reading one of his greatest works. Limited edition of 1,700 in red vinyl.) 25.00

ANDREW - Woods LP (A totally obscure and totally shredding private hard-psych album from 1973, from Iceland of all places! Nearly impossible to find on original LP, Woops ranges from funky hard-psych to space-rock, to the amazing doom-psych jam, „Himalaya". Featuring members of another Icelandic masterpiece - Icecross' 1973 self-titled LP - Andrew's lone LP has to be one of the only examples of a private press psych record from Iceland, and it is certainly one of the finest 70s rock LPs on any label from Iceland.) 20.00

ARTIFICAL BRAIN - Infrared Horizon LP (prfound lore - With their second full-length album Infrared Horizon, NY-based death metal band Artificial Brain take their brand of brutal, guttural yet technical and ambient sci-fi death metal to a new galaxial plateau, much more advanced than their lauded debut album Labyrinth Constellation. Once again produced by Colin Marson (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Krallice) at The Thousand Caves, this latest (featuring art by Adam Burke) sees the band traveling towards a sonic realm where the music has become more dissonant, atmospheric, and just overall more otherworldly. The lyrics and themes deal with the concept of a dystopian future in which robots and cyborgs have outlived human beings. Conceived in 2011 by guitarist Dan Gargiulo (Revocation) and vocalist Will Smith (ex-Biolich), rounded out by bass player Samuel Smith (Luminous Vault), guitarist Jon Locastro, and drummer Keith Abrami, the band dropped their debut album on Profund Lore in 2014 to wide praise within the circles of death metal. Along with touring, the band would also have their music played and were even name dropped on multiple occasions in the popular CBS television shows Elementary and Limitless. This latest album sees the sonic architecture laid down by the band go further into the beyond and infinite.) 22.00

BRAVEYOUNG - Misery And Pride LP (flenser - Portland OR’s Braveyoung return with a new album of somber instrumentals entitled Misery And Pride.While arranging the details for this release, founding member Isaac Jones was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. He has since recovered, and Braveyoung are eager for their long-awaited second album to see the light of day. The album unfolds like an ominous premonition of the turbulent years since its completion. Brooding drones and chamber string arrangements shape these stripped-down eulogies, but the menace of their punk roots remains. The album takes its name from text in Czech author Milan Kundera’s novel, Ignorance.) 18.00

CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated LP (in the red - Trust is hard, but trusting yourself is harder. Are the decisions you make the right ones? Is it worth taking risks if there’s no one around to talk you out of it? Is it brave to follow your arrow without knowing where that arrow will lead, or is it better to exercise caution? L.A. punk shredder Charles Moothart wrestled with some of these quandaries while making his second solo album under the CFM moniker, Dichotomy Desaturated. “I love working with other people,” he explains, “But there’s always been that side of me where I’ve wondered, “Can I do this without having someone tell me that it’s acceptable or good?’” Suffice to say, he pulled it off, and with aplomb, too. This latest release is a toothy, swirling collection of songs that captures a variety of sonic moods—raucous, pastoral, pensive—while retaining an indelible melodic punch. The Laguna Beach-raised Moothart first picked up a guitar at 12 years old and got behind the drum kit for the Moonhearts at the age of 16 with fellow Cali six-string ripper Mikal Cronin. Since then, the 27-year-old journeyman has become a fixture in the West Coast community: he’s logged oodles of studio and stage time with Cronin and Ty Segall—both on his solo albums and as part of the ultra-heavy supergroup Fuzz, the latter experience driving him to make music on his own.) 18.00

CHUCK JOHNSON - Blood Moon Boulder LP (Chuck Johnson is the shriveled sun-scorched skin of a cattle farmer during an extended summer drought in the flatlands of unsettled New Mexico.  He’s the starving prospector covered in dirt and oil, smoking his pipe after a 15-hour excavation.  He’s the burn in your eye, the ache in your feet, the reminder of your mortality. Armed with a guitar and a lap steel, Chuck Johnson aims to make the folk music embedded in the Appalachian mountains, fused into the splintering wood of the railroad track, and planted in the cracked soil of the American west. The limited vinyl comes letter-pressed and stocked with 6 rich stories told by Johnson’s blistered fingers and his sole guitar.  Let it bleed.) 20.00

COIL - Astral Disaster ( Prescription Edition ) LP (In 1998, COIL were invited to record at SUN DIAL's studios beneath the London Bridge Hop Exchange—a studio originally known as Samurai Studios, originally built and owned by Iron Maiden. The premises in Victorian times was an old debtors prison which had three underground levels, and still had the original chains, manacles and wrought iron doors from the old prison. This caught the attention of JOHN BALANCE, who was very keen to record there. Coil spent a number of days recording at the studio during Halloween 1998. With GARY RAMON's help, they developed a number of tracks, some of which resulted in this LP. Ramon produced and mixed the Astral Disaster recordings, as well as playing guitar and sitar on these sessions. A version of the album was later remixed by the band and released on their own label—but the Prescription mixes as released in 1999 are unique. This rare album was part of the legendary subscription-only Prescription label album series in the late 1990's, issued in an edition of 99 signed and numbered copies, long since sold out. This is the first time the album is being released officially since 1999. Taken from the original masters, this digiapk comes with original sleeve artwork, 8-page booklet, and the facsimile signatures of John Balance and PETER CHRISTOPHERSON that came with the LP release.) 30.00

COLD BEAT - Chaos By Invitation LP (crime in the - Cold Beat, aka Hannah Lew, returns with the announcement of her third album, Chaos By Invitation, out April 7th via her own Crime on the Moon label. As compared with previous releases, Chaos By Invitation began in Lew's home, alone, with additional tracking done later by Phil Manley (Trans Am) at El Studio and Mikey Young (Total Control) - only to return to Lew's home for completion over the course of many months. As a result, the offering is much more personal and direct than Into The Air, which was more of a band effort. Collages from Lew's home environment make up many of the textures of Chaos By, woven in to create an intimate atmosphere, a sort of chaos by necessity and design. The album also features performances by her friends Kyle King, Alex Shen, Jackson Blumgart, and Mikey Young.  The album moves through themes of sensuality/intangibility. Lew attempts to reconcile the distance between these two modalities throughout the album. One can hear the surrender in Lew's voice as she grasps to hold onto the end of a rope during "In Motion" - as if succumbing to a strong current of emotion. Chaos By Invitation examines what can be machine-readable and what is only felt in the body.) 17.00

CURBEATERS - time is unforgiving LP (golden antenna - CURBEATERS are/were kind of like “the father you never saw and didn't know was there, but suddenly he knocks at your door“. At least that's kind of like the case to well-known German acts BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, IRA, PLANKS and ULTHA. In 2002 all members of the project spent a lot of time on a German message board for underground DIY punk/hardcore/metal and they mutually knew each other from shows and festivals. Several ideas for projects were founded by memebrs of that board – non ever really gave birth to a record. Tom, Andy and Geb met for one weekend to praticse and record a few ideas. Ralph was supposed to play bass but couldn't make it to that weekend. So the remaining members recorded the three tracks on this very record. There was never another proper rehearsal or plans to commence the band, but the instrumental tracks made their way through various channels and always got great feedback. The originally intended singer never made it to record vocals, so the whole thing just kind of faded to a distant memory and all members went on to play in some of the most well-known acts in German DIY metal/doom.) 18.00

DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS - " " LP (Etats-Unis - Die Tödliche Doris was born out of West Berlin’s lively post-punk community in the early ‘80s. Along with Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Sprung Aus Den Wolken and Frieder Butzmann, Die Tödliche Doris ranks amongst the Geniale Dilletanten – which roughly translates as “ingenious dilettantes” – who sought to democratize cultural productions beyond the grip of both Western capitalism and GDR socialism. The Geniale Dilletanten became synonymous with a free-for-all approach to music, film, painting and performance where participants encouraged raw expression through provocation and experimentation. Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen founded Die Tödliche Doris in 1980, presenting the public persona of Doris as a constantly shifting entity that deliberately engaged the contradictions of the human condition. The band often referenced themselves in the third person singular, alluding to Doris as a fully-formed female character with explosive, colorful emotions. For her debut album – originally released on Zickzack in 1982 and playfully titled " " (that is, blank space surrounded by quotation marks) – Doris most closely entertains the notion of a typical rock band with drums, bass and guitar. Produced by Neubauten’s Blixa Bargeld, the thirteen songs presented here are disquieting lullabies of profound anxiety, savage and primitive deconstructions of German polka and manic lacerations of punk minimalism: all reflections of the many and fractured personalities of Doris. This first-time vinyl reissue includes a reproduction of the original 24-page booklet. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.) 26.00

FEEDTIME - gas LP (in the red - Sydney, 1978-79: against the backdrop of the burgeoning inner-city music scene, feedtime was formed. Taking notes from the incendiary live shows of X and Rose Tattoo, they created their own interpretation of the events unfolding before them, a blues-noise that was equal parts abstract minimalism and working class roots-rock. Post-punk, yet right in the thick of it; miles ahead of the pack and not many seemed to notice. The classic line-up (reunited here on Gas) released four albums in the 1980s before their initial dissolution in 1989. All four albums generated an international cult following, often cited as influential in the US regional band explosion of the early ’90s. Fitting then, that in 2012 the band’s classic albums were reissued as a box set by SUB POP Records.) 18.00

GLORY - s/t LP (triple b - Positive energy expressed through harsh reality: this is where Glory takes a stand. Blazing through nine minutes of uncompromised power and uniting anthems, each track exemplifies the perfectly refined tradition of hardcore music. While reinforcing foundations built by legendary bands such as Straight Ahead, Unit Pride and Crippled Youth, this record is not simply another knock-off.) 16

JEAN LEDRUT - the trial O.S.T. LP (In 1962, Orson Welles brought to the big screen THE TRIAL what he called his greatest film. Filmed in a beautiful black and white, written by Welles and with the incredible performance of Anthony Perkins, Romy Schneider and Jeanne Moreau. "The Trial" captures very well the Kafkaesque feeling of the novel. The film is a paranoic nightmare interrupted here and there by moments of typical Welles humor.) 20.00

JOE JONES - In Performance LP (After studying with composers John Cage and Earle Brown, Joe Jones became a prominent figure in Fluxus, contributing to the movement’s first “yearbox” alongside La Monte Young, György Ligeti and Nam June Paik. Beginning in late 1961, Jones began constructing his own music machines – drawing inspiration from the calliopes, automata and orchestrions of the 19th and early 20th century to create self-playing ensembles of stringed instruments, percussion and woodwinds – “played” through an elaborate (yet decidedly lo-tech) system of rubber bands, balls and tin foil. Christened the Tone Deaf Music Company, this battery of automated musical instruments generates the sounds on In Performance (originally released in 1977 on the Harlequin Art imprint). With exacting conceptual precision and varied subtleties of natural motion – not unlike Harry Bertoia’s sounding sculptures – Jones’ machines produce richly-textured strata of sound and serve as engines of paradox. While bringing the figure of the artist-composer to the foreground, the machines ultimately dispense with the need for the performer entirely – a cunning subversion of the fetish for virtuosity and individual genius. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.) 26.00

LE FORTE FOUR - Bikini Tennis Shoes LP (The origins of Le Forte Four are those of the Los Angeles Free Music Society itself. Chip Chapman joined forces with Rick Potts (and shortly thereafter Tom and Joe Potts), taking up the LAFMS name in 1974. Ultimately baptizing themselves Le Forte Four, they began threading imagined lines between John Cage and The Residents, Cecil Taylor and Henry Cow – generating sounds completely unlike any of these and anything since. The inaugural release on the eponymous LAFMS imprint with only 200 copies pressed originally, Bikini Tennis Shoes is a staggering piece of anti-music that remains as refreshingly ground-clearing today as it was when it first appeared in 1975. Its 40 minutes (parceled out across nearly as many tracks) chart forays into free improvisation, Buchla misuse, filtered noise, begrudging and damaged melodic sorties (from the Star-Spangled Banner to Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”) and healthy doses of basement pablum. Le Forte Four emerged out of the lethargic American ‘70s as a locus where, in their own words, “gamelans and ragas merged with serial and chance compositions finally melting together with instructional records and Beatles bootlegs.” A wildly eclectic rummaging of postwar culture and 20th century sound, Le Forte Four’s Bikini Tennis Shoes preempts punk’s outsider ethos and DIY autodidactism. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.) 26.00

MALADY - s/t LP (robotic empire - Malady's sole LP is a unique release, simultaneously embracing and disregarding the abrasive sounds the five members first gained notoriety for as founders of Pg.99 and City Of Caterpillar. Originally released in the mid-'00s, this self-titled album looks even further to the members' roots of grunge, alternative and punk rock music. These styles' straightforward nature, mutated with the chaotic sounds of emotional hardcore, blend into an unparalleled sound. LP includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies.) 22.00

MILK MUSIC - Mystic 100s LP (dom america - "From a cocoon of ambitious distortion, the caterpillar once known and loved as Olympia's MILK MUSIC, reemerges as a butterfly in full psychedelic Technicolor as Mystic 100's. This LP might be Mystic 100's 1st or Milk Music's 3rd, either way it's a sonic thrill ride through an acid laced apocalypse that will freak your bean and leave you wanting more.“) 18.00

NADIA REID - Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs LP (scissor tail - Nadia Reid’s debut full-length album Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs is the culmination of ten years' writing.
Pitchfork -  "Love is sold on the promise that it's better than any solitary satisfaction, so you might as well bet everything on it, time and time again. On "Call the Days", New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid cuts to the heart of this deception: "I was happy on my own," she sings in a plainspoken lilt. "I would call the days as they were known." Yet there's no trace of vengeance in her deep, capable voice, and the surface of her gorgeous song remains steady, as a raga-like drone anchors rolling acoustic guitar and languid cello. Instead, like Laura Marling or Joan Shelley, the self-assurance Reid had once cultivated acts as its own safe harbor, turning the event into a meditation rather than a rupture. For a new artist, her confident grace is all the more remarkable…" ) 20.00

NINA RYSER - I Hope All Your Dreams Come True LP (feeding tube - "This is the vinylization of the fourth solo album (originally released on cassette by Ramp Local) by NINA RYSER, she of the trio, PALBERTA. Palberta's releases have all been quite amazing—ragged bags filled with musical lumps of the finest kind imaginable. Comparisons have been drawn (and quite rightly) between Palberta and units ranging from Kleenex to Aunt Sally to the Raincoats, so anticipation for this new album was kite-high and rising. I Hope All Your Dreams Come True veers from the rockist traits Palberta sometimes displays to a sound far more personal, electronics-spattered and specifically warped, momentarily reminding this listener of individual post-X Ray Spex projects by both Poly Styrene and Lora Logic. The small extra contributions by GODS WISDOM (vocals) and GABE ADELS (clarinet) do little to change the lonerist vibe. It all feels like music that has been bubbling inside a single head, without any plans to have its expressionism filtered through other brain waves. The album is interspersed with three variant and fragmentary covers of The Cradle's 'Abdicate,' recorded by ANINA IVORY-BLACK (also of Palberta), but trying to figure out what these mean is above my pay grade. Suffice to say, they're interesting breaks in the continuity of an alternately smudgy and frantic set of tunes. There is also one track recorded back on 2001 that's like a Throwback Thursday snap for old school Brooklynites. I've listened to this a bunch now, and it's hard to describe exactly what the center of the project is about, but it's certainly chewy and delicious. So what the hell? Dig in!"—Byron Coley, 2017 Edition of 300.) 20.00

POWER - Electric Glitter Boogie LP (in the red - US PRESS on IN THE RED Brilliant debut LP from the hard rocking Australian trio that is POWER. Since releasing a two song demo last year, POWER hit the Melbourne scene with a fury, tightening the screws on their raucous brand of rock'n'roll fury. Electric Glitter Boogie captures POWER at the top of their game, a fast and loose machine running through eight cuts of dynamic hard rock that has garnered comparison to the legendary COLOURED BALLS. This recording captures the intensity and confidence that few modern bands possess and even fewer can exhibit to such effect. Call it hard rock, call it punk, the fact remains that Electric Glitter Boogie is truly something original and worth your ear. This is Australian rock'n'roll delivered with true raw POWER. Mastered by Mikey Young (ECSR, TOTAL CONTROL) for maximum effect) 18.00

RAMLEH - a return to slavery LP (A limited vinyl edition featuring Ramleh's side of the classic split-album "A Return To Slavery" album. Backed by "The Hand Of Glory" EP material. Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London for full effect. Inner sleeve. Limited Edition.) 22.00

SCOUT PARE PHILLIPS - Door Left Open LP (dias - The second LP from the elusive Brooklyn-based chanteuse SCOUT PARE-PHILLIPS. Crashing crescendos of guitar, autoharp, cello and keyboards, combined with acoustic and electronic percussion by longtime musical collaborator, EMIL BOGNAR-NASDOR (DAWN OF HUMANS, ROSENKOPF), provide a lush backdrop befitting Scout’s torch songs, complimenting the rich timbre of her classically-trained voice. A photographer, filmmaker, model, songwriter and vocalist, Scout’s solo career evolved from her illustrious foundation as a trained opera singer as well as songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and backing balladeer for the Baltimore based, post-punk/country act, THE STERLING SISTERS. Scout’s force-of-nature quality and vocal control bring to mind a modern-day Joni Mitchell. Her style stems from professional training combined with a natural ear and affinity for unique and alternative instrumentation. Using autoharp and baritone guitar, Scout’s songs harken a modern, dark yet feminine version of some of history’ s most revered acoustic legends, such as Leonard Cohen and Sibylle Baier, as well as prolific and poetic lyricists like Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard and Diamanda Galas.) 21.00

SMART DADS - Bummer Summer LP (radio raheem - In our humble opinion, San Antonio, TX's Smart Dads is the embodiment of lo-fi cassette punk at its finest. This LP contains the only recorded output by this short-lived group of military school misfits who self-released a seven-track cassette in 1982 with an obnoxious 7"-sized insert, inconveniently housed in an oversized zip-lock bag with a badge clipped to the front. The title track - or any of the other six tracks, for that matter - would have found the perfect home on "Bloodstains Across Texas" or any of the "Killed By Death" volumes, had it made it to vinyl during the band's original tenure. 12" EP includes a silkscreened B-side and is limited to 300 copies.) 17.00

SNEAKS - It's A Myth LP (merge - With little more than a bass, drum machine, and deadpan vocals, SNEAKS, aka EVE MOOLCHAN, makes minimalist music that takes up space—something she herself has made a point of doing in the male-heavy Washington, D.C., DIY punk scene that has been her home. Moolchan’s compelling songwriting, along with the fervid energy of her shows, prompted breakout D.C. label Sister Polygon to release her 2015 debut Gymnastics, which Merge reissued in 2016 November. It’s a Myth builds on Sneaks’ playfully stark approach to post-punk, which, as her hometown City Paper described it, causes listeners to go “from curious to provoked to hungry.” Hungry, in part, because the new album clocks in at just 18 minutes of 10 taut, captivating tracks (but still a feast compared to Gymnastics’ 14 minutes). It also adds JONAH TAKAGI and EX HEX / HELIUM frontwoman MARY TIMONY, who recorded the album at Timony’s D.C. studio. Though it flows from influences like Pylon and Bush Tetras, much of that beautiful stuff is hard to categorize or compare to anything else. It’s herkyjerky and fluid all at once, childlike and yet deeply perceptive.) 18.00

SOREX - Portrait Of A Prisoner LP (radio raheem - Hailing from Redondo Beach, CA, Sorex released just a single 7" EP: three tracks of no-fi, snotty-yet-abrasive beach hardcore - in a 200-copy micropressing in 1985 - and played a scant dozen or so shows up and down the California coast before fading into hardcore record collector obscurity. Radio Raheem's crack team of hardcore archaeologists have since managed to rescue Sorex's elusive EP from the collector ghetto and tack on 17 additional tracks culled from the band's 1984 demo tape and sessions for a never-released 1985 LP, all accompanied by a 16-page, full-color booklet full of rare photos, flyers and ephemera. Limited edition of 500 copies.) 17.00

TARA JANE O'NEIL - same LP (gnonmonsong - Tara Jane O'Neil describes her latest album "Self Titled" as a "singer songwriter"  endeavor. At the invitation and by the design of Mark Greenberg (The Coctails), half of this record was recorded mostly live at Wilco’s Loft Studio in Chicago with a band that included James Elkington, Gerald Dowd, Nick Macri, and Greenberg himself. Another half was made in TJO’s home studio in California with Devin Hoff, Wilder Zoby, Walt McClements and string supervisor Jim James. This album also features the voices of Chris Cohen, Carolyn Pennypacker-Riggs and Joan Shelley. Tara Jane ONeil plays guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion.) 18.00

TELEPATHY - Tempest DLP (golden antenna - back in stock - Tempest is the long awaited sophomore full-length from UK instrumetal titans, Telepathy. Recorded, mixed and mastered at London’s Orgone Studios by lauded producer /engineer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Altar of Plagues, Cathedral ), Tempest follows in the footsteps of Telepathy’s critically acclaimed 2014 debut 12 Areas and is very much a concept record. Tempest depicts the harrowing journey of a person beset with grief and faced with total isolation after awaking from a great flood. The album guides the listener on a journey through awakening, desolation and finally acceptance. Further showcasing the band’s no-holds-barred approach to songwriting, Tempest fuses elements of post-metal, sludge, doom and black metal with unorthodox and complex song structures, creating a cohesive and cathartic tapestry of unique instrumental metal. The inclusion of tortured vocals on the album’s centerpiece, Echo of Souls, shows a band un afraid to travel into uncharted waters, further cementing their reputation as a forward thinking and unique group in today’s experimental metal scene. Where its predecessor 12 Areas was by intention a chaotic and furious exploration of sound, Tempest marks a shift towards a more balanced and open sonic pallette. More dynamic, spacious and refined than before, but with an added emphasis on sonic weight, unbridled heaviness, melody and emotional depth.Tempest marks a brand new chapter in the band’s career, and with its definitive line-up in place — owing to the addition of new bass player Teddy-James Driscoll — Tempest showcases a ruthlessly punishing, heavy and emotionally demanding take on instrumental music. The 2×LP comes with an etching on side D, download code and on 180 gr vinyl.) 22.00

TOD DOCKSTADER - Eight Electronic Pieces LP (Originally self-released in 1961 and later issued by Folkways, Tod Dockstader’s Eight Electronic Pieces is a foundational document of American electronic music and a stunning first work from this revolutionary composer. Refused access to the resources and funding of the academy and without any interest from the record industry, Dockstader assembled his debut album through three years of his own private labor – recording after-hours at the New York radio station where he worked. Dockstader’s approach was informed by the laboratory experiments of his European contemporaries Edgar Varèse and Pierre Schaefer as well as by the aleatory compositional techniques and neo-dadaist aesthetics of John Cage. While Dockstader famously described his music as “organized sound,” Eight Electronic Pieces is not pure musique concrète. Oscillators pulse and clash with fragments of incidental tape music, leaving collages of sound as tuneful and memorable as they are otherworldly. A visionary debut that presages the abstract ambience of modern IDM and an essential addition to any collection of early electronic music. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl. • 1961 debut from legend of early electronic music) 26.00

TRAGEDY same LP us-press (From the ashes of His Hero Is Gone and Deathreat comes Tragedy. This debut LP is as good, if not better, than anything that His Hero Is Gone or Deathreat ever released. The songs are exactly what you would expect, with the addition of some fantastic melodic elements. One of the best records I have heard this year, these ten songs are destined to be classics; "The Intolerable Weight" has an extremely catchy chorus, while "The Point of No Return" has a classic ending. A truly great record. Really awesome.) 14.00

V/A - Highlights Of Vortex LP (Originally released in 1959 on Folkways Records The brainchild of visual artist Jordan Belson and electronics polymath Henry Jacobs, the Vortex Experiments ran from 1957 to 1960, first at San Francisco’s Morrison Planetarium and later at the SF Museum of Art. The very name of these events announced their aim: a swirling totality of sensory experience. Around Belson’s richly-colored visuals – making use of the planetarium’s entire dome and featuring luminous, sharply geometric imagery projected through an array of devices – Jacobs ringed a system of roughly 40 multidirectional loudspeakers, each of which could be precisely controlled to produce, in the words of one reviewer, “a living theater of sound and light.” A landmark recording in the history of electronic tape music and an engrossing artifact of proto-psychedelia, Highlights Of Vortex gathers recordings designed for the Vortex system by Jacobs and collaborators David Talcott, William Loughborough, and Gordon Longfellow. Source material including free improvisation, field recording,classical Indian instrumentation, West African polyrhythms and musique concrète is transmogrified through tape manipulation, atomizing swathes of reverb and delay, and other live and recorded effects, making dramatic use of the monumental Vortex soundsystem. An unprecedented marriage of image and sound, Vortex Experiments exercised immeasurable impact on the imagination and practice of countless experimental visual and sonic artists so this album is a must for fans of such visionaries as Stan Brakhage, Tony Conrad, and Jack Smith. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.) 26.00

V/A - Typical Girls Vol. 2 LP (“Who invented the Typical Girl?” The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights. Following on from last year’s Typical Girls (Volume One)—Emotional Response are proud to announce a brilliant additional installment. 16 more of the greatest current female fronted independent punk and pop bands, from around the world, celebrated on a limited LP and compact disc. Features tracks from COLD BEAT, MIDNITE SNAXXX, THE WORLD, NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, BLACK ABBA, FLESH WORLD, BENT, JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, NAKED LIGHTS, PATSY, SKINNY GIRL DIET, LEVITATIONS, SUSS CUNTS, SOFT TUG, SEX STAINS, and MOSS LIME.) 17.00

WARM SODA - I Don't Wanna Grow Up LP (castle face - Within seconds of dropping the needle on I Don’t Wanna Grow Up one gets the feeling of being in good hands: an AP course in power-pop, delivered by Matthew Melton, with the confidence and consistency of your favorite late night diner. Familiarity works as a curious device — this is directly in Melton’s wheelhouse, no sonic surprises whatsoever, yet somehow these odes to teenage love and heartache are brand new, catchy and vital. His twists and turns utilizing the same tools are astounding in their continued freshness. That this is the final Warm Soda record (in anticipation of his new band Dream Machine’s debut, also forthcoming on Castle Face Records) seems logical when you consider the way he’s re-written the same vibe into four excellent records of catchy pop. A lesser talent would have given up after two records, tops — Melton’s commitment to the platonic ideal of power pop again bears fruit, and perhaps this one is the best yet? Mix tape makers of the world, take note: if you leave this album out of your next amorous transmission, you’re fucking up.) 17.00


JOHN JOSEPH - The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon BOOK (The long-awaited second printing of NYHC legend John "Bloodclot" Joseph's raw and unfiltered autobiography. As real as it gets. Updated with new chapters and photos.) 24.00

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL - #408 MAY 2017 MAG (The May issue of Maximumrocknroll (#408) is here. Things kick off with the future of Berlin, Germany, post-Deustchpunk, Mulltute, and then we hang with Gainesville, FL, shoegazers UV-TV, we discuss Scandinavian hardcore with Minneapolis' Ataxxia, uncover the history of Wales, UK's hidden gem Reptile Ranch, and hear about Truewave with San Francisco, CA's own Street Eaters. We also learn about bobos and squats with France's Zone Infinie and round things out with Boston, MA, peace punks Pandemix, Costa Rican grindcore band Exacerbacion and the debut of a harm reduction column. All this plus tons of fresh zine, record and film reviews.) 5.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

hi, welcome another newsletter for april. first of all the HEXER LP gets a little delayed - the pressing plant moved the delivery date now three times. we should have them now early May. Therefore the ASHBRINGER - yügen DLP arrived earlyer then expected and you can order your copy now. and besides that a bunch of cool new releases arrived like the new CARETAKER LP, the V/A - Mono No Aware DLP on PAN records, bunch of restocks etc etc.

besides that we will be open this SUNDAY APRIL 23rd from 13-18 for the Nothing Nice To Say Fest.

and also we have working class friendly entertainment this monday for your post Nothing Nice to Say fest depression.

EX CULT (goner, USA) + Balagan






Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


KILLER - no music 5" Postcard-Flexi (twisted knister - Released as an invitation card to the art exhibition "+1 Im Bild" by Killerlady at Spedition, Bremen, Germany, October 5 to 27, 2013“ ltd to 250) 5.00


FIGHT THEM ALL - same 7“ (

KNIFE IN THE LEG - nothing 7“ (Farewell record of this great hardcore band from Poland. 4 songs incl. Blitz cover. members of GOVERNMENT FLU and OHYDA.) 5.00

YURI - Breathe in Water For The Rest Of Your Life 7“ (New EP by YURI called “Breathe in Water For The Rest Of Your Life” – released by Miss The Stars Records and Adorno Records. Emoviolence/Screamo at its very best.) 5.00


ACTRESS - AZD DLP (Actress, real name Darren Jordan Cunningham, known to friends as DAZ, returns with a new album, now on Ninja Tune and a new music system called “AZD” (pronounced “Azid”), a chrome aspect journey into a parallel world. An artist who has always preferred to make music than to talk about it, in “AZD” he has achieved another remarkable landmark, one which is as resistant to interpretation as it is demanding of it. Following on from his previous albums, R.I.P, Splazsh and Hazyville, an epilogue poem attached to the press release for Ghettoville was construed by media, commentators and spectators that Cunningham had retired. This led him to conceptualise this mass of conclusion as the key to ‘Giving power back to identity.’) 24.00

ASHBRINGER - yügen DLP (vendetta - "When Ashbringer's Yūgen came out, Jon Rosenthal over at Invisible Orangescategorized it as atmospheric black metal but said he liked it, in part, because it's an "emo record at heart." Even though he cited it as a positive, those could just as easily be fighting words. If I hadn't heard the album before I read that, I might have kept right on going. But it's actually fair, and it's not a bad thing, either. Ashbringer's first full-length, Vacant, was done by Nick Stanger alone, and it's a solid atmospheric black metal album. ) 19.00

THE BLACK ANGELS - Death Song LP The Black Angels are so deep into the world(s) of modern psych-rock music that two of their members are the founders of Austin’s Levitation Festival, regarded the world over for his high calibre psychedelic music. Needless to say, their band are fantastic purveyors of the genre, and Death Song, their first album in four years, is a potent trip. Out on Partisan Records.) 26.00

CARETAKER - Everywhere At The End of Time - Stage 2 LP (The second of six LPs issued under the title Everywhere At The End of Time, cataloguing The Caretaker's fictional first person account of life with early onset dementia. This second stage takes a more wistful tack as our protagonist gradually realises that all is not well and begins to rummage deeper into the recesses of his mind, masking emotions of grief, loss, fear and uncertainty.  As The Caretaker?s short term memory functions begin to more rapidly erode, the loop-based punctuation of the previous instalment begins to subtly unravel, leading his mind to drift off and ponder upon fuller segments of tea dance strings and horns which appear uncannily more inviting, seductive, and now almost even more tangible than the abbreviated reels of earlier editions.) 26.00

CHRISTOPH BERG - Conversations LP (sonic pieces -     •    LP (Ltd.): Ltd. to 450 copies, handmade textiled artwork, incl. printed inner sleeve Following his critically acclaimed Paraphrases album from 2012 and the more electronic based recordings as Field Rotation, Christoph Berg joins Sonic Pieces with the first new material under his own name in over four years. Conversations essentially expresses contemplation, consciousness and the urge for retreat from the sometimes overwhelming present times. The musician’s genuine approach to minimal chamber music acts as a fading scenario of nostalgia and memory to rely on, similar to an affecting dialogue with somebody close to you. A manifold violin carries us through the transformation of time and its perception, expanded by humming double bass, the discreet use of piano and subtle percussive structures – all acoustically recorded and only scarcely processed by minor digital manipulation. Christoph hereby creates a fragile and comforting score to a scenic film. The result is an elegant framework from Prologue to Epilogue that guides us through gradually developing melancholy in its most genial understanding. It’s an exceedingly comprehensive, detailed reminder of music as an intimate art form, crafted by an unusually patient and perspicacious performer. Like a washed out black and white photograph you hang on your wall to remember, these Conversations will keep you valued company. If it’s solace, seclusion or encouragement you’re seeking – you’ll find empathy in these compositions.) 30.00

DESIDIA / LA CIENCIA - split LP (miss the stars - Emo/Screamo from A Coruña, Galicia at its best. This split between Desidia and La Ciencia is just stunning. FFO: Sed Non Satiata and screamo in general.) 12.00

I-LP-O in Dub - Capital Dub Chapter 1 LP (editions megs - I-LP-O in Dub is the solo project of Pan sonic member Ilpo Väisänen. Capital Dub Chapter 1 follows the 2015 debut Communist Dub - a year marked by further descent into economic crisis and instability. The usual business cycles of production / distribution / consumption running alongside macro cycles of boom and bust have been replaced by ossification, austerity, the machine seizing up.) 18.00

SATANIC SURFERS - 666 Motor Inn LP (Originally released in 1997 by Burning Heart Records, this is the first vinyl pressing since its initial release. This is the second LP from Swedish melodic punk band Satanic Surfers, who put out a plethora of releases during their eight-year career. Original pressings of this LP fetch close to $100 on markets.) 19.00

SLOW BLOOMER - Nudity LP (Slow Bloomer are a 4-piece from Dresden, Germany formed with members of Reason To Care and Continents.. Despite their screamo roots, Slow Bloomer plays an indie rock based type of jangly (not twinkly!) emo. The band released an EP Gravel Between Teeth in the summer of 2015 on which they toured Europe for a while before taking a step back and dive into the rehearsal space to further develop their sound and record their debut full length Nudity.) 13.00

SNFU - FYULABA LP (Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its release, SNFU's "FYULABA" LP is getting the vinyl reissue treatment. Originally released on Epitaph Records and out of print on vinyl every since, it features the band's signature melodic, Canadian punk. Original pressings fetch close to $50 on the market.) 19.00

WOLVON - ease LP (graan - Wolvon. Heavy guitar walls. Loads of hair. Pounding drums and distortion. Beards. All coming together in dreamy pop melodies. Indie. Or shoegaze if that matters to you. Jumping on the bandwagon. Though i’m more intimidated by everything they have and i lack. Wolvon is a live force. So good it needs to be heard and seen. It took a little over a year and a few drummers to complete this new lp. Nine tracks of beauty, madness and brilliance by some of the best people in the game. A game which i’m honoured to play with them. From Groningen.

V/A - Mono No Aware DLP (pan - Mono No Aware is the first compilation to be released on PAN, collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists.  Featuring Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA, the compilation moves through more traditional notions of what is called ’ambient’, to incorporating wider variations that fall under the term. "Mono No Aware", 'the pathos of things', also translates as "an empathy toward things", or "a sensitivity to ephemera". A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life's transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal present. The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, featuring photography by Molly Matalon and design by Bill Kouligas.) 27.00

V/A - Scared to Get Happy: A Story of Indie-Pop 1980–1989 DLP (SCARED TO GET HAPPY (A Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989) is the first LP set ever to document the explosion of Indie Pop in Britain across the 1980s. Compiled in loosely chronological fashion, the 2LPs chart Indie Pop’s development from the postpunk era and the dominance of Scottish bands through to its genre-defining C86 period and onto the end of the decade, with the arrival of Madchester and the shoegazing sound.) 32.00


GAS - Narkopop CD (kompakt - Nearly two decades after the last official GAS album release, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his iconic Ambient project with a brandnew full-length.  - NARKOPOP continues the classic GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie.  - Available as luxurious hardcover CD incl. 24 pages booklet. In the body of work of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt – who, like few others, has informed, shaped and influenced the world of electronic music with countless different projects since the early 1990s -, GAS stands out in particular as a saturnine sound cosmos based on heavily condensed classic sequences. Even after nearly 20 years, the sound of GAS doesn’t seem to have lost any of its luster) 17.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER MARCH (united bible studies, gilead, sacred paws, prie

Folks, already entering the final days of April 2017 and here is the last newsletter for this month. We received the ASHBRINGER - yüngen DLP earlier then expected (we have a couple on colored vinyl left)

Besides that a bunch of cool stuff arrived like the new PISS 7“, great new releases from Danger records (TRÜMMERFRAUEN LP!!!!), FÖLLAKZOID - London Sessions (feat. J. Spaceman) LP, the amazing JOSHUA ABRAMS & NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY - Simultonality LP !!!, GAS - Narkopop 3LP+CD, MOLOCH / CLOUD RAT - split LP, new FEIST DLP, new THURSTON MOORE DLP, the amazing V/A - Sharon Signs To Cherry Red LP re issue and a bunch of other stuff.


and then we got some awesome show you!!!

03.05. RAT COLUMNS & Ringo Starwars @Tiefgrund

18.05 PUFF PIECES & Dead Sentries @Monarch

04.06. LAS ROBERTAS & Pigeon @Monarch

13.07. CITY OF CATERPILLAR @Tiefgrund


Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

[email protected]


PAGANS - Six & Change 7“ (danger - Official reissue of the first Pagans' single. Originally released in 1977 on Neck. You ain't no punk, you punk! Don't sleep, 500 only!) 7.00

PAGANS - Street Where Nobody Lives / What's This Shit Called Love? 7“ (Official reissue of this scorchin' two-sider, originally released in '78 on Drome! A must have. KBD at its best. Leaded by the almighty Mike Hudson.) 7.00

PIN GROUP - Coat 7“ (superior viaduct - Wasting little time, The Pin Group released Coat in November 1981, merely two months after their first single. On the title track, Humphries' distant vocals call out as tense rhythms gradually push listeners over the edge. B-side track "Jim" could easily have been recorded in Manchester circa 1979, but remains a master class in NZ post-punk atmospherics, menacing from start to finish. Translucent green vinyl pressed in limited edition of 1,000 copies.) 12.00

PIN GROUP - Ambivalence 7“ (superior viaduct - Ambivalence was not only The Pin Group's hypnotic debut, but also the very first release on Flying Nun. While guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphries and drummer Peter Stapleton build off each other's jittery riffs, Montgomery's uncanny baritone pierces the torrential clangor. Conjuring both Wire's Chairs Missing and VU's White Light/White Heat, the band captures a truly unique sound – evocative, yet austere. Translucent blue vinyl pressed in limited edition of 1,000 copies.) 12.00

PISS - II 7“ (static age - 4 new tracks by berlin`s ugliest HC outfit. This EP comes with a silkscreened polybag, 4 panel gatefold sleeve and an lyric sheet.) 6.00


SALIGIA - the new innocence 10“ (react with protest - Old dudes playing Screamo / Emo Violence. Ex-Resurrectionists / React With Protest all stars!) 10.00


ALESSANDRO CORTINI & MERZBOW - same DLP (important - Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Japanese noise legend Massami Akita (Merzbow) share a mutual love for the EMS Synthi, a British synthesizer from the early 70's notorious for it's patch matrix, portability and distinct tone. Astonishingly, these two disparate artists meld into a single sound as they flex the analog circuitry of the EMS Synthi in new ways; giving this classic synth a modern workout and proving that, in capable hands, a 40 year old analog synthesizer is a tool for the ages.) 36.00

AL MASSRIEEN - Modern Music LP (habibi - Arabic music crate-diggers Habibi Funk have so far proved adept at unearthing killer material from the 1970s and '80s that joins the dots between indigenous styles and dominant Western genres. Their latest collection focuses on the work of 1970s Egyptian band Al Massireen, an outfit funded by one of the country's most successful producers of the period, Hany Shenoda. Modern Music, so called because the band was Shenoda's attempt to modernize Arabic music, includes tracks taken from a wealth of forgotten cassettes and albums. Musically, it's rather special; a heady blend of Arabic vocals and instrumentation, orchestral disco influences, blue-eyed soul, grown-up pop and dreamy West Coast style rock.) 18.00

AME DE BOUE - Finitudes LP (danger - Multilingual Industrial/Cold Wave with flavoured EBM.  Songs in French, German, Spanish and Polish language. The words used are simple, they’re describing slices of frustrated lives, post-modern diseases and common anguish, sometimes with a touch of black humour, to underline the absurdity of it all. AME DE BOUE is a one man + machines project leaded by Dasz (member of ILLUSTRATION SONORE and DOLINA) ) 15.00

BERT JANSCH - Living In The Shadow 4LP BOX-SET (earth - back in stock - ‚Living In The Shadows' is a collection of Bert's 90's records (The Ornament Tree, When The Circus Comes To Town, and Toy Balloon), the set includes a 4th disc of exclusive unheard and unreleased material.) 65.00

BERTH JANSCH - LIVING IN THE SHADOWS PART 2 4LP box (earth - Limited edition 4LP casebound book-back box set, comprising Jansch's three studio albums from the 2000s (Crimson Moon; Edge Of A Dream; The Black Swan), alongside an additional disc of demos and unreleased material. Both studio albums and DAT transfers remastered by Brian Pyle. Comes with high-quality download code. 4LP book-back, download card included. 4CD 24-page hardback book. This remarkable anthology documents some of Jansch's finest work, and a man at the top of his game, some forty years(!) after his first release. From the brooding resonance of Crimson Moon (where Jansch is joined by Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler and Johnny "Guitar" Hodge, as well as son Adam Jansch and Bert's wife Loren Jansch) to the intimacy of Edge Of A Dream (Bernard Butler, Hope Sandoval, Dave Swarbrick, Ralph McTell, Johnny "Guitar" Hodge, Paul Wassif, Adam Jansch and Loren Jansch) to the wondrous new folk / trad folk harmony of Black Swan (Beth Orton, Devendra Banhart, Kevin Barker, Helena Espvall, Paul Wassif), these seemingly very different albums all speak of one thing: Bert's natural talent for turning out extraordinary music, regardless of genre. Disc four, The Setting Of The Sun, takes in more demos and unreleased material. These peeks into Jansch's recording process are fascinating, with his home studio lending itself perfectly to any recording fancy he might arrive at. Liner notes by Bernard Butler and Bert's son Adam, while a comprehensive listening guide (by esteemed journalist, Dave Henderson) is also included.) 65.00

DISRUPT - Discography 4xLP (

ELEH - Radiant Intervals I LP (important -     •    LP: 180 grm vinyl, heavy duty metallic silver shimmer screen printed jackets Eleh's influential Radiant Intervals I, originally released on CD/LP in 2010, is a meticulously nuanced, restrained exploration of the rhythmic and harmonic relationships inherent in pure analog frequencies using a blend of intuitive and mathematically based tunings. Dense patterns of sound slowly unravel and are woven together again in new ways while harmonics hover and shift overhead. Radiant Intervals is a purely analog recording, made with a Serge Modular system, Mini Moog, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and a Pro-One.) 27.00

FEIST - pleasure DLP (polydor - Now available on vinyl is Pleasure, the fifth studio album from singer-songwriter Feist. Featuring the single of the same name, Feist self-describes the album as an exploration of emotional limits - loneliness, private ritual, secrets, shame, mounting pressures, disconnect, tenderness, rejection, care - and the lack thereof. 2017, Polydor.) 22.00

FÖLLAKZOID - London Sessions (feat. J. Spaceman) LP (sacred bones - Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. It should come as no surprise to fans of the Chilean trio Föllakzoid that upon meeting the legendary Jason Pierce a.k.a. J. Spaceman (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized), they discovered they were kindred spirits. Föllakzoid and Spaceman’s projects share a restless drive to explore the outer limits of music, as well as an uncanny ability to lock into a groove until it infiltrates the deepest recesses of the listener’s psyche. When Föllakzoid met Spaceman backstage at a Wooden Shjips gig at London’s Electric Ballroom several years ago, they instantly became friends. For London Sessions, the Chileans and Spaceman joined forces for new live renditions of “Electric” and “Earth,” two highlights from Föllakzoid’s III. The recordings were made in a private studio in London while Föllakzoid was on tour in Europe in June 2016, and Spaceman’s contributions breathe new life into the songs.) 25.00

GAS - Narkopop 3LP+CD (kompakt - 3LP+CD: Incl. 24 page artbook, with vinyl-only bonus track, incl. cd copy of the album Nearly two decades after the last official GAS album release, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his iconic Ambient project with a brandnew full-length. - NARKOPOP continues the classic GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie. In the body of work of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt – who, like few others, has informed, shaped and influenced the world of electronic music with countless different projects since the early 1990s -, GAS stands out in particular as a saturnine sound cosmos based on heavily condensed classic sequences. Even after nearly 20 years, the sound of GAS doesn’t seem to have lost any of its luster) 65.00

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE & GRUMBLING FUR TIME MACHINE ORCHESTRA - omminggg and schlomminggg DLP (important - Important Records presents Omminggg and Schlomminggg, the second release by continuous music pioneer Charlemagne Palestine and Grumbling Fur consisting of London based multi-disciplinary artists Daniel O'Sullivan and Alexander Tucker; the Time Machine Orchestra being the extended drone arm of Tucker and O'Sullivan's experimental avant-pop conception. This double LP captures a performance of the trio at Copenhagen's illustrious Jazzhouse in 2016. The pin-drop acoustic clarity of the venue providing an ideal setting for this mesmeric recital of eternal music. The signature strumming of Palestine's piano augmented by Tucker and O'Sullivan's earthware electronics and processed strings create seamless sonic ripples in a constant state of unfolding. This is perhaps the most demonstrative document of Palestine's powerful vocal delivery - an alien hybrid of sacred music drawing deep from the well of the cantorial synagogue and Hindustani classical styles in a bid to channel inter-dimensional beings from ancient cultures. In some respects this could be thought of as Charlemagne in dub as Grumbling Fur carefully twist and mangle their palette of electrified harp, viola, bowed mandolin, percussion, tapes and voice transformers through chains of loopers resulting in a slowly dilating vapour. Mixed at O'Sullivan's Dream Lion Studio with gatefold sleeve art by Alexander Tucker and a Grumbling Fur redux/remodel constituting side four, this is a unique document of portal opening music that defies time and space.) 35.00

JAN JELINEK - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records DLP (Faitiche presents a long-lost vinyl album: for the last 14 years, Jan Jelinek's Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, originally released in 2001 on ~scape, existed only as a download. Now the album is available again on vinyl, as a double LP with two bonus tracks (B-sides from the Tendency EP, 2000). What the press said about Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records:“Don’t be misled by the title, though for there isn’t a finger-snapping rhythm c bebop lead anywhere on the album. Instead, Jelinek chooses to explore the visual effect moiré - two shifting patterns creating an implied third dimension - in the audio realm.” (Alternative Press) ) 25.00

JOSHUA ABRAMS & NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY - Simultonality LP (glitterbeat - the follow-up to joshua abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album magnetoception is here. simultonality, credited to joshua abrams AND natural information society (NIS), is the first recording in the project’s nine year, four album history made by a regularly gigging manifestation rather than a special assembly of friends. recorded in 2014 & 2015 in single takes by the full ensemble during & after tours of the u.s. & canada, simultonality sets out new pathways for abrams & the NIS to reach the next summit, & once more affirms the project's unique approach to joining traditional musics, american minimalism & jazz with the gnawa ceremonial instrument the guimbri. stasis, continuity & repetition, central qualities of abrams language, defined magnetoception, a double album of beautifully spacious & unhurried music that rated high on both pitchfork "the out door" & the wire's lists of the best records of 2015. these same qualities form the heart of abrams's music on simultonality. but where abrams once said magnetoception is about “winter death,” simultonality —in abrams's words— is an album of “pure motion.” without sounding frenetic it is the most explosive NIS music on record, & without sounding over-determined it is abrams's most structured & thru-composed music yet. much of it is also fast  (“the last record was slow”), a mass of densely patterned elements swiftly orbiting constantly reconfiguring centers that are variously harmonic & rhythmic, clearly stated or implied. while so teeming & tightly packed as to sometimes seem impossible to parse, the music is at no time any more disorderly than a colony of bees pollinating a vast garden. its many moving parts function in mutualistic relationship toward fulfilling abrams's long stated intention for the project: to help listener’s achieve a meditative center & to consciously use music as a gateway to living. abrams credits the great bassist & composer william parker as an inspiration for this intention.) 25.00

KLAUS WEISS RHYTHM & SOUNDS - Time Signals LP (trunk - The deep-cuts world of library music never ceases to amaze with the weird rare oddities it contains. This 1978 record from Klaus Weiss is extremely hard to find original copies of, but if you aren’t a hardcore collector, you’ll relish this new opportunity, provided to you by Trunk, to hear these funky experimental pieces without dropping three-figure sums! Time Signals is housed in a replica bronze sleeve.) 27.00

LED ER EST - dust on common LP (mannequin - RSD 2017 We are really proud to announce the reissue of one of the best minimal synth / cold wave albums of the past 15 years. ‘Dust On Common’ from Led Er Est (Sam De La osa, Shawn O’Sullivan and Owen Hutchinson) was originally released in 2009 by the seminal Brooklyn based record label Wierd Records. The band's first full-length release showed the three piece clearly breaking out of the minimal synth underground they have been a vitally integral part of since its inception in Brooklyn to create an undeniably contemporary set of highly crafted and restrained, icily psychedelic pop songs. Synthesizing countless disparate musical influences from first wave British industrial music to house, disco, and the largely unknown cold wave (aka 'La Vague Froide') tradition in Northern Europe, the trax on Dust fly by, straight out of the frozen hot, lonely cold plains of vocalist Samuel Kklovenhoof's native central Texas. After digesting a few songs of this rich dust, the listener can do no other than lie down in the wild wierd Laredo bunker to revel in the refreshingly brisk blast of hedonistic analogue pleasure dancing through the airwaves in the sky above…) 20.00

MARY BELL - same LP (danger - Female garage punk from Paris with their first full lenght Bikini Kill meets Dischord Records.  Recommended if you like: Acid Drops, Skinned Teen, Action Pact, Son Skull! ) 15.00

MAX ROACH - we insist! LP (cornbread - Max Roach's 1960 masterwork, We Insist!, is a suite based on the Civil Rights Movement, and involves variations on the theme of the struggle for African Americans to achieve equality in the United States, a struggle that is still all too relevant still. Roach began composing with lyricst Oscar Brown Jr. in 1959, with the initial intention of having the suite performed in 1963, on the 100th anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation. Featuring the wonderful Abbey Lincoln on vocals, as well as Booker Little, Julian Priester, Coleman Hawkins, Olatunji, and more, We Insist! is a truly stunning album, one that knows no equal from that time or since, reissued on 180 gram LP with download code.) 20.00

MINGUS / ROACH / DOLPHY / ELDRIDGE / JONES - newport rebels LP (cornbread - Led by Charles Mingus and Max Roach, this 1960 recording was made, in some regard, in protest. Growing increasingly annoyed by the booking policy of the Newport Jazz Festival, which he found to be too conservative and lacking in foresight, Mingus formed this group with the such future leaning artists as Eric Dolphy and Max Roach, and the vocalist Abbey Lincoln. Recorded over only two sessions at New York's Nola Penthouse Studios, this Newport Rebels group put together a fine piece of post-bop that, despite its rather bitter beginnings, deserves to be more well known. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with download code) 20.00

MOLOCH / CLOUD RAT - split LP (Witness the blessed union of Cloud Rat - the genre-bending, grind-doom-noise-punk-metal phenoms - and the UK's Moloch, who continue to be truly excellent purveyors of tense, rancid sludge forged in the grand Northern English tradition. Moloch contributes two mammoth tracks whose resolute dedication to hammering out the most distorted, decimating doom possible add an interesting balance to Cloud Rat's tendency to flit from genre to genre like extremely pissed antifascist hummingbirds. ) 13.00

NATIONS ON FIRE - Strike the match LP (refuse - Refuse Records is proud to reissue one of the most important records of the European HC scene in the 90's. Originally released in 1991 by Strive Records (sublabel of X-Mist Records), Nations on Fire “Strike the Match” LP became one of the best and most inspiring albums of the decade. This great-sounding material was recorded at Metropool Studios in Holland and at Westwood Studios and Recorders in California. On this LP, Nations on Fire managed to capture the best elements of current hardcore from the USA, along with the aggression, energy and political awareness of European bands of the 80s. All of this was combined with deeply passionate lyrics and liner notes. These writings became manifestos of the political scene and of Straight Edge hardcore during this period. ) 13.00

SEX CRIME - same LP (danger - Killer silkcreened art made by Papier Gachette, stoopid folded insert! First full length from Portland's finest. Synth Punk at its best! Recorded in december 2015 in Portland, OR and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)  Recommended if you like: Mydolls, Disturbed Furniture, Devo, Spits, Epoxies.) 15.00

THURSTON MOORE - Rock n Roll Consciousness  DLP (ecstatic peace - Thurston Moore has kept himself very busy since Sonic Youth disbanded in 2011, working with numerous small projects, playing with countless collaborators and running Ecstatic Peace. Rock n Roll Consciousness is his first properly distributed full length for a while, and flutters between avant-garde, no-wave and poetic pop. A warm and engrossing oddity.) 27.00

TRÜMMERFRAUEN - same LP re issue (danger - Before on a tape on In Der Tat. And available soon for the first time on vinyl. Various sessions recorded from 1980 to 1982 made by this insane West German all-fräulein post punkers! Remastered in 2017 at Studio Parélies (Paris, France).) 17.00

VIETNAM - Vietnam LP (burka - "There’s little to be found about Vietnam, yet another extremely difficult band name to Google, but I do know that they existed for a short period of time as part of New Zealand’s post-punk movement and released this record in 1985 on Jayrem Records, a catch-all label for local artists. There’s the pre-requisite Joy Division influence present in the vocals (fans of De Press, The Opposition, Stranger to Stranger, and Dropopop should enjoy this one especially) but the music jumps from moody post-punk and flirts occasionally with jangle-pop progressions and dreamy, Cure-esque melodies." 21.00

V/A - B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 DLP (LTM - This deluxe 2xLP vinyl edition of popular compilation album B9 offers a comprehensive overview of post-punk and cold wave music produced in Belgium between 1979 and 1983. Originally issued by Sandwich Records in May 1981, B9 featured ten exclusive tracks by a range of diverse electronic and underground artists including Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size, Kid Montana, Pseudo Code and Prothese - the latter the first recording project by Daniel Bressanutti of Front 242. Now issued on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with new artwork, this deluxe edition features ten additional tracks by other Belgian artists. Mostly taken from rare singles, these include songs by The Names, Marine, Front 242, The Neon Judgement, Siglo XX, Allez Allez, Berntholer, Nausea, Jung and Isolation Ward. Gatefold black vinyl package includes detailed liner notes and period images. Cover art by Victor Vasarely, based on a 1981 poster design for The First Belgian Rhythm Box Contest.) 30.00

V/A - Sharon Signs To Cherry Red LP (school daze - The first release on this imprint is the vinyl edition of RPM’s landmark 2016 compilation Sharon Signs To Cherry Red. Taking it’s name from a song by The Kamikazee Pilots, the compilation is an overview of the UK’s post-punk scene seen through the prism of its female participants. Among some well-known artists like Marine Girls, Dolly Mixture, Strawberry Switchbalade and  Vivien Goldman sits more obscure, life affirming music by the likes of Dorothy, Rexy, The Avocados, The Petticoats and many more. “Sharon Signs To Cherry Red” features rare or previously unreleased material from most of these artists.) 26.00

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