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Topic: Lincolnshire - anyone about to make some quirking good 90s noise-mo?


Guitarist here. Just moved up from the south and would like to get something going. Don't know any punks here so casting the net. I have a bunch of experience playing in post-hc/emo bands in south west and London. I'm listening to Maximillian Colby, Shellac, Boys Life and Kolya a lot at the moment (like we all are probably, I know!). 

I'd also be up for some balls-to-wall A4/Kirsch-mo/Bullets*In-style shit. Or late-catalogue mid-paced Raein-mo. I also like Born Against. Please let me play music.

Get at me, I have demos!


edit: if anyone reckons they might know someone up for doing summat, please pass this on, thanks!