Topic: Negativ (Oslo) / The Swell / Basic Dicks / Lee Riley - Oxford 01/06

Thursday 1st June 2017

Absolutely face-melting primitive hardcore from Oslo, Norway. They only formed in late 2015, and have released a killer demo tape and 7", the latter of which was definitely a highlight of 2016. It's dark, stripped down hardcore for negative punx... … c-thoughts

The Swell (London/Oxford)
More primitive hardcore... Imagine if a no wave band wrote punk songs and borrowed their gear from Darkthrone in 1993 and it's somewhere close to it... and that's why we're waiting patiently for their imminent demo/record/whatever.

Basic Dicks (Oxford)
Local raw punk... "Imagine if Kleenex, Pink Pile, Oh-ok, and Suburban Lawns came at you like Akka and Confuse... a super-solid, threatening demo with a focus on feminism and veganism" (MRR April 2017). That should be enough to make you wanna come along and pogo to this 'til you puke.

Lee Riley (Oxford)
A master of extreme noise. Also known from UNMAN, Lee will be kicking off the night, and he's not to be missed!

Free Entry!

The Library Pub
182 Cowley Road, OX4 1UE

18+ (sorry!)

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