Topic: Diagnosis? Bastard! (SE)/SplitVeins/Dysteria London 11th May

KIITF presents- Diagnosis? Bastard! /Dysteria /Split Veins/ETC/Binge Drinker

The Birds Nest
32 Deptford Church Street, SE8 4RZ London, United Kingdom

Thursday 11th May  at 19:00–23:00

Free Entry

As always kicking off at the Nest for the first gig of the  D?B! mini UK tour with Leeds on 12th and Nottingham on 13th.

DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD!  22.30 - 23.00
(Hardcore punk from Stockholm and London)

SPLIT VEINS 21.50 -  22.10
(London psycho echo punx)

DYSTERIA  21.10 - 21.30
(Orrible North London Negitives)

ETC.,  20.30 - 20.50
(Deptford Quagy Sludge)

BINGE DRINKER 19.50 - 20.10
(Crust and Roll)

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