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Rocky Lorelei

Amazing prolific pop music from glasgow. Rocky Lorelei first started making music in Toronto, once she moved to glasgow she started to perform live backed up Waldo (Smack Wizards, Odd Law) and her housmate Sean Armstrong (Spinning Coin, The Yawns). Very atmospheric and melodic, sort of melancholic


Negative Midas Touch

Menacing industrial power electronics, improvised and different everytime



Post punk band from sheffield./ london doing a little run of dates


Prom Knife

Microsoft Man thumping the beats and the keys


£5 otd no one turned away for lack of funds

BYOB and be n.ice to eachother. Any problems, concerns or questions talk to the person on the door.

Delicious Clam HQ 12 Exchange Street, Sheffield

Accessibility info: There venue is on the ground floor but there is a step to enter. Unfortunately due to space constraints there are no disabled toilets

facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/193375001184643/