Topic: Favourite bands from different countries

I made this list a little while ago when I couldn't sleep. I'd be interested in seeing anyone else's favourites!

Australia - James Dean
Austria - Manface
Belgium - Rubbish Heap
Canada - Shotmaker
Chile - Malevolentia
Czech Republic - Lakmé
England - Jesu
France - Daïtro
Germany - Louise Cyphre
Hungary - Wolf Shaped Clouds
Iceland - Ólafur Arnalds
Italy - Raein
Japan - Hako Yamasaki
Luxemburg - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
Macedonia - FxPxOx
Malaysia - Daighila
Mexico - Vlado Petrik
Netherlands - Shikari
Norway - Kaospilot
Philippines - Caitlyn Bailey
Portugal - Adorno
Republic of Ireland - The Dubliners
Russia - He Called Himself Jesus
Scotland - Bert Jansch
Singapore - Cape Verda
Slovenia - With Engine Heart
South Korea - 49 Morphines
Spain - Enoch Ardon
Sweden - Once We Were
Switzerland - Mr. Willis Of Ohio
Taiwan - Usepentosing
Turkey - Noisy Sins Of The Insect
Ukraine - Swallow! Swallow! Splinter!
USA - Duster
Wales - Stereophonics

Re: Favourite bands from different countries

did this help you get to sleep? i think it'd take me ages to do this! it's the sort of thing my brain has stopped remembering now that people aren't talking about bands on here every day any more.

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Yes, it was a good distraction from sleeping and did help! It took a while but I had my computer to browse. It made me think that there's still plenty of countries out there whose music I've not heard. Agreed, it's a shame people are not on here as much... :-(

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flippin heck man! i like a good list, but one band per country....too difficult!

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i have Do androids dream of sleep LP's from the label's deadstock for free, just postage. if anyone's interested. the inserts  of everyone one of them are all gone though...

FxPxO was the bomb live

Dude from Shikari and a friend are practising for years in our rehearsalroom. They have 35 songs already last time i saw them. I have some rehearsal recordings, sounds like These arms are snakes, but they keep on throwing away songs and start from scratch