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Hi all, any current recommendations for food and bar spots? can be vegan or meat friendly (because i'm a terrible person, i know). 

or non-obvious things to see (got the standard tourist stuff covered i reckon)?

staying central in both cities.

thanks smile

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Do some Gaudi things in Barcelona - in particular Palau Guell, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia and La Pedreda. Food is great everywhere.

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Paris - Musée du quai Branly (central) has an interesting Picasso exhibition on right now. Across the road Palais De Tokyo has some interesting stuff, and a cool Kodak camera booth. Cool record shops everywhere, in particular Betino's is great for interesting Japan related stuff (which I'm into). You get 2 for 1 for the cool Cezanne exhibition at the Musee D'Orsay if you go by Eurostar...

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For Paris (from my facebook recommendations):

Record shops:

Balades sonores
Born bad
Analog collector
Ground zero
Rideau de fer

And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head - there's plenty I haven't even been to. Check vinylhub as well.

Port de Clignancourt market. There is a guy in the outdoor part, I go to see him every time I'm there and he plays me all of his cool weird French electro and translates the dialogue for me. This guys is the nicest guy, he has literally spent hours digging out records he thinks I'll like. Go see him and tell him I sent you! He also introduced me to Zero Zero bar. It's a tiny little place with great music, all vinyl. The first drink it always 1euro extra to pay for the DJ. They do this killing cocktail for 3 euros. Massively recommend. x

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incredible! thanks for the recommendations! smile

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paris bars wot i liked:

le supercoin - - lots of bottles of french beer and good music on in the background. not central.
L'Express de Lyon - bit more upmarket as it's near a big station but excellent beer selection and you can sit outside
les trois 8 - - again not central but worth the trek. great low key chill vibe and good beer selection

my references date to 2014 so please bear this in mind and places may have changed. i believe the 3 above are all still good tho. paris has a really good beer scene though based on my couple of days there, and it's well worth making the effort to go somewhere that isn't just selling fucking kroney or pelforth. le supercoin and le trois 8 are 40 minute walks from the centre but we walked to both and it's quite interesting walking back late when the city is strangely quiet.

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These places for vegan stuff in Barcelona: … lonia.html … lonia.html

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excellent, thank you both for the recommendation!

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stare at all the mad Gaudi shit

walk round the Gotik at night and got lil bars playing deep house and have a beer