Topic: BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (Hurula, City Of Caterpillar, Vanum, WAXAHATCHEE,

Hi. tons of stuff arrived in the last couple days. New stuff from Night People, Tony Conrad restock, Lumpy restock. new BRAINBOMBS - Inferno LP,  new stuff from Dark Entries, KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Murder Of The Universe LP (US Press), new VOIGHT KAMPFF - The Din Of Dying Youth LP, NEON PEARL - Neon Pearl (aka 1967 Recordings) LP re issue and other Lion Productions restocks, WICCANS - Sailing A Crazy Ship LP,  VANUM - Burning Arrow Lps CONVERGE - Jane Live Roadburn DLP restock, GOUGE AWAY LP restock, a bunch of deathwish restocks like Loma Prieta, Deafhaven etc, new HURULA - Vapen Till Dom Hopplosa LP, COLD CAVE shirts and LongSleeve Restocks,  new SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Wounded Masculinity LP,  new WAXAHATCHEE - Out In The Storm LP, another THE FALL re issue via Superior Viaduct, TWISTED WIRES - Struck Twice LP, new SICK THOUGHTS,  new CHAIN AND THE GANG - Best Of Crime Rock LP and much moreeee

We also will start shipping the CITY OF CATERPILLAR - driving .. 12“,  THE REMEMBERABLES - same LP pre orders and  YOU COULD BE A COP 12“. You can still pre order those if u want

The CITY OF CATERPILLAR tour starts also next week!! and we still looking for a show for WET THE ROPE on AUGUST 1st — in case you can help. Please get in touch

our next show is CITY OF CATERPILLAR & ME & GOLIATH on July 13th - don´t miss this



in general


Thank you

Robert & Klose & Norman

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FREE - Ex Tenebris 7“ (triple b - Since forming in 2015, Free, featuring members of Have Heart, Mindset, Fiddlehead and Sweet Jesus, has become one of the hardcore genre's most notorious and successful acts, despite only releasing one four-song demo. Their signature sound, a punishing blend of hardcore, punk and jazz, has attracted a legion of diehard fans around the world and anyone who's witnessed the sheer power of Free live and lived to tell about it can attest to the band's authenticity and intensity. 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Free with a new label behind them and a savage new EP. 7" includes digital download.) 7.00

INSIST - Here & Now 7“ (react - In a match made in youth crew heaven, React! Records and Insist of Manchester, UK, have joined forces to usher in a new era for the genre with their debut EP, "Here & Now." This five-song EP is exactly what you've been searching for. Aggressive and passionate, "Here & Now" is (instant) classic straight edge hardcore played with untouchable style. No one is doing it quite like Insist does it. Roger, Jack, Tom, Ross and Paolo. The future is here, get it now. 7" includes digital download.) 7.00

NAG - flies 7“ (NAG's second 7" continues where the first left off, down a dark path of anxious fury. The organ intro, into the menacing guitar fray of the A-side feels foreboding and sinister. The sonic violence of harnessed noise with nervous, frenetic punk songs clawing through it. For punks who like The Dead C.) 8.00

NOTS - Cruel Friend 7“ (Latest from Memphis' NOTS! "Cruel Friend" combines excellent riffage with near-Hawkwind levels of linear soarage and soak from the synths, with Natalie Hoffmann's dominating presence on vocals intact. "Violence" creepy crawls without guitars in a synthier, stealthier attack. With this release NOTS are moving into a whole new level of potency, able to deal in speed and aggression and slow-motion menace. Simply amazing.) 7.00

NOSFERATU - Sounds Of Hardcore 7“ (lumpy - Unhinged hardcore a la YDI, Koro, Void. Psycho drumming, adequate venom in the vocals, and commendable lyrics about this so called great nation. You won't need your beanie babies anymore.) 8.00

THE WARDEN - s/t 7“ (lumpy - Crushing warp speed hardcore from St. Louis. The riffs are spastic and fast and wild as they come from the wacky mind of KEVIN TODD of SWEET TOOTH (and thus this is not too far off from what a third Sweet Tooth 7" would have sounded like). Some blasts, some grooves, but all around beefy hardcore. Recommended if you dig The Repos or Failures.) 8.00

ZERODENT - Soul Mender 7“ (last laugh - 3 blasts of punk rock rock from Perth, Australia. The title track has a melodic post punk feel while the flip offers two hardcore burners that leave you wanting more. Recorded by Will Hooper at Stable Sounds and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control). 500 copies world wide.) 8.00


RED APOLLO - Meta EP 10“ (moment of - With six years of existence under the belt, RED APOLLO undoubtedly belong to the established bands among those who identify themselves with post-metal, sludge, doom and everything in-between. After a successful tour with Savannah's BLACK TUSK (Relapse Records) in October 2016, RED APOLLO are now finally back in the rehearsal room to write the successor to the 2015 full-length "Altruist". However, RED APOLLO will not completely disappear off the radar for the next twelve months but decided to drop another release right in time for the upcoming tour with Japan's HEAVEN IN HER ARMS in July 2017! Marking the latest output in the band's critically acclaimed catalogue consisting of a demo, two LPs and three 7inches, "Meta" consists of two songs formerly released on "Altruist".) 11.00


BRAINBOMBS - Inferno LP (skrammel - Brainbombs, the legendary Swedish outfit has become rather prolific during the past few years with a number of new releases as well as live performances, both having been almost non-existent for a long period of time. "Inferno" marks the band's 3rd album within the last 5 years, featuring 8 new tracks record at the end of 2016. By now there should be no need to mention "serial killers", "filth" or The Stooges when talking about a Brainbombs album. You should know what you're getting your ass into. Black vinyl in black/white sleeve. ) 23.00

CARLOS CASAS - Pyramid of Skulls DLP (Absrobingly dreamlike deconstruction/collage of field recordings - of instruments, voices, acousmata - nodding to the people and geography of the Pamir mountain range in Central Asia, bordering on the Himalayas. 66 minutes long, by the end of which you’ll need an oxygen tank and warm cup of sugary tea… “Carlos Casas presents his epic new album, Pyramid of Skulls. Ghosts from the future and spirits from the past collide in a sci-fi field recording experiment like no other.) 27.00

CHAIN AND THE GANG - Best Of Crime Rock LP (in the red - Chain & the Gang are different than the rest. You won’t see their name on the garbage heap of hyped bands pushed by paid-off web-zine tastemakers. They’re not “jingle-core,” tattooed onto your subconscious via Madison Avenue mind-control ad campaigns. They’re not middle brow NPR indie listening for Prius owning cubicle rockers or a tiresome teenage retread of ‘90s surrender sludge.  No. Chain & the Gang are singular, terrifying, unparalleled. Not only the most ferocious live combo ever witnessed but also the world’s ONLY anti-liberty rock ’n’ roll group. Their motto? “Down with Liberty … Up with Chains!”   ) 17.00

CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Driving Spain Up A Wall LP (adagio830 - heavy tip on sleeves, newspaper insert, Repeater Records and Adagio830 Records are proud to announce that they are jointly releasing City Of Caterpillar’s highly sought after song “Driving Spain Up A Wall” as a 12” EP. This 11 minute epic was never properly recorded during the band’s initial existence and only a few live recordings of the song from 2002 – 2003 have existed up until now. “Driving Spain Up A Wall” has been a long awaited missing piece of the band’s discography, but was recently recorded in their hometown of Richmond, VA and was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studio. The B-Side of the 12” also includes the track “As The Curtains Dim (little white lie)”, which was originally recorded during the same sessions as City Of Caterpillar’s self titled LP in 2002, but has never been released on vinyl. Both songs on this 12” brilliantly capture the restrained and explosive intensity that City Of Caterpillar helped to define as a sound in the early 00’s, merging the styles of post-rock and shoegaze with punk and hardcore. This 12” will be out this summer to coincide with City Of Caterpillar’s first European tour and more U.S. shows in the Fall of 2017. The 12” will be released in the U.S. by Repeater Records and in Europe via Adagio830 Records.) 15.00

CONVERGE - Jane Live Roadburn DLP (back in stock - Converge “Jane Live” is the classic “Jane Doe” album performed and recorded live in its entirety at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands. The set was mixed by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at God City Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. For limited vinyl versions of the double album, the iconic J. Bannon cover was reimagined by artists Florian Bertmer, John Baizley, Randy Ortiz, and Thomas Hooper. Each giving their unique interpretation on the classic artwork. While Ashley Rose Couture’s stunning real life reconstruction of the cover adorns the release on all formats.) 27.00

DIOCLETIAN - Doom Cult LP (33.33 minutes of sonic warfare and annihilation. DIOCLETIAN raises the bar for feral, raw, impure, undiluted, bestial hate & ferocity. Clocking in at 33 mins 33 seconds, ‘Doom Cult’ is a slab of concrete dropped on your fucking head from a height.) 15.00

THE FALL - Perverted By Language LP (superior - The Fall returned to Rough Trade in 1983 to release a pair of singles (“The Man Whose Head Expanded” and “Kicker Conspiracy”) and Perverted By Language, their sixth proper studio album. Perverted By Language hints at the band’s shift towards a distinctly pop approach, one that they would perfect via their Beggars Banquet output that immediately followed. Yet again, the force and panic of their initial Rough Trade recordings remains the foundation for much of the album. A transitional recording in the absolute best sense, Perverted By Language is The Fall both as they were and as they would become. The emergence of Brix Smith is often cited as the impetus for The Fall’s move toward outward pop, and she first makes her first appearance with the band on Perverted By Language. Nowhere is her presence felt more than on “Hotel Blöedel,” where she handles lead vocal duties alongside Mark E. Smith whose mangled violin accompaniment roots the song’s cold romanticism in his unmistakable brand of strange. “Garden” provides a new take on The Fall’s stretched-out tendencies—using ringing, clean guitars to build a nearly 10-minute epic more subtly than ever before. The opener, “Eat Y’self Fitter,” is wholly classic Fall: a playfully circular bass line drives the album’s strongest vocal spout, complete with emphatic breaks where Mark E. Smith issues the song’s spiteful decree with equal parts glee and scorn.) 23.00

FLOWERS OF EVIL - City Of Fear LP (deranged - For a side project, Flowers Of Evil outpaces and out-snots the best of them. What started as more or less of a studio project with Brandon Welchez from Crocodiles and David McDaniel from Young Boys has turned into a band that has delivered not one but two solid hardcore punk albums in the last two years. City Of Fear showcases a band comfortable with their punk roots and delivers some classic sounding snotty hardcore jams. Reminiscent of early Career Suicide, this album blends the high velocity in-your-face sound of first era hardcore like The Germs with a good dose of melody to keep things catchy and infectious.) 18.00

GOUGE AWAY - , dies LP (86 - back in stock - Gouge Away's debut LP features 13 tracks of powerful and political female-fronted hardcore that brings plenty of speed mixed with stomp and provocative, insightful lyrics. LP includes an 11" x 17" poster ) 16.00

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS - White Halo LP (moment of - Music is a medium of connection no matter what political and geographical borders want to dictate. What music in general is also celebrated for is the possibility to blend regional with global sounds to create new and unique soundscapes. Japan is one of those regional examples where the dominant structures of heavy music are mashed up with the local culture to preserve a musical testimony of the here and now. One of those bands who stand this balancing act between Western and Asian influences are Tokyo's HEAVEN IN HER ARMS. After ten years of relentlessly touring the world including destinations such as Europe, Russia and many parts of Asia and numerous critically acclaimed releases, HEAVEN IN HER ARMS are ready for the next chapter of their history. "White Halo" is the name of the upcoming longplayer that once again manifests the band's willingness to excel the own aspirations. This album fits perfectly into HEAVEN IN HER ARMS' discography without sounding antiquated or outdated, but offers everything that fans have been lurking for. What makes "White Halo" special is that the band's origin is once again audible in every single tone without serving any stereotypes or being pathetic. This album sounds like a visit to Tokyo with its roughly 14 million inhabitants, ever buzzing traffic and bright neon lights. It is easy to get lost but signs and structures remain as a golden thread that turns this trip into a delightful and fascinating journey. "White Halo" sounds huge and overwhelming with every little aspect in its own way. May it be the complex riffing, the pervading Japanese vocals or the overall dramatic composition. HEAVEN IN HER ARMS once again prove their distinctive sense for an unblemished songwriting that can keep pace with other big players in the genre.) 12.00

HAZEL ENGLISH - Just Give In / Never Going Home  DLP (US Press) (polyvinyl - US Press on 180 gram blue and yellow vinyl. HAZEL ENGLISH is a 25-year-old Oakland-based artist who makes beautifully blurry indie-pop music powered by transcendent melodies and caked in layers of Californian sunshine and redolent reverb. She’s drawn comparisons to everyone from Alvvays and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to touring partners Ride, while her soaring, hypnotic, vocal arrangements have been likened to everyone from Grimes to DIIV. Her label debut, Just Give In / Never Going Home, collates a brilliant snap-shot of her DIY creations to date. ) 21.00

HESSAJA - Planet Sedam: Ison LP (Since the beginning of time, comets have sparked great interest due to their sudden occurrence and nature to behave totally different to other celestial bodies. This describes exactly the music of HESSJA. ) 12.00

HIVE - parasitic twin LP (crowns and - Hive began as the brainchild of Mike Paradise and Morgan Carpenter in early 2014, with a vision to combine the caustic, legendary Minneapolis sound of 90's crust with influences from Pacific Northwestern dark hardcore and Swedish d-beat. The band began performing live by the end of the year. By mid-2015, Hive recorded their first self-titled, six-song release, which was originally available digitally and on limited-edition cassette and later self-released on a limited-edition 12" vinyl EP. Hive was also involved in two compilations: a Twin Cities featurette released digitally by Razorcake Magazine and Cvlt Nation's tribute to the Dead Kennedy's classic album "Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables." ) 17.00

HURULA - Vapen Till Dom Hopplosa LP (deranged - Four years after the end of his punk band Masshysteri, Robert Hurula returned with a solo project under the name Hurula. His first album, Vi Är Människorna Som Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För, picked up where that classic band left off, blending elements of early Scandinavian punk à la Ebba Gron and post-punk with some obvious pop undertones. The album earned wide acclaim and made numerous Best Of Year lists in 2014. On this second album, Hurula returns with more of the same infectious formula anyone familiar with his musical output over the last ten years will immediately recognize.The production is bigger but the songs are just as catchy.) 18.00

THE I.L.Y'S - Bodyguard LP (castle face - he latest release from the mysterious, experimental duo comprised of Zach Hill and Andy Morin of Death Grips, Bodyguard also features guitar work from Tristan Tozer (Yah Mos, Drug Apts).  “...with Bodyguard, they’ve given us, I would argue, an album a whole lot more bracing and immediate and fun and welcoming than anything Death Grips will ever allow themselves to make.” – Tom Breihan, Stereogum) 17.00

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - Murder Of The Universe LP (US Press) (As soon as the dust settles you can see an new world / In place of where the old one had been…” A concept album to end all concepts, Murder Of The Universe is the new collection by head-bending psychedelicists King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Murder Of The Universe is a face-melting musical assault concerned with the downfall of man, the death of the planet....the murder of the whole goddamn universe. ) 26.00

LEAVES - ....bleibt das jetzt für immer? LP (Animal.Liberation.Antifascist.Hardcore.Punk.Jena(Germany). Ffo: Touche Amore, Jungbluth, ….) 11.00

LYNN CASTLE - Rose Colored Corner LP (liatc - Though most of the world may not know the songs of Lynn Castle, she is an artist whose work stretches across seven decades. She has created a diverse and vast (albeit mostly unreleased) discography of pop, folk, country, gothic, rock, punk, blues, and children's songs. Light In The Attic Records is very excited to continue its Lee Hazlewood Archive Series with Rose Colored Corner, a collection of intimate recordings Lynn Castle made with Jack Nitzsche in 1966 and her complete recorded output with Lee Hazlewood on LHI Records. For the first time ever Lynn is sharing recordings from her personal archive and telling her story.  In the 1960s Lynn became the first lady barber in LA just as long hair on men became hip. By day she was styling The Monkees, Boyce and Hart, Del Shannon, Sonny & Cher, the Byrds and countless others…by night she was writing songs.) 28.00

MALAMANYA - s/t LP (secret stash - Stand on the corner of Cedar & 42nd in South Minneapolis and it can feel like you are eavesdropping on the sounds of a jukebox smuggled out of 1960s Havana. On summer nights, when windows fling open gasping for cool air, Afro-Cuban rhythms and celebratory exclamations radiate from a basement up the street where nine dedicated musicians are rehearsing classic, timeless Latin songs.  Malamanya began in 2009 aiming to create music that would fuel late nights of dancing, drinking, and connection… music that anyone could get down to, regardless of language, race, or ethnicity. From these intentions and desires came their band name, Malamanya (Spanish for the bad habit).  After eight years together, Malamanya is releasing their first full length album. The self-titled LP is comprised of their favorite vintage songs from throughout Latin America filtered through their uniquely eclectic yet traditionally rooted Latin sound. From track to track, conga drums, timbales, and bongos provide foundationally hypnotic rhythms. Accenting these rhythms and adding melodies are upright bass,acoustic piano, and the Cuban tres guitar. Lead vocals by Cuban-native Zusel Balbincut through this combination, soaring back to another time when Celia Cruz and La Lupe dominated Latin airwaves.  Recorded using the same approach employed on their favorite Latin records from the 50s and 60s, Malamanya’s debut effort was cut to tape live in one room by the group’s co-founder, Tony Schreiner, at his Minneapolis-based Brown Bag Studios. Whether you are brand new to Latin music, or a long time aficionado, Malamanya is sure to lift your spirits and move your feet.) 21.00

MARK CONE - Now Showing LP (neck chop - Do me a favor. Think of your favorite synth punk band, or, assuming you hate everything the subgenre stands for, think of the one you hate the least. Pretty much anything that’s got a keyboard and a lot of yelling involved, since it’s practically all the same shit anyways. Now, imagine yourself holding a physical release from said band; either a record, cassette, CD, LaserDisc, or what have you. Just imagine it in your hands. Alright, now imagine yourself breaking it right over your fucking knee—MARK CONE is your favorite now. It’s up to you whether or not that last part should be left to your imagination, but for those with an inherent affinity for keyboard-infused punk, minimal exposure to Cone’s dissonant, hyperactive keystrokes, masterfully programmed drum beats, and throaty, maniacal roars are needed to realize the undercurrent of brilliance that runs beneath this darkened display of unfledged synth glory. Mark Cone—a snide, hysterical character conceived by one of the two founders of Massachusetts’s UROCHROMES, JACKIE M.—not only epitomizes the essence of keyboard-oriented punk, but does so in a line-up devoid of instruments typically associated with the subgenre; mainly centering on a substandard Casio keyboard, an 8-bit drum machine, and a harsh set of pipes, Mark Cone has created a melodic, energetic, riveting score of punk with discernible post-like tinges in this 10-track LP. As a successor to his original 7” EP (Nicey Music), this record is a true mindmelter.) 18.00

NEON PEARL - Neon Pearl (aka 1967 Recordings) LP (lion - Incredible sessions from the year of psychedelia’s apex—gliding rhythms and softly pulsing melodies floating on a bed of organ and harmonium ('Out Of Sight' and 'Going With The Flow' in particular are especially delicious). PETER DUNTON (drums/vocals), BERNARD JINKS (bass) and ROD HARRISON (guitar)—sometime members of PLEASE and THE FLIES, and later in legendary—and suddenly very popular—band T2) plied their trade as NEON PEARL in Germany in the summer of 1967. After a few months playing to appreciative German audiences, they returned to England where a music publisher financed them to lay as many tracks to tape as they could within the few hours booked. The result is what we have here. Almost certainly the most spartan of Dunton-related material reissued thus far, but it doesn't suffer because of it, rather it gives it a feel all of its own. Contains studio recordings from 1967 and 1968 taken from surviving tapes and acetates. The first vinyl edition of the album was originally pressed in a tiny quantity and is now long sold out. This edition has been remastered and comes with an insert and new cover art. Edition of 500 copies worldwide.) 25.00

THE MODERN INSTITUTE - s/t LP (night people - For The Modern Institute’s self-titled first vinyl document, the practices of audio technicians Richard McMaster, Laurie Pitt and James Stephen Wright are brought into sharp focus, the initial analyses of a project which examines the rituals of performance, the signifiers of bourgeois culture and the absurdities inherent in the middle class art gaze. While undoubtedly disturbing in execution, it’s a succinct reminder of the tension between lazy, electronic music tropes and the essential, quizzical attitude frequently lacking in the technoid culture yet abundant in Glasgow’s agent provocateurs. ) 16.00

NEEDLES // PINS - Good Night, Tomorrow LP (mint - Vancouver power-trash trio Needles//Pins began in 2009 as an excuse for three friends to hang out. Two LPs and a handful of 7 inch singles later, the band has come a long way but are still, at its core, a few friends having fun. 2017 sees the band set to release its third LP Good Night, Tomorrow, its first on Mint Records. The record is a progression both musically and lyrically from their older material while still maintaining the hook-centric philosophy of their previous releases. The band has become legendary in Vancouver for wild shows and gruff but catchy punk rock melodies. It draws from classic punk roots like the wiry pop of The Buzzcocks and the gravely anthems of Stiff Little Fingers, but has a unique West Coast approach that would align itself with the catchiest of the Lookout! or Dirtnap Records catalog.) 18.00

RICH LA BONTE - Mayan Canals LP (dark entries - Rich La Bonte is a musician, writer and editor from upstate New York born in 1946. At age 11 he figured out how to record a piano backwards with his first tape deck and discovered Monk, Mingus and Art Blakey. In 1965 Rich moved to Ithaca, bought an electric guitar and started singing in garage rock band the huns. After the band dissolved, he moved to NYC and played bass and sang in the original cast production of the musical Godspell. ) 20.00

ROPE SECT - Personae Ingratae LP (ROPE SECT is a German three-piece. The idea behind the name and the first EP is that a bunch of people who are fed up with society move into the woods, founding a sect separated from anyone else. They're creating their own hierarchy and laws. Those who break the rules will be hanged as well as people wanting to return to their old life or betray the sect. To compensate the traitors or law breakers, new members will be caught - meshed in a metaphorical sense. So, the rope is both the power that is feared and the essence that is adored. The group is reveling in the world's ruin, becoming intoxicated while waiting for doomsday.) 15.00

RY COODER - Paris, Texas OST LP (real gone - Seldom has any artist captured that ineffable “high, lonesome sound” quite as beautifully as RY COODER did on his landmark soundtrack to Wim Wenders’ 1984 film Paris, Texas. Not quite blues, not quite bluegrass, not quite ambient, Cooder’s haunting, evocative score mirrors the existential journey of Harry Dean Stanton’s Travis Henderson as he wanders through the empty Texas prairie landscape in pursuit of his irretrievable past. With the able help of multi-instrumentalists DAVID LINDLEY and JIM DICKINSON, Cooder crafts a soundscape (much of it based on Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground”) that is profoundly sad yet leavened with bits of humor and whimsy. Real Gone Music is proud to present this classic soundtrack in a translucent blue vinyl edition limited to 900 copies.) 33.00

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Wounded Masculinity LP (In the tradition of Neil Young's "please kick me off the label"-era, or when Lou Reed tried to drive his audience away, Self Defense Family delivers brilliantly difficult listens on the 12"ep "Wounded Masculinity." Family member Mary Brulatour takes the songwriting reigns on four tracks that range from sullen folk to anxious kraut. The result is material unique even in Self Defense Family's varied (and sprawling) catalog.) 18.00

SICK THOUGHTS - Songs About People You Hate LP (neck chop - SICK THOUGHTS is a one-man punk band that needs no introduction; partly because the band’s international notoriety can easily precede itself, and partly because every other notable record label, music outlet, and bottomfeeding venue has thoroughly suckled the band’s teats in the four or so years it’s been active. If Sick Thoughts’ massive discography—easily amassing to 20-something records released by labels all around the globe—is any indication of its reverence, let alone quality, then it should be immediately clear that Sick Thoughts is worth its salt. Either that, or Sick Thoughts’ sole creator, DREW OWEN, has got a metric fuckton of songs he wants released and a nice set of lips to get the job done—if you sniff my drift. And this doesn’t even take Drew Owen’s multitude of side projects into account, such as DD OWEN, CHICKEN CHAIN, BLOODY MASTER, LS DOGS, BABY'S BLOOD, DEFORMITIES, and so on. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Songs About People You Hate, Sick Thought’s newest LP, is another prime example of sleazy, spit-riddled punk rock ‘n’ roll done right—and wrong—in all the best ways possible, vicious spurs of idiot savant-tier musicianship abound. And with Drew rapidly leaving adolescence, you better believe he’s gonna take his vitamins, outline his will, and then promptly blast your eardrums with eleven brand-new auditory bruisers, all before kicking you right off his fuckin’ lawn.) 17.00

STREET EATERS - The Envoy LP (contastz - STREET EATERS are a truewave/punk band from Berkeley+Oakland, CA that has drawn a range of sonic comparisons to bands from Wipers to Masshysteri, Autoclave to Drive Like Jehu, Huggy Bear to KARP, Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising to Warsaw. After years of relentless international touring on the heels of their well-received album "Blood::Muscles::Bones" (released on Nervous Intent in the U.S./Contraszt! in Europe), Megan March and John No returned home to troubled times in their immediate bay area underground punk community/family and the world at large. True to form, the band sought to come to terms with this changed landscape by diving deeply into their own recording studio to create a new record with an expansive new vision. This record, "The Envoy", is a concept album based on famed dystopian, gender revolutionary, anti-authoritarian author Ursula K. Le Guin's influential books "The Dispossessed" and "Left Hand of Darkness". )11.00

THURSTON MOORE & PHIL X. MILSTEIN DUO - Songs We Taught The Lord Vol. 1 LP (feeding - "As I recall, the idea seemed pretty reasonable at the time. It was late 1996. I'd met Fahey a couple of years earlier, and partly as an outgrowth of that meeting he had decided he wanted to meet and play with 'noise musicians.' This resulted in a lot of music that made his olden fans weep, but who was I to argue with The Great Koonaklaster? Anyway, it was late '96 and Fahey wanted to play some gigs on the east coast. He also wanted Thurston to be on the bill with him, and so Mr. Moore asked me for suggestions about who might be cool to duet with. We ruled out a lot of people for various reasons, then had a flash about asking the great Pep Lester (aka Phil Milstein). Although best known as a writer and designer, Phil had also done lots of music in various configurations, and I was hoping he'd deign to play the musical saw he had started practicing a few years earlier. Although the second night's sound was previously issued by Chris Corsano's Hot Cars Warp Records label, this is the first issue for this fantastic set. Roll yourself a fatty and swing!" — Byron Coley, 2016. Edition of 400.) 25.00

TWISTED WIRES - Struck Twice LP (italians do it -Armed with a voice of velvet and a Linn drum, Houston' TWISTED WIRES their second EP for Italians Do It Better. Two songs (and seven versions) to keep your turntable warm while you wait for their debut full-length, Always. 31 minutes of music. Pressed on 180-gram white vinyl in an edition of 500 copies.) 28.00

VANUM - Burning Arrow LP (Burning Arrow is the second release from VANUM, the collaborative project of KYLE MORGAN (ASH BORER, PREDATORY LIGHT) and MICHAEL REKEVICS (FELL VOICES, VILKACIS, VORDE). Following their debut album, Realm of Sacrifice, released on Profound Lore Records, the Burning Arrow EP reveals a band both expanding their sonic palette and rigorously seeking the distillation of their own essence. Though the sound of the band hasn't ultimately changed wildly, there have been key shifts that distinguish this release from not only Morgan and Rekevics' other bands, but also Vanum's own previous output. The duration of the individual songs, as well as the arc of the entire LP, have been streamlined and trimmed of all fat. A muscularity and sense of triumphant might define the composition. This increased focus on riff-craft, embraced while managing not to eschew atmosphere, reveals the significant influence of classic Hellenic black metal alongside the furious Slavic sound that has consistently been a part of Vanum's musical identity. This new sonic influence, paired with a more belligerent and outward looking lyrical approach, serve to create an aura of bombastic power and arrogant glory; a marked contrast to the largely melancholy and inward looking mood and concept of the previous album. Perhaps ultimately, the name of the release is the most convenient illustration of it's own essential qualities. Realm of Sacrifice was marked by both the sorrow and endurance evoked and demanded by the rite of ritual sacrifice, while Burning Arrow is exactly what it's own namesake would also suggest;  Concise, cutting, and ablaze with warlike intention. The sharpened point of Vanum. Edition of 500 copies.) 20.00

VOIGHT KAMPFF - The Din Of Dying Youth LP (dreanged - “Coming off the heels off a mounting barrage of thick post-punk releases, Voight-Kampff pushes out another aggressive and atmospheric assault with their new album The Din of Dying Youth. The album immediately drops into the fray like a paratrooper as rhythmic chiming and bolting drums push their way through the melodic chorus-drenched guitar easier than a jackhammer through a stream of water, cooling it down from overheating, in a sky-scraping industrial park factory where no sunlight reaches. The factory foreman vocals speak through the PA system to his human-replaced assembly line machines while simultaneously gripping the self-destruct button. Through the screeches and tears, faint optimistic veils drift in and out, spiraling around the tracks. Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, The Din of Dying Youth delivers a solid line without fluff or filling, striking both sides of the alternative melancholy buzz, from Creation Records to the steel grinding steel noise of Touch & Go. The momentum propels you miles per minute through overhead cable lines from the muddy waters of the Mississippi River into the cold Northeastern waters of the Quabbin Reservoir.” — Josh Jenkins) 18.00

WEICHE - s/t LP (kink - Dark music for dark times! - debut album by this german hardcore band) 12.00

WEREGOAT - Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication LP (Revered as one of the cultest names in the modern bestial metal scene, since their formation in 2009, WEREGOAT have become the penultimate extreme of total and utter BESTIAL fucking METAL: literally, sonic bestiality incarnate. Their Parasitic-released Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity 12" introduced them in 2011 with a nuclear-powered bang, showing obeisance to the ancient ways but brimming with a disgusting 'n' debaucherous personality, and the IRON BONEHEAD-released Slave Bitch to the Black Ram Master 12" in 2013 upped the extremity stakes even further. Alas, now arrives what will be the most gutted 'n' godless WEREGOAT statement yet: Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication.) 16.00

WALL - Untitled LP (wharf cat - Untitled is the debut LP from "New York City's buzziest new band" (NME) of 2016. The follow up to their cult classic, eponymous EP documents WALL's rapid ascent from a relatively unknown entity to a hard-playing, highly sought after act on the NYC underground circuit and beyond. From the pensive minimalism of "River Mansion" to the fervent satire of "High Ratings," the barely nascent four-piece captures the nervous energy of a city defined by constant change. Over the past year, WALL has played throughout New York City at venues ranging in size from DIY mainstays like Silent Barn and Aviv to industry staples such as Rough Trade and Webster Hall. Outside of New York, WALL was listed as #2 on Time Out Austin’s top 11 picks for SXSW 2016 and has garnered the critical acclaim of UK press outlets NME, DIY Mag, and The Quietus, among others.) 20.00

WAXAHATCHEE - Out In The Storm LP (ermge - Out in the Storm is the blazing result of a woman reawakened. Her most autobiographical and honest album to date, Out in the Storm is a self-reflective anchor in the story of both KATIE CRUCHFIELD's songwriting and her life. The album tells the story of taking control of a volatile situation, embracing flaws, and exploring a new sonic freedom. The album was tracked at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia with JOHN AGNELLO, known for working with some of the most iconic musicians of the last 25 years, including Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. Agnello and Crutchfield worked together for most of December 2016, along with the band: sister ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD on keyboards and percussion, KATHERINE SIMONETTI on bass, and ASHLEY ARNWINE on drums; KATIE HARKIN, touring guitarist with Sleater-Kinney, also contributed lead guitar. At Agnello’s suggestion, the group recorded most of the music live to enhance their unity in a way that gives the album a fuller sound compared to past releases, resulting in one of Waxahatchee’s most guitar-driven releases to date. Crutchfield’s voice oscillates between effortless grace and commanding righteousness, taking the listener with her on an explicitly personal journey.) 21.00

WAXAHATCHEE - Out In The Storm DLP (merge - Deluxe LP version in uncoated gatefold jackets with silver foil detail, black dust sleeve, full fold-out poster, downlaod and a bonus ten track disc pressed on white vinyl.) 33.00

WICCANS - Sailing A Crazy Ship LP (Another flat-out ripper from Denton, Texas' WICCANS. Nine raging cuts of metallic-tinged hardcore mayhem featuring members of BAD SPORTS, RADIOACTIVITY, and VIDEO. Previous LP on Katorga Works. "Recorded by Denton legends MARK RYAN and JEFF BURKE (of Marked Men), the nine tracks are fast and ferocious, lacking the slow dirges of previous full-lengths. The boys are sailing fast, but maintaining complete control over their ship. The title track's intro gives listeners the uncertain, cautious sensation of a vessel lifting off, but a galloping pogo beat confirms that Wiccans have reached outer space, and are cutting through the cosmos at light-speed. This band gives me hope that hardcore can still be inventive and creative, while staying true to being what it is: angry, destructive music. Basically this is the best Wiccans record yet, and you'd be a fool not to pick it up."—A. Savage) 18.00

WILL BEELEY - Gallivantin' LP (Tompkins Square reissues two albums by Texas singer/songwriter WILL BEELEY—the self-released mega-rare (only 200 copies) private press LP Gallivantin' from 1971, and Passing Dream, originally released by Malaco Records in 1979. Recorded in San Antonio, Gallivantin' shows Beeley's heartfelt, folky side—a wistful set of original tunes, plus a cover of Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and a spaced-out, 10 minute-plus Eastern-influenced psych take on Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Little Wheel Spin & Spin / Co'Dine." Now a truck driver living in New Mexico, Will Beeley recently recorded his first new album since 1979's Passing Dream. Produced by Jerry David DeCicca of The Black Swans (who also produced Larry Jon Wilson's final album), the new one features Michael Guerra (The Mavericks), and is mixed by Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose, Cat Power's The Greatest). The album is slated for release on Tompkins Square sometime in 2018.) 20.00

WILL BEELEY - Passing Dream LP (tompkins square - Tompkins Square reissues two albums by Texas singer/songwriter WILL BEELEY—the self-released mega-rare (only 200 copies) private press LP Gallivantin' from 1971, and Passing Dream, originally released by Malaco Records in 1979. Recorded in Jackson, Mississippi, Passing Dream reveals the shifting musical direction of opposite sides of the '70s—a tougher, huskier, more alt-country sound emerging, presaging modern day troubadours like Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson. Released by Malaco Records in 1979, the album features the very first studio credit by guitarist LARRY CAMPBELL (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm), along with drummer JAMES STROUD (Marshall Tucker Band, Eddie Rabbitt), keyboardist CARSON WHITSETT (Paul Simon, Tony Joe White) and other crack studio players. Now a truck driver living in New Mexico, Will Beeley recently recorded his first new album since 1979's Passing Dream. Produced by Jerry David DeCicca of The Black Swans (who also produced Larry Jon Wilson's final album), the new one features Michael Guerra (The Mavericks), and is mixed by Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose, Cat Power's The Greatest). The album is slated for release on Tompkins Square sometime in 2018.) 20.00

V/A - Horrendous New Wave LP (lumoy - Sixteen track comp featuring AUSMUTEANTS, RIK AND THE PIGS, JANITOR SCUM, BB EYE, NANCY and others.) 16.00


IMMORTAL WAR - hell's razor TAPE (A sleazy 10 minute trip through the microscopic circuitry of Hell's Razor. Memorialized on cassette tape, Immortal War evokes sentiments of Venom, Bathory, and Sodom with this 4 song, no frills, pure metal assault. Music for the truly depraved.) 8.00


JOHN DWYER - Exploded Globes: An Annotated Collection Of Posters 1999-2016 BOOK (or the very first Castle Face book — a selection from the dusty vaults of John Dwyer’s prodigious poster output! Bold, brash, lovingly imperfect prints embellished with some stories of the nights in question as told by the man himself…don’t miss out on this or your coffee table will never forgive you. ) 38.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (Hurula, City Of Caterpillar, Vanum, WAXAHATCHEE,

ladies and gentleman, its friday - so here we come with lots news like a bunch of great new 7“s from Goodbye Boozie, new stuff thrill jockey like GLENN JONES - Against Which the Sea Continually Beats DLP, the new GRAVETEMPLE LP, a bunch of Stephen O Malley restocks of his iDeal records releases, PANOPTICON - Kentucky DLP, INTEGRITY - Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume DLP, Vukari Cd restocks and  lots more

Also the CITY OF CATERPILLAR - driving spain up the wall LP is officially out and their EURO tour just started. They are magic! Don´t miss them!!! Also the THE REMEMBERABLES - s/t LP is officially out now (they play their Record Release show tonight in DC with Royal Headache) .. we got a few colored versions of both left

besides that the WET THE ROPE tour starts in 9 days at the Fluff Fest on sunday

and the will be play Berlin on August 2nd with HENRY FONDA

02.08. WET THE ROPE (ADAGIO830, USA)  & Henry Fonda 

in general


Thank you
Robert & Klose & Norman
[email protected]

Also the


BAD BOYFRIENDS - s/t 7“ (From Little Rock, Arkansas the Bad Boyfriends!! 2 Punk cuts on a single sided 7"!!! tracks: " Cut in Line" and " Dirt Cheap" Fast - Rock'n'Roll - Punk !!!) 6.50

BIKINI COPS - Number Two 7“ (Punk garage KBD style band from Perth, Australia.  Btw. KBD means Killed By Death. FYI.) 6.50

DRAGGS - 3D Funeral 7“ (Draggs - raw R'n'R Garage Punk Lo-Fi , from Gold Coast, Aus. with Kel Mason ( GEE TEE ). It's something like Useless Eaters in the TRIP with Hawkwind !!!) 6.50

FRESH FLESH - s/t 7“ (goodbye booze - Fresh Flesh is a quartet from Memphis, with guitarist, Alicja Trout’s resume includes River City Tanlines,  Lost Sounds, and Sweet Knives. Luke Stubblefield (drummer) and Noel Clark (lead guitarist). Their sound falls somewhere between proto-punk bands of the 60’s and 70’s and garage rock revivalists of the early 2000’s.) 6.50

S.B.F. - Double Blind 7“ (From California S.B.F !!! This is new project with Cruz Somers ( goodbye booze - Socialites ) and Raymond Schmidt (Race Car) This is two new tracks on a single sided 7" !!! Mastered by Mike Kriebel. To date, they've also released a 7" Drunken Sailor records.) 6.50


AGOS -  Irkalla Transcendence LP (Greece’s Agos formed in 2014 by Van Gimot (credited with “Conjurations of Resurrection & Sorcery Echoes”) and Astrous (responsible for “Meditations & Overseer of Black Magik”). Their music has often been described as black / death metal, but debut EP Irkalla Transcendence is first and foremost a death metal release. The vocals are deep growls and higher pitched yells that still just about fit into death metal spectrum. ) 13.00

BLACK CAT BONES - Barbed Wire Sandwich LP (tapestry - Barbed Wire Sandwich is a psychedelic heavy blues rock album released by short lived Black Cat Bones in 1970. The original vinyl version of the album is now highly sought after by collectors of rock and heavy blues music of the late 1960s and 1970s. It is the only studio release of the band.) 20.00

CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Driving Spain Up A Wall LP (adagio830 - all records with a DL code and a heavy old style TIP ON SLEEVE and newspaper insert - Repeater Records and Adagio830 Records are proud to announce that they are jointly releasing City Of Caterpillar’s highly sought after song “Driving Spain Up A Wall” as a 12” EP. This 11 minute epic was never properly recorded during the band’s initial existence and only a few live recordings of the song from 2002 – 2003 have existed up until now. “Driving Spain Up A Wall” has been a long awaited missing piece of the band’s discography, but was recently recorded in their hometown of Richmond, VA and was mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studio. The B-Side of the 12” also includes the track “As The Curtains Dim (little white lie)”, which was originally recorded during the same sessions as City Of Caterpillar’s self titled LP in 2002, but has never been released on vinyl. Both songs on this 12” brilliantly capture the restrained and explosive intensity that City Of Caterpillar helped to define as a sound in the early 00’s, merging the styles of post-rock and shoegaze with punk and hardcore. This 12” will be out this summer to coincide with City Of Caterpillar’s first European tour and more U.S. shows in the Fall of 2017. The 12” will be released in the U.S. by Repeater Records and in Europe via Adagio830 Records.) 15.00

CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL / LETHE - split LP (A power package from Greece! Aggressive yet sometimes melodic female fronted Crust vs blackened HC/Crust. Comes with a nice 8 page booklet.) 12.00

DEUS IGNOTUS - Hexapterygon LP (Four years after their big change in their sound with the album Chrismation, the Greeks Deus Ignotus return with another full length album adding one more bestial creation the their musical journey. Hexapterygon contains eight compositions of overall duration of about thirty five minutes. Their second full length album continues the bestial Black Metal that they presented to us also into their first one, making the “orthodox” elements more intense, mainly with the themes they deal with, with the samples that they use as intros for some tracks as also into some passages. They are moving into fast pace patterns, their sound is brutal and dirty Black Metal that will remind you maybe of a more technical version of Von.) 14.00

FORNDOM - Dauðra Dura LP (nordvis - Let us wander towards the worlds beyond ours. Forndom and multi-instrumentalist L. Swärd returns with the entrancing debut album “Dauðra Dura”. After the very dreamy and successful EP “Flykt” (2015) it’s now time once again to enter the musical world of Forndom, a world where the music sets tone to the old Scandinavian way to live, believe and act. “Dauðra Dura” is in its core a musical interpretation of Death & how it was viewed upon in the old north. A dark, beautiful and genuine creation which must be experienced. Hear the drums far beyond and enter “Dauðra Dura”, The Doors of Death. ) 20.00

GAUCHE - Get Away With... LP (The first album redefined the position of women and appears as an ode to beauty and feminine energy. A struggle against subjugation within a patriarchal model. A real feminist manifesto in the form of mythology. 7 songs, 7 myths about an alienating and consumerist society. ) 15.00

GLENN JONES - Against Which the Sea Continually Beats DLP (thrill jockey - Against Which the Sea Continually Beats is Glenn Jones’ second album originally released in 2007 on CD-only by Strange Attractors Audio House. This first time vinyl issue has been re-mastered and features expanded liner notes written by Jones just for this release. 2xLP is pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a gatefold jacket including notes and tunings for each song and free download card) 25.00

GNAW THEIR TONGUES - Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent LP (counsouling - A shambling monstrosity Woven from charred bones and infernal technology, stitched with gristle and exposed wiring. Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent lurches like a grotesque assemblage of tortured flesh and mangled machinery, revealing the latest nightmare from Dutch fiend Gnaw Their Tongues. After more than a decade, the band continues to disturb with its uniquely dark and depraved blend of black metal, industrial and noise, and the eight-song Hymns shows Gnaw Their Tongues to be in prime killing mode.) 15.00

GORILLA ANGREB - s/t LP + 7“ (sart - One of the most remarkable punk rock groups to emerge out of Denmark, Gorilla Angreb’s active career lasted from the turn of the century to 2007, but they’ve been sporadically getting back together. Svart Records are present an expanded reissue of their complete recorded works.) 25.00

GRAVETEMPLE - Impassable Fears LP (“Guitarist Stephen O’Malley conjures distorted chords, controlled by a bank of effects pedals; vocalist Attila Csihar, famous for his time as singer for notorious and controversial black metal band Mayhem, ritualistically intones invented syllables that echo monastic chants; experimental musician Oren Ambarchi extracts strange sounds from his own looped guitar before moving to a drumkit to propel a scattered, urgent rhythm. Momentum overtaking him, a drumstick slips from Ambarchi’s hand, he breaks free of the drum kit, grabs for a beater, turns, and smashes the gong at the centre of the stage. For two long seconds the all-encompassing rumble that has amassed throughout the performance drones on with a kind of relentless inertia, still without a sonic acknowledgement of the visual climax. Finally, the pulsating wave from the heavily amplified gong reverberates through the corporate body of the audience, felt in physical vibration more than heard as sound. The musicians leave the stage, their abandoned instruments still expelling squalling sounds which gradually begin to dissipate. Listeners breathe out, perhaps open their eyes, raise their heads, shift their feet and awaken enough to clap and shout appreciation, before turning to friends or strangers, reaching for phrases and gestures, often in a vocabulary of ritual, mysticism and transcendence, which might become touchstones for recollection and communication of their individual and shared experience.”) 25.00

HEATHER TROST - Agistri LP (Heather Trost is best known for her work composing and performing as one half of A Hawk And A Hacksaw . She has also played with Neutral Milk Hotel, Beirut, Josephine Foster, and most recently Thor Harris of Swans. She has arranged and performed with the BBC Con- cert Orchestra, as well as conductor Andre De Ridder and his Stargaze Orchestra, and toured throughout the world. In 2014 she released her first solo project, a 7-inch on Ba Da Bing Records , followed in 2015 by Ourobouros, a limited edition cassette of expansive electronic ambient compositions influenced by Basil Kirchin, Terry Riley and Angelo Badalamenti on Cimiotti Recordings . These two projects propelled a full length album: named after a Greek Island, Agistri is a song cycle of freely formed pop songs touching upon soul, samba, and pop music of the ’60s and ’70s, with a subtle shade of psychedelia. Ambient and melancholic sounds interweave with hammond organs and ’70s Italian synthesizers , reflecting the desert landscapes of New Mexico, and the sparse shrubbery and turquoise water of the Aegean sea and its islands. Bolstered by contributions from Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeremy Barnes on drums and bass, Deerhoof’s John Dieterich on guitar, and Drake Hardin and Rosie Hutchinson of cult New Mexico band Mammal Eggs, Trost’s talents as a songwriter and arranger explode on this wonderful, often surreal album) 19.00

HOUSE AND LAND - s/t LP (thrill jockey - House and Land is the duo of Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle, shruti box, banjo, vocals) and Sarah Louise Henson (vocals, 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki). Sally and Sarah started playing together after Sarah opened for The Black Twig Pickers for whom Sally plays the fiddle. The duo quickly discovered that they were both interested in the same very specific forms of traditional music. Additionally, they both viewed it through the lens of their shared love of modern, experimental and minimal music. “We honor what two voices and bodies can do in one moment in time. It totally shapes our sound.” Their playing together is wholly unmediated, without amplifiers and using just two sets of hands and voices. With a minimalist approach, their music considers the space between notes as much as the notes themselves. The material on their debut is drawn from traditional southern hymns and Appalachian ballads that originated in England and elsewhere hundreds of years ago. Microtonality is as essential to certain Appalachian vocal styles as it is to a Tony Conrad composition and the often spare adornment to their singing puts these complexities on full display. The songs, however, are not entirely unadorned. Sally and Sarah are both masters of their instruments and on several tracks they bring in percussionist Thom Nguyen, who plays with an improviser’s ear.) 20.00

IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Blight Upon Martyred Sentience LP (profound lore - Australia’s Impetuous Ritual follow up their last album Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence with their new musical abomination of ambient death metal surrealism Blight Upon Martyred Sentience, which takes their unhinged vortex-like chaos into more abstract, cavernous, and otherworldly realms. With a sound even less conventional, weirder and alien than its two predecessors, this release harnesses a much darker atmosphere (if one could even imagine that would be possible), veering off into abstract noise and dark ambient, creating a more depraved, violent, torturous and malevolent audial canvas than any other band in extreme death metal today—the band has transcended and inverted the genre unto something of their own vision unparalleled.) 24.00

INTEGRITY - Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume DLP (relapse - Known for being one of the most incendiary and influential bands in hardcore and modern metal history, apocalyptic heavy music icons INTEGRITY return with their highly anticipated, 12th studio album entitled Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume. A conceptual foretelling of the final days of Armageddon, Howling... is a manifestation of pentecostal nightmares and religious depravities, wrought with fire and brimstone sermons and occult prophecies bathed in waves of destruction. Now with almost 30 years of creating dark and terrifying anthems under their belt, INTEGRITY have honored their past musical legacy while fearlessly moving forward into unchartered territory on what is undoubtedly their most elaborate and ambitious effort to date.) 25.00

IIVII - Invasion LP (counsouling sound - With his 2015 album “Colony”, Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex-Neurosis, ex-Red Sparowes, ex-Battle of Mice, …) coined the genre “Ambient Fiction” for his musical project IIVII. This moniker couldn’t be more apt, as Graham is exploring the boundaries between ambient music and science fiction themes. IIVII’s music is difficult to pigeonhole: making use of analogue synths and tape loops, the music refers to eighties film music on the one hand, a nod to the Berlin school ambient on the other hand, but nonetheless sounding refreshingly contemporary. The modus operandi of layering droning sounds and crafting eerie soundscapes is forwarded to his new album “Invasion”, but Graham expanded on the IIVII sound with more percussive elements, giving the music an extra drive and ominous urgency. As usual, the visual side of the album is absolutely stunning, hinting at the great invasion movies that make up the collective memory. We can’t wait to see “Invasion” come to life live, with Graham’s signature visuals complementing this incredible music.) 15.00

LEAF HOUND - Growers Of Mushroom LP (akarma - Growers of Mushroom is the first album by British hard rock band Leaf Hound (Leaf Hound formed in 1969 under their original name, Black Cat Bones.). The album reportedly took only 11 hours to record in Mayfair's Spot Studios. It has become a much-sought-after LP by collectors (a mint condition copy sold for $4329.00 USD in March 2016). Growers of Mushroom became a collectors item in the years to come and was voted the number one most collectible rock album in Q magazine. This is the only album by the classic Leaf Hound line-up. A few months after recording it, the group disbanded, but re-united in 2004, thirty-three years later.) 20.00

NADIWRATH - Circle of Pest LP (Hellenic Black Metal from Greece - w/ printed inner sleeve & bronze ink!) 14.00

ORPHAN SWORDS - License To Desire LP ("The ten-minute "Marchosias" sounds like an improvised jam, one that might be too messy for all but the most intrepid DJs. It builds into a droning blur with surging drums, echoed, incomprehensible vocals and all sorts of sharp edges. The record's two B-side cuts are even more compelling. "Asmoday" conjures its own mass of screeching, cackling distortion, but adds an icy sense of melody through a few sustained synth riffs, and fixes everything to a rolling kick. "Hooker" is the most subdued thing yet from Orphan Swords, but it's no less potent. Its steady bass thrums and light, hazy swirls of harmonized noise make for a supremely soothing comedown." - Resident Advisor Edition of 200 black/white label vinyl LP, full colour folder sleeve in heavy PVC outer with download code.)  25.00

OVAL - O DLP (Lim. Ed.) (val’s Markus Popp is a true pioneer in the realm of electronic music, one whose influence can still be heard today. O finally sees a return to vinyl after being sold out for over six years. Popp, who lives and works in Berlin, took some time between his last release under the moniker SO and the "Oh" EP because he wanted the new material to be a radical departure from his old concepts and methods on all levels, to essentially be a second "debut" album. For "O" Popp's creative process shares nothing with his creative process for prior Oval albums.) 25.00

PALEHOUND - A Place I'll Always Go LP (A Place I’ll Always Go, the sophomore album from Boston trio PALEHOUND, is a frank look at love and loss, cushioned by indelible hooks and gently propulsive, fuzzed-out rock. “This record represents a period of time in my life way more than anything I’ve ever written before,” says ELLEN KEMPNER, Palehound’s guitarist/vocalist. “A lot of it is about loss and learning how to let yourself evolve past the pain and the weird guilt that comes along with grief.” The hushed confessionalism of “Carnations” and the fugue state described in the stripped-down “Feeling Fruit” are snapshots of moments marked by big, confusing feelings, but they’re taken with compassion and honesty—two qualities that have defined Palehound’s music from the beginning. Previous album, Dry Food, received an 8.0 from Ptichfork. LP pressed on 180-gram pink vinyl. All formats include a download.) 18.00

PANOPTICON - Kentucky DLP (nordvis - With Panopticon’s 5th full-length album, Kentucky, Austin Lunn pushed the boundaries and blurred the lines between melodic US black metal and folk driven Americana. Bluegrass, with its high and lonesome sound and cultural and emotional significance, provided the perfect backdrop for Austin’s lyrical exploration of the Kentucky's rich cultural heritage and unique environment as well as coal miner's plight to stand up against the cruelty of a greed driven fossil fuel industry as they struggled to organize a union to fight against horrific working conditions. The album is about more than just coal mining is a love letter to the " blue grass state" and the beautiful people and places contained within its borders. The intensity unleashed by Austin’s black metal roots acted as a contrast alongside beautiful acoustic numbers that intermingled with the distortion to further empower the message upheld by this album. Pointing out the corruption and mistreatment of people and the envrionment by those in power isn’t a new concept, in fact it’s even more important now than it ever was, but let us not forget those who came before us who suffered and died fighting back for better pay, preservation of the environment and safer working conditions. To this day, Kentucky stands as Panopticon’s break thru album, filled with passion and fire for the subject matter it describes. The album presents a stark change from the preceding full lengths, "Social Disservices" and "On the Subject Of Mortality" as is leaves some of the darker, more traditional "Black" metal elements behind, in favor of more melodic and harmonious territory, opting instead to sit comfortably as "North American Folk Metal".  ) 29.00

PATTO - s/t LP (akarma - Patto is the first studio album by the British progressive rock band Patto (formed in 1970). It was originally released in 1970 on Vertigo Records. Comes in a gatefold sleeve, snakeskin texturized, externally and internally.) 20.00

QUATERMASS - s/t DLP (akarma - The trio consisted of bass player and vocalist John Gustafson, keyboardist J. Peter Robinson and Mick Underwood on drums. Underwood had previously played with Ritchie Blackmore in the Outlaws, while Gustafson had been a member of The Merseybeats. Underwood later became drummer with Episode Six, and was joined by Gustafson after Roger Glover left to join Deep Purple. The band took its name from Professor Bernard Quatermass, a fictional scientist who had been the hero of three science fiction serials produced by BBC Television in the 1950s, and were signed to Harvest Records. ) 24.00

RAVENCULT - Temples Of Torment LP (In terms of quality, blackness and brutality, Ravencult is the spearhead of the pulsating Greek scene. Framed by the distorted sounds of a gloomy monks´ choir, eight vicious songs barrel along like a high-speed train. The band masterly combines furious guitar attacks with morbidly vibrating melodies. In view of the album´s murderous and extremely raw overall impression, the melodic elements fight a losing battle. Nevertheless, they make an important contribution to the acoustic appearance of this impeccable debut. The same applies, of course, to the appropriate production. Ravencult´s tonal vehemence has been put in the right perspective due to the impenetrable and voluminous wall of sound. To avoid misunderstandings, the album is not overproduced. It just gives you no possibility to escape, because its full sound embraces you violently.) 16.00

THE REMEMBERABLES - s/t LP (adagio830 - The Rememberables (members of Coke Bust, Walk the Plank, etc.), from Washington D.C., deliver a modern blend of grunge, power pop and fuzzy 90s alternative, reminiscent of Superchunk, Weezer, & Dinosaur Jr., on their infectious debut album. Seven blistering tracks serve as a perfect accompaniment for your summer drive -- windows down, hair blowing, engine roaring fast down endless highways. In other words - loud, refreshing and catchy as hell.) 14.00

SIMON JOYNER & DAVID NANCE - Goat's Head Soup LP (grapefruit - Do Simon Joyner and David Nance love or hate the Rolling Stones’ Jamaican vacation themed 1973 follow-up to Exile On Main Street? You’ll have to listen and decide for yourself. It might depend on how sacrosanct you feel about classic rock “masterpieces”! One thing’s for certain, the Grimmer Twins version is a bit more raw and experimental than the original Glimmer Twins record. “Some of the songs had decent lyrics but terrible music, like Keith had just conceded the band to Mick at this point, so we wrote our own music. At least one song had to be totally re-written with new words and music because it was so awful that neither of us could think of how to save it. We kept the title. But the others just needed to be played by people who give a shit.”) 18.00

TOTAL VICTORY - National Service LP (Manchester-based Total Victory are a band having their cake and eating it. Delicately walking a balance between shiny accessibility and standing on a soapbox, they provide enough on their reissue of National Service (2012) to please a healthy cross-section.) 14.00

WHITE SUNS - Psychic Drift LP (flenser - New York City’s purveyors of noise White Suns have returned with a new full-length recording titled Psychic Drift. Following the deconstructed rock instrumentation of 2014’s Totem, Dana Matthiessen and Kevin Barry continue their inexorable plunge into sonic abstraction. This latest album consists of four long-form compositions where synthesizers, field recordings, cut-up samples and lurching rhythms form a tapestry of shifting layers. The focus here is on texture and atmosphere, utilizing repurposed aspects of drone, industrial and harsh noise to create claustrophobic soundscapes that ripple and groan.  White Suns has existed since 2006 and have released three full-length albums: Waking In The Reservoir (UgExplode, 2011), Sinews (Load, 2012) and Totem (The Flenser, 2014), along with a handful of small-run releases. Their material has received accolades from the New Yorker, SPIN, Pitchfork, and Tiny Mix Tapes among others. They’ve toured the U.S. extensively and garnered a reputation as a threatening and intense live act. ) 20.00

YASS - Night Wire LP (x-mist - NOW finally and at last available!!! The sophomore album from Germany's fantastic "Cyber-Punk meets Noise-Rock" twopiece! Their first one was already widely praised and acclaimed as a step forward into the future of Noise-Rock. Now on this new album, YASS sound even more compact, urgent, solid and diverse. With lesser parallels in sound to TEN VOLT SHOCK/KURT, and a definite step into their own spheres! Killer riffage, forceful and captivating tunes, powerfully driving drums and beats, combined to pure tension and dynamic tightness! 10 songs pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, with download-code included!) 12.00

YC-CY - Todestanz LP (x-mist - New 2nd full album from swiss band, and what a blast! A monstrous killer! Their first LP was already a dirty bastard of sounds, reminding of KARP, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, UNSANE, and more – and with this new LP they're going one step further, adding a sort of "Industrial" appeal to this LP. But don't get it wrong, it's not Industrial, or Noise-Rock, or Hardcore, it's an over-the-top intense and brutally nihilistic fusion of sounds known from these styles, and turning it into their own unique totally annihilating inferno.Desolation, dystopia, despair... and dance of death (what's actually the translation of the german album-title). Limited edition of 250 copies on heavy 180g-vinyl, with insert and download-code included!) 12.00


THE WIRE - #402 | August 2017 MAG (Inside this issue: Circle: Going strong for 26 years and with a back catalogue bursting at the seams, Finland’s spandex-clad hypno-rockers are open to anything. By Tristan Bath Phurpa: Tibetan religious rituals course through the sepulchral strains of the Moscow based choral trio. By Nikita Velichko Sapporo: Inspired by legendary Japanese underground drummer Ikuro Takahashi, a DIY scene headed by Cup & Saucers, Otaco, Shimettainu and more is blooming in Hokkaido’s capital. By Biba Kopf) 8.00

x we are more straight edge than you x

Re: BIS AUFS MESSER NEWS (Hurula, City Of Caterpillar, Vanum, WAXAHATCHEE,

hi, sometimes u need surprises - so here we go. The friday news come one day earlier since one of us will be at the fluff on friday for a heartbeat.

Besides that we have a few COC on swamp green, a couple THE REMEMBERABLES LPS on blue and some YCBAC LPS on bronze left .. in case u fancy one. Also the RUINED FAMILIES - education LP got repressed on red incl. a poster this time

We got a bunch of new releases in like the new BORIS DLP,  BOMBER JACKETS - Kudos To The Bomber Jackets LP on ALTER, CHAIN OF FLOWERS 7“ restock, SHEER MAG - Need to Feel Your Love LP (US press), PSYCHIC TV re issues, SQÜRL -  EP #260 LP on sacred bones and lots of restocks.

Also the WET THE ROPE tour starts on sunday at FLUFF and CITY OF CATERPILLAR play their last show at Fluff on Friday

Thank you


in general

WET THE ROPE tour you
Robert & Klose & Norman
[email protected]


ANTON KUBIKOV - Whatness LP (kompakt - While the last Kompakt offering from legendary Russian synthesists SCSI-9 dates back to 2008, when the duo released their album “Easy As Down” (KOMPAKT CD 068), co-founder and techno/house virtuoso ANTON KUBIKOV kept himself busy cultivating his own label Pro-Tez Records – and establishing a career as solo artist with a clear penchant for dub-infused soundscapes and ambient music. WHATNESS is Kubikov’s first solo full-length under his proper name, weaving airy and iridescent sonic tapestry that takes up where his excellent contributions to our Pop Ambient compilations left off. ANTON KUBIKOV’s special ear for ambience and tonal spaces was always an integral part of SCSI-9’s musical DNA that would alternate between tight dance workouts and vast melodic range – but it’s as a solo artist that he truly started to explore these spaces, following mysterious sonic trails into foggy, reverb-heavy territory. Kubikov’s contributions to the several instalments of our Pop Ambient compilation series announced the arrival of a promising new project in our talent pool – a promise more than satisfied with the immersive sound bath of first solo outing WHATNESS.) 19.00

BATHSHEBA - Servus LP (svart - From the depths of the black charcoal mountains rises the Belgian band BATHSHEBA. Fronted by She-devil Michelle Nocon (ex-Serpentcult, Leviathan Speaks & Death Penalty), carried by the punishing drums of Jelle Stevens (ex- SardoniS), massive vibrations from Raf Meukens (Death Penalty, Torturerama) and relentless riffs from Dwight Goossens (ex- Disinterred).) 21.00

BOMBER JACKETS - Kudos To The Bomber Jackets LP (alter - 'Kudos To The Bomber Jackets' is the horrifically wry new album from The Bomber Jackets. Following on from 'Lister,' their debut for Alter, 'Kudos To The Bomber Jackets' has a restlessness that takes broader strokes. It finds and holds a register of meandering hope by setting the perverted detail of domestic minutiae against an acutely self-conscious melancholy that cynically daydreams its way into an awkward middle-ground between profundity and platitude. ) 20.00

BORIS - Dear DLP (sargent house - New Boris album! Dear, released in the band’s twenty-fifth anniversary year, was distilled from three album’s worth of material down to double LP statement. It’s a real blast of a thing, as heavy and crunchy as ever. Apparently the band were considering wrapping things up, but writing and recording Dear invigorated them: now it can invigorate you too! ) 33.00

GARAGELAND - Last Exit To Garageland DLP (Deluxe) (flying nun -Deluxe 2LP Vinyl edition including tracks from the 'Come Back Special' and 'Fingerpops' EPs plus single b-sides.  Auckland New Zealand's Garageland made a big splash with their debut record Come Back Special in August 1995. The BFM favourites came out with five fresh pop songs that suggested a new wave of musicians were clutching the classic Flying Nun catalogue for inspiration and taking off to the garage to jam. ) 32.00

HEY COLOSSUS - The Guillotine LP (rocket - Hey Colossus have undergone a spectacular metamorphosis in the last three years - the 2015 Rocket Recordings double-drop of ‘In Black And Gold’ and ‘Radio Static High’ displayed not only a band with a work rate to put most all their contemporaries to shame, but one arriving at an atmospheric and rewarding sound with as much flair for the beguiling as the barbaric. ) 25.00

KING SORROW - Bow To My Wrath LP (ugly - For years, Bulgarian hardcore punk scene has had one of the most vibrant and engaged artists, labels, and gig promoters in Europe, putting on many great names like LAST HOPE, VENDETTA, EXPECTATIONS, START TODAY, BROTHERS IN BLOOD, ANOTHER DAY, BFH, INDIGITY, MEANSTREAM, REDOUND, STRATEGY X, OMERTA, and a lot lot more. KING OF SORROW features former and past members of EXPECTATIONS, FEEDBACKER and КПД-0, and these guys know exactly how to deliver a powerful, thick riffed and anger fueled offering. ) 13.00

MARIA RITA - Brasileira LP (optimo - n original copy of the Brasileira LP by Brazilian singer Maria Rita Stumpf has been on top of collectors' and music lovers' wishlist for the past couple of years, since "Cântico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiurá)" broke out and cast a spell worldwide – from Japan to Brazil, from Norway to South Africa, everybody was flabbergasted after they first heard the song, and each and every time they heard it again. For the lucky ones that could listen to her whole album – and get to know other gems such as "Lamento Africano/Rictus" and "A Cidade"– it is clear that it is an ouvre that more people should have access to, not only an elite of listeners and connaisseurs.) 21.00

PALM - Shadow Expert LP (carpark- In describing Palm to the uninitiated, it’s sometimes necessary to clarify the meaning of the group’s name by raising one’s hand in the universal symbol of greeting and goodwill. The act of corroborating the aural with the gestural occurs everywhere in their work. On their latest EP, "Shadow Expert," the syntax of popular music is regarded suspiciously and often subjected to revisions or reversals. Without formal training in their instruments, the players are left to determine their own musical language. ) 17.00

POLICE DE MOEURS - Dédales LP (Montréal synth pop Police Des Moeurs are one of the finest and rawest bands in the minimal synth/wave and cold wave scene. "Dédales", their third full lenght, is keeping the pure energy of their previous efforts while leaving greater room for atmospheric and textural considerations. The album will lead you into the passage zone between civilisation and wilderness, a mysterious place where truth, lies, light and darkness collide.) 18.00

PSYCHIC TV - Pagan Days LP (sacred bones - he newly remastered Pagan Day is a split release with Dais Records and Sacred Bones. Shortly before Christmas 1984, the core songwriters, Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson, of underground arts collective Psychic TV quietly released a limited edition record containing sketches and ideas for songs. Some songs would become later fully-realized arrangements, some abandoned and others were just covered in praise of their creator. The record, in recognition of its seasonal release, was simply titled A Pagan Day and would capture the intimate songwriting sessions that were prevalent during crucial time in the band’s career.) 20.00

PSYCHIC TV - Allegory & Self LP (sacred nones - he newly remastered Allegory & Self is a split release with Dais Records and Sacred Bones. Beginning in 1982, the conceptual audiovisual troupe labeled Psychic TV set out on a multimedia journey filled with subversion, liberation and rebellion. While the members’ previous works took root in the counterculture zeitgeist of late '70s UK punk and conceptual art, it was no longer a question of how to rebel against authority, but rather how to carefully subvert it through collective infiltration.  Parallel to Psychic TV, its members formed the anti-cult faction Thee Temple of Psychick Youth, further propagating the Psychic TV message and vision.  ) 20.00

RUINED FAMILIES - education LP  2nd press (adagio830 - 2nd press on red with Poster - Formed in 2010, Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band based in Athens, Greece. Following two acclaimed LPs and a 7", their new release is called 'Education' and features 10 songs spanning just over 17 minutes. Drawing elements from their previous work, 'Education' touches on 90s screamo, fast hardcore and post-punk.) 12.00

SENDERO -  Liberación LP (Sendero excel on their new full-length release with a full-scale assault of South American Vegan Straight Edge hardcore. The chugging metallic riffs, divebombs, impassioned vocals and ultramilitant lyrics are all there to make this a great record. Liberación is a solid foundation of power and intensity that we can expect only from a hardcore band with uncompromising politics and conviction to their beliefs. The band comes from Chile’s capital Santiago and this is their fourth release since 2013. Hearing such powerful records coming from that part of the world makes me feel that bands from Brazil, Argentina and Chile, are giving a serious ethical and political kick to the redundant hardcore punk scenes that we have today.) 13.00

SHEER MAG - Need to Feel Your Love LP (wilsuns - US press - tear in the firmament. Beyond the noxious haze of our national nightmare - as structures of social justice and global progress topple in our midst - there lies a faint but undeniable glow in the distance.  What is it?  Like so many before us we are drawn to the beacon. But only by the bootstraps of our indignation do we go so boldly into the dark to find it.  And so SHEER MAG has let the sparks fly since their outset, with an axe to grind against all that clouds the way. A caustic war cry, seething in solidarity with all those that suffer the brunt of ignorance and injustice in an imbalanced system. ) 18.00

SQÜRL -  EP #260 LP (sacred bones - Contradictions embraced: Although SQÜRL’s music is anti-mathematic, SQÜRL loves mathematics. We love the Fibonacci numbers. And magic numbers. Perfect numbers. Bell numbers. Catalan numbers. 260 is none of these. It isn’t a perfect number, and not factional of any number. It’s not even a regular number. 260, though, is the number of days in all Mesoamerican calendars. The Mayan calendar. The Tzolkin calendar. 260 is also the number of days of human gestation. (Orangutans also). 260 also has an elliptical connection to the dark rift; a series of molecular dust clouds located between our solar system and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. And although not a magic number, 260 is the magic constant of the magic square investigated by Benjamin Franklin, and part of the solution to a famous chess problem; the n-queens problem for n=8. 260 is also the country code for Zambia. And the US area code for Fort Wayne, Indiana.) 17.00

WORLD NARCOSIS - World Coda DLP ("With so much of today's generation of heavily stylized metal, grind and hardcore bands sounding pre-packaged, dry and fucking boring, World Narcosis' debut seven inch is a breath of fresh air. This shit is bananas in more ways than one. The pessimism and abandonment of the lyrics fit the spastic heaviness perfectly. Soaked in "evil chord" progression (see; "Deathbed" a long lost child of Need To Control Brutal Truth), blast beats and two-speed galore, singer Viktor Kaldalóns tops this cake of doom as he belts campfire pleasantries such as "We will never be well. Brainscam," "There's no home where there is control. We might as well give up - stand up - choke ourselves." And lastly "I'll let myself in dead shadows, before "I love you" ever reloads our guns again." Now, these are just short excerpts from the poems on hand to give you a glimpse into this Warped Tour bound material)  16.00


SHEER MAG - III TAPE (Tape version of their third EP! "Sheer Mag return with another four tracker of all killers and no fillers on Wilsuns RC / Static Shock Records. Nothing has changed on this record at all - it's all epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love. 'Can't Stop Fighting' is three and a half minutes of power pop meets classic rock and sits somewhere between the Shivvers and Thin Lizzy if such a place exists. 'Worth the Tears' is a little cleaner, mellower and soulful. Side two opens with the scuzzy and dense 'Night Isn't Bright' before the standout cut 'Nobody's Baby' - which sounds a 1978 classic rock hit that hints at Judas Priests' 'Living After Midnight' and Kiss in their prime. It's an instant pop nugget that sounds like a time long gone." (Sean Forbes)) 7.00

SHEER MAG - II TAPE (wilsuns - Tape version of their second EP!) 7.00

V0NT / MOLLY - split TAPE (Two great new Industrial / Dark Ambient bands from the Czech Republic!) 6.00

MOLLY - B-Sides & Rarities TAPE (Molly’s debut on the Czech DIY label Stoned To Death Records is a bona fide journey into the world of synthetic sounds - with plenty of noodling, twisting and tweaking, filtering and arpeggio(ing). No wonder one of the tags on his Bandcamp album page is John Carpenter, the legendary synthaholic. Synths become the medium and the message at the same time - from acidic Grill Cleaning Hell to Drinking From Forbidden Fountain which takes cues from cold and minimal wave (ala Martial Canterel). There are tracks where only the voice ofGenesis P-Orridge is needed to make it sound like Throbbing Gristle. ) 6.00

x we are more straight edge than you x