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Re: new emo bands

that you could be a copy 12" is sooooo good. need to get a copy when i've assessed how broke i am post tour.

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oh damn this control tape. serious assorted pork chops vibes.

Re: new emo bands

day's eye


Re: new emo bands

Cardiff People doing emo like Hoover or Mineral, with Slowcore elements like Mars to stay, Low or Red House Painters. Members of other bands such as Goodwill, Rancour, WaLL and Pink Grapefruit.

Message or Email me if you want to get your ears round a live Recording !!

Cardiff People doing more emo. Kind of burnt out into embers but members went on to form Fallow with others.


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fallow sounds very promising from that description big_smile

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yeah, can't wait to hear some stuff!