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Topic: PRE-ORDER-Disrotted/Ledge-M.I.T.B-Terminal Nation-Reproach-colour wax

PRE-ORDERS - ON THE WAY FROM THE USofA -- a great investment, apply here - https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com
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DISROTTED/LEDGE - split - LP colour vinyl.
green, purple and blue vinyl - limited to 500 copies only.
SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. Chicago sludge legends DISROTTED return for another punishing, miserable round of noisey chaos, this time partnering up with fellow-Windy City masters of hatred LEDGE, who make their vinyl debut on this 20min. split. Both bands spew out 1 track of pure malice using very different approaches, making for an interesting and unique showcase of doom. Members of SICK/TIRED, KUNGFU RICK, WEEKEND NACHOS - For Fans of Sleep, Discharge, Disrupt, Grief, Soilent Green, Weekend Nachos, Spine.
1. Disrotted - Sickle Death
2. Ledge - Lost Soul
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MAN IS THE BASTARD - Live On KSPC - LP - colour vinyl.
Charred Remains aka Man Is The Bastard - Live On KSPC 88.7 FM 1992 colour vinyl.
MAN IS THE BASTARD in 1992 were experimenting with 2 bass players and Barn's on a double neck guitar and Joel on drums playing very influenced by Jazz style beats and incorporating the songs with harsh vocals and hardcore punk violence. The best way to hear MAN IS THE BASTARD was live. Kenyon could give a story about the song and it would be an instrumental and it worked. This band as we know is a one of a kind and the vibe is captured at this recording of 1992. The Brutality Continues! For fans of Infest, Lack Of Interest, Bastard Noise, Neanderthal.
1. Ether Rag
2. Prune Belly
3. Tank Killer
4. (Tony Williams) Strifetime
5. Eunuch
6. Stocks
7. Skull Crusher
8. Heretic's Fork
9. Attempt To Damage
10. Secret Surgery
11. Blood Gutter
12. Existence Decay
13. Smile Trick
14. H.S.M.P.
15. Refuse To Thrive
16. Infibulation
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TERMINAL NATION - Absolute Control - 7" - colour vinyl.
Colour vinyl. From the dissonant introduction of opening track "Assembly Line" quickly cutting into a growling beatdown, the brutality is threateningly direct and focused without restraint. Tracks like "War in the Name of Peace" through "Violator/Violated" effortlessly cross their Infest and Weekend Nachos influences with the streetwise ferocity of metallic hardcore-meets-grindcore blasts and stomps. For fans of Sick Of It All, Infest, Lack Of Interest, Weekend Nachos, Spine.
1 Assembly Line 1:00
2 Numb To The Pain 1:03
3 Grave 1:02
4 War In The Name 0:35
5 Hand That Feeds 0:49
6 Pulse Of The Dead 1:25
7 Violator / Violated 2:43
8 Absolute Power, Absolute Control 1:58
9 Broken
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REPROACH - Desperate Shittown 7" colour vinyl.
Colour vinyl. New release by these unstoppable thrashing hardcore maniacs from Belgium. Six new songs full of anger, frustrations, and disgust. Hardcore! For fans of Boston Strangler, Negative Approach, Infest.
A1 To The Grave
A2 Reality Overdose
A3 Last Days
B1 They Never Were
B2 Not For Me
B3 Despair/Shittown


Re: PRE-ORDER-Disrotted/Ledge-M.I.T.B-Terminal Nation-Reproach-colour wax

DISROTTED/LEDGE and MAN IS THE BASTARD - Live On KSPC LP's are now in stock - the 7" are on the way.