Kunal wrote:

I sat next to Rutger Hauer on a flight to Groningen at the weekend. I should have said something but he must get that "tears in rain" Blade Runner quote said to him all the time. Should have talked about Blind Fury instead. He is pretty hench and was wearing a bright yellow North Face puffa jacket.

Kunal this is AWESOME!! I would have talked his ear off about Blind Fury cause I LOVE that film. Forget Blade Runner - I need info and anecdotes about The Hitcher, Salute of the Jugger, Wedlock, and the surreal Guinness adverts he made in the 80s.


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Lt_Nick wrote:

Mass Effect 3 (really)

Agreed! I cultivated an unhealthily obsessive love for Mass Effect and loved every single second of it, including the much maligned ending. The depth of the Universe they created and the story itself are just so fucking good. It's the best recent sci-fi of any medium, in my opinion.


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Saw less gigs than usual this year, but these were my favourites:

1. Goblin playing Suspiria @ ACMI
2. Fu Manchu @ The Hi Fi
3. At the Gates @ Billboard
4. Space Bong @ The Reverence
5. Cut Sick @ The Gassometer
6. Useless Children - multiple times
7. White Walls - multiple times
8. Flight of the Conchords (possibly more of a ‘stand up’ show rather than a gig but great nonetheless so I’m including it)
9. Absu @ The Bendigo Hotel
10. Extortion @ The Bendigo Hotel

Collectors Corner has taken over Missing Link and is actually on the same street a few doors down. It intermittently has some good stuff.

Record Paradise in St Kilda is worth a look, as are the assorted Dixons (the one opposite Yong Green Food in Fitzroy yields some good things from time to time). Heartland near Vic Market is good for metal and has some nice second had stuff in periodically.

the best two in my opinion are Vicious Sloth (more price-y high end stuff. all their records are immaculate condition) and Licorice Pie in Prahran.

There are a bunch of others around the city that throw up stuff from time to time. There is a leaflet with all the small record shops that you can pick up and work through smile

If you get the chance to do the Great Ocean Road or get into the country side then do it, but there's lots of cool tourist-y stuff within the city. The Gaol is meant to be very good (although i've not been there yet). The Eureka Tower is quite cool if you're comfortable with heights. If the weather is nice then the Botanic Gardens are great to mooch around in - they have an open air cinema there over christmas/summertime too.

The Astor cinema in St Kilda is an awesome art deco cinema that shows old double bills and recent movies and is well worth a visit.

Gig wise, Useless Children and White Walls play the Tote on 22 December. they are both great. Cut Sick playing the Gassometer on Christmas Eve and if you are around over New Years, Limpwrist are playing.


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There is a good bit in Jon Ronson's latest book, 'The Psychopath Test', about a group of people who believed the 7/7 bombings in London were faked by the government. Ronson interviews a survivor of the bombings who the conspiracy theorists accused of being a fictional character invented as part of the cover up! She even goes so far as to attend one of the conspiracy groups meeting to prove she is real and this just fuels the fire and makes them believe even more strongly in their theory she is 'fake'!

Also Jon Ronson's book 'THEM: Adventures with Extremists' is all about conspiracy theories and that sort of thing and is hugely enjoyable to read.


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I saw Takashi Miike's Hara Kiri remake at the Melbourne Film Festival earlier this year and enjoyed it quite a bit. Haven't seen the original to compare it to though and I have ZERO idea why it was in 3D. But it's worth a watch nonetheless.

Also saw SIGHTSEERS and it is excellent. Very funny. Very violent. I've really enjoyed all three of Ben Wheatley's films now and I reckon if you liked Down Terrace you'd also be into Sightseers. Although it's probably not for everybody!


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SPACE BONG from Adelaide. Saw them the other month and they were great.



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I've been digging these lately




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Brisbane is great. I love it there.

Some decent bands on tour in January:

Limp Wrist:
https://www.facebook.com/events/1234619 … l_activity


Iron Lung:


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XCom is doing my head in. I fucking HATE the Chryssalids.


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Agree about Oliver Stone. Platoon is fantastic, but other than that he is about the most overrated director going.

RobxT wrote:

Natural Born Killers is a fucking turkey

Totally agree with this - it is unwatchably bad. I've never been able to sit through the whole thing.


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Yes WAKE IN FRIGHT (aka Outback) is excellent! It's well worth a watch. Donald Pleasence is absolutely demented in it. It's great!


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Kunal wrote:

great film, directed by Steve Buscemi so maybe actors should step behind the camera sometimes
prison drama that is super low-key, un-flashy and just a simple story simply told
written by Edward Bunker who was in Reservoir Dogs and spent time in jail i believe so there you go
had a good time spotting character actors in this too, quite a few from The Wire

Not seen this, but the book is absolutely cracking, as is most of Bunker's output.


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Pags wrote:
Ad wrote:

Audience questions were somewhat punishing, but it was amusing to learn his favourite recent film is Ted!

this is so peculiar! thanks for posting this little nugget, i am going to spend tomorrow trying to work this one out now.

He said it was because it reminded him of how movies can just be fun and enjoyable. he came across as just a massive movie nerd and not at all pretentious.

Kunal wrote:

Memoirs of an Invisible Man if you are going to be charitable about Prince Of Darkness and They Live (which I very much am)

Although I've not seen Memoirs of an Invisible Man in years, I don't remember it being too bad? I definitely didn't realise it was Carpenter when I first saw it either.  But Chevy Chase was still good at that point, no?


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I went to see THE MASTER last week and enjoyed it very much. It's slow and generally without huge incident, and it looks fantastic. At times Phoenix and Hoffman are mesmerising. It's well worth a watch.  Paul Thomas Anderson did a Q&A too and came across as a very likable, down to earth bloke. Audience questions were somewhat punishing, but it was amusing to learn his favourite recent film is Ted!

PS I love THEY LIVE to pieces.
Although I've not seen Carpenter's version of Village of the Damned I reckon that probably marks the start of his decline because it looks terrible; and if not that then definitely Escape From LA.


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Layzell wrote:

I watched Into The Wild a little while ago after being recommended it repeatedly. I didn't like it, I'm not sure why. I think I didn't like the guy it was about, so every time he did something it tended to annoy and irritate rather than make me empathise or like him or anything. I don't necessarily think it was a bad film, just didn't like that guy and struggled to get past it. I don't know anyone who's seen it and didn't like it though, is there anyone on here who wasn't a fan either?

I haven't seen the movie, but that was largely my opinion of the book. I thought the bloke was such a pillock that it was really hard to get into. Almost gave up on it a couple of times, but persevered with it and warmed to it somewhat by the end, although I still think the bloke was a berk.


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I quite enjoyed LOOPER. Certainly, I thought the first half of it was excellent. Was a little bit over long and it lost it's way a little toward the end; the ending didn't make sense to me in terms of the time travel 'rules'/concepts that had been established earlier in the film. But generally I thought it was a decent and entertaining watch.

Also, BRICK is excellent. I don't get the hate for it.


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I recently finished Mass Effect 3 which took up all my time for the last couple months. Utterly LOVED it. Then I realised I didn't have the 'extended cut' endings so now I have to replay the last couple of hours of the game! Nevertheless, I don't get the hate for it. I loved more or less every single thing about this series.


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RobxT wrote:

Night Of The Creeps - First time seeing this. Mid-80s 'comedy horror', not my favourite genre nowadays but I wish I'd seen it as a teenager. I liked how it still tries to be creepy/suspenseful (with loads of nods to Carpenter, from the soundtrack to casting the guy from The Fog) without getting too Troma-ish. Not surprising that the director did Monster Squad, which I know most people hate but I have a soft spot for. Good fun.

Night of the Creeps is GREAT!! Slither gives a healthy nod to that movie for some of it's inspiration too, but that's no bad thing. I also rate Monster Squad too - saw it fairly recently and it still holds up! The Gillman/Creature From the Black Lagoon effects that Stan Winston did for that film are AMAZING.

Berberian Sound Studio is very disappointing incidentally. Saw it earlier in the year and it starts off rather nicely but ends up being a total mess and I had no idea what was going on for the last third of it!


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windofpain wrote:

The one thing I've noticed since moving to Australia is how good you have it in the UK as far as regular gigs/touring bands go. It's easy to take it for granted that there are a couple of gigs a night in the big cities and constant touring bands from Europe/US/etc.

This is definitely true of my Aus experience too. On the plus side though because there aren't as many touring bands coming through it means the local bands are appreciated a lot more, and generally speaking I would say the quality/quantity of local bands (in Melbourne at least) is pretty great.

As to the board being quiet - I still check it most days, but if it's moving slowly then I don't always feel like posting. Bit of a vicious circle I suppose. Plus I would say a lot of record talk that I had/have with friends on here just defaulted to facebook like everything else. I barely even get any interesting emails these days - it's all facebook messages!

Also, Kunal's pun threads were the pinnacle of human existence and it's been all downhill ever since.


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here's some footage I took of when they played Melbourne last year. they were great.

Walls - part1

Walls - part2

haha this is fantastic. I like the fact the video is appropriately titled 'Rich Levene' with no actual mention of Green Day!
Little did people in the room know that they were in the presence of the man who would one day bring the 'butterfly dance' to an adoring public.
Plus, Rich isn't even grey at this stage!!!


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I love the Dwarves, but I had absolutely no idea until this thread that Blag was in Spongebob!!! this makes them even more awesome than i ever realised. MIND.BLOWN.


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On Saturday arvo I went beer exploring before going to the movies, and tried a couple of beverages. There were one or two more that I tried but can't seem to find links for, including a dark lager that was filtered on through Anzac biscuits! It was surprisingly light and very tasty!

The Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefeweizen, was nice drop
http://www.brewsnews.com.au/2012/02/mad … oppy-hefe/

and the Brewboys Ace of Spades stout was absolutely cracking


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I also thought The Avengers was great. Didn't think the script was bad at all and I chuckled quite a lot throughout. Loki was a great villain and I also liked the fact that everyone had something to do and none of the characters got lost - as is sometimes the danger with ensemble movie like this. As much as I like Ang Lee's Hulk - and I totally agree that it's underrated - I think the Hulk gets the best treatment of all in this film. Ruffalo is great as Banner, and all of the HULK action was just total FUN.

I still think my favourite of all them is the first Iron Man movie but The Avengers was certainly hugely entertaining. I might even go see it for a second time this weekend and I can't remember the last time a film made me want to do that.