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Null & Void are well worth a listen for fans of the Zounds / Mob type sound (also a bit like early Cure). The lyrics are more about alienation than explicitly anarcho.

also - Poison Girls

Awesome intense hardcore from Saltillo, Mexico
https://losrevolucionarios.bandcamp.com … s-of-fears

Raging crust from Sheffield

Agression, depression, hatred and fear

Ripping death grindcore
https://goreheadofficial.bandcamp.com/t … first-limp

Suggested donation £5. All £££ goes to travelling bands, any leftovers to PARTISAN COLLECTIVE.


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Tout Suite have a new 7" out. "Two piece DIY D-beat Fuzzcore" on Prejudice Me and Pumpkin records: https://toutsuite.bandcamp.com/



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These places for vegan stuff in Barcelona:
https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restauran … lonia.html
https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restauran … lonia.html


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Amazing line up!


We're a Manchester based band looking for a drummer. We've been going for a couple of years and are gently evolving to a sound we're pretty happy with - its pretty much a post-punk, indie-rock sort of thing with riffs and nice vocals.
We're currently called HOEK but we recorded some stuff as Rice & Three that we're not especially proud of, although it might give you an idea of how we sound (promise we're better than this now): https://riceandthree.bandcamp.com/track/northern-rail.
The guitarist (me) and the bassist were previously in Invisible Labour and Cash For Your Stories:
https://cashforyourstories.bandcamp.com … ity-living

Get in touch if your interested tommo(_)wise(@)yahoo(.)co(.)uk


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We put on DIY gigs on in Manchester, mostly HC and punk but up for anything really, as long as we like it and you're nice.

contact: tommo_wise (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


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REALLY enjoying these at the moment

(Not that new, sorry if they've been posted before)



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Watched this a few times - I used to walk under this bridge nearly every day

Sorry - doesnt really fit here...

General Disdain wrote:

Amazing Far Eastern cityscapes.


These are pretty cool and dizzying!


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Liverpool Echo again:

Christmas elves beaten up and threatened with air gun at Formby lights switch-on

http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liv … d-10490574

"They also stole their hats from their heads."


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caroline wrote:

Enjoying these guys http://milkcrimes.bandcamp.com/releases

me too

One Way Ticket To Cubesville - funny, informative and very well written http://ticket-to-cubesville.blogspot.co.uk/

I've used tapeline for duplication a couple of times - both runs of 50 cassettes - and I've zero complaints other than the occasional communication problems. I've always picked stuff up though rather than have it posted.

I've printed inlays onto thick paper using the work copier before and found the ink wears off around the folded edges. For the last release i did, I got the b/w covers done at a proper printers and the quality is loads better. It was also pretty cheap: 60 2-panel double sided Jcards for £7, thats without getting them cut to size.

Tapeline actually gave us the tip of using ALDI's online photo service to get cheapo colour inlays. They do 4x6" prints for 5p each. https://shop.aldiphotos.co.uk/shop/view … mp;lang=en


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sorry for the self-promoting

Ex/current Invisible Labour and Well Wisher


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I'm heading to Australia in a couple of weeks and will be spending a few days in Melbourne. Any recommendations for record shopping, veggie&vegan eating, nice places to get drunk or seeing bands?



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ClawCarver wrote:

Tenement - Predatory Headlights
I've played it over 100 times, it's the best lp of the last 15+ years. It's like if Bob Mould and Grant Hart wrote songs together rather than individually.

Agreed, its very very good (although best lp of the last 15+ years might be a bit of a push). There's an almost overwhelming amount of standout songs, it deserves a lot of listens. I really love the extended jammy weirdness of side 3 as well, I was afraid these sort of tunes would come across as obvious filler for a double LP but they work.
I can understand how their sound could be a bit marmite though.


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things like this are great for recording riffs/practices, particularly if you can control the mic input level. Handy for recording gigs too. http://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and … tAodDHQACg


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The last season of Mad Men felt like a bit of a waste of time.
Enjoying watching Girls despite my initial nausea (its pretty much Friends meets Vice mag).


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Andy Malcolm wrote:
Oli P wrote:

Have given into Game of Thrones finally, eating thousands of uninformed opinions I've given as to why it's rubbish. Now love it.

current season is a bit disappointing though. first time i have not been watched the episodes as soon as they are available.

have to disagree there, every episode of this season has been a corker, especially this weeks!


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Me and my mate Adam do a punky dbeat thing called Tout Suite. We're putting out a tape very soon, here's half of it:



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Im not sure if they ever actually split up but saw Poison Idea last night - i certainly never expected I would. They were awesome! I was pretty terrified they would be terrible (and recent live footage didnt do much to reassure) but they totally killed it.

Gutted I'm on the wrong side of the world for Out Of Spite this year sad


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I really enjoyed We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet Collected Interviews. Good stuff from Jody Bleyle, Los Crudos, Duncan Barlow, Noam Chomsky as well as professional talking heads like Rollins, Biafra, Ian McKaye etc.


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I recorded my old band a few years ago, as none of us had any experience in such things i decided to do it as cheap / DIY as possible. I bought a behringer condenser mic and a 2nd hand vocal pre-amp, but other than that just borrowed mics from the practice room we recorded in. I put all the mics through the pa in the room, into a (pretty crappy) DI box, then into a laptop running audacity (i even made a pop-shield from some tights and a coat hangar). We got hold of a copy of amplitube which was great for DI'ing the bass.
The results were pretty good, despite the various limitations meaning the drums could only be recorded to one track and in mono.


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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … hours.html
more brilliant drunk automatic-writing from liz jones