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another killer Brighton band - raw primitive hardcore punk & great live

tape soon on Quality Control


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not a Mixcloud, but I made this & people here may enjoy it

Just got a copy from Missing The Point distro - great stuff


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someone buy those OTAN ep's - best band

Great new Brighton band

for fans of Boston Strangler and Negative Approach


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reports from Leeds and on this tour Amsterdam / Berlin have been good

worth it for EGS, State Funeral and Never as well - solid line up


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this band / this song

special for Trans Pride Brighton


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this coming Friday


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so good, so catchy

RobxT wrote:

Posted in another thread already, but...3 preview tracks taken from the upcoming debut Whipping Post 11-song LP 'Spurn Point'. Available later in 2017 via Whip It! Records. Have a listen: https://whipping-post.bandcamp.com/albu … lp-preview

these are great


There is a BRIGHTON DIY HARDCORE PUNK NOISE facebook page which is really helpful

So many gigs down here I can't make them all, sometimes 3 on the same day so it's all gone a bit crazy (in a good way)

If you like Hardcore we have State Funeral, Vile Spirit, Gutter Knife, Never, Human Leather, Telekinesis, Structure, etc & there seem to be ton of shows, and the Rotten Foxes do the more Punk/Garage Punk gigs 

Venues: The Quadrant, The Cowley, The Albert, Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, Westhill Hall, Greendoor Store, Hope & Ruin

Heshones Collective & Gob Nation put on gigs & have facebook pages for updates


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this Sunday


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No Gutter Knife now - so Structure up 1st

new recordings here... so good

new recording just up, so good


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He got more copies in


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Bandcamp now up


Saturday, September 23 at 7 PM - 11 PM, £6 OTD

Dauðyflin + ROHT (Iceland)

Cowley Club, 12 London Road, BN1 4JA Brighton

Absolutely furious Icelandic hardcore punk. And for you non-natives the title Ofbeldi translates to Violence which is a very appropriate description of the sounds you'll find here. Twisting daggers fuzz guitar, murder-chorused bass, streetfighting beats and vocals that melt a body down like an acid bath. [Iron Lung Records]

Stomping isolationist noise punk with a raging undercurrent of industry and primitivism from Reykjavik. This new ep, their first, shows a much noisier and angrier side of what was once an industrial solo project. All sung in Icelandic.
Along with Dauðyflin, these folks are fostering a cold hardcore outsider vibe in a place that has had a rich tradition of punk/pop that's not widely known for it. A truly exciting discovery. Never under estimate the remote reaches of our community, you'll be zapped every time. [Iron Lung Records]

+ supports

OUT SOON!!! - Taking PRE ORDERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All orders will ship in early August

Europeans please order a Euro pressing from LA VIDA ES UN MUS in London.
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It has been nine years since our last release.
Limp Wrist brings you 11 new trax of complete punk faggotry, not for the weak at heart
and never will be. Comes with 40 page booklet containing lyrics, photos,
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DAGGER “Writhing in the Light of the Moon” EP
These young punks from Northwest Indiana rage forward with their rapid-fire, energetic, blasts of early U.S. influenced hardcore/punk. Totally killer! (400 black vinyl 100 color)

Distributors in the US or Canada please get in touch about getting copies and wholesale rates.

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