Been on a real Pegboy kick the past few weeks. Absolutely everything they did stands up well.


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Something in the water on Discogs this week. Two people wanting to know where their CDs are, a day after payment despite it being marked as shipped. They're in the fucking post, mate.


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Really dig the new Wen EP on Big Dada:

Wave Force, the new 12" from Daywalker + CF is class. Pulsing kinda house-y, kinda electro-y techno. All their 12"s to date have been bangers. This one is on Daywalker (also records as Entro Senestre)'s Bank Records NYC label, which is one of my favourite labels currently:

Speaking of favourite labels, Wisdom Teeth have just put out a new 12" by Duckett. Ambient techno, slightly electro tinged. … w-premiere Wisdom Teeth's On Live Vol 1 comp is worth checking out for the Simo Cell track alone.


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Skogsberg wrote:
Allez Alle wrote:

really like where disco turns into house music too - quite a massive overlap.

Yeah definitely right - in stuff like Man Parrish and Hashim, Newcleus etc.

Also the Klein & M.B.O. singles are pretty great for that period (1983) and a massive influence on House music I'm sure.

And then later on, NY garage is really just disco with a slightly higher tempo. I was listening to a Henry Street comp recently and it just dawned on me just how many Salsoul samples were used!


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Some of Danny Krivit's Salsoul disco edits currently. Probably Cybotron after this.


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Volume 1 of the Soul Jazz Boom Box comps, early hip-hop/disco/electro. Definitely interested in that proto-hip-hop/late disco stuff that's sorta forgotten about since hip-hop discovered James Brown samples. I really like where disco turns into house music too - quite a massive overlap.

Up next: Miles Davis - In a Silent Way.


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Career Suicide - Machine Response
Karriem Riggins - Headnod Suite
Artefact - Votive Offerings
Actress - AZD

These four of my favourites so far.


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Well, that time of year is here again. I thought I'd start a thread where you can say what you're after, what you're not and why it fucking sucks, man.

It's not an amazing year - I'm getting the Superchunk comp (it's really expensive though, the Townes van Zandt live LP, the DJ Pierre comp and the Blacula OST. The Czarface comic/LP is a maybe.


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Really enjoying Headnod Suite by Karriem Riggins. It's probably my album of the year so far. His older stuff (Alone/Together) is great too. Instrumental hip-hop but with a really nice jazz edge to it.

J-Zone's last album (Fish N Grits) is excellent too.


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Lazy Sunday morning replying to emails. On the turntable has been:

- DJ Rashad - Double Cup. The only footwork I've heard that I find relaxing. It's really blunted when most is quite anxious and twitchy.
- DOA - War on 45. Recent purchase. Was expecting more like Hardcore 81 and Something Better Change. Maybe it's a grower...
- Pegboy - Strong Reaction. Really wish they'd released more stuff but three perfect albums.
- TV Crime - Hooligans. My favourite 7" of the past year, garage-y power-pop but different to the stuff coming out of Canada (that I also love)


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Late to the party but I've been watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and love it. I'm seven seasons in and it's the most I've laughed at a comedy in years.


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Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote. Love it, his prose isn't dry at all but really makes you feel the heat of the south.
Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds. A reread, a bit drug heavy but the stuff on the three cities of US dance music - Detroit techno, Chicago house and New York garage - is pretty great.


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As a kid I used to love Warhammer Quest as it could be played alone. Lost to my dad's great purge of my stuff when I left home. Luckily all the Blood Bowl stuff survived.


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Hidden Spots - Hundred Million Voices (the Chattanooga love continues)
Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity (first LP by them I've bought and I can't stop listening to it)
John Coltrane - Bahia
Cannonball Adderley - Takes Charge (been listening to lots of jazz lately)
Don Cherry - Brown Rice (amazing Afro-jazz fusion, sounds otherworldly)


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I like the Razorcake podcast. Found a few new bands through it, heard plenty of stuff I already like too.


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Bought Flip City recently. It's fun, but takes longer than it should and ends up as quite a random grind. Cheap and cheerful though, and can be played alone.

Also got Inns and Cathedrals for Carcassonne and like it a lot!

Did you lot see that Games Workshop are working on a re-release of Blood Bowl? LRB6 (the last ruleset, rather than a new one) with a few modifications and a load of new models.


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Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit (held off on this despite loving Fela, probably because of the title - it's great. Harder edged and funkier than most of his stuff)
Miles Davis/Sonny Rollins - Dig (I usually like my jazz a bit cooler but this is growing on me)
Basement Benders - Lydiad (everything that comes out of Chattanooga seems to be amazing)
VA - Who Put The Bomb? (powerpopperfection)
Flamin' Groovies - Supersnazz (more of the above)


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Is there a league code?


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Really into Bjarki lately. Found him on the new трип comp When I Was 14 (which is probably most notable for having an Aphex Twin - as AFK, so more punishing than his Aphex stuff) - the whole comp is pretty solid but Bjarki and Nina Kraviz stand out. Bjarki's just released an LP on трип too.

Opal Tapes (run by Bish from Drunk in Hell) is still smashing it - Bem Inventory by Patricia and The First Step by Russell EL Butler are among the best things Opal have done to date.

Cannot wait!


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RobxT wrote:

- Someone sending me a Bob Marley record instead of the cheap Hendrix one I'd ordered.

Reminded me of my friend who worked at Music Zone telling me that he had to repeatedly stop the staff putting Miles Davis CDs in the urban section...


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Land of Treason was a great distro. Whatever happened to Pete? (I think it was Pete)


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Scanner and Real OD definitely. Both done by people on the same street!


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shabeen scene wrote:

Blasted this again while cooking tonight, hit the spot

Sick Sick Birds were amazing. The title track from Gates of Home is one of my favourite ever songs.


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Always thought Former Cell Mates were pretty soulful, especially their first album: