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This made me feel really wicked - banging tunes lol


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Yes mate, I recommend the soundtrack to Turner & Hooch, wicked Wildhearts score.


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Timothy C Holehouse wrote:
PAvI wrote:

Maybe plugging yourself twice in a best of list is poor form.

Maybe if you had some career form yourself you might have aright to comment.



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Pretty Things - SF Sorrow LP (Stereo) !
Bert Jansch - L.A. Turnaround LP
Alton Ellis - Sings Rock And Soul LP (reissue)
Neil Ardley - A Symphony Of Amaranths LP (!)
James Mason - Rhythm Of Life LP (reissue)
Conan comic


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Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut LP
Sven Liebak - Misty Canyon 7"
American Ninja DVD
4 Bruce Lee fighting books
Source Direct - Future London 12"
Foul Play - Vol 2 12"
Black Hole graphic novel
Jim Sullivan - UFO LP (Reissue)
Nucleus - Elastic Rock LP


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Oli P wrote:

Anyone have any recommendations for someone who likes King Tubby, I-Roy and hasn't listened to anything else?

Keith Hudson
Yabby You
Prince Far I
Creation Rebel


(now living in Ramsgate and doing nights there all the time)


and one of my faves: Junior Delgado - Sons of Slaves

Added: 19-05-2014 23:03:54

Also - this Barrington Levy LP is one of the best LPs ever



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how come they're so far up the bill?


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It's worth checking out stuff on Tuff Scout (based at Out On The Floor recs).

I would also suggest listening to Tempo by Anthony Red Rose.


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Current 93s' rap song with Bjork are pretty scary


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LYFDTW!Z wrote:
chris-thrash wrote:

Good record shops, nude park sunbathing, fast streams, big beers…a real wicked scene over there!

Sounds excellent!

Any specifics?!

It's been years since I went there mate, Im sure Rough Guide will be a better guide than me. I know they have a huge "black" (their words not mine!) record fair there once in a while that is legendary. The bars are amazing and the shops were wicked. Theres some squats there where they have crusty gigs. In The park you can get naked and ride the really fast current streams. There is also a very cool water park there. Must be some German people on here that are better to give advice. My memory is so battered I couldn't even recommend somewhere in Margate..


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Ellie R wrote:
chris-thrash wrote:

Are they just "Dad stories" due to their age and sex?

I'm just being an arsehole really, but like when one guy holds up some well-leafed copy of NME that he's on (David Brent moment), making cringy definitions of hardcore 'don't care about popularity and all that shit', 'boring chords but that's what we liked', and then some one else goes on about how funny it was when green day stayed at his house or something. Like 95% sure I remember someone saying 'kids now are all trendy and shit' etc. Do you know what I mean haha!?

I have to say though I do actually like lots of dads. Mine is wicked.

LOL wuv u Ellie. I love my Dad too.


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Good record shops, nude park sunbathing, fast streams, big beers…a real wicked scene over there!


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MemorialDay wrote:

will come they to germany???

hope so!!!!!


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Are they just "Dad stories" due to their age and sex?


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The! Lights! Alive!


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ewan wrote:

a couple of Billys

Yes mate!!


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the garage one was really good, I enjoyed them all though.

Go Sailor - Ray of sunshine
Heavenly - I fell in love last night

I wonder who's in them from EOTCP?


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elsubolouso wrote:

some talking heads, pieces clipped from youtube, Tommy Stupid flicking through record racks
another pitiful disaster at documenting a scene

Thats a bit harsh


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garyoak wrote:

Are there more to come?

Theres a Jungle one on soon, should be totally badboy!


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I did, I loved it. Thought it was really well done. I would love them to do a proper full length doc actually, would have loved to have seen interviews with Heresy, Doom and ENT. Tommy Stupid seems like a bit of a legend!

All of the ones in this series have been really well done if you ask me.


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I'd have to say Refused; they can travel from post-core Deftones meets Integrity (an acid!) to powerful Berghain infused techno in a millisecond. So much sickness.


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Kiss - Dynasty LP (Japanese)
Kiss - I Was Made For Loving You 12" (French)
Cybotron - Clear 12"
Lemon D - Toxic Rhythms 12"
Alice Coltrane - Ptah, The El Daoud LP
Sword Of Jah Mouth - Invasion (Reissue)
Crash Course In Science - Signals From Pier Thirteen 12" (Reissue)
Nucleus - Solar Plexus LP
Bullit OST LP
Bulldozer - IX LP
Michael Bundt - Just Landed Cosmic Kid LP
Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP
DJ Kid Twist - Ruffkut 12"
Tom & Jerry - It's All Over 12"
Tom & Jerry - Let Your Spirit Rise 12"
DJ Fokus - I Want 12"
Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison 95 12"
Tony Oxley - Ichnos LP
Gavin Bryars - After The Requiem LP
Cobra - Back From The Dead LP
DJ Rush Puppy - Bad Man Lighter 12"
The Abomnible Dr Phibes OST LP
Scott & Keith - Deranged 12"
Cloven Hoof - Dominator LP
Blo - Phase 2 LP (Reissue)
DJ Exodus - Rude Boy Dem 12"
Mankind - Country Life 12" (Reissue)
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic LP
Celtic Frost - Emperor's return MLP
Tango - Future Followers 12"
Ian Carr - Belladonna LP (Spaceship)
Don Cherry - Here And Now LP
Graham Collier - Songs For My Father LP
Marduk - Glorification LP
Maniac Cop OST LP
Nookie - Return Of Nookie 12"
Ramp - Come Into Knowledge LP
Reel To Reel - Love Me Like This 12"
The Meters - Cabbage Alley LP
The Meters - Trick Bag LP
V/A - Warfaring Strangers LP
John Surman - How Many Clouds Can You See LP
Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command 7"
Herbie Hancock - Flood LP
Aphrodites Child - It's Five O'Clock LP
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse LP
The Go Betweens - Cattle  And Cane 7"
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - S/T 12"
Ray Russell - Turn Circle LP
Keith Hudson - Nuh Skin Up 12"
Impetigo - Horror Of The Zombies LP (Reissue)
Craig - I Must Be Mad 7" (Reissue)
The Rings - I Wanna Be Free 7"
Bonnie Dobson - Good Morning Rain LP
Zed - Visions Of Dune LP
Moondog - S/T LP
Jah Shaka - Lion Youth 12"
The Snivelling Shits - Terminal Stupid 7"
Television Personalities - Where's Bill grundy Now? 7"

Sorry, been a while...

Have you checked out Six Foot Ditch?