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Allez Alle wrote:

As a kid I used to love Warhammer Quest as it could be played alone. Lost to my dad's great purge of my stuff when I left home. Luckily all the Blood Bowl stuff survived.

The android ios warhammer quest app is good. That's what has made me want the cardgame


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Having a job involves losing control. Now proud owner of ticket to ride (europe), agricola, 7 wonders 2 player, Pathfinder (plus expansions) and eyeing the warhammer quest card game next.. and the other elder sign expansions.


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Lots of things on Stonehenge records


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Looking forwards to seeing malcs interviewed on bbc 4 talking earnestly about different eras of promise ring.


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All is lost


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Joe C wrote:

who's staying up?

Always. Not positive


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People need to get to terms with the fact that we've finally caught up with much of Europe (and elsewhere), and no-longer have a system of binary majorities, despite having a FPTP system that is gamed to favour this. Its annoying that people (goaded by the right-wing press) believe that there has to be a "winner", and this "winner" has to form parliament, or its not legitimate.

The conceit of both, including Labour, demonstrates this. Refuse to even contemplate deals in the run up, and claim that only a majority works. The best line I heard last time (Andy GI off 'ere), was that it would be pretty interesting if the smaller parties had a manifesto stating what they would attempt to do in a coalition, where red lines were, priority and secondary policies. This would at least be hones). It'd make, say the greens for example, more believable, than the current "A green government will" line.

I would imagine that a further election would erode both of the major parties positions yet further.


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The "No SNP deal" is comical. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Remains to be seen how it all pans out.

Added: 07-05-2015 00:30:19

What is more lol, is that the article bears no relation to headline..




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I loved Leo's prophecy about "sat around in houses that look like Ikea Catalogues..."

They certainly look the part.

The straw hat is quite special. My genre-hopping guess is Mystery Guy Hardcore


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"The album was produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, Nick Cave). "Elektra" and "366" were produced and co-written by Shellback, the Swedish pop superproducer who has worked on countless massive hits by Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Pink, and others""

The song, you may be shocked to find, is shite.


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Not pro, just countless hours on Infinity Engine games..

I do like how cohesive and well pit together the ruleset is. Just so many improvements and small changes. Cant stand Chanters though


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Andy Malcolm wrote:

what difficulty level are you playing on?

Hard + Expert Mode.

I thought I was just rubbish at the game at the start, but you have to really get to grips with the ruleset. I''m still crap at evaluating buff/ debuff spells and abilities though.


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Pillars of eternity is great! loving how hard it is


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Morrowind has other awesome places, especially Vivec/Ebonheart and the Dwemer/ Daedric ruins.



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Red Dead Redemption, especially Hennigans Stead


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Andy Malcolm wrote:
Gloom wrote:

I've been enjoying the infinity engine remakes, and this looks like it should do the trick.

played the first 30 minutes, i think it will be a lot of goodness!

It looks it. I spent MANY years fruitlessly waiting for baldurs gate 3, and the art/ graphics/ reviews all suggest this it in all but name..

Just need to finish zailing the zee first..


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I've been enjoying the infinity engine remakes, and this looks like it should do the trick.


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Andy Malcolm wrote:

skramo is probably more popular than ever - see dog knights productions

You're not kidding: 76 releases!


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I was waiting for input from the big K! I've tried finding sci-fi myself but the only thing that's clicked so far has been Azimov, so thanks.

Some excellent stuff, I am a huge sucker for alt history, especially WW2, so cheers ewan!

I did read the first dune, but the second one seemed a chore so I gave up.


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Where do I start? I like politics warfare backstabbing and intrigue. Alternative history and horror aspects good too


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ash urland wrote:


new resurrectionists side thingy.
abit excited to see what'll come out of this.

also, "... We are Saligia, a new screamo band pretending it's '99 again."

Oh! a new thing that will be good


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Ah, I've been looking on how to break the big echo block I'm stuck on. It seems its not really a game you can grind on, (as I tried with previous captains) as eventually the oil and supply cost costs more than port reports and whatever else you have cobbled together. Been following the Blind Bruiser and Strategic information lines with my latest, and having success.. so will visit the salt lions and give it a try!

Really enjoying the storytelling aspect, and the fact it plays essentially like an RPG.

The only thing I dislike is that there are not many ships, and the "upgrade" from your start ship is nothing of the sort. I'd prefer lots more ships, and more gradual upgrades. That's my only complaint though!


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AlexN wrote:
Andy Malcolm wrote:
Lt_Nick wrote:

Sunless Sea hasn't really grabbed me - elevator pitches?

pitch via red door blue key:

Give Sid Meier’s Pirates! a Lovecraftian makeover and you get Sunless Sea, a game that, like all good nautical tales, ends in madness, despair and death. People are calling it the best of its kind since FTL.

Yeah you just go exploring, go mad on islands of giant spiders, kill giant crabs then die. Then start again. I've only lost 7 captains so far so pretty new to it....

This game is fantastic. It's appropriately hard and the music/theme is spot on. Its just really well put together, the music changing as you explore new lands, then the relief as you sail past Hunters Keep knowing you are safe again..

I've sadly lost 6 captains, although to be fair to the last one (Bartholemew Beanstew) retired so that he could leave his swanky townhouse to his scion, Esmeralda Coconut.


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Joe C wrote:

If the SNP get fuck load of seats off Labour will they be able to pressure a minority Labour government into more stuff? maybe another referendum in 6/7 years?

That has absolutely no chance, sadly. Perhaps in 50 years or something..


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Perhaps not fucked, but sans-Greece. Depends, Syriza seems to have moderated its message from before the election, and not refers to "compromise"