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fuel cafe, withington. 7pm start. donations for PARTISAN

Dauðyflin (Reykjavic/Iron Lung Recs)
Devastating blownout feminist hardcore

Roht (Reykjavic/Iron Lung Recs)
Sludgy, noisy, nasty industrial punk

Feral Existence (Sheffield)
Anti-job mangel attack

White Death (Manchester)
More noise than you can reasonably expect 2 humans to make

Tout Suite (Levenshulme)
Same description as above, but differernt. Very different.

fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1918533031749703/
---- cheers

RIP IT UP (france-ex chicken's call)
WARFUCKER - sheffield d-beat
SHITNECK- sheffield ddd-beat
TOUT SUITE- manchester hardcore-  tour send off gig

at FUEL CAFE, WITHINGTON, S MANCHESTER. 7.30pm-ish kick off. donations on door. cake on the door too, if i have time to bake one between now and then!

also, TOUT SUITE will be playing with POISONOUS CUNT (london punx) at the following gigs in eastern europe this week:
12/09- skopje, macedonia- social centre dunja
13/09- bitola, macddeonia- zadruga artikultrura
14/09- novi sad, serbia- pub macura
15/09- gyor, hungary- dongo romklub


cheers! adam


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hullo, GAUZE shirt is gone. a few people emailed asking about which issues of MRR, i thought id post here rather than email ya all. sorry these aren't in order. life is too short.
353, 309, 283, 355, 317, dec 2009, 355, 317, dec 2009, 321, 323, 327, april 2008, 327, april 2008, 352, 351, 304, 308, 311, 312, 330, 292, 263, 251, 241, 354, 350, 396, 388, 390, 386, 384, 380, 382, 328, 314, 330, 385, 259, 269, 280, 288, 291, 293, 294, 316, 394, 317, 245, 391, 393, 378, 235, 275.
lemme know if ya want any. cheers.


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some things i don't want any more:

shirts 6quid inc postage, or collection from manchester/offers...
SEE YOU IN HELL, medium, white on black
GAUZE - EQUALIZING DISTORT, medium, grey on black
SHEER MAG euro tour, white on black, size small
IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE size small on american apparel- £10

loads of old copies of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL. thought these might interest someone before they go in the recycling bin. lemme know if you wanna know which issues. free pickup/pay postage
email [email protected]


This is in a coupla weeks. This fb link should work, I hope

spacemen from california on european tour

manc/preston pop/garage

sicily/manc transplants

london ambient pop

these musicians are playing at FUEL CAFE in WITHINGTON, south manchester, on weds 10th may. 7.30pm start. £5 suggested donation.
fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1747330575577432/?ti=cl
non-fb info hunters can email me: [email protected]


long running scarborough hc punks

synth/punk from sheffield

metallic punk (manc)

hardcore (manchester)

at OLD ABBEY TAPHOUSE, hulme, manchester on sat 11th march.

gig 7.30pm, will be over in time for trains/busses elsewhere. £5 in. any profits to PARTISAN in manchester.
free vegan pizza for people who arrive early.

questions/info- [email protected]

Is there a curfew for sunday matinee? Ta

Can I buy a ticket just for saturday, please?

Emailed re Manchester gig for 23rd. Cheers!

sounds great! any gigs coming up? ta


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Hiya jebb, thats great, thanks very much.. ill let ya know how I get on. Anyone else got any recommendations elsewhere? Ta.


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hi, i've a visit to the balkans in a coupla weeks, planning on travelling through serbia, bosnia montenegro and a bit of albania and macedonia- anyone got any punk tips for these places, or good spots to visit?
rough plan is novi sad/belgrade/sarajevo/niskik/kotor/skoder/sarande/ohrid/biotla/prilep/skopje, but we're totally flexible and would appreciate your knowledge on any of these places. does anyone have any recommendations on places to visit? thanks.


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only one week til i go now- thanks for the tips so far. is Chatuchak Market the best place to find out about punk shows? can someone tell me whereabouts in the city it is/what public transport links are nearby? i'll keep an eye on that siam hardcore facebook page too. i now have longer longer to spend out there; gonna be heading to myanmar for 10 days after BKK, - has anyone visited? where did ya like best, and why? thanks!


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That's great, thanks very much!


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fresh bangkok tips? i'm gonna be there for three days before a friend's wedding; and then have three days afterwards before i fly back from BKK- i'd like to go somewhere relaxing, countryside or a good beach spot, which isnt too far a journey (under five hours?) from BKK... anyone have any ideas? cheers!


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Im gonna be there tues-fri next week. What should I see and do while I'm there? Any hot tips? Thanks.


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Hullo londoners, im gonna be in london this Friday 13th, with nothing to do all day til my  bus at 3pm. What should I do with my time? Are there any cool exhibition s or galleries anyone can recommend?  Ive been to tate modern,  britain, national porttait gallery etc recently so don't fancy them again so soon. Hot tips, ziners?


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My dublin buddy recommends the workmens for good tunes and occasionally hace live bands. Twisted pepper for unusual love gigs. Bernard shaws sell Buckfast by the pitcher,  if youre into serious gut rot.  Grand social is good fot a relaxed pint, good big smoking area. Warzone for gigs, if its still open?

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Apologies for all those spelling errors.  Fat thumbs.

how about FAIR DOS and ALMEIDA from manchester way? i cant find a bandcamp for fairdos, but theres some almeida tunes here: http://almeida.bandcamp.com/


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awesome, sounds great. i really didn't understand the first coupla posts. is that mez from leeds? either way, thanks for the tips xx


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anyone got any hot tips for fun stuff to do in hamburg in early april? the usual stuff....any advice would be appreciated. cheers!


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thanks very much gloom, thats loads of hot tips! i'll be sure to take your advice. constant, ta very much- if there is a site with listings on, or your mates are in the know about punk happenings thatd be great, thank you! excited for holidays, ill let ya know how we get on..


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ahoy, i'm resurrecting this thread cos flymeanywhere said me and my mate matt can go to lisbon for cheap cheap return and we've booked it. we're not expecting incredible weather (still better than manchester though, right?), so some advice of things to do inside would be great. we'll probably get an airbnb place; is there a particular part of the city thats best to stay in? for eating/drinking, happycow lists some tasty sounding vegan spots which sound pretty promising. does anyone have recommendations for bars/anywhere we might see a gig, or specific places for live music?  fado sounds great! we've four days, so we'll have a day out to Sintra i reckons, anywhere else worth a visit that's not too far away, and doable in late november? thanks c-ziners


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i had a similar experience with the forum. had a great time despite not managing to find any gigs. cycling livorno-florence, and through grape country was great. sienna was well good too... although we were totally pooped after the journey from florence so didn't make it to montpulciano in the end. we managed to find tasty, cheap vegan options everywhere, just took a while to convince people you definitely didn't want a sprinking of parmesan on your food. everyone we met was well friendly and helpful, italy was great! i want to go back again.