Best Low album?

Great label; sorry to hear you are closing.

Are you still making any music?


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I got the package you sent, thanks x


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There are some cool Bluetile Lounge videos on YouTube


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Awesome x


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Anyone into her? I only heard of her via her new album this year but listening to her back catalogue, it's all great! I love the synths and her lo-fi vocals.


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Any chance you can send me some more CDs to review? I'll take them to China and review them there x


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This one's gold:


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The New Year - Snow 12''
LSDogs - Creeps 7''
Molly Nilsson - Imaginations 12''

And some things that came out in 2016 but I heard this year:
Pretty Lousy - That Which has Wrought Great Anxiety tape
Yuri - Breathe In Water For The Rest Of Your Life 7''
A House Safe For Tigers - A House Safe For Tigers 12''
Dan Padilla + Prince - Split 7''
Foxes In Fiction - s/t 12''


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Cheers, will check out :-)

P.S. I'm aware I've not replied to your letter for the last two years... how are you doing? Good to see you on here :-)

I've been hooked on Q Lee's mixes for the past few months. Anyone wanna chat about it / recommend similar stuff?

This song is my song of the week

The Makara / Shahrazad split, including audio samples!


Add videos/links too please...

Incredible how good this band were at the start. I've been regularly playing this 7'' a lot recently.

Yes, it was a good distraction from sleeping and did help! It took a while but I had my computer to browse. It made me think that there's still plenty of countries out there whose music I've not heard. Agreed, it's a shame people are not on here as much... :-(

I made this list a little while ago when I couldn't sleep. I'd be interested in seeing anyone else's favourites!

Australia - James Dean
Austria - Manface
Belgium - Rubbish Heap
Canada - Shotmaker
Chile - Malevolentia
Czech Republic - Lakmé
England - Jesu
France - Daïtro
Germany - Louise Cyphre
Hungary - Wolf Shaped Clouds
Iceland - Ólafur Arnalds
Italy - Raein
Japan - Hako Yamasaki
Luxemburg - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
Macedonia - FxPxOx
Malaysia - Daighila
Mexico - Vlado Petrik
Netherlands - Shikari
Norway - Kaospilot
Philippines - Caitlyn Bailey
Portugal - Adorno
Republic of Ireland - The Dubliners
Russia - He Called Himself Jesus
Scotland - Bert Jansch
Singapore - Cape Verda
Slovenia - With Engine Heart
South Korea - 49 Morphines
Spain - Enoch Ardon
Sweden - Once We Were
Switzerland - Mr. Willis Of Ohio
Taiwan - Usepentosing
Turkey - Noisy Sins Of The Insect
Ukraine - Swallow! Swallow! Splinter!
USA - Duster
Wales - Stereophonics

Thanks, I enjoyed this


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Hey, can I please take another bunch of old stuff? I'm down to less than 10 things to review. Thanks x


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- Anyone bought this?
- Any suggestions for where to purchase from if in the UK?
- Any good?

Added: 14-05-2017 13:52:34

There's an upload here:


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FYI: just reviewed Youth Funeral


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No topic on this? It's free to listen to at


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How are people downloading music these days? Mediafire died and loads of music with it. I can't access Soulseek due to internet restrictions so am confused what I can do. Yeh I buy music... I just like having MP3 copies too and not all albums come with them.



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Hey bro, can you send me some more stuff to review in the next two weeks? I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment; hope the reviews are okay. I'll take any older stuff - can you send me 20 to 30 records to the normal address?

P.S. I listened to your Spotify list and fell in love with that Hotelier album - awesome stuff, had never heard of them xxx


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Do. It's quite possible their best effort - short but sweet and really original - I really need to get it on vinyl.