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I've finally reached this point too. I managed to get all of my 7"s and 10" on Discogs over the last couple of days, but am now dreading the LPs.

I have moved house ten times in the last eight years and have another (temporary!) move to make in just over a month. I realised that in all of this time, probably 90% of my records I haven't listened to more than once or twice. I think since I started buying records as a teen I have changed (I spend less time alone in my room) and technology has changed (mp3s ain't so bad). As someone else commented though, ironically the process of going through and listing them does make you fall in love with your collection again, listening to stuff you forgot existed, noticing new details in the artwork, looking at the pressing variations etc.

I don't know what I'm going to put in the middle of my living room any more.


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Max wrote:


My band's demo - Megaflora - https://megaflora.bandcamp.com/releases

I previously did a band called Bird Calls. If you know/liked us, this sounds like that in parts, but poppier.

Hope you like it if you take a listen!

Just saw this, good job Max! Please come to Cardiff.


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1 year: http://www.activedistributionshop.org/s … ption.html
6 months: http://www.activedistributionshop.org/s … onths.html


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Incredible new band from Cardiff, FFO Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Hoover, Nation of Ulysses... Saw them play last night and they are one of the best live bands I've seen in a while.


They're looking to tour in October if anyone is interested in putting them on!


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Great song, very excited to get my hands on the LP! Come and play in Cardiff please!


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Ellie R wrote:

EDIT: Just realised all my 'UK bands are actually just based in England (doh!). What's happening elsewhere?

Newish (South) Welsh bands:
SQUARE PEG - Recordings don't do 'em justice, but amazing, intense revolution summer punk
WaLL - Members of SQUARE PEG, longer songs, more groovy / angular / dynamic sound
CARAMEL - Yet to gig but practice tapes sound top - members of JOANNA GRUESOME & SATURDAY'S KID. Garage rock.
RIOT FORMATION - They only have one good song (Pansexual) so far but that's ok because it's incredible.
TICKED BAG - Members of the above, don't know much about them, but Minor Threat loving bands from small towns in South Wales always intrigue me.
TOTEM TERRORS - 2 piece post-punk / lo fi-pop, members also play in TRUST FUND
WITCHHIKERS - Great absurdist post punk, yet to gig but good demos on Bandcamp
PALE ANGELS - OK, only one Welsh member but good tuneful/grungey jams
ZINC BUKOWSKI - Fun blown out stoner/art rock


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I put on punk gigs in Cardiff - [email protected]


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My band ARTEFACT just recorded a demo, which kind of falls into this camp: www.artefact420.bandcamp.com

EDIT - 12xSweatersxRed hooked me up so this case is closed.

Still, I would appreciate high quality mp3s of the 7" songs and unreleased later recording session if anyone has them knocking about.


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Really digging this - especially that transition into the fast section on the second song.


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I've taken photos of it for you which are hopefully readable, no scanner at the moment -  https://www.mediafire.com/?meduanvm2jqbhx8


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Digging up this thread to let you know that Twisted has a new demo. There are three new songs and a re-recording of an old one:

I moved back to South Wales and restarted the band here because me and my friend thought it would be fun to jam the old songs, plus I had a few songs written that we never got round to playing as the Leeds formation before it wound down in around 2010.

We have a few gigs coming up:
March 1st - Mozarts, Swansea (w/ Youth Avoiders, Ssssnakes)
March 14th - Undertone, Cardiff (w/ Collider, Luvv, Mars To Stay)
March 15th - Krobar, Manchester (matinee w/ Collider)
March 15th - TBC, Sheffield (eve w/ Collider)
March 16th - JT Soar, Nottingham (matinee w/ Collider)

We'll hopefully have tapes and CD-Rs of the new demo available for the gig on Saturday. After this bout we'll finish working on songs for an LP.


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For one of the nice ones, try Joe Pass.


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That phaser on the drums is pretty whacky but I love this song.


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yeah sorry that sounded a bit harsh. The music is not bad, it's just the name. I think the way the Crass record has the huge fold out picture with the "Yes Sir, I will" Sun quotation underneath is really profound, so just kinda doing a gimmick on it feels pretty cheap to me. I'm sure I'll get over it anyway.


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I do really dig a lot of these new bands coming out. But I just saw AUTONOMY have a split with a band called NO SIR, I WON'T which is just ugh, such a confused butchering of what I've always thought to be one of the most powerful and thought provoking punk album titles.


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Check out Wharf Chambers (http://www.wharfchambers.org/current/) for good beer and soft drinks. Global Tribe cafe just off Briggate (http://globaltribecafe.com/) has great vege/vegan food, if you can stomach the hippy vibe.


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Yep sounds loads like 'Buy Me A River' by Three


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Awesome. We're up for putting up anyone who wants to travel down to the gig - public transport in and out of Porthcawl is pretty non existant after dark.


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Tom Davies - get down to the Porthcawl show!


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I'd love to track down their new(ish) 7", anyone in the UK stocking that?


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This thread got me thinking about sticking a headphone amp IC directly into a turntable - I have one of these fairly crappy things doing nothing
and reckon I could wire in the headphone amp directly and fit a headphone port and volume pot. Would be ace to have at a record shop (short on space) I've started working at so people can listen to stuff before buying.


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LYFDTW!Z wrote:

i am seriously tempted by one of these so i can have a record player in my spare room/office/craftroom....

any recommendations for a decent basic turntable...?

It's worth pointing out that you couldn't just plug a turntable straight into this, you'd also need a dedicated phono preamp, as this is unlikely to have a built in phono stage. Although I think some modern turntables have a switchable preamp built in.

tyedietapes wrote:

started as a genuine venture, now backtracking behind a cover of "err.....lol?"

garan. someone should see if there's a way to see when that page was created. I bet it wasn't the same day as the rest of the site...


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I'm a massive Anais Mitchell fan, sort of nice singer-songwriter stuff, but with folk connections - check out the Child Ballads record recently released, with Jefferson Hamer.