Only 10 mins walk from train station.....

Pilgrims pit church street stoke, £4 in get there 19:30 leave at 23:00, jobs a goodun

ey up, not been on collective for a while but just thought I'd put this up for anyone interested... … WGFAS1.pdf

This will be a nice time..... FACT.

Hope its coming together lad!

So the previous 4 benefit gigs have totalled £850 so I thought the final installment should smash the £1000 mark.
Just sorting who willl be playing at the moment, but if I can get the people together for this that I'm hoping for it will be an awesome night of full on sounds for a good cause.
Aiming foor £4 admission but £5 if possible which will include a copy of a printed zine, space will be more limited due to the small size of the venue but this should make for a lovely time....

event here if you use social media:


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Ok so just to let yo uknow I started recording stuff for this about a year ago....

Still need to bring eveyrthing together for a 20 song 7" but it pretty much their just guitars to do....
But anyway there'll be a song on the comp with the nmext rippin thrash zine, a download/tape comp (fuck scion) and track for a benefit comp (animal sanctuary in portland)

Heres some links incase you like grind/pv/fastcore etc etc etc blah blah blah blah … ygrindpunk


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lookin fwd to the vinyl as everytime I've seen em play they've been awesomes


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yes please!!!! you in brum anytime soon???
If not i'm goin to that grindfest in ldn if thats anygood??? or any AOBW gigs in the mids soon???

some company casting for a corporation with an advert that excludes people according to gender and age..... and just to add insult to injury also asks for a photo to rate how easy the applicant is to objectify.....
Get the fuck off the c'board.....
No Gods, No Masters, No Fucking Suits.


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yes please xxxxxx if you come to see atls any chance you can bring em??


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if only boston and stoke were closer together X


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Looks like your up and running then dude!
I thought you played drums though?
Never got to see tractor ;-(


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Hey Kunal,
There is a forum with links to companies that make kits and also discuss ways of making pedals by using more standard kits and basically circuit bending them etc etc etc
However i have no idea about all of this dude BUT Jim (from me band and of course Grimpen Mire) has made a couple of cool pedals so contact him via the atls myspace... im sure he'll be a fountain of knowledge and advice.. if i remember i'll ask him to post n here for everyones benefit
much lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oh also you will get the lycanthrophy LPs eventually... the latest rumur is that they are comin back with active rebellion as they are driving nailbiter and are passing through czech...X

Sorted! The search is over so now we're cramming in some serious song teaching so we can record at the end of nov....
To make up for lack of gigs this year next year looks to be irlends dates/euro dates/maybe return to sweden/REGULAR mainland uk dates and much more.....

Also we recorded 3 songs for a 30 song 12" called too short to handle #3 which i winged me way through on bass ha ha ha

so Yeah searchlights off.


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Hey Robbie, great to hear that your settling into Lodz, gettin to see suffering mind is of course a highlight!!!!
I'm sure if you wanna leave the town for a weekend you can go and stay with satan in the middle of nowhere... and arek will cook ha ha ha ha might be a 5 hour train journey though cos they live really far southeast...
Anyway I'll email soon but yeah i heard that Lodz was one of the least troubled areas in recent years for nazi scum....
anyway more importantly make sur eyou put a link up when you a rough recording with your pv band is done... if you have anymore than 2 practices before you record you're a sellout! ha ha

the search goes on... but come tour time there maybe some vets drafted in to make touring possible if no one permanent appears......

is that time before you moved back to london? ha ha ha


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hey tim been meanin to get in touch to see how things are goin in the big schmoke!!!!
i'll call you or mail or something son, glad to see your still playin some orribleness! x

ok so we record an album at the end of the year and then another tour+plenty of giggin so if needs be we can record bass ourselves but touring after will be a massive prob so i guess the search is gettin desperate....

ahhhhhhhhh thanks pet xxxxxxxxxxx

1000 plus hits and still no joy???? knew i should have learnt bass or drums every bastard plays guitar ha ha ha

WE STILL NEED A BASSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get in touch.....
Album being written (and has been bein written since we came back from tour)... we're aiming to be recording in autumn.... not relishin the idea of needing to learn me guitar parts and doin bass on it and it wold be nice to have and extra person influence in the mix.....

oh man sounds good but i think the distance is too great to commit to doin it..... make sure you message me once you have a name/recording etc sounds like its gonna be good!