This will be one of the last ever Trials of Early Man shows (if not the last) before we call it a day. We'll be joined by two of our favourite bands, and what's more, it's a bank holiday weekend!

TRIALS OF EARLY MAN - London/Bristol/Southampton
Catchy, shouty emo/post-hardcore
Ex-CircusAct/Action and Action/Caretaker/Good Wife

BROKER - Brighton
Intricate, experimental post-hardcore on Smalltown America

LATCHSTRING - Southampton
Revolution Summer/Melodic HC
Ex-Pilger/Chillerton Current-YoungAdventurers/Bloodbuzz

The Shooting Star, Southampton. £5 on the door.

(ex-Young Attenborough)

LATCHSTRING - Demo Release Party (Southampton)
Revolution Summer
(ex-Pilger/ex-Chillerton/Young Adventurers/Funcrusherrr)

TRIALS of EARLY MAN (Hants+London)
Post Hardcore
(ex-Circus Act/Action and Action)

DAVE MIATT (Southampton)
(Ex-Sleeping Tigers/Thomas Tantrum)

Thursday 15th September
Pre-Bar, Southampton, £5, 7pm start.

A night of post-punk/post-hardcore, combined with a craft beer festival!


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Hope you don't mind the spam, but we've done a video:

Could be interested - have messaged you!


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Thanks for the plug, Duncan!

Kenny - just London, Brighton and Bristol (28th-30th) for the moment, but hoping to get out and about a bit more during the year if people will have us!


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Cheers man, new album just d/l for the moment - we'll see how it goes.

Got another Hope and Anchor show on the 28th Jan - come say hello!


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Hi guys, just thought I'd post a track from the upcoming album, Attachments, to be released on the 25th Jan - please check it out! … -early-man



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The Hummus bar does possibly the best falafel in the whole world:
Go to a couple of ruin pubs, touristy though they are. Szimpla Kert is the famous one. Instant is good if it's still there. Potkulcs is quite cool.
Make sure you try both Palinka and Unicum (though not to everyone's tastes)!


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Cheers guys!


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Hello! We are Hampshire punk featuring members of Action and Action, CircusAct, Caretaker and The Good Wife. These are the first three tracks we have recorded - please give them a listen.

For any London people, we are playing the following gig with Henry Blacker and Nitkowski on Sat 18th April:



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Definitely interested!

Hey man, I might be interested - was thinking of posting on here myself in fact. I'm a guitarist but can also play bass to a decent level, and do some (slightly ropey) backing vocals if necessary.

Braid, Cursive and HWM are among my favourite bands, I know the others to varying degrees but get the idea smile

The last 'serious' band I did was a few years ago - plenty of mp3s at and - check out more recent ones first!

I guess I'd be more interested in doing originals and have a few riffs knocking around, some of which are not too dissimilar in style from the above!

Pretty busy with work at the moment, but I'd hope to commit to a practice a week. Only hitch is I live in Shepherds Bush so would need to compromise on a central location for rehearsals.

Anyway, let me know what you reckon!



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Does anyone here do larger run screenprinting in exchange for money?

Thinking of getting a couple hundred record sleeves screen printed with 2 colours if its at all viable...


Hey, I put on the odd show in Southampton,

usually 1 every month or two. So far bands have included Hoover, Haymarket Riot, Fun, Seven Ft Four, Life At These Speeds, This Aint Vegas and a load of other awesome local bands including Jets Vs Sharks, Wreck of Old 98, Chillerton and more.

Food and floor space not a problem. At the moment I cant listen to MP3's so unless you're famous and i have your record send a demo to:

Dan Phillips
46 Adelaide Road
SO17 2HW

I will check it out and get back to either way but email [email protected] to hassle me if i'm being a slack bastard!


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They were brilliant in Stoke. The song they played off the J Church split  was absolute