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we`re both vegan and will shatter into a millions pieces when we hit each other. wink

Andy Malcolm wrote:

yep you can fight over them smile


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bloke asked me to refund him the ££ he was taxed on a big load of stuff i exported to him. apparently its my fault for declaring a value on the customs slip (lots less than the actual value)

Jerrys Kids - Is this my world?

Ws chatting to a drummer mate about this last week, he said its like 4 drummers at once. He`s not wrong. Its one of the gems in my collection.


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Fallout - salami tactics EP

Six Minute War  - All EPs

Conflict - pretty much everything. so angry it just jumps off the records

SubHumAns - EP / LP and Day the Country Died are superb. i don`t think they`re thought of like Crass as being clever and as well thought out but personally i think they managed to bridge a gap between the UK82 crowd and Crasstafarians quite amazingly.


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would be keen to review any of these that haven`t gone. Andy you could sling them in with Neridas stuff as we work together.

Concealed Blade - s/t LP
Long Knife - Sewers of Babylon 7”
Natterers - demo 7” (flexi)
Omegas - Power to Exist LP
Svaveldioxid - Krigets Brutalitet 7"
Whipping Post - Taste the Whip 7” (flex


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You pays your money you take your chances.

I am very, very rarely impressed with any band reforming. A band generally splits as its run out of steam or the people hate each other, or both / more / less....either way its finished. Anything after that point seems odd. People who go generally only want to hear the old stuff or are sold on the "will perform such and such album in full"

I suppose thats fine. I`m just a massive cynic.


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Andy - could you add these to my list above - if you need postage drop me a line and i`ll paypal you. as previous you can chuck my stuff in with Neridas as we work together smile

Epic Problem - 11 to 14 cd - https://epicproblem2.bandcamp.com - street punk
JadedEyes -the Eternal Sea cd - https://bosstuneagerecords.bandcamp.com … ternal-sea - emo punk


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So who went?

i thought that once again it was the best collection of punk doing the rounds. It had a really good atmosphere with everyone seemingly in a good mood and 100% into the music. DIY Space was showcased to travelling punkers and what a place. nice one london.

Bands who ripped it up for me were PERSPEX FLESH (wow!), SUDOR (perfect in DIYSpace), Una Bestia (took me a while to lock into their thing but when i did....), BLAZING EYE were new to me but really great.

A big thumbs up to Tom Ellis and the Static Shockers.


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I saw DLJ back in them there 90s in Leeds. I have almost no recollection of this event in my life.


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Ellie, can i snag one from you at Static Shock?



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Are punks "fans"?


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Is it just me or is Temples just a celebration of bands who peaked a long time ago but are now guaranteed seat fillers due to people not going to see them when they toured shitty venues and lost money the 1st time round.

I like Temples though, i don`t go but i live local and its a good opportunity to meet up for food and drinks over the weekend with travelling freaks

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oh and whilst Barbarians may have strength, i doubt they`d have honour. Maybe a paladin would say that though?


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someone argued the toss over my postage rates saying it was way to much. I re-weighted the record, turns out i was losing out myself!

or, endless questions and requests for images about an item, then to be asked to wait until they get paid (at the end of the month) and nothing..............

someone made me an offer on a £10 CD - told them no, he then said could he buy it for £10 but that i waive the postage...argh!

Disorder i`d swap all my Bristol Disorder records for Air Raid ep


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that picture.



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yeah i still listen to them from time to time. I thought it was weird that people went against them after a while. usual if its good i must destroy it attitude....


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I still buy them when i see them, there`s not many about at gigs anymore but then again the hayday of distro stalls at gigs seems to be well over also.

Keep them coming Marv!!


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Lunatic Fringe reformed and another local went to see them in london and described them "made me embarrassed to be from bristol" - ha ha ha

personally reformed bands come with automatic disappointment factor for me. I never expect them to be as good as if i saw them the 1st time round. Its a bonus if they come close. I went to see Negative approach who`s early records i adore but as good as they were i think most the crowd were involved in some werid box ticking exercise.

Maybe i`m just too cynical.


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I saw a band called American Heritage years ago. Math rock


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I`d guess that the legacy of that scene lies outside of punk for the most part, there`s lots of independent women in Bristol who run / help run co-op cafes, the co-op run cinema, gig collectives, make music, involved in political causes etc. If that's the end result then great.


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yeah no more gigs there. shame as good place and sound was ace. hopefully something on stokes croft tho as funny to watch the world go by on that road.

joet wrote:
xcrimescenex wrote:

Iron Lung - Bristol

yeah...was enjoyable. last time I was in that place I ate a pizza where the drums were set up.

it's changing again, right?

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Onanism - Bristol - one man band. horrendous racket with evil sense of humour and the man has absolutely no ego so just takes people walking out and laughing at him in his stride. I was nearly in tears at one gig. PUNK


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Iron Lung - Bristol
Crucial Section / Geriatric Unit - Bristol
Bad Sam - Bristol

been a lot of stuff this year and been out to a lot more than last year

let down of the year - Despise You - looked bored and lacked energy. Younger bands now do it better.

The French band where after the supports there were only 3 of us paying punters left. It was so cringe worthy I left before they started as it just wasn`t going to be pleasant.


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One, yes a solitary one Punk LP on the market. Hawker record - free for all. No For an Answer, Wrecking Crew, Token Entry, Rest in Pieces....good Lp but not £12

Rest of the market was ace and scored some decent stuff and easy for Vegan food. Tarboush was spot on.


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The Promise Ring - probably my favourite band though.


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cheers for the tips or recommendation of going to Notts.

I went to that metal shop. wasn`t it called `that record shop` ? it was decent. I have a mate who lives up there and got sat. to mill about shopping / doing stuff.