Malicious Telecommunications presents




(New Wave, second gig; members of Nekra, Sauna Youth, Snob, Woolf)

(new wave of Brighton hardcore)

at DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside Street, London SE15 1TF
Friday 18th August 2017 ◌ 19:30 doors ◌ £5.00 pwyc, all ages

Any and all profits will go to DSFL. DIY Space for London is a members club; this event will be open to members and their guests only. Becoming a member costs £2.00 and takes two minutes: sign up today at


27.10.2016 Veg Bar, LONDON
SCRAP BRAIN + Border + Pinkgrip + The Swell + Bånd + Fist/Teeth

28.10.2016 DIY Space for London, LONDON
Bad Noids + Fex Urbis + SCRAP BRAIN + Score

08.11.2016 Cowley Club, BRIGHTON
Uranium Club + SCRAP BRAIN + TBC

10.11.2016 Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, LONDON
Shopping + SCRAP BRAIN + Squakeasy + Molar

18.11.2016 DIY Space for London, LONDON
MURDER CITY VIDEO screening: Snob + Score + SCRAP BRAIN + Sheket + Crumbling Wall

Second press of the SCRAP BRAIN DEMO is now available, buy it (£3 + P&P, £4 UK postpaid) through Bandcamp:

SCRAP BRAIN is a hardcore punk band from London/Oxford/Bath, we formed for First Timers, here is our demo:

Members of ES, HATE FILLED KIDS and TOWEL. We have tapes (come to a gig, go to Tome Records), our next gigs are:

13.09: OXFORD The Library - with MYSTIC INANE
24.09: NORWICH Owl Sanctuary - with PIG CONTROL and JACKALS
10.11: LONDON Bethnal Green WMC - with SHOPPING, SQUEAKEASY and MOLAR



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Okay - since the last update on here we've recorded seven more episodes, you can find them all on Mixcloud or as an MP3 download on our Tumblr. Guests have included members of EFIALTIS, SEMI, SNOB, SKY:LARK, ES and much more - we've uploaded PUB CLASSICS 9 this morning and after eight months have finally bought a pop filter.


Finally back in Pub Classics HQ, we have a guestless hour and a half on a post-chippy tea Sunday and try to get back to a fortnightly schedule. We mutilate several languages with our bastard English tongues, celebrities die, we forget how many members of Crisis are nazis, Sean’s looking for a book, we have a pop filter, Jools Holland introduces The Coneheads. EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT.



PATSY - ‘Eat It’
STRUTTER - ‘Forced Entry’
THE BODY - ‘Shelter Is Illusory’
DAZEASES - ‘Sad College Kids’
VIDEO - ‘I Am The Sum’
ANDROIDS OF MU - ‘Fast Cars’
D.L.I.M.C. - ‘Fest Punk’
SAUNA YOUTH - ‘Blurry Images’
THE SUBURBAN HOMES - ‘Conformity In The UK’
SPOTTING - ‘Swamped’
THE HOLIDAYS - ‘Bus Freak’
PRIMITIVE PARTS - ‘Rented Houses’
CONMAN - ‘Steam’
CHROMA - ‘Manifiesto Del Todo’
SIAMESE TWINS - ‘Still Corner’
SIN MOTIVO - ‘Pregúntales’
CRISIS - ‘PC 1984′
DA! - ‘Dark Rooms’
DEEP WOUND - ‘Lou’s Anxiety Song’
CONDENADA - ‘Homofobia’
CULT RITUAL - ‘Saturday’s Blood’


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DIY Space for London is now open.

Come to the Join-a-Collective open day on Sunday 11th October and get stuck in:

Don't forget to become a member, there's just about a thousand of us at this point:

Some sick photos of our first events:


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...that isn't a benefit/cassette magazine

I want to buy fifty cassettes and put out a mate's demo. In terms of where the money/copies go, how does everyone split it? Is Tapeline decent in 2015 (I've only used Fairview in the past, who have been great but don't have the variety of shells, etc) and how is your experience with loading coloured paper/cardboard into a work printer? this thread, give me your cassette releasing advice


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Build progress: video five.

The crowdfund raised over six grand. Bloody hell, thank you all.


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Video four. Pigeons.

Give us your money. Just over a week left on the crowdfund, and we are coming up against the odd extra cost in our aim to make this fully accessible.


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Third build video, with a fourth coming later today:

Be sure to read our latest blog post for an idea of where we currently stand, and chuck a few quid into the Indiegogo crowdfunding page; we've met our £3,000 target which is stupendous, but with fire regulations and doing everything ever so legally the more the merrier will be appreciated - help us get to five grand, yeah?


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Is this a thread about the budget?


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We have launched an Indiegogo to raise £3,000 as part of a Final Push. £1,500 has been raised in less than 24 hours, chuck in a few quid if you can...


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Nothing that gives Zane Lowe more power is worth my time.

(Beats 1 is actually intriguing - they're trying to copy Radio 1, which is strange. Isn't the rest Spotify, so... handy if you have the right device?)


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Second episode is online, featuring Eva G from EFIALTIS as our special guest. CHIN CHIN, BARCELONA, IN SCHOOL, LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS, RAVIOLI ME AWAY, DREGS, VIOLENCE CREEPS, SISSY etc etc

Mixcloud stream: … st-tweets/


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"It says a lot about the time we live in that freedom of speech is so over analysed that you can't even use words."

Listened to 'Cheer Up London' and it reminded me of an edgy Madness. Bunch of pricks.


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Was this topic tagged automatically?

Direct link is here, feedback appreciated, yes the levels need tweaking: … und-skins/

ewan wrote:

Chung King's now the most expensive record sold on Discogs. someone paid $6048 for it … 015/241143

I'm sure 10 years ago people were shocked when it sold for over 1000.

Why does this record go for so much, were there nine copies and the rest went in a fire, something like that?

£18 is the most I've paid. I'd say there's no real need to spend more but there's Instant Automatons records that were found in an attic going for $150 a piece, and one drunken PayPal Night they'll be mine.

A detour could be 'how much is the record of your dreams going for, and would you go for it after a bottle of wine?'


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Labour deserved their decimation, the Lib Dems got what they deserved (and so do the SNP - position yourself on the side of common decency and get a landslide, and on huge turnouts too), and we're all fucked.



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MatthewRedStars wrote:

Are the SNP really not gonna support Labour, even with no concessions? Course they are - cos the alternative is immeasurably worse.

Yeah, this can still happen - Plaid Cymru and the Greens have said they'd co-operative with at least the SNP, I think.

If it's not a second election, the fear of a 1992 repeat is driving me to distraction. As long as UKIP don't win in Grimsby or Boston. Anybody else voting for their village parish tomorrow?


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Second election before Christmas.


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Is vl-wee-wee the real name or are you all being silly?

Here, Termbo, and the void of Facebook are the only forums I've ever really seen...


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There's a record shop in Grimsby that's been taking part and their selections were very much Classic Dads, but they did very well all the same. Mesmerised that you can sell out of £15 Metallica cassettes anywhere, let along the Humber coast...


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Recommend a pair, anyone? Right ear starting to sound like a broken radio.


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They're still about - perhaps they're changing a little? Photozines and self-published comics are going through a purple patch, which has been helped along by Tumblrs and Bigcartels a not insignificant amount. There's been some crackers, like Distort or Nuts (having got the last four recently, they give a great feeling of Stuff Happening), and of course MRR which has been essential these past few months.

Remain convinced that paper zines will still outlast your teenage WordPress.