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nadia wrote:
tombo wrote:

The last season of Mad Men felt like a bit of a waste of time.

agreed. as was the entire series of The Following.

enjoying the new season of Halt and Catch Fire.
and looking forward to new Orange is the new Black.

How did you feel about the second season of oitnb?

Thought it was abit underwhelming and plot moved real slow.

But looking forward for the new season anyways.

Anyone feeling the new series - master of none - by aziz ansari?

Kenny wrote:

One of the great Scottish bands. A big part of the reason they're brilliant for me is that they literally sound like a series of clever-but-plausible Glaswegian pub conversations set to lo fi indie.

top description.


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thought noodle'mo was on a indefinite dearth.

until i heard the new pretend record.

not sure why but i imagine this is what circa survive would sound like if they tried noodling.

https://topshelfrecords.bandcamp.com/al … stryd-life


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would definitely recommend believer (nothing about justin bieber promise) too.

saw mossless participating in the I.P.F and thought it looked like it's worth a peep!


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tombo wrote:

Just finished 1Q84. Anyone else find book 3 a bit of a let down?

I wasnt expecting all the ends tied up but it all felt a bit half-arsed really.

Yes. Not sure if he was having a writer's block towards the end or something.

I'm a few chapters into Miranda July's The First Bad Man and am finding myself (a full grown albeit skinny 24yo man) smiling away like a teenage girl at her flair of writing. It's very embarrassing, I know but her sly wit is making it a really enjoyable read thus far. I wasn't really that acquainted to her works before but I'm more drawn towards her after reading more about her and going through her interviews. I didn't know she did spoken word and sketches back at Gilman and even did a feminist tape circle and a whole lot of other projects.


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new resurrectionists side thingy.
abit excited to see what'll come out of this.

also, "... We are Saligia, a new screamo band pretending it's '99 again."


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new shellac last year.
not sure though if they had ever broken up in the first place?


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birdman just clinched best picture despite having alot of naysayers on their back. i personally enjoyed it thoroughly, great cinematography ace soundtrack and all that jazz ba dum tsk. especially loved edward norton in it that man never fails to deliver an exceptional performance.


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Andy Malcolm wrote:

got tired of parks & rec when every episode started being about some happy couple and their kids or need for kids. no need for it. didn't even make it to the end of the last season.

oh dear. i am only at season two right now and am enjoying where it has progressed to as opposed to the first season which i found started off very dry and uninteresting. i feel like I should carry on to find out for myself but tell me if you think otherwise.


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jock_gestapo wrote:

Started late on both Utopia and House of Cards...both are two of the best shows I've ever seen.

The new Hell on Wheels is awesome. Pretty impressive that they never seem to repeat a story arc. I unrelentingly apathetic it is to the bleakness it portrays.

The first couple of The Good Wife episodes have been good too. Way to start with a bang.

Netflix users...what shows would you recommend on there?

try bojack the horseman (anti-hero, washed up deadpan and cynical), if you're okay with adult animation. aaron paul voices over one of the characters, albeit similar to his sidekick role in Breaking Bad and Will Arnett does bojack (apt?).

also, new season of Parks and Recreation I believe?

anyone else notice an influx of animated series being put up on netflix? what gives?


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I've only recently been into Suehiro Maruo's work and I must say it is recommendable.
Have only read The Laughing Vampire (on manga reader) and enjoyed it thoroughly enough to go deeper.
Although I must admit that at times, I feel slightly uncomfortable with the hedonistic nature of his novels.

Just placed an order for his The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, caved to the sweet book cover hah.

Would appreciate if anyone can recommend something along his line too.
(Hideo Yamamoto, that Uzumaki writer etc..)


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this year has been the year of not listening to anything except the sound of me sleeping out on everything.

only heard these few records so far:

swans - to  be kind (very much enjoyed this, listened in one sitting)
real estate - atlas (i'd rather stick to the first one)
lone - reality testing (daily commute muzak) (got me watching PatLabor 2)
fear of men - loom (also fav cover art so far)


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finally got around to finishing season four of arrested development.

anyone else couldn't help expecting more but ended up being disappointed?


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jebb wrote:

My girlfriend loved Cold in July but I wasn't so keen - I didn't totally buy it if im honest. Still worth seeing though.

Saw a Singaporean film on Tuesday called 'Ilo Ilo' which I really recommend.

Seeing Finding Vivian Maier on Sunday and may go and see Chef at some point

I'm from Singapore, and at the risk of sounding entirely bias, I'd deffo recommend Ilo Ilo.

Films from here more often than not overplay the tug-at-heartstrings card.

But with Ilo Ilo I just feel like it managed to be empathetic without overdoing it.

Also, some prior reading here.


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http://wearenothing.bandcamp.com/album/ … rs-to-come

came out of nowhere this band.


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johnbearandrews wrote:

Really like this new album, done away with the most hit and miss (for me) twee sounding stuff like Fall In (hit) and Stay Useless (miss).

i know where you're coming from but those tracks gave the previous release some variations.


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thencomesdudley wrote:

If by 'on' you also mean Netflix I think 'It's always sunny in philadelphia' has displaced Arrested Development as my favourite US comedy. Seconded on Parks & Rec.

Also the first two seasons of Modern Family I actually found really funny. But then I think Friends is funny so my tastes can be pretty straightforward.

On UK TV I'm a huge fan of both Rev (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 … Episode_1/) and W1A (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 … Episode_1/).

i was just done with season one of arrested development today.
started out quite dry and too dark(?) in the first few episodes.
but I think I got more familiarized with the characters along the way and it got more enjoyable.


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wonder why they stopped doing the island series.
best of the lot for me.


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the new weekend lp!


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was in a shop and they were playing heart in your heartbreak.

surely did remind me how good these guys were.

prolly they're all too busy playing in side bands now.


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has anyone else been using currents? it looks beautiful.

just need a way to get in rss feeds.

*edit: okay how silly it's actually that easy to add in rss feeds.


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Oli wrote:

OLoma Prieta / Raein split was just ok - can't get into Loma Prieta and Raein are past their best !

I somehow feel this way about them too.
Blue friend track from the four way split is great!
There's also the segwei full length to look forward to.


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two new abrasive tracks from lord snow.


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Mysunrisesdown wrote:


hah. but really, alpha jerk is such a jam!
they're quite under the radar, didn't even know they did a split with eoay.