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Played w/ these lot on Sunday and can confirm they were great. Tape is really good.


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Not too fussed so long as I get a nice bag with it.

These guys are great.

Lug Wrecks gives:

Star Turbine - Scandinavian experimental/noise/concrete improv from Claus Poulsen and Sindre Bjerga.

Spoils & Relics - Best Electroacoustic weirdness in all the UK. All the way from Leeds.

Teignmouth Electron - Found sound/voices/tones/total shades of weird from one time Poly Shang Kuan/Men oh Pause badass.

F.Ampism - Blown out, psychedelic loopery and samplefest.

plus Chocolate Monk DJ

at Coachwerks, Brighton
Sun 26/2
£5 ono



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SHAREHOLDER from Edinburgh.

More than just a bit fall indebted; excellent repetitive riffs and screech; blown out, crappy recording fidelity; brilliant live.


Math rock, Noise Rock, Heavy Rock. Rock of ages.

Free show of east sussex heart throbs.



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OOF. Well that did precisely what it said on the tin.  Thanks!

Guess I'll throw in x1 SWEAT TONGUE which I may have already done but fuck it.  More on the no-wave/improv side but so nice.



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anybody know of any current bands doing noise rock more down the route of scratchy, wonky arab on radar type crud?  I enjoy heavier, sludgy stuff for sure but to me, bands like the former bring together the two worlds in a way that makes a bit more sense.


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The nearest I get here is occasionally going to watch really old school British stuff in Worthing and it's great.  The mayor goes and gets all into it.

Haven't actually followed any wrestling since I was a late teen but was feverishly into it for many years and still keep up to date at least with major non-kayfabe goings on and enjoy watching the shifting face of 'sports entertainment'.  Always get sad when a wrestler dies.  Balls Mahoney was a particularly hard knock.

Oh wow, thank you! Did we talk at all? I play guitar.


My band are looking to plug a couple of tour dates up for October/Late Nov this year.  Terms that people have used to describe our music are: 'noisy', 'progressive', 'math rock', 'hardcore', 'POST hardcore', 'noise rock' and so on.  http://broker.bandcamp.com if you want to hear.

Wondered if anyone had some nice people we could write to in cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne or relatively nearby.  All the usual stuff about playing for a bit of petrol and floor space applies, we aren't big shots.  Would be nice to play with some cool bands though.

If anyone can help it'd be really appreciated and we may well be able to reciprocate with Brighton shows.

Damn, soon, Damn




Check it out

noise etc


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It might be a bit of an obvious thing to say but given the various crossovers in membership and so on, any of the RIO affiliated stuff is worth checking out for nuts music from that period.

Having said that, I've never actually spent much time with Art Bears and this stuff sounds really good.  Certainly a unique total band while being coloured with all the usual Frithy elements.


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That video is weird...not that I don't dig some of those bands a bit...but it's strange to hear a lot of these guys speaking about the individualism of their projects within the context of UKBM when so much (if not all) of that music is still a fairly direct aping of European metal made in the last 20 years or so.  There is just no getting around it.  I don't care how much you've researched the materials that bombs were made out of: you'd never be wearing your 'war paint' and playing in front of sandbags and barbed wire or invoking the heritage and folklore of your country, or even singing in the way you are were it not for a conscious decision made at some point to simply transpose the exact aesthetic preoccupations and methods of your favourite bands into things more relevant to the United Kingdom.  It's a sad thing, but that seems like 100% of the genuine creative process.  I suppose it's no new thing that the distinctions between bands within a sub sub sub genre of music fall to minutiae, but nonetheless it seems to belie the obvious intelligence and grounded mindsets of these people to be blowing smoke up each others buttholes.  Too bad.

I met the drummer of one of these groups once and when I asked about his band he said 'it just sounds like Hate Forest'.  I guess you can't really make a documentary out of that though?


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thencomesdudley wrote:

Sounds great, really looking forward to the album.

Hate to be 'THAT GUY' but we are organising this show in Brighton which will be an album launch show:

Dead excited to be taking part, amazing tunes.


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Discovered Nutcrafter Creamery vegan cheeses at Chrimbo.  Life changing stuff. Expensive but worth it. Glasgow based.


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Has anyone got salty about Der Blutharsch playing yet?


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Discogs says: it is a collab between eye from Boredoms and the dude who runs Beast 666 Tapes and everything listed there is off some comp or another, most of which were done by B666.

I'm not familiar enough with Whitehouse song titles to know whether the tracks are meant to be direct whitehouse send ups but it seems the obvious source of their band name so I guess what you've said is pretty much right?

Here ya go, a youtube of one such comp!  cracking straight away!



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Top band. Get stuck in.


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Another great thread.  I'll wait till someone else posts that survival unit vid.


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This is white people's vision.