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im listening to enemy of the sun right now.....good shit......i think you might be right on that one nickiswick


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are any of the other bands on that label of theirs any good?


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anyone else think this new neurosis album is f**king awesome??!!

well the last time i came over there i was told that to have a guitar as checked baggage it couldnt exceed a certain length so since i had a bass i didnt want to risk it so i took the neck off and i put it in my  bag that went under the plane i never found out for sure but i really dont want to do that again.....im not talking about using it as a carry on........i was just told that they were more strict with the length and weight on international flights then they are with just domestic american flights

is there a certain length a guitar can not exceed when flying over seas or am i going to have to take the neck off and put it in my checked baggage again?