Saw Die Hard and Gremlins at the Prince Charles last night


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Most of The Steinways/House Boat songs. "Milk Was A Bad Choice" is probably my favourite

AlexN wrote:

Apparently Chevy Chase is a total asshole irl as well!

Heard this too


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Super Smash Bros for N64
Erstoff Wild Berry Vodka

Home Alone, Elf, It's Always Sunny In Philly and The Office (UK) Christmas Specials


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I had taco bell in manchester the other week. Tasty and real cheap

Joe C wrote:

Im happy people older than me like Title Fight

Title Fight are kinda like Lifetime/Saves the Day mixed with grungier stuff like Sunny Day Real Estate and Hum etc.

They are pretty young and all da kids love them. But they are actually really good and have great tunes.

I think I need to give the latest record a few more goes, can't get into that shoegaze song. Shed was fucking great though


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Lifetime, Gorilla Biscuits and Refused @ Groezrock, Belgium
Latterman and Attack! Vipers! in Brighton


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shibby jay wrote:

Joie De Vivre - We're All Better Than This
Royal Headache - S/T
The Men - Open Your Heart
Total Control - Henge Beat [this year? last year?]
Cheap Girls - Giant Orange
Spraynard - Funtitled
Cold Pumas - Persistent Malaise
Sauna Youth - Dreamlands
Laura Stevenson and the Cans - Sit Resist
Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory
White Lung - Sorry
Everyone Everywhere - 2012 st
Shores - Leavening

Hookworms / Kogumaza split
Panzram / Shoppers split
Total Control / Thee Oh Sees split

Eagulls - EP
Gnarwolves - Cru

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Although this is probably the best song of the year. THAT CHORUS.

Funtitled was last year ya doughnut tongue


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toby wrote:

I think Chipotle is my second favourite, after Tortilla. Benito's hat is okay, but the vegetables used aren't as tasty as the other two (Or they are just rubbish and I have the tastebuds of a shit, spice loving squirrel - or I am just nuts). El Camino is also good, although not a chain, but I haven't been there since I gave up the meat.
I like a good hot sauce on the table too (that really does sway my opinion). Poncho no. 8, or whatever it's called can get fucked - rubbish. And that piss-poor attempt in that fucking boxwank trendy cuboidcocked shithole near Shoreditch can shit off too. Idiots.
And if I ever go anywhere that serves fucking garden veg in a so-called burrito, I might cry all the way to opening a really horrible hate-spurned twitter.
Never been to Mi Casa. I should and will on Saturday for lunch, possibly, as it looks to be near Victoria.
There's another place down the road from Tortilla in Angel, but their 'hot' salsa didn't tickle me in the slightest. Also useless.
And choosing pinto beans over black beans in a burrito is really idiotic.

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toby wrote:

And if I ever go anywhere that serves fucking garden veg in a so-called burrito, I might cry all the way to opening a really horrible hate-spurned twitter.

This has happened (the first bit of the sentence).

Mi Cassa is great! Open late and they do cool mexican sodas


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Schmidt is great. "Judiasm, son!"


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Definitely space it out, that wait is going to be fucking horrible


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thencomesdudley wrote:

Finished "...Sunny in Philladelphia" on Netflix, very sad day. So, so funny. Got to the point where the characters could just be stood around in a room and I'd be laughinng.

Amazing show!


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Joe C wrote:

Adolescents being on Tony Hawks was a big one too!

Tony Hawks 3. AFI were on that one too!

Blink-182 for me. I remember buying enema of the state off some kid at school. I think was 14.

I thought red dons were better than the forgetters at the brighton show, forgetters were fairly dull live


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Great news! I managed to pick up the ep from the dead and gone distro for a quid a few years ago


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You crazy


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Hopefully I'll get some hate for this one. Leatherface- band is overated, punching someone in the face for no reason, storming offstage, acting like a baby and then threatening to beat up kids over facebook is stupid. Thank fuck they've broken up again


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AlexN wrote:

Is anyone else watching American Horror Story? It's the best thing on tv at the moment. It's so sincere and ridiculous and packed with ideas, it makes everything else look so shit. Anne Frank turned up this week. THE Anne Frank, because obviously she did.

Plus I find medical malpractice and mad doctors are the only things that really scare me these days.

2nd season is a massive step up. Can't wait to catch up on the new episode


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Not quite kingston but there's a house show in epsom on dec 7th-

Losing Sleep
Shut In
Witch Cult

Gloom wrote:
Jop wrote:
Gloom wrote:

As Friends Rust are active/ recording, which rules.

Really? They played ten years ago with like one original member on guitar or something. Totally pointless.

saw them in 2008 i think on the reformation tour. The lineup was pre-won, and they were completely fucking amazing. On the basis of that, i am really excited for new songs

Yeh, they were great at the underworld

myblackass_ wrote:

I wish there was one on Punktastic. I'd only be able to see my posts, and less of those angry, spoiled Tory children starting full blooded arguments over spelling mistakes or because I wasn't LIKE TOTES STOKED on the new Hot Water Music record.

I don't really know why I'm posting this. I just really fucking hate that hellhole.

There is


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M & S veggie salad booster with pitta bread. Lovely

Vector Meldrow in Malta!

Added: 03-10-2012 04:55:53

Also Roy from Eastenders in the shoreham marks and spencers around 2001

My dad saw Kurt Cobain in a bar in Seattle just after Bleach came out

Added: 03-10-2012 05:33:52

Also- Clown from Slipknot stagediving during Trash Talk's set in london last year