the stories about Discharge and punks crying after seeing them really tickled me, knowing full well i'd probably have been bawling myself in their position


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Just stuck a couple of songs up on our bandcamp from a new LP called 'Pick Your Master...' that we recorded recently.

so fucking good

Our 7" is finally out... only a year or so after we recorded it...

Listen to it/buy it on our bandcamp-

Wholesale copies and mail order is also available from Doomtown Records (Zagreb)- and Byllepest Distro (Oslo)- or just get in touch with me via PM and we'll work something out.


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we've got tapes now- you can get these from our bandcamp, or get in touch if you want a few copies for distro or whatever


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We just did a demo which you can hear here-

Tapes are gonna be ready to post in about a week. You can order them off the bandcamp or get in touch if you wanna take a few copies off us.

We're playing with the Subhumans in Norwich on the 7th November. That's it for now, but we're up for playing more, so ask us to do stuff.

Added: 28-10-2016 15:04:09

this weekend!

Owing to a booking mixup by the Owl we've had to combine two gigs. It'll still be £5 on the door, just kicks off a bit earlier with some extra bands playing.

The times for Torso, Jackals and Shower Boys are roughly...

Doors 6:30
Shower Boys: 7.10
Jackals: 8.00
Torso: 8.50


XVX D-beat ragers from California via Italy on a Euro tour, feat members of- PUNCH, HOLY, NEO CONS, RITUAL CONTROL and loads more.
Records on- Adagio 830, Agipunk, Sorry State


First local gig for almost a year, a set worth of new songs for an upcoming LP.


Local short and angry hardcore/punk

£5 OTD
Doors- 8.00pm

flyer by Wes

new songs up here-



Noisy and driving post-punk feat. members of MERCHANDISE, LA PIOVRA, SMART COPS and loads of other bands.

Stream the new album in full here- … um-stream/


Moody Post Punk couple from London via Canada, veering somewhere between utter bleakness and noisy punk bangers. Bits remind me of WARSAW era JOY DIVISION, but there's more going on that just that.

Flyer by Wes

£5 OTD
Advance tickets from- … sanctuary/


Catchy garage punk/power pop from Sweden on a UK tour, feat. members of Agent Attitude. … n-with-you


Local short and angry hardcore/punk

£5 OTD

Flyer by Aidan


Raw d-beat whirlwind from some Swedish blokes who like pretending they're from Japan because Japanese hardcore is the best. Their last LP made it onto a load record of the year lists for good reason.

Hardcore Addict EP- … -addict-ep

Destroy Future Less System-

Satyagraha LP -


Relentless metallic d-beat punk from London, members of NAILBITER, CULT SYNDROME and a load more. Just released their first record following a banging demo.


First gig for new local metalpunx, filthy punk going for something along the lines of Amebix, Sacrilege, Deviated Instinct, Hellhammer, Antisect etc.

£5 OTD
Advance tickets- … sanctuary/

Flyer by Wes

We got a load of tapes made so they're for sale on the bandcamp now.

If you want some for distro or whatever get in touch with me at


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I got a room in a place via airbnb that was on main street, but about 50 blocks from the city centre (1 hour walk or 20 minute bus ride). the bus is pretty cheap so it ended up being a pretty decent option, as the room itself was cheap too.


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i went there at the start of the year and had a great time, really good city.

i thought the suspension bridge was pretty cool, it was kind of expensive but was one of the few properly touristy things i shelled out for.


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whilst the postage guide is probably annoying i can understand where it comes from having received ruined sleeves on records graded vg+ etc presumably due to some idiot leaving the record inside the sleeve when they post it.


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Don't think Negative Approach have any new music but each time I've seen them has been somewhere in between decent and really good.


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i'd assume the standard 10-15% free to the band would apply to tapes as well (although if it's a low run you might want to sell them some more/give them some to sell on your behalf at cost)


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on the basis of the one listen i've had so far, the new album is brilliant

you can get tapes of this now from Static Shock and Quality Control records. We're getting some more made soon so will be trying to flog them also.

We just put the whole record we did the other month on bandcamp.

We'll have a few tapes at Power Lunches on Friday and the Rumsey Wells in Norwich on Saturday (playing with NO) hopefully. But we want to get it out properly at some point soon. If you wanna help us let me know. Also, ask us to play your gigs.


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i don't live in rayleigh anymore, but the fact that there is a hardcore band from there pleases me very much, hope you find someone.

we'll have the rest online once we figure out how we are putting this out


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shit band, shit name.