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crazy crash today - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYPDAry- … ture=share


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just emailed you! i play drums smile


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'A dog owner too lazy to walk his pet has lost his driving licence after getting caught walking the animal while driving his car.'

http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/mar/0 … riving-car


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i coincidentally did one of these yesterday afternoon.

amesoeurs - s/t
antony and the johnsons - the crying light
au reviour simone - still night, still light
baroness - blue record
daïtro - y
emmy the great - first love
fashanu - science is awesome
florence and the machine - lungs
girls - album
gliss - devotion implosion
loma prieta - dark mountain
the pains of being pure at heart - s/t
portraits of past - cypress witch dust
shook ones - the unquotable a.m.h.
short term effect - pit yacker suite
suis la lune - heir
vivian girls - everything goes wrong
the xx - s/t


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moore wrote:

i'm making acorn squash and romanescu cauliflower soup this evening.
unusual perhaps, but totally not weird and totally crazy awesome.

romanescu cauliflower - sexiest vegetable ever.


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my fingernails.


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'this isn't fucking jazz! i'm calling the cops!'

http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/de … -saxophone

is it bad that i thought of this 'the big dog'?

in fairness, he'd be a mint boss.


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I saw happy go lucky the other week too, very enjoyable. the driving instructor cracked me up.

i also saw thirst by Park Chan Wook at the cinema last night, really good too, not the 'vampire movie' i was expecting.


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Uniqlo do nice longjohns, snazzy colours too!
http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/catalogue/men/h … long-johns

I got a thermal onesy from ebay last year, it's good if there's still any on there...


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Openness - 4.3/5
Conscientiousness - 3.1/5
Extroversion - 3/5
Agreeableness - 4.2/5
Neuroticism - 3.5/5

i'm okay, i guess.


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Varg Vikernes wrote:

bring some colour to Your lives.



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xKollix wrote:
...joe calls so loud wrote:

oh WHY does he have to be an idiot! and WHY did i get that TATTOO!

please tell me this is true

i shit you not. i have 'hvis lyset tar oss' on my belly above my pyebs. in fairness i still like it!


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oh WHY does he have to be an idiot! and WHY did i get that TATTOO!


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jack wrote:

hmmmmmm...... fair 'nuff.

i think the reaction on here to a band being called 'bun dem out' has been a bit OTT though, since the phrase doesnt even have an exclusively homophobic meaning....

perhaps not exclusive, but as has been mentioned by Ed and Magma_times, particularly strong connotations, which seems hardly an OTT reaction when talking about a scene that has a pretty dire reputation for accepting or not stigmatising people who aren't heterosexuals and anyone who doesn't fulfil their closed-minded idea of what a 'man' or 'woman' should be.

without challenging overt, even casual (...possibly especially) homophobia and sexism, nothing'll change with respect to it. which is a shame to say the least, because it's fucking abhorrent.

apologies for any incoherency.


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have you got the alcest album, souvenirs d'un autre monde, as well as the EP? it's definately worth a listen if not!

a couple of others:

perhaps negura bunget too, their 'om' album is easily describable as epic!


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on friday i watched royal rumble 1997.
on saturday i watched royal rumble 2001.
on sunday i watched royal rumble 2003 and mankind v. undertaker hell in a cell.


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Andy Malcolm wrote:

http://www.nowpublic.com/world/falcon-h … rado-video

"Falcon Heene, a six-year-old boy from Colorado, was trapped alone in a hot air balloon that is shaped like a UFO high above the state."

i can't see a problem when he's a FALCON.

I use one called UnRarX which seems to be pretty good. Only let down is that it doesn;t seem to have an option to enter a password if the file requires one.



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Emperor were my favourite band from about the age of 14 to 17, and i still love 'em.
Hvis lyset tar os by burzum is also one of my favourite albums to stick on.

recently it's been vhernen, alcest, austere, xasthur.

i stumbled across this a couple of days ago: http://r-a-b-m.blogspot.com/ - ha!


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http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009 … idal-woman

"...As far as we were concerned, we just went for a walk."


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so, i saw pitchfork gave their album three hundred out of ten and then mikey said i should listen to them, so i did. quite enjoyable. fuzzy.

what do we think of them and their aptly titled album?


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offshore radio (two thirds of)


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tobytiger wrote:


i witnessed somebody doing this in a lecture at uni; quite good.


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it only takes one finger. one of the 3 (i think) computer games i've ever completed, along with super mario on ds and harry potter 1 for the pc.