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ATP has called it quits.
That Iceland thing isn't happening


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Soya Wilcox


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Another great column about punk stuff by Noel Gardner, this time with a nice review of the Humans The Size Of Microphones LP.

http://thequietus.com/…/20200-punk-hard … s-bad-bre…

Human Crop Circles is a retrospective ten-song LP by Humans The Size Of Microphones: an early-00s band from Southampton who accrued a fabled reputation despite, or because of, rarely being seen or heard. While the audience for this marginal Brit-emo excavation is likely small and specific, the labels Superfi and Graanrepubliek have done the Lord’s work in assembling it. HTSOM’s niche was emotional hardcore, musically adjacent to American bands on labels like Ebullition and Witching Hour (vocalist Pete Osmond ran a distro in the 90s that carried this sort of thing when it was otherwise unobtainable in the UK) but with a distinctly British wit.

Fears of offputting zaniness, such as a song called ‘I See The World Through Rose Tinted Testicles’, are allayed by a satisfyingly sharp way with phrasing and imagery. “The four horsemen of the apocalypse now/ Ignore the one way system in the centre of town,” states ‘No One Gets Out Alive’, one of five unheard-until-now songs recorded in 2005. If that reads to you like it might be a bit tricky to fit into a tune, HTSOM are helped in this regard by their spasmodic, chaotic approach – roughly in the orbit of Mohinder and Heroin, but with longer songs and a lurching noiserock undercarriage that sometimes reminds me of an emo Part Chimp (of all things).

The album’s other five tracks were originally released as a demo CD in 2002, and address that year’s myopic conflict in Afghanistan from an anti-war perspective; emo has a tendency to favour introspection over politics, but not these guys. Humans The Size Of Microphones hid their light under a bushel during their time together, yet in this reporter’s opinion they’ve aged more robustly than most of the British punk underground of ten to 15 years ago. Peers can recall them fondly, everyone else can thrill to them for the first time.


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from Canada, features a Shallow North Dakota member


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The fella from Poison The Well did that band Sleigh Bells


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Loved Midnight Special, but then this kind of thing is right up my alley.

Anything sci-fi themed with a kid in it gets the Spielbergian tag but I would say this was a gloomy, foreboding film where a lot is said with very little (maybe this is how Jeff Nichols works, I must see his other stuff). Lots of driving on American highways and helicopters and government men tick the nostalgia boxes but it's a new spin on things. A real heartfelt core to it too thanks to Michael Shannon who rules plus he likes the Jesus Lizard.


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Tried seeing THE MARTIAN in the cinema, but of course it was out months ago.
Still very beautifully realised on a small screen. I was interested in it from a production design point of view - how to make something look cool and functional at the same time, with an element of realism.
Anyway, it was riveting and actually a pretty nuts and bolts survival story which coming off the back of a rewatch of Interstellar was a nice change from phiosophy and cosmological wonder. (I loved Interstellar by the way). Killer cast

Flying the heavy powerviolence flag in 2016, VILE INTENT just put their album online


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Thanks for getting one man. WHAT A BAND.


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Sorry for the hard sell but people can buy a Big Crux LP from me if you like
http://superfirecords.limitedrun.com/pr … onchito-lp


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You'd better give that Hebosagil album a good review!


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A view of Norilsk, Russia
built by gulag prisoners, surrounded by metal smelting factories


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I keep forgetting to correct that, will do so now


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This was all a ploy to laugh at your (ex) record collection


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I agree with Peely that it's one of the worst band names in the history of recorded music, but still awesome


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How about this?
https://soundcloud.com/will-barker-4/se … its-broken

How about Fell To Low? Loved their album from last year


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Luke from the band Atomck is working on the graphics for this game, I think it looks awesome so far


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I get stuff in from Ektro every so often as I like the noise-rock stuff they do (Baxter Stockman, Hebosagil) plus the Circle and heavy metal bits. Can look into getting some of these if people are interested? Might not be super soon


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I could give two shits about sport, especially baseball, but i really enjoyed MONEYBALL.
A paean to science, stats and that joy you get when the underdog gets their chance.
I bet the manager guy was pleased that Brad Pitt was cast to play him onscreen


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Allez Alle wrote:
Kunal wrote:

Played with them last June, they ruled

I work with Matt, the singer. I told him about your kind words. And then tried to shake him down for cash for promoting his band online.

If he starts getting big headed about it tell him he's my fourth favourite member of the band


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dontcarewhere / Ben on this forum might be up for buying a lot from you if you want to keep it simple. Good dude.

Discogs makes it easy to list stuff and you can see the going rate for things.
When you list stuff on discogs you can export data as a spreadsheet if you wanted to post a text list somewhere.

Ebay has more reach I guess but was an absolutely pain in the hole to navigate and use.


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Thank you!

Sam K wrote:

'new' creation is crucifixion:

http://lambgoat.com/features/301/Creati … bum-stream

Getting some copies of this in. Mad band.


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Allez Alle wrote:

Big Fail, from Newcastle.


Played with them last June, they ruled