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Soon! Working on a split 6" with Hummingbird of Death. Not sure when it will be done as both bands aren't touring and Cowbunga/me are taking our time, but sometime soon.


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I have no idea who Mike Persil is but now I am intrigued. The one time things went south on that preorder people called me Toby Chan and that was a LOL.

If I was in Total Abuse there'd probably be a lot more use of the word "faggot". And maybe some talk about drinking and how Austin rules. I'll talk about drinking and how So Cal rules though.


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petethefeet wrote:

Oh good, I like Brain Handle, and Crossed Out.

Oh, it should be noted I have no problem with badly record records. I just have a problem when that is the focus (i.e. how a band defines their sound), because frankly I find it a bit pathetic.

I agree. I like good sounding records. I think it's something I've excelled at (not putting out badly recorded garbage). Even the joke records had good recordings. If you guys want, I can post some 16oh stuff up in this thread and you all can check it out. Would love to expose the label a bit more.


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And just in case anyone wants to check em out (I run this label to let people hear music, not to make money):


There's the 7" I did and the demo. Enjoy! Demo is rough around the edges but that's what demos usually are.


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I think their recording for the 7" sounded phenomenal. A little blown out, but it matched what they were going for. I like to think that band is a bit like if Crossed Out listened to a lot more Gira/Ginn. Take it for what you will. I don't see them as following any trend, they've been a band for over 6-7 years if memory serves right (used to be two dudes making more SWANS type noise stuff). Left of center hardcore. Ex members of Warzone Womyn, and current of Brain Handle/Tusk Lord.


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Yorkie wrote:
16oh wrote:

I don't get how I'm insulting, I'm more so being explanatory because Rosie mentioned what I expanded on. Maybe insulting because you disbelieve it all, but whatever, can't do anything about that.

What I personally find insulting his how blasé you've been about your own ineptness in this thread. You've repeatedly stated that you've lost a number of packages to 'Euro land' due to your inability to write legibly and yet you don't seem to have taken any real steps to rectifying this problem. And this is a problem that really does not require much in the way of a solution even for a constantly displaced, website hosting, wherever-I-lay-my-blackberry-is-where-I-call-home vagabond of the Western World like yourself.

With that in mind, I've found your apology to be disingenuous and I think its well within my rights to feel insulted, thanks very much.

Well, you are entitled to feel any way you want. Doesn't make it right though. I'm genuinely sorry to anyone who has had to deal with my life and the results of it. I think maybe the reason the people on vl-wee-wee hold me in some high regard is because they got to see a lot of it go down, and generally saw through it all. Whatever. No bigs either way. I am genuinely sorry, and I'll get you taken care of. If there is one thing I AM, is I am definitely a sarcastic logic abuser and kind of smarmy. I'm sorry for this.

Tonight my home is a mexican dudes couch in Costa Mesa. Looking forward to it mostly because I think I'm gonna be watching some lame ass movie. Recents have been Black Devil Doll, and Black Dynamite.


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telemetry wrote:

"wheres our money lebowski?!?!"

It's down here somewhere, let me take another look.


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I do all of this in my VERY little spare time. I usually write the addresses on packages at the post office while thumbing through my blackberry for them. I'm rushed, my hand writing gets even worse. Trust me, I've lost quite a few packages to euro land to know it's a deciding factor. Sometimes I do print em out, but I rarely have the time to do so. Plus, a lot of people will write me and go "OH HEY, SENT YOU THE WRONG ADDRESS" and then it gets even more confusing. What also fucks me is I move around a lot, and if a package comes back from europe, it generally takes a long time. Right now I can't get anything, which is KILLING me.

Your order was definitely sent. I'm sorry you didn't get it. I'll get you another one coming, no bigs.

I don't get how I'm insulting, I'm more so being explanatory because Rosie mentioned what I expanded on. Maybe insulting because you disbelieve it all, but whatever, can't do anything about that.

I sold out of one pressing of 500 of that SLICES and I'm in the second pressing of 500. Given I do all the distro and mailorder for the record, it's funny to me. I mean, did I rip off 500 people? Did those 500 never get their records? Did I rip off the subsequent large amount of people who ordered the second press? No. I realize I've got a few people who I am taking care of who didn't get stuff, but the whole thing is just a mind boggle of numbers to me. Like I said earlier, its not like I go through and just pick and choose which euro gets their stuff. Altogether bummed out by this thread in general.


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I don't think I got carried away at all. I've maintained close to the same composure the entire time. I maintained I'd refund any of them the entire time, and then did (at least in Ben's case). I'm going the extra mile with Ben because I like the guy. I'll probably do the same with Matt although I think his choice of words was lame as fuck. There you have it.


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No problem buddy, sorry about the bullshit/having to deal with the rough end of my stupid life at the time.


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sticky wrote:
16oh wrote:
sticky wrote:

well, if he joins a band that's going to tour europe maybe have another go at him and he'll send your stuff out eventually

Don't worry, I won't. I don't have enough time to even wipe my ass half the time, the very idea of playing music is just a pipe dream at the moment. I do however enjoy the thought that implied violence would be a great way of rectifying this situation. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

violence solves most things but that wasn't what i was alluding to

Slices rule.

Hah my apologies then. To the end all, violence till the end. 'Merica.


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Hey Ben, just refunded you (I sent the british pound amount). I'll get a package out to you soon. Unfortunately you were dealing with me during the worst of all the worst times, and like you pointed out, vl-wee-wee's message system is indeed fucked up. Sorry for the long wait, and glad I could make amends with you in some way. I probably have a PM sitting on vl-wee-wee from you right now, hah. I'll go look! Sorry about never getting back to you, like I said about the international packages it's a little hard for me to go back and go "ok this shipped then and etc...". I always have the best of intentions but sometimes (and most definitely in your case) fell short of the mark.


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I just think it's "weirder". I like em both on the same level. LP will probably be on some crazy shit. So interested to hear where they go as a band.


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The one on Home Invasion is awesome, highly advise if you haven't gotten it. Also, the LP on Iron Lung is coming out soon. STOKED.


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The best band you've never heard.

Matt/Ben, get in touch. Seriously! Ben mostly, as I'm already sort of in touch with Matt.


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xdamienx wrote:

i dunno, if i give someone money under the pretence i'm getting shit for it, then i want that shit, and want it as soon as possible. i think it's legitimate beef, the more you let shit like this go the more they'll take chances thinking they can get away with it

The problem with this, is I don't want your money (DYSTOPIA LOL), and I'm not trying to rip you off. I lose money doing this distro. My time is much more valuable than the amount of money I'd make printing shirts. I print shirts/distro records (LOL at no one arguing about records, which is like 80% of what I do, and depressing that people would rather order a shirt than say you know, the SLICES 7" or something like that) mostly as a favor to friends, and because I physically print the shirts for friends/myself. I just pass on the savings basically. I don't charge a lot for the shirts, if it was about money I'd be chargin a lot more. I don't think I can get away with anything. There is no thought process like that. I just live. I fuck up, it happens. I make amends and move forward.


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Kingmob wrote:

Wow. What a whiney little fucking prick.

You didn't go to the same charm school as Mike Persil by any chance did you?

Sorry, Math Major, no charm school. I'm actually a really nice guy, just HATE HATE HATE it when people jump to conclusions, and especially after I told Matt I'd get back in touch with him today when I returned to my office/my distro. I am also pretty upset about him making a statement where he elevates himself above me, and I feel completely justified in being upset about that, because I'm not one to make prideful statements. Pride comes before a fall, always. Like here you are seeing, my pride in thinking I could handle running my distro and shit is coming down royally right? Two people very upset at me, and they aren't the only ones (however they are the only ones who decided they needed to escalate it to a public forum). I've been doing everything I can to rectify peoples situations, but I can't make up for the situations where I just don't know, for one, and for two, have probably already done the right thing at least once.

If anyone wants to get at me via AIM or something like that, my name is jeffryxtron. I'd be glad to talk to you about anything, time providing, and especially Ben. I'd like to get your situation ironed out, I'm genuinely bummed out and would love to hear from you. Matt, maybe I got a little overly bummed about you lording your perfection over me, but even with you and your girl, I'll refund you and probably do the same thing I want to do with Ben. No qualms. I'm not like hurting for money over here, no bigs on refunding or anything with any of you.


See? Cute dog. Chewbacca defense. Everyone smile a little bit and Matt/Ben get in touch. If you don't have AIM, I'll get back to Matt over Facebook, Ben, choose your weapon at random.


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alex wrote:

And to top it all off, you also have to re-take Humility 101.

I'm sure. Forgive me for airing my side of the situation and calling to attention obvious contradictions. I'm not one to roll over and take a kick in the side for someone else's benefit. Again, apologies.


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axon wrote:

Anyone else here ever think, 'Id properly love to start a distro, print cool tshirts of old bands that everyone wants. Yeah that would be ace. Oh wait a minute, im at college studying plus ive got a few jobs which means I wouldnt have time to do it properly. Its nice pipe dream though, something to think about when ive got some time to do it. '.

Or was that just me?

Woe is Jeff.

To be fair, I've been doing this label and distro since 2004. I didn't have nearly the amount of shit on my plate at that time. But whatever, not a history major.


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xdamienx wrote:

so dude works maybe 80 hours a week and is also a 'full time' student? none of my busniness but that sounds pretty whacky

Look, I'm in Calc right now, Biology of Aging, Logic/Critical Thinking, and a Networking class (the CompTIA Network+ class). All of my classes are online, so I can do them at my convenience, which usually ends up being from like 10 at night till I finish, or over my lunch break, or on the weekend if I have time). I'm also a Project Manager working on a 1 million dollar project (approximately 15 pounds, give or take after conversion). I also do web development for 4 clients, one is Hellfish, another is Puke N Vomit/Radiation Records, and I have two smaller ones that come and go. I also manage and do websites for the following:

Animal Style Records
Recession Records
Financial Ruin Records
Akstar Lifestyle

And a few more. It is crazy, and driving me insane. But it's what I have to do right now, and I've accepted that. I need to finish my degree, and also begin taking classes/studying for a huge certification so that I can move my career forward. If I don't do all of this, I'll lose my job at some point and be completely fucked. That's just how she rolls.


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I'd say we are both guilty of being impatient, but that's just my guess. I can't access facebook messages from a phone, which is how I access that shit 99% of the time. I'm sorry that you didn't know that, but of course jumped to conclusions. I got your wall post and then was like "Oh fuck, I have a message from this guy". Then I checked it. Then I replied to it. However, you decided you wanted to make this a big spectacle to people, so you know, just tossing in my side of the coin.

What I am sort of missing is why your girlfriend orders a shirt in April, and there is a vacation of communication until October. In October I was going through the beginnings of the homeless ordeal, so I'm sorry I've been less communicative than you would hope. Either way, like I said, shit gets caught in my spam, you obviously got my attention now, so what do you do with it?

If you send me your girls email I will just refund you. You've decided to just piss me off by saying you are better than me (don't deny it). Send me the details immediately so I can refund your girlfriend. You in your first line say you are not trying to get into an internet pissing match with me, and then go on to basically lord over my head how you are better than me. Well fuck right off with that logic. At least learn how to write a post that doesn't blatantly contradict itself right at the end. Also, get in touch Ben, I'll refund you AND send you another package. I don't know who you are, but you haven't slandered me to my knowledge, and I'll be more than happy to go out of my way to make you happy.


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MattBenn wrote:

i guess it's a shame you can't wear nice guy vibes.

HAR HAR HAR. This sweet dude backed hard alpaca coat I've been wearing is a bitch itchy, maybe I should switch it out for me loves to go out of his way to make unhappy people smile a bit t shirt, can't have chafing, amirite!


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sticky wrote:

well, if he joins a band that's going to tour europe maybe have another go at him and he'll send your stuff out eventually

Don't worry, I won't. I don't have enough time to even wipe my ass half the time, the very idea of playing music is just a pipe dream at the moment. I do however enjoy the thought that implied violence would be a great way of rectifying this situation. KILL IT WITH FIRE.


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Andy Malcolm wrote:

maybe he should mention that on the website. just a thought!

I know this sounds incredibly hypocritical given I'm typing away on a website (LOL) but I seriously have hardly any time. Like I said I moonlight for clients, and I've been working on this:


New shopping cart for a few of my clients. Use's the newer MVC framework, and a whole bunch of other geek shit. While I'm not doing that, I've got my head buried in a Calculus book (I literally did around 40 hours of Calc this weekend and I'm STILL behind in the class.)


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axisofevil wrote:

yeh if it's any consolation the print on the shirt i got from him got immediately fucked up in the wash! though actually it looks pretty cool now. way more emo.

Water based ink. Sort of how it goes with the application. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it isn't. I use plastisol for a lot of stuff now but printing that shit is even more of a hassle (I have to do it at my friends shop).