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teenage caveman
screaming toenail
gloss rejection (RIP)
as ondas
no form


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upcoming gigs/schedule!:

Fri 9/10 Cross Stitched Eyes / Deathraid / Dregs
Satu 10/10 Anasazi / Part 1
Sun 11/10 - Join a collective day (come along, bring ideas get stuck in etc)
12/10 Yoga
14/10 Ornette (film screening)
17/10 No Form / Overbite / Efialtis / Sarcasm
19/10 Cassus / Skylark / The Potentials / Honeyjoy
23/10 Swordwielder
26/10 Yoga
29/10 The Spook School
30/10 Martha
31/10 Martha (matinee)
31/10 DSFL Halloween Covers show (evening)
5/11 Sauna Youth / The Love Triangle / Trance / Sang / Efialtis / Sonic Order
14/11 No / Mob Rules / Arms Race / Snob / Efialtis
15/11 All Genders Fat Positive Clothes Swap

There's more stuff on I havent even listed, come down to the space, check it out, our notice board has loads of stuff, yknow, ask a punk

PLUS We as always need benefits!!!!! And other fundraising ideas - esp until we get a bar.  For booking/all other info contact [email protected]


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some upcoming UK shows:

Fri 10th July LONDON - The Stag's Head w/Efialtis, Hunger, Vertical Slump +1
Sat 11th July BRISTOL - Roll for the soul
Sun 12th July CARDIFF (matinee) - Undertone w/ Twisted, Towel
Sun 19th July OXFORD - The Library Pub w/ Girl Power, Rainbow Reservoir, Hate Filled Kids

Then we're off to US/Canada/Mexico for a month

New 7" Mira will be out sometime in July too https://fraupunk.bandcamp.com/


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this friday (23/1) - Good Throb, Trash Kit & The Valets are playing at the Peckham Liberal Club, its for a friend's birthday party but all are welcome!


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Ellie R wrote:

I think Sissy Hex (former Etai Keshiki) might be on open-ended hiatus but I saw them live once and it was so heavy it almost blew my brains out: http://sissyhex.bandcamp.com/releases

Last few times I saw them was totally incredible.  Hope they do release something of their later stuff (hint hint)!
Daria is in Commiserations now which are really great as well - https://commiserations.bandcamp.com/

As for my favourites a lot of the ones mentioned; Snob, No Form, Trash Kit, The Repossessed, No Ditching, Good Throb, The Lowest Form, Love Triangle...
Also dont think these have been listed yet:
Cianuro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Cq6dDIAPI
Slum of Legs: https://riotsnotdiets.bandcamp.com/albu … o-dissolve
As Ondas: https://asondas.bandcamp.com/
Gloss Rejection: https://crumbcabin.bandcamp.com/album/g … mini-album
Grubs: https://grubs.bandcamp.com/album/dec-15 … ame-single
Corey Orbison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEmZ55yj1aw


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Queer Fest Nottingham (just the whole of it)
Disguise, Scumheads (!), Gaze at Weefest, Isle of Cumbrae
Reagent Records tour show at Powerlunches
Las Otras & Cianuro at Powerlunches
Slum of Legs & No Ditching at Sticky Mikes, Brighton
S.H.I.T. & Love Triangle at Static Shock weekend
Snob & No at Challenging Behaviour fest
Mülltüte somewhere in Berlin
Martha, Chain of Flowers, Grubs at Teenage Gravediggers alldayer, Cardiff
Hysterics & Sissy Hex at Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Hysterics & Dregs Westhill Hall, Brighton
Joanna Gruesome at Powerlunches
Sissy & As Ondas at Powerlunches
Good Throb at The Stag's Head, London
Perspex Flesh at I'll Die if I Want 2, Leeds


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hi just an update on all this! we have a solid foundation of funds to start up, set up as a co-op and are constantly on the look out for suitable buildings.  however London is vast and we're coming up constantly against location problems, developers etc in terms of finding the dream place. 

If you're interested in helping out at all we really need loadsa people doing the following:
- scoping out suitable buildings in your area (we want to cover all inner london boroughs); shut up pubs, community centres, general use buildings and fitting as much as possible to the required spec: http://diyspaceforlondon.org/help-us-find-a-building/
- planning bike rides scouting out empties in groups, noting down estate agent numbers (a lot of these things arent online)
- getting on estate agent lists (if you have any experience leasing commercial property we want your help!), scouring gumtree, local papers etc.

- any suitable buildings you see send us an email we can look up the owner & chase up agents our end

these are things we're working on in the collective but we're always welcome and encouraging to anyone willing to put in 5 mins to help us out, any info you have whatsoever send it over to diyspaceforlondon @ gmail.com

there'll be another open meeting coming up soon!

this band is so great


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Ellie R wrote:

Is anybody else also fucking disgusted with 'Exhibition B' stuff at the Barbican?

Yes, and your final point about 'Couple in a cage' kinda hammers home how disastrously shit this is as a piece of art.  I can't help but feel that these boards of white men (Arts Council particularly included in this) with terrible taste and no ideas are coming more and more prevalent. I was at work practically next door during the protest and the entire street was filled with riot police & vans which was pretty ridiculous (it was a really small protest!).  The Barbican cancelling it due to 'safety' and entirely missing the point (most probably wanting to) is something I guess.


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frau news for anyone interested:

we've got a new single out next week (most likely) on Static Shock Records, for now you can listen to the A side PUNK IS MY BOYFRIEND here: http://staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/ … -boyfriend

& you can still get the Frau demo or free download here: http://riotsnotdiets.bandcamp.com/album/frau-demo

we're also on tour across Europe very soon with Aviles anarcho kids ASESINATO DEL PODER, here are the dates (poster by Teo Hernández - risographed version will be on sale at shows)


try Las Timidas, they have a member of Irreparables...

this Retrofuture song is amazing

old favourites:

also current London bands As Ondas and Cianuro would totally fit the bill but dunno if they have any stuff online....


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14/06 - Sissy Hex, Roseanne Barrr, Faggot, Bona H.C. @ Powerlunches
05/07 - Woolf, Corey Orbison, Roseanne Barrr, Frau, Dregs @ Powerlunches


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if the weather is ok this bar 'Klunkerkranich' on the top of a shopping centre is actually really great, has amazing views, gardens, cheap drinks - http://unlike.net/berlin/after-dark/klunkerkranich

also the 'abandoned' tempelhofer airport is really great now, loads of alottments/weird sculptures, vast and huge http://www.visitberlin.de/en/spot/tempelhofer-park


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incase you're into doing this again, me and a few friends are planning a record fair on record store day (19th April I think?) at powerlunches, as loads of people will undoubtedly be up for bonza digging that day, it'd be fun etc. would you want to do another then at the haggerston for easily strolling between...
(can't come this Saturday due to work unfortunately ugh)


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there's always more 'famous' people in a genre/movement though, no? its not too dissimilar to someone knowing little about punk and referring to sid vicious?

never been a particularly massive bikini kill etc fan but i really enjoyed the punk singer film, i was reading the everett true interview with KH in the guardian and he pointed out that there werent any male talking heads in the film, which was intentional - i hadnt noticed this at all, she refers to ian mackaye or thurston moore as being typical men who were also involved in the stories of scenes in the film, and its interesting that theyre much more famous possibly than any of the women and would that have skewed the story at all?  But yeah the film was really good and had a lot of really interesting refreshing points about women in punk and the public eye.


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bank a/c and rough maths suggests we've currently got a whopping grand fundraising total of £9, 499.27!! direct donations via bank transfer/paypal etc always welcome but theres also a few benefits coming up:

Tues 31st December -  Girl Germs present: Shopping, Giant Burger & Actual Crimes - Powerlunches
Fri 10th January – Hunger, Witching Waves, Cianuro, Sonambulo  - House show se1 0rx
Sun 12th Jan -  Feature, Joey Fourr, Sweetheart, Gold Bars –  Powerlunches
Sun 19th Jan – Arms Race, Dregs, Family Outing, Frau & Semi - Powerlunches

other benefits:
Static Shock Records are doing a test press auction from a bunch of releases (inc. Urban Blight, Creem) imminently, sign up to their mailing list to know when bidding commences - http://www.staticshockrecords.com/
Another Subculture fanzine tape, £4 inc postage, available here: http://anothersubculture.bandcamp.com/m … ember-2013

There'll be a big open meeting at the end of Jan/early Feb regarding our next steps in 2014....


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i got the avocado sandwich before from pret but someone there said there was butter in it?

i really cant the "customer service" and attitude at ms cupcake in brixton but the sandwiches (BLT, sausage sandwiches, hoisin duck on bergen bread i think) are amazing.


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we've got some gigs coming up including a couple up north:

Fri 29/11 -  MANCHESTER -Typical Girls clubnight w/ The Ethical Debating Society & ILL @ Gullivers
Sat 30/11 - LEEDS - Hypnocave house show (LS6) w/ Autobodies, Aurochs & EK
Sun 1/12 - LONDON - w/ Retrofuture + more tbc @ Powerlunches
Fri 13/12 - LONDON - w/ The #1s, Quango, Personnel & The Smear @ Archway Tavern
Sun 19/1/14 - LONDON - w/ Arms Race, Dregs, Family Outing & Semi @ Powerlunches


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at Powerlunches tonight theres a night defined as 'House/Disco/Sexyfun' if thats your bag, im being practically dragged along http://www.facebook.com/events/21794909 … mp;fref=ts

Theres a big 3Cosas benefit party night at ULU too I think which is hip hop

Duckie is a queer indie night on at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern every Saturday, I dont know much else...


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yeah it'll be a new single on the A side, havent decided beyond that yet

hopefully going to do a belated "tape launch" at powerlunches, but playing across spain later this month and at bloody ice cream in london early november.....

26/10/2013: Barcelona (Los Blokes Fantasma) + Origen + Alerta! + The Suecas + Elaoïn Sdretu [+]
27/10/2013: Benissa (Casal d'Associacions) + The Granny Bashers + Fàstic [+]
28/10/2013: Madrid (Rock Palace) + Atomizador
29/10/2013: Gijón (Café DAM) + Asesinato del Poder + Gobierno Militar [+]
30/10/2013: Getaria (?) + Gaitze + The Mob
31/10/2013: Donostia (Mogambo) + Accidente
01/11/2013: Arnedo (Sendero Club) + Hijas del NO
02/11/2013: Zaragoza (CSO Kike Mur) + The Crowd + Criatura
09/11/2013: London (The Grosvenor) + Dog Legs + Witching Waves


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Oliver wrote:




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24/08 - Ravioli Me Away / Etai Keshiki / Grey Lepers / Weird Menace / Frau @ Limazulu


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there's a fundraising social for DIY Space For London this Sunday afternoon, all welcome and very much encouraged to come! More info here: http://diyspaceforlondon.org/


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new band called frau (members of good throb, las timidas, woolf) we've got some gigs coming up and a couple of songs online here: http://frau1.bandcamp.com/

upcoming gigs:

1st June - w/ ravioli me away, witching waves & more @ powerlunches, london
16th June - w/ hard skin, the pukes @ the grosvenor, london
23rd June - w/ frustros , good throb @ new cross inn, london
13th July - w/ los cripis, joyce dvision @ cowley club, brighton


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corey orbison
etai keshiki
good throb
trash kit
sad boys !!!!
sick sad world
no womb
las otras
las timidas

old bands: fifth column (uk), desechables, phantom pregnancies, the puke, y pants, vital disorders are my favourites.
the ref female punk comps is awesome but the 'we're still pissed' series exposed me to so much awesome stuff http://ansia2.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/va … nload.html

totally bloody blown away by family outing and ano in the last week, kinda feel bands are the best when theyre brand new! i am so bored of watching all male line up punk shows.