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Do you still need someone to review these records Andy? I did some reviews years ago under the name Lewis.

I'm interested in the following:

Afterlife - s/t LP https://phobiarecords.bandcamp.com/albu … ife-s-t-lp - crust
Bring the Drones - Ignorance Paradise LP https://phobiarecords.bandcamp.com/albu … aradise-lp - hc
Concealed Blade - s/t LP https://beachimpedimentrecords.bandcamp … -blade-s-t - hc
Cuntroaches - ep tape https://cuntroaches.bandcamp.com/album/ep-2 - noise punk
Dissekerad - IV 7” https://phobiarecords.bandcamp.com/albu … tilltar-lp - punk / hc
Haters - Chronic 7” https://brightonhaters.bandcamp.com/album/chronic - pop punk / indie
Obstruction - demo 7” (flexi) https://obstructiontx.bandcamp.com/album/demo - punk
Pandexmi - Pathological Culture 7” (flexi) https://pandemixpunx.bandcamp.com/album … lture-demo - punk
Totalove - Lo que toco lo destruyo 7” (flexi) https://totalove.bandcamp.com/album/lo- … o-destruyo - punk


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'No ID' from Wat Tyler's first 7" is also a quality tune.


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Leatherface one is killer, if only for that not only do they cover Wat Tyler, but Wat Tyler is also on the record.


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My Mus top ten:

1. Dir Yassin - 7"
2. Destruccion / SIDA - split 7"
3. Rixe - Coups Et Blessures 7"
4. Voco Protesta - Neniam Konfidu 12"
5. Fix Me - 12"
6. Una Bestia Incontrolable - 12"
7. Juanita Y Los Feos - Nueva Numancia 12"
8. Eskupitajo - demo 7"
9. Kriegshog - 12"
10. Atentado - Dias De Rabia 12"

Many runners up, some future classics and a handful of duds. I'd hate to think how anglo-centric UK punk would be if it weren't for Paco.


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I am probably missing one or two releases from La Vida Es Un Mus, apart from that, have most things including colour vinyl, Obis, and a few test pressings.

Probably missing a handful of records from Lengua Armada, Flat Earth and Looney Tunes.


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doing gigs in Brighton - especially interested in political bands/benefit gigs - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Underdog … 04?fref=ts


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Rémi wrote:
attackpunkinternational wrote:


Antimob (Greece) - 12" (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός, Greece)

My favourite and most played punk album this year smile

A modern classic. I reckon it could be one of the most important punk records of this decade. Have advised my friends to get copies ASAP as it is getting hard to find.


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Anti-Droga (Spain) / Venganza (Spain) - split 12" (Spain)
Chaos Channel (Japan) - How You'd Been So High... 12" (Tardis, UK)
War Wolf (UK) - Riding With Demons 10" (Headless Guru, UK)
Hard Skin (UK) - On The Balls 12" (JT Classics, UK)
Antimob (Greece) - 12" (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός, Greece)
Irreparables (UK) - 12" (Nominal, Canada)
Una Beastia Incontrolable (Spain) - 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus, UK)
Dirty Wombs (Greece) / Gutter (Greece) - split 12" (Scarecrow, Greece)
People (Japan) - Authentic Oral Communication 12" (Noise Punk, UK)
Absurdo (Spain) - Demo 12" (Spain)
Voĉo Protesta (Japan) - Neniam Konfidu Al La Ŝtato 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus, UK)
Life (Japan) - Violence, Peace & Peace Research 12" (Freedom Fighter, Japan)
Πανδημία (Greece) - Mοντέρνα Πανούκλα 12" (Imminent Destruction, UK)

AI (Spain) - Ets Es Millor 7" flexi (Metadona, Spain)
Amenaça (Spain) – Sang Calenta 7" (Discos Enfermos, Spain)
Abolish Authority (Greece) - Aπειλή 7" (Geheimnis, Greece)
Institution (Sweden) - Världens Ändstation 7" (D-Takt & Råpunk, Sweden)
Pistol Joke (Japan) - We Just Shit 7" (Noise Punk, UK)
Anti-Armada (USA) - 7" flexi (Sin Temores, USA)
Morbo (Peru) - Me Llega Al Pincho 2002-2004  7" (Sin Temores, USA)
M For Mazot (Syria) - 7" (Tianamen 89, France)
Quango (UK) - Fatality 7" (First World Problems, UK)


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Finding this band from the Basque country pretty catchy.


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The Oppressed is a brilliant band, 'Music For Hooligans' is a brilliant record. I saw them not to long ago a bit Antifascist festival in Brixton and they were excellent.

At the moment I am a bit fan of Ομιχλη (Omixlh) from Greece.

There is also:
Guerrilla from Germany, who do a more kinda Youth of Today style hardcore mixed with oi.
Kortatu, a very famous band from the Basque Country with a heavy ska influence.
La Broma De Ssatan, an old 80s Spanish punk band, famous for "pogo on a nazi."

and this was a one off record from Brighton:


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Chaos Channel - 12"
Heratys - 2nd 7"
Warwolf - 10"
Disparo - 12"
Aspirin Infantil - 7" flexi
Vengenza / Anti-Droga - split 12"
Hard Skin - On The Balls 12"
Antimob - 12"
Abolish Authority - demo 7"
Institution - 7"


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Napalm Death
Firmeza 10


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Surprised no ones mentioned Gary Bushell.


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I have run audacity and worked out how to edit/crop tracks down, but i'm still confused about how to split tracks? I.e. Split one long recording into multiple seperate MP3s.

Also, how do I go about transforming a WAV file to an MP3 file?



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Not for UK punk...


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Know some of the classics/big names, but can anyone recommend me decent Greek punk/hardcore bands?


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Thanks guys, much appreciated.


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I have a long audio file and i would like to edit it, break it up into individual tracks. Can anyone recommend a good free programme to use? Bearing it mind I'm a total technophobe.



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Does anyone know a mailorder, either in UK or in Europe, where I can buy both the Institution 12" and 7" together...



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There's a do here in Brighton on friday, and we need some music. Can anyone recommend some good anti-fascist music?

Whether it's Guthrie or Sin Dios, all recommendations welcome.


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Found some cool stuff i've resold; OG Jamaroqui and Cardigans LP for a couple of quid that have resold at £30/£40 a pop.

Found some cool stuff i've kept: Bolt Thrower 12", euro-press of Youth Of Today for a few quid... sure other stuff that forgets me...

Is anybody suprised at the frequency of certain records in charity shops? Blaster Bates, Best Of John Denver etc. I'm surprised at the lack of Johnny Cash...


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RobxT wrote:

That Eskoria Tza 7" rules too. Loads of good stuff

This record is not in the Spanish language, but the Basque. The first Basque language hardcore record, or so it has been said.

But yes, it is a great record.


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I posted this list in a previous thread, it's of recent records from the spanish state:

  • Absurdo - tape cassette (hardcore/thrash like old Italian stuff)
    Sentencia - tape cassette (d-beat)
    OTAN - 2 7"s (the best hardcore ever)
    Obediencia - 7" (tuneful punk with female vocals)
    La Terminal - 7" (can't remember, but it's good)
    Crosta - CD-R demo (tuneful punk/dark wave with female vocals)
    Atentado - 7" (d-beat with female vocals)
    Estupas - 7" (demented punk)
    Mierda - tape cassette (hardcore like Ripcord/HHH)
    Semen - tape cassette (d-beat)
    Sudor - 7", brand new 12" (d-beat)
    Amenaca - 12" (hardcore punk like Eskorbuto)
    Peligro - new 12" (hardcore rock n roll like Poison Idea)
    Gorbierno Militar - 7" (hardcore/d-beat)
    Bici-Hardcore - 7" (hardcore/d-beat)
    Belgrado - 12" (dark-wavish hardcore)
    Corprolitos - 4 (?) 7"s (no wave/post-punk/DIY with female vocals)
    La URSS - 2 7"s, 12" (mid paced tuneful punk/post-punk)
    Hell Division - 7" (japcore like Bastard)
    Escroto De Rata - 12" (demented punk like Larsen)
    Glam - 7" (hardcore with slight Finnish vibes)
    No Sex - tape cassette (US82 style hardcore)
    Uber - 3 7"s (US82 hardcore)
    Cop De Fona - 3 7"s (fast hardcore)
    Crimen De Estado - 7", split 12" (d-beat/hardcore)
    Primates - 2 7"s(fast hardcore, ex-E150)
    Fix Me - 7", 12" (burly hardcore, ex-E150)
    Proyecto Hombre - 7" (fast hardcore/thrash/d-beat)
    No Escape - 7" (mid-paced classic punk)
    Rumania - 7"(mid-paced classic punk)
    Wild Dogs - 7" (hardcore)