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Seduction - The Protestant Ethic And The Sprit Of Capitalism Tape - unashamed Pistols rip-offs featuring Passy from Confuse.
Privateways - She Said 7" - Powerpop perfection!
BILLIE IDLE - BILLIed IDLE CD - perfect pop
BILLIE IDLE - Launching Out CD - again...perfect pop


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Use it in work all the time to drown out the sound of the radio in the office


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Looking forward to seeing your records popping up on the next series of Storage Hunters



Latest issue of the fanzine, this time focusing on the Chiba punk scene of the 1990’s, features interviews with The MARGAReTS and the C&C, also included is a history of the C&C from their early days until now, a feature on lesser known Chiba punk bands such as Big Jet Mouse and Visible Fucker and a load of rare and unseen photographs and flyers.

48 pages – £2.00 + postage*.



Features history of cult Kyushu punk band Slicks (Kings World Records), an interview with Tokyo noisecore band The Tits (ex.Reconsideration) and a photo feature from Private Scandal Party Vol.3 by Senna Chanel.

24 pages – £1.50 + postage*.


Pogo punk split CD featuring tracks from Beer Belly (Tokyo, Japan), Dinosaurs (Seoul, South Korea) and The Injections (???, UK) and artwork by Sexual Toru (The Bubbles).

9 tracks – £5.00 + postage*.

* cheaper wholesale rates are available for 5 or more copies - please let me know how many copies you would like and I will tell you the total cost – I accept payment by PayPal.

Trades are welcome!



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Kunal wrote:

Had some surreal reverse punishment where someone ordered a KUOLEMA 7", i send an invoice, and then they leave me good feedback before I even mail the record to them. And they didn't pay. Weird

A similar one, the other day I sold some records to someone in Bulgaria, posted the records and 1 day later they left me positive feedback before the records had even arrived...

Have to admit, I was almost put off selling after reading some of these horror stories, so far so good though.


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Hi folks,

I've just listed some records for sale on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/theveryb … ro/profile

Mostly Japanese punk, HC and Oi!, some other bits and bobs, I will be listing more in the next few days.

If you'd like to buy anything feel free to drop me a message here.


Loyd Grossman of Through The Keyhole/pasta sauce fame - his band played at Rebellion festival a couple of years ago, but still odd to see him walking around.

Japanese deathmatch wrestler 'Crazy Monkey' Jun Kasai at the final concert of the pop group BiS, he looks genuinely quite terrifying as his face and hands are all scarred from being hit over the head with light bulbs for years, Momorin the guitarist from Gauze was also there which I didn't really expect, hardly a celebrity encounter though...

Please excuse me posting in this old threat, but minor celebrity sightings...

Pretty much the entire WWE roster of 2003/4, I was mad into wrestling when I was little and stayed at the same hotel as the wrestlers, got tonnes of photos, Chris Benoit put me in a headlock in the pic, quite eerie looking back at it now.

Paul Chuckle (of Chuckle Brothers fame) in Blackpool about 10 years ago, my friend's Dad shouted "no slacking!!" at him, which went right over my head.

Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) whilst walking through a tube station, stared intently at him for a few moments trying to work out who he was then it clicked when I was about 300 yards past him.

Bill Drummond (The KLF) came to my school to speak to the students doing Drama A-Levels, I didn't know about it so didn't really meet him, would like to have asked about Extreme Noise Terror collaboration.

Various members of semi-well-known Japanese pop groups (namely BiS) around the streets of Tokyo, this is a very loose use of the term celebrity i'll admit.


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The Knockers - Knockin' Blues


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CostaSaint wrote:
NoiseForTheBoys wrote:

I'll be in Barcelona for the first time since I was kid this month, are there any good punk/HC shops worth checking out?

B-Core is supposed to be good but it was shut the two times I went there.

Daily Records in carrer de les Sitges is pretty good and Revolver (on the same street) is ok as well.

Ta very much!


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I'll be in Barcelona for the first time since I was kid this month, are there any good punk/HC shops worth checking out?


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Sorry to bump a 7 year old thread, but this scene has made somewhat of a resurgence recently with Exithippies making a comeback and restarting their New Smell label and releasing a new volume of Tokyo Sound System (albeit only Exithippies songs – the great third wave Japanese noisecore swindle??) and a new volume of the Noise Circus compilation.

Did anybody pick those up? Exithippies have now totally changed their sound and line-up from primitive Sore Throat worship band mixed with techno to a brutal noisy electronic almost industrial sounding duo, not really my cup of tea and doesn’t really hold a candle to their earlier releases but interesting nonetheless.

Some other more current bands keeping this sound alive are Sun Children Sun, Sow Threat, Kaltbruching Acideath etc…

Any other bands worth noting that are mixing brutal crust or noisecore with some psychedelic influences?


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spud wrote:
NoiseForTheBoys wrote:

More Noize!

great zine

Hopefully the final issue (Kyushu punk special vol.2) will see the light of day sooner rather than later.


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More Noize!


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Sedition - Earth Beat
Antiauthorize - Our Wind
Extreme Noise Terror side of Chaos UK split
Prophecy Of Doom - Acknowledge The Confusion Master
S.D.S. side of Misery split

Added: 20-10-2015 10:05:22

smithonicus wrote:

Deviated Instinct - Terminal Filth Stenchcore demo, Rock and Roll Conformity Lp
Hellbastard - Ripper Crust demo, Heading for Internal Darkness LP
Axegrinder - Grind the Enemy demo

Think they are all considered 'classic' examples.



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RobxT wrote:

- Someone sending me a Bob Marley record instead of the cheap Hendrix one I'd ordered.



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Chaos UK


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Billie Idle - Idle Gossip


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Hard Skin in my home town of Corby playing to about 20 people, they start to play 'Two Chords Two Fingers' and one of the old crap punks grabs the mic and starts singing 'Down Down' by Status Quo without missing a beat.


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Japanese pop like BiS and BILLIE IDLE.


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Chaos UK - Bak To Scool


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Space Invaders have sampled The Stooges, The Exploited, Chaotic Dischord


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Tikka Meowssala


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Sam W wrote:

late seventies post-punk. singer went on to record as phew where she worked with members of can on her first record. i love the keys in this one.

i get saccharine trust vibes from the first song on the lp too. i couldn't find it on youtube but you can stream it from this link: http://archive.org/details/AuntSally-AuntSally

Love this LP!

INU - メシ食うな! is well worth checking out too.


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andjames wrote:

None of it is real you know, making silly plot suggestions for one storyline is just as relevant as another.

It's still real to me dammit!