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i'm reading this just now, the first story is pretty ropey, well written obvz but real fucking dodgy/misogynist. second story is much the same, but heavy negi which makes me pretty happy...

"But why live? If life has no aim, if life is given us for life's sake, there is no reason for living. And if it is so, then the Schoprnhauers, the Hartmanns, and all the Buddhists as well, are quite right. But i life has an aim, it is clear that it ought to come to an end when that aim is reached. And so it turns out, ..."


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just finished closely observed trains by bohumil hrabal, it was fucking great!!!!

set in bohemia 1945 in a train station following the dispatchers lives near the end of the war.

and just starting fathers and sons by ivan turgenev.


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yeah darren, been listening to heavy leather records stuff a lot recently! good stuff!!!! do you know where to get any born liars stuff in uk/europe?


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shit that's a pretty tape.


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i dont have any zine reccommends, but i would say that i think that there are plently of american zines turned into books, and it'd be more interesting to put a european one into book form.


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xdamienx wrote:

fuck this shit, thread needs more sweet face tatts

well tattoo your face and post it then.


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Layzell wrote:

Valarie Vargas does some incredible work, last i heard her waiting list was something silly like 2 years if i recall correctly.

waiting list is closed.


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andrzejivanans. wrote:

Having just gone through the /emoisdead mediafire page recently to pick up some new shit, I was reminded again how amazed I am that someone would name their band 'Plunger', presumably after the thing you stick in the toilet.

where's this emoisdead site??

yeah born against is a good name!


books lie
Hatred Surge
The Endless BLockade
Scholastic Deth
knuckle scraper
big gunz of mosh

bad ones
scrotum grinder
cock and ball torture.


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mindless - human conditioning.


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Kingmob wrote:


anyone ken anything about this? Are there proper tattooists signed up for it, or is it more of like an amateur hour stick and poke frenzy?

i went to that, there were pro tattooists charging £40 per hour, there was some nice stuff being done, and some shite, but that might be about subjectivness rather than the talent of the artist. they showed some cool movies too, including a doco on russian prison tattoos/russian prison systems.



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Kierkegaard wrote:

....Easy Riders, Raging Bulls have provided the necessary non-fiction quotient for the summer. Both decent reads.

dude who wrote this apparently got in a lotta trouble for making stuff up, namely this book.


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Tom B wrote:

On a Beckett binge. Reading How It Is for the first time. It's great, obviously.

Also, has anyone read Friere's Pedagogy of Hope or Ranciere's Ignorant Schoolmaster? If so, are they awesome?

Also also, has anyone read any theory of pedagogy stuff like the above that isn't the above that they'd care to recommend?

which beckett you reading?

i was making my way through trilogy (Molloy / Malone Dies / The Unnamable) then lost the book. it was fucking awesome though, molloy reminds me of notes from the underground, partly cause it's also internal monologue, but also cause it's just so dense. and pretty dark and self pitying/self righteous in turns.

"I understand that you will loose money by organising gigs in squats, however, unfortunately, by the very nature of how social centres / squats
run, you always will. ....especially as our gigs (as are yours) are always benefits"

a show that loses money is not beneficial. therefore they either didnt lose money or didnt put on benefit shows.


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bus to germany tomorrow!!!!


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Kenny wrote:

Bought a stack of books for the first time in a couple of months, some classics I've some how never read like Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse 5, but am particularly looking forward to Team of Rivals, the book up about Lincoln's advisers.

i'm just finishing slaughterhouse 5 now, and reading beyond chutzpah by norman finkelstein. both are fucking awesome in very different ways!


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i dont need no reason.


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Jop wrote:
Magma_Times wrote:

falafel wraps

I trust you've been to Damascu Bite on Shoreditch High Street (maybe Bishopsgate - opposite Light Bar)? Best falafel wrap I've ever had.

gonna check this out...


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CivilD wrote:

Drunken chat with Youngy last night about Dadism, Dragon's Den and Denny.

next weeks topic?

existentialists, ER and Emmylou?


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elektra boogie wrote:

Get chased by log-wielding teenage girls in the park (my main memory from my Glasgown trip).

i remember carlin tring to kid some kid in the face, wi no shoes on.


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xleox wrote:

for what its worth, I hate tolerance for the following almost as much as I hate those listed herein:

Razor scooters
Faux crusties
Militant islamists
Mini cab drivers
London cabbies
fixed gear lol bikers
Anything to do with Shoreditch, vice-mag, new rave or whatever that whole new scene of hipster fuckwitts are calling themselves
Rugby jocks
Worthless waste of time bands who want to make it big
Druggie types in general
Cigarettes and smokers
Micro soft office
Speed cameras
Shit trendy tattoos
Espadrille shoes
Coiffured hairstyles
Chips cooked in lard
Girls with hairy necks
Hating things
Sky Sports
Not speaking the queens English (regional dialects are not included – just bad pidgin ‘street’ English)
Drum and bass and techno and all that thump thump shite
Rage Against the Machine

for what its worth girls with hairy necks probably hate you too.


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Lunar Weight wrote:
scott of the antarctic wrote:

Know what I fuckin hate?

the royal mile
princes street
Edinburgh castle
105% of all tourists engaged in experiencing the above things

edinburgh is english, not scottish.

word. actually, it's worse.