Your facebook post brought me back, I'll try and make a concerted effort to post on here from now on!


tylerj wrote:
Joe C wrote:

Any good bands doing a superficially more punked out (bike riding down hills drunk friendly) sun drenched kinda sound I might have missed?

I'm thinking along the lines of Best Coast, Wavves faster Beach Fossils songs... the more melodic the better really!

US: Day Creeper, The Beets, The Wrong Words, Wheels on Fire, Brain Idea, Thomas Function, The Cheniers, Cloud Nothings, Tyler Jon Tyler (shameless self promotion)

Australia: Boomgates, The Twerps, ECSR

Ireland: So Cow

US-  ty segall,
Uk- Mazes, eagulls, bos angeles, boneyards, sex beet
oooh also jaccuzi boys are awesome


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Michael wrote:

Il Bacio in Stoke Newington, London

Backed soo good


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Yeah I just realised that I only heard it a month ago and so presumed it was newish. Steve albini has produced the new one...awesome!


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Love that stay useless track. Sounds totally different to their other record


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old stuff like this you mean?


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They rippoff refused quite a bit but they are still well good


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Awesome I really like this! Sounds like a poppier ghost and vodka


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I watched brazil again last night for the first time in ages, such a classic film. Have you seen network? That's a really good film.

*@kunal Haha That's a reply to a post you made in 2004. I read the first page by accident!

Really like this. Do you know if they have any shows booked?


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Saw these guys last night and was really impressed.
Don't think they have a record to speak of but they do have a soundcloud ( with a few tracks.
Anyone else seen/heard know any more details about these guys?


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I'm Jordan, 25,  I work at a venue in london doing sound.
I like records and chatting!