I offer high quality, affordable, digital mastering of audio.

I have been mastering audio for over 10 years, primarily for the alternative DIY scene. Previous clients include Obscene Baby Auction Records - I have mastered nearly all of their previous releases, plus That Fucking Tank, Eighty Six, Mucky Sailor, The Magnificent, Chuck Ragan, The Horn The Hunt, Nope, Matadors and Specialist Subject Records acoustic compilation to name a few.

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I can also offer mixing services.

The Horn The Hunt are a pop band from Leeds. Lots of influences: Bjork, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Angelo Badalamenti, The Knife, Rammstein, Kate Bush, Tomahawk...

Currently we are a three piece. Female fronted vocals/synth, bass guitar and a drummer.

We are looking for a guitarist to play with us in a live context, as we are working on a new album which is more guitar focused. Ideally, also be able to sing backing vocals and maybe play some synth. We would like a guitarist who is interested in ambient sounds/texture/looping and 'desert' style guitar playing.

Previously we have had a record label, management, press agent, booking agent and have had press, multiple national/international radio plays etc in the past couple of years (early 2010 to late 2011), along with touring in the UK and Europe. We have now parted company with our previous representation and we are currently looking for new representation.

Have a listen to our music at the links below:


Email: [email protected] for more info.