UPDATE: got a bassist and it's sounding more Facel Vega than Bullets*In. Still need a drummer though!

Joe C wrote:

commute to Notts and do it, no one listen to or watch your band if my experience is anything to go by, but I'll probably like it

Heh. Once I've got my stuff sorted here, I was thinking I'd probably venture that way or Leeds actually. But yeah, if anyone Lincoln way sees this, get @ me.

johnbearandrews wrote:

Someone do this band ffs!

Haha, yeah man! I agree. Maybe it'll be easier once I meet some actual punks up here, no idea.


Guitarist here. Just moved up from the south and would like to get something going. Don't know any punks here so casting the net. I have a bunch of experience playing in post-hc/emo bands in south west and London. I'm listening to Maximillian Colby, Shellac, Boys Life and Kolya a lot at the moment (like we all are probably, I know!). 

I'd also be up for some balls-to-wall A4/Kirsch-mo/Bullets*In-style shit. Or late-catalogue mid-paced Raein-mo. I also like Born Against. Please let me play music.

Get at me, I have demos!


edit: if anyone reckons they might know someone up for doing summat, please pass this on, thanks!


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Joe C wrote:

nope hmm this was a long time ago

Ha, yeah. That could apply to both the thread AND the recordings. I only bumped a couple of days ago but thought it was a long-shot.  If i find aught, I'll post it in here.


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Hey Joe, just out of interest; have you heard a full version of  the track i posted near the top of this thread? I'm really desperate to locate it!


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Haha, no worries. This is what happens when old threads get exhumed. And yeah, the song cuts out just as it's getting good! If you want, I can mail you the songs that aren't on either of the LP's, they're pretty goddamn good.


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Yeah dude, I saw Gringo did a re-press of that; pretty awesome! I should add the track I'm looking for isn't on the self-titled or Belated, it's from a different demo entirely.

PM'd you, Optimucus.

Great username, btw!


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Hello everyone. I'm bumping a 6 year-old thread because I don't play by the rules and NEVER HAVE.

That's right - NEVER HAVE.

Basically, though, here's the thing: about a year ago I came across the 1994 Polaris demo from Beaumont Studios. It has 7 tracks: Raven, Monkey Puzzle, Rig Ship, Threads (which is an absolute banger with the most un-Polaris-like chorus imaginable), Flume (aka Stan chi),  Kudos, and Untitled.

Some of those song titles are wrong, and some of them are mixed up (not my doing) but what really upsets me is the 7th and final track, an Untitled number that I'd never heard before, and which isn't on any splits or comps (as far as i can tell, it only exists on this recording) ends abruptly at the 2-minute mark. I've looked for a finished version everywhere I can (legally) think of.

Polaris being my favourite UK band ever, and the C-zine the only place I've ever seen this recording talked about, I thought this was as good a place as any to ask if anyone has the complete song? My gut tells me it was ripped from tape in this incomplete form but what kind of monster would do that?

Below is the track: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/rab3t7z … titled.mp3

If you have the full version and are able to e-mail it to me, you would be the absolute don. It's probably asking too much for somebody to have a spare I can buy? I have both records and the split with BHS on vinyl.

Anyway, thanks anybody! Polaris are the band I always come back to, every single time, no matter what I'm listening to during that period.


yikes, i'd be all over this if i was in London right now. sounds ace. i know a couple of dudes there who'd be into it for sure; will pass on.

rad - PM'd you, buddy!


*clears throat*

but seriously, if anyone knows anyone in Devon or Cornwall who wants to make emo or post-hc or whatever, please bung 'em my e-mail!

yeah, so life done brought me south-west for a bit. i play guitar. i'm looking to start something loose and mathy and fun. noisy  jams, with the odd tasty hook.

i'm into Shellac, Shipping News, Unwound, Drive Like Jehu, Poino, I'm Being Good, Charlottefield, Die Kreuzen, Minutemen, Born Against, Raein, LaQ, Red Scare, Polvo, New Radiant Storm King, Seam, North of America, etc

summat knife-sharp; de-tuned, with lots of noise and feedback, mathy rhythms, some melodies.

if it sounds like yr thing, drop me a message and i'll send some demos! just want to make a bunch of noise, to be totally honest.

i'm in Cornwall but happy to practice in Devon or Plymouth or whatever, seems like most of the dudes are taken this far down.



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holy shit, this first Lumber Lung record is so good, Kitten! reminds me a bit of Self Defense Family in the sense that it's basically loose and loud punk but still isn't easy categorised. some lovely chord changes, and the female vocals, in particular, rule.


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cheers guys, although i am familiar with both. shame there's not more bands doing the aforementioned thing. there must be, i only really found Dead Friends by accident when looking on the Myspace of some bar band in Florida many moons ago. ah well. will report back if i find aught.


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i thought Rio was alright last night, actually: assured in possession, measured, and he was the only guy who actually bothered to mention Iniesta's ludicrous through ball in the first half for Silva. he made more interesting technical points than Henry, I thought, whom I also like. he's alright in my book. and what the hell, Shearer has actually improved quite a lot. thought all of the pundits, though, were guilty of repeating that guff about Costa being a big deal because Spain had never played with a no 9 before when it's just not true, Torres has been walking into the first 11 for years. Costa is just an upgrade (in principal).

Holland-Spain reminded me of Bayern-Barca a couple of seasons ago, except Holland played an even higher line and pressed like hell. they were utterly ruthless, and at the point Spanish heads dropped, they went for the jugular. it's easy though to forget the great chance David Silva had at 1-0 that he tried to chip and the keeper saved. would Holland come back from 2-down?

way prefer the BBC's coverage to ITV's, and it could be that not having ad breaks is the difference, but maybe it's also acute anger that a dick like Adrian Chiles gets to go to Brazil and I don't.

all in all, loving it so farrrrrrrr.


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listening to the second Bullets*In record as it's balls-out summertime and realise i need to find more bands that sound or sounded like them or Dead Friends, or any other kind of Kirsch-style thing at all. aggressive and stupidly loud, with all the hooks. any recs? muchos grateful, ziners x



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whackmybonobo wrote:

Polvo have become so vital to me in the last 12 months, after seeing them live. Rarely am i so immediately impressed by a live band.

live?? when? and where?

Added: 16-07-2013 23:25:20

mrtn wrote:
jerkstore wrote:

incredible band. if you dig Polvo, also check out New Radiant Storm King, who were also a little bit similar but not as -uhh, i dunno - shaky?

i have the first NRSK cd stashed away somewhere, but never really got into it. might dig it out. are the later ones better / which is their best in your opinion?

that would be My Little Bastard Soul? aw man, i love that record. it's definitely worth digging out again, maybe you'll like it more after hearing the next two (which i reckon were their best) - Rival Time and, in particular, August Revital. they really found their tone on those records. harder work than Polvo, but just as rewarding in many ways.

back to My Little Bastard Soul, though - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CGfRv9o7zw


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cheers all. some good stuff in here (i think). for my part, i heartily recommend -

1.6 Band - Chequered Past of All Kings Present

New Brutalism - Personal Record

North of America - These Songs Are Cursed

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1

Bedhead - Transaction de Novo

Dead Friends - Self-titled

Hurtmold - Et Cetera

Hurtmold - Cozido


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Need some new stuff to stick in the cauliflowers. At the moment I'm between computers so  pretty much just listening to the stuff on my phone which is limited since the great crash of last week to Assfactor 4, Codeine, Ten Grand, and Killdozer.

What's anyone recommend? Slow or fast jams, don't mind.


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heh, i also bought ultima 7. so far it's just sat on my desktop looking at me. tried giving 4 a stab (since it's free) awhile back but couldn't be arsed with all the necessary manual reading.

the only thing that really really truly excites me at the moment is Witcher 3. if CD Projekt pull off open world RPG gaming combined with the tight narrative of the last two, they'll have created one of the finest things ever of anytime at any point in history.


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incredible band. if you dig Polvo, also check out New Radiant Storm King, who were also a little bit similar but not as -uhh, i dunno - shaky?

aw yeah, forgot that. London, although i'm in the south-west quite a bit, but London!

trying to fill out a couple of things i'm involved with at the moment with drums.

the first is a driving, loud-as-fuck Drive Like Jehu/Hoover type thing with lots of shifting tempos and whatnot. the guitarist and i were in a band sort of similar before i can link you to if that takes your fancy. we have 6 or 7 things written and actually had a drummer before but they went travelling so here we are!

the second is more of a hardcore/emo type thing in the vein of assfactor 4, dead friends, torches to rome, twelve hour turn, type deal, with super short, sort-of catchy,  detuned songs. this is with a mate who digs the same stuff and it's a little bit shoddy. but we also dig more progressive stuff like hoover, 90 day men et al but at the minute the plan is just to keep it high energy and loud, in the memory of the great Kirsch! only have loose guitar demos to hand at the moment as this type of stuff would really benefit from jamming, so pleeease do it?

let me know if either of them, take your fancy, or might peak the interest of a pal!