can you highlight which are comics please
i am interested but do not like graphic novels


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this blog is also good to find out things happening in Barcelona


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This is the grindcore band of my friend Joseph. They are touring in Europe later this year and wuld like to make it to the uk also.
Check them out and if you are into it give them a shout and have a chat about a gig or something.
there are some infos

here the blog of our last european tour
but is not complete

here you can find some of our trax
you can listen them by streaming and the download is 100% free.

and here some videoclip about our live shows      SAO PAULO      GUAYANQUIL      ATHENS      JAKARTA   (FROM 32.50 TO 37.20)      SANTIAGO     SABAC     UZHGOROD     MOSCOW     PUNTALA ROCK FESTIVAL (LEMPAALA)