Hello there! My name is Angela. I'll be touring with my band Nunofyrbeeswax from Berlin in May and we still need to fill up a few dates. We really really apreciate any help!

Saturday 13th of May (North, Liverpool, Sheffield, Blackpool, Birmingham etc
tuesday 16th of May (same)
thursday 18th of May (South, anything between london and Bristol and around!)

Thank you so much; we put on gigs in Berlin whenever we can... if you are interested.

here all the info:

Nunofyrbeeswax are a duo that plays raw and broken-down punk rock with a minimalistic set up of guitar and two piece drum-set.

After releasing a 3-song demo in January 2016, in summer 2016 the band released their first album
On Everything on cassette via their label Black Bug Records. Their music is also part of the compilations Hits With Tits Vol 3, You Don't Have To Be Fashionable Vol V, Mangold and Atwoplus Vol II.

"Surfy guitars, pounding drums and vocals so good I want to cry, this Spanish/Italian duo are pure punk with zero apology. It can be hard to translate the sweat and passion of a live garage punk show onto a record but ‘On Everything’ achieves it with room to spare. Get shouty with Outrageous or enjoy some B52s pop call-backs with Saiko Girl." Lola Magazine

“…punk-pop lo-fi album pleasantly buzzing in ears. On
Everything is a good proof of the 'less is more', here the bare
minimum (guitar, drums and vocals) is largely enough to shake
and shout sporadically. When the soul is there, everything is doing
well.” With A Messy Head

“NOYBeeswax= very cool… minimalism is the answer! Strip it
down to nothing! Noise fills all needs.” Ian F. Svenonius

“On Everything, they walk the line between spasticrock and classic
post-punk.” austintownhall.com


On Everything (cassette/digital)

This Is None of Your Beeswax EP (digital/CD) Black Bug Records
https://nunofyrbeeswax.bandcamp.com/alb … ourbeeswax