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Hi there, I was wondering if anybody who knows about sound systems and PA's could help me out.

Basically, I put on shows every so often in venues ranging from about 50 to 80 capacity, and I'm looking to invest in my own PA, as hiring tends to be incovenient and expensive in the long run.

I was wondering, with the size venue I have in mind (basically, the function room of a pub and basic floor shows), what people would advise as far as what kind of equipment to pick up?

As far as costs go, I'm willing to splash out a decent amount of cash, I'll be selling a lot of stuff over the next month or two, and I'll probably put on a couple of fundraisers in Southampton or Portsmouth to raise a bit more cash.

Any help would be fantastic, ta!

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a 400 watt powered mixer would be all you need in my opinion. Yamaha do a pretty good one for around £300 i think  it is. Then you just need a couple of speakers. I'd reccomend EV speakers. Although they're a bit pricey. Peavey are pretty much regarded as crap boxes from every engineer i've spoken to. But for the price i'm not convinced you're gonna get anything better? Maybe you can, but i don't know. Then get a couple of sm58s with boom stands, all the cables, maybe a couple of DI boxes and you're away.

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i bought my own pa about 7 months ago and its one of the best things i have bought.

i went for a 300w mixer and got osme of the peavy 15" speakers,

it works fine in venues that hold 150 people. generally stick a mic in the kick drum and use it for vocals etc

you can always improve it as time goes on and you can help others to put on gigs by letting them use it

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Just saw this, just as a tip.. it may be worth going  modular.. (ie get a desk and a power amp) rather than a powered mixer.. a decent desk can be used in more than one situ' (ie could be used for recording?) and if one thing breaks you don't need to bin the whole thing eg

old mixing desk … dZViewItem

2nd hand power amp … dZViewItem

pair of speakers … dZViewItem

Also go for the sennhaiser e835's over the shure mic's they can be had alot cheaper and are pretty much on a par for live sound. You can usually get a good deal at the bigger chains of music stores (like soundcontrol or whatever) on getting the mic's stands and cables.