Topic: photo zine printing / Footprinters etc. advice?

having finally got the last couple of photos for this photo zine I've been planning, the next step is to start on the layout and working out where/how I'm going to get it printed. These are my thoughts at the moment :

Footprinters would be the obvious choice as a printers (I'm looking to do 250-500 copies). However, of the zines I've seen printed there (Attitude Problem, Headwound, Make it Count) the print quality they get doesn't really suit reproducing gig photos. It normally looks fuzzy and even when sharp, not that accurate in the mid-tones; it seems better suited to full on black/white. Is this more to do with the masters those people have sent? What experience do people have of Footrinters or similar places that would suit what I'm after better?

I like the slightly grainy/recycled paper look, but not at the expense of the detail. I'm a big fan of that booklet that came with the Obscene Baby Auction 10" comp and the photos in there.... anyone know where they had it printed?

Photocopying would be a last resort - there have been copiers I've found you get a good print from. If I had a well printed master I think I could almost get it nice. But I have other reasons for not really wanting to go the copier route this time, mainly that it'd be nice to get them done in one go, not 3 cycle trips and 6 hours standing in Staples worrying about whether the staff will cotton on to how many copys I'm really making.