Topic: Any Gigs going on in the south on Satuday 4th August?


My band FOR OLD TIMES SAKE are on tour until 6th August but our gig in weymouth on the 4th has fallen through. We'll be in bristol the night before    and are heading to leeds on the 5th. If anyone has a slot going spare then it'd be much appreciated.

Basically we sound a bit like Kid Dynamite, and would probably be ok with a punk / hardcore bill.

listen to us here, if you like.

We have 2 Guitar Heads, a Bass head and drum breakies with us. Place to crash would be appreciated but not nessecary as we could just bomb it over to manc afterwards.

Likelyhood of me checking this before saturday is 0, so give me a bell - 07866316989

And favours can be returned in Manchester for when we get back.


Nevermind whats been selling...ROIDH