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Topic: Wanna start scream/shoegaze in london se1

I'm in SE1 looking to start a group,
i play guitar, some of my main influences are
Jeromes Dream,
Portraits of Past,
Coaltar of the Deepers,
La Quiete,
Joshua Fit For Battle,
Indian Summer,
Neil Perry,
Sunny Day Real Estate,
Antioch Arrow,
to name but a few.

I'm 21 and looking to join/jam/start something


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Re: Wanna start scream/shoegaze in london se1

alright dude.

was just about to make a post in this section (and probably still will). i'm a guitarist/vocalist, and into all of the above bands. i sway a little more to 80's hardcore, new wave and the early 90's for inspiration than modern-modern stuff, but there's exceptions, of course (laQ, vidablue/ten grand, etc). not gonna have my new 4/12 till the new year but up for jams all the same. i'm not a shit-hot technically amazing guitarist but i'm into noise, arpeggio, half-melody, time signatures and stop-start rhythms. wouldn't mind focusing on vocals a bit more, so 2nd guitar would suit me fine.

this is my last band: http://www.myspace.com/demcandycutterkids

that covers it.



http://candycutter.bandcamp.com/ - west country. stephen gately. early 90's.

Re: Wanna start scream/shoegaze in london se1

hello guys!

i'm also a resident of se1 and would definatly like to shout for a project like this.

can link you up to previous stuff i've done if needs be.

don't mind sharing vocal responsibilities with justin, right? that could sound pretty cool!

let me know!