Topic: Brand New Hardcore Band Require Committed Bassist/2nd Guitarist

We are a brand new hardcore band, based in West London - Influences include Liferuiner, First Blood, Emmure, Remembering Never, Nasty, Throwdown, Terror, Bury Your Dead, Carpathian, The Bled - amongst a million other hxc/metal bands.

Due to our bassist ditching out, we require a new one. We've also been keen on getting a 2nd guitarist in on the act. We plan to play as many shows possible in 2010, everywhere and anywhere and have tons of fun doing it and have a few plans in the pipeline, including some shows in Europe.

We are currently writing and recording some tunes in our drummers own studio, so there's plenty of room for your input - I can also send you what we've done so far

Send me an email if interested on [email protected] as i'm not likely to check here often