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Topic: New band in Leeds

I'd like to start a new band in Leeds, nonspecifically "punk" but think Born Against, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Nation Of Ulysses, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, maybe Really Red, Big Boys, Dicks, then UK Crass / anarcho stuff, possibly veering into post-punk territory. Musically trying to strike a balance between avant garde and simplistic. Politics, anarchism, feminism are important to me and I'd like the songs to be related to that but that's not to say they have to be super serious. I play guitar (and have a big amp) and can sing ("sing"), however I don't like doing both at the same time.
I am currently unemployed so very available to jam, gig, hang out etc.
Does anyone out there fancy joining in- drums, bass, singer, possibly another guitar?, could try a synth
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Re: New band in Leeds

move to nottingham and well make the sexiest band ever.