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Topic: A Cheery wave from stranded youngsters :Compilaton

You can listen to a brand new Alright the Captain track from the forthcoming debut album now, it's called “Rostov could get it”

It features on a compilation put together by the guys in Flies are spies from hell entitled “A cheery wave from stranded youngsters: An instrumental/post-rock compilation”

Available from http://www.alrightthecaptain.bandcamp.com today and you can set your own price.


1. Waking aida

2. Karhide

3. Tacoma narrows bridge disaster

4. Monsters build mean robots

5. Flies are spies from hell

6. Alright the Captain

7. What the blood revealed

8. Goonies never say die

9. Double handsome dragons

10. Friend?

11. UpCdownC

Re: A Cheery wave from stranded youngsters :Compilaton

ACWFST is a free download compilation put together by the guys in Flies are Spies from Hell, and it's fitting they should have one of the stand-out tracks on here. This is pure post rock so the formats of each track are pretty much the same – introductory setting slowly revealing guitar tones, riff phrasing and scene setting, so if this is your thing (and it very much is mine) then each descending wall of noise will be like manna falling from heave. The exception to the rule comes from Monsters Build Mean Robots, whose track is kept on the leash, restrained, pushing at that inevitable huge tidal crescendo but it's slow, eerily echoed lyrics and stately speed give it a poignancy that benefits from never being allowed to boil over. Other especially impressive pieces are the massive savage Rage style dropped shoulder break in Karhide's Katla that throws a malfunctioning 808 into the gears of the machine and grinds it out; the Alright The Captain track that kicks off with guitars set to full stadium-sized metallic howl; What The Blood Revealed throw in one of the longer tracks and work their way down a eye-widening corridor of noise until they tear out a closing segment of ...Fear Satan distorted riffs and finally Double Handsome Dragons' explosive electronic emboldened mayhem. That didn't leave many out, and that;s not to say the other bands aren't all great: they are.
Go get.

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