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Let's talk about the fall.

SO, I've been aware of the fall for years. First came to them through Smith's apperance on the Inspiral Carpets single. I've had bits and bobs, enjoyed some of, not so much others. But, as is the way of these things, slowly they've really clicked with me. I picked up a copy of the Fall(en) cheap at work, so I wanted to have a good dig through their discography before tackling it. Obviously this is quite a task in itself.

Stuff I have been really enjoying allready: Hex Induction hour, This Nation's Saving Grace, Live at the Witch Trials, Cerebral Caustic, 50,000 fall fans can't be wrong.... I have a ton more stacked up but does anyone have any recommendations of their favs?

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Those albums you mentioned cover quite a good range of different Fall sounds.

Give Grotesque a try and if you like that work backwards to LATWT through Totales Turn, Dragnet plus the Firey Jack and Rowche Rumble singles as that will cover their Ricketybilly phase which can be an acquired taste.

If you like Hex then the Slates 10" is always worth checking out. That was the first Fall record I ever properly 'got' after a similar experience to yours.

Until recently the only Brix era record I was totally sold on was Bend Sinister but a friend has just turned me on to I Am Curious Oranj and I'm rinsing that.

Not up on anything from the Mid-90’s to now though. Maybe some one could educate me?

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Am really into some of the earlier albums and singles (LATWT, Dragnet, It's the New Thing 7", Totales Turn), am familiar but not that familiar with some of their mid-80s stuff (i.e. Wonderful & Frightening) but haven't ventured much beyond that.

LATWT is my favourite and most listened to.

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i like all eras of the fall. - blindness, from fall heads roll (2005) is a good example of latter period fall that is splendid. … re=related - theme from sparta fc (2003) … rk-e-smith - ian svenonious interview M.E.S

the early stuff is good. the latter stuff is good.

the peel sessions box set is the best, if slightly daunting, way in.

love 'em.

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I've downloaded the peel box, but not dipped into it yet.  Don't know enough to make any sweeping statements yet, but I do like the variety.

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joet wrote:

the early stuff is good. the latter stuff is good.


i love all the stuff up to about '85, and all the stuff post-2000, but i don't really know where to start with the mid-period 90's stuff. i always hear he went a bit alcoholic-nutter (i realise he still is, to some extent) and the quality dipped quite a bit, so i've never bothered. the first track on the most recent lp is a stomper

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Didn't know you were a fan Graeme, I got into them about 6 years ago and haven't looked back.

My fave album, changes from week to week, but that's the great thing about a band with 28 albums and 40-odd ex-members.

I actually think the 80s were the best time, followed by 2000- now, Fall Heads Roll is one of the best, seriously and the latest one is absolutely fantastic. I'm slowly picking up their back catalogue on CD as you can find stuff quite cheap on ebay etc.

I actually like the Brix era, may be something to do with the first Fall song I ever heard being Eat Yr'self Fitter, still makes me laugh and famously made Jon Peel 'faint' when he first heard it.

There's some weird stuff on the 90s albums, The Infotainment Scan and Middle Class Revolt in particular, there's strange madchester vibes on there in the form of keyboards and drum machines but its surprisingly listenable.

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MattBenn wrote:

first track on the most recent lp is a stomper

The whole album is actually brilliant, the Daft Punk dictaphone noise being a highlight, his lyrics are the best for a long time, particularly on:

Slippy Floor
Bury 1 + 2
Mexico Wax Solvent

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I think it's the lyrics that hooked me first.

Also, its quite funny listening to them and thinking, ah, this is were "X" band stole all their good ideas from....

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I've been doing this for the past week or so, only snippets, but if I write any more I may go insane:

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relevant to my interests!
nice one, I'll give that a good read tomorrow.

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I find Dragnet to be a weird step backwards from LatWT. It seems a lot less refined. Still, totally great.

Shift Work and Extricate are both at least decent. The former is better than the latter. New one is great (in parts). Fall Heads Roll has some very good songs and plenty of skippers.

Is the lowest ebb the mid/late 90s, early 2000s?

I'm not into that.

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Probably 97-2001, Are You Are Missing Winner is often described as the worst, although I like 'Bourgeois Town' and 'My Ex-Classmates Kids'.

96 was the year of a decent album (Light User Syndrome) but following that was the infamous bust-up on stage, and following that it was just Smith, Nagle on keyboards and a drummer, probably their lowest point.

From The Real New Fall in 2001 they haven't done a bad album.

Just listened to Middle Class Revolt again, brilliant.

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Conor wrote:

I find Dragnet to be a weird step backwards from LatWT.

Absolutely the intention I'm quite certain. Although MES might call it a step sideways.

On that note in any discussion of The Fall I feel it's important to point out that MES importance is almost always overstated where the music is concerned. Undeniably he plays a vital role in shaping the music, mostly by strictly defining what it can't be, but it's also undeniable that they made the vast majority of their best music with Steve Hanley and Craig Scanlon in the band.

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I think Hex Enduction Hour shows the best of those two and MES together.

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Just listened to 'Eat Yrself Fitter' for the nth time, still sounds new today.

"the centimetre square, said it purged fear"

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listened to that one on the way to work. love it.
I have spoilt victorian child stuck in my head.

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i've only got Middle Class Revolt and it's really good.  i bought it on the way home from school on sep 11th 2001.

i got about 3 songs in and my mate phoned me up and said "er..  you should probably put your TV on"

i'm kind of scared to buy anything else.

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Interesting theory, Fall album sales triggered an act of terrorism...

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Light User Syndrome was my introduction to them as that happened to be the latest album when i was listening to Peel.

ignored them for years. probably due to Ddddd fanzines constant rants about how shit they were. also the fall seemed to be a signifier for a lot of z-rate bands in leeds.

been checking out 50000 fall fans can't be wrong. v enjoyable. can only take chunks of it when i'm in the right mood though. otherwise it can really grate.

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ewan wrote:

can only take chunks of it when i'm in the right mood though. otherwise it can really grate.

I can get behind that and I consider myself a fan.

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Yeah you have to want to listen to them, and the right album at the right time. Very awkward, very British.

Re: The Fall - fall docu'. i like listening to mes chat.

actually. i wanna be in the fall, for one year.

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Many imitations, zero duplications. Not necessarily the most innovative artists ever, but one of the few that could claim they ("he") sound(s) like no one else, if that makes sense.

Anyway, it's basically all good stuff, from all decades, believe it or not.

Oddly, I tend to prefer everything from '84 and AFTER (though I still haven't *quite* dug into all the 90's stuff with much enthusiasm). Even the 2000's stuff. The 70's/early 80's stuff is cool and has some immense high points, but something about the albums as a whole are a bit murky for me.

As you can see, quite a spread in years.

Top 20
1. "U.S. 80's-90's" (1986)
2. "Elves" (1984)
3. "Paintwork" (1985)
4. "Mountain Energei" (2003)
5. "Lay Of The Land" (1984)
6. "Barmy" (1985)
7. "How I Wrote Elastic Man" (1977)
8. "The Classical" (1982)
9. "L.A" (1985)
10. "Stephen Song" (1984)
11. "Psycho Mafia" (1977)
12. "Pacifying Joint" (2005)
13. "Cab It Up" (1989)
14. "Psykick Dancehall" (1979)
15. "Bournemouth Runner" (1986)
16. "Terry Waite Sez" (1986)
17. "Kurious Oranj" (1988)
18. "Green Eyed Loco Man" (2003)
19. "50 Year Old Man" (2008)
20. "Reformation" (2007)

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Up to day 21 on my blog, its picking up a bit of interest from the fall forum, willing to take suggestions for songs to write about.